Sea Daze: First Mate (Lesbian Erotic Romance Series)

BOOK: Sea Daze: First Mate (Lesbian Erotic Romance Series)
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Daze: First Mate

by Soichiro Irons

2012 Soichiro Irons




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This is an
erotic story featuring sexual situations between two women. All humans in this
story are over the age of eighteen. You must be of legal age to purchase and
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The other half of me was the one
that turned and spun the deadbolt on the door, making sure nothing other than
another master key would walk in on us unexpectedly.

Eve’s smile was radiant and wild,
and she quickly undid the buttons down the front of her blouse. She was now
completely nude aside from the white, lacy bra that held her firm breasts in

Before today, I had never been
interested in the female form beyond grade-school curiosity – but now I wanted
nothing more than to rip the bra off and feel her in my hands, rubbing the
nipples between my fingers, my teeth-

“Amanda,” Eve said huskily,
interrupting my daydream, “this works better if you take your clothes off,

I’m pretty sure
that international maritime law was broken today. It’s not my fault – when Eve
slowly fed the vibrator into my pussy, I guess I just lost track of time.

I first saw her
during the ‘Welcome Aboard’ ceremony this morning. She was alone, which was
uncommon for passengers of the
but not really unheard of
It had been advertised as being one of the
only cruise ships in the world that not only catered to couples and families,
but also to singles as well.

Not, mind you, a
gimmicky ‘singles cruise’ – but a real, normal vacation on a great ship that
just happened to appeal to people that weren’t in a relationship.

She was dressed in
a black miniskirt with a form-fitting white blouse – businesswoman, I figured.
Her hair fell around her shoulders in a cascade of brown curls, and her full
lips were sporting a deep red shade.

Behind her, she was
toting a small rolling suitcase as she made her way through the grand lobby of
, presumably on her way to the
buffet on deck three.

Feeling perky – and
trying to suck up to Phil
, my manager who was
unabashedly watching nearby – I casually walked up to her and cranked up the
charm. Phil had been trying to get me to open up to the guests more, saying
that the entertainment crew needed to be the friendliest. He even had the nerve
to call me a diva.

I needed Phil to
see that I could be a team player, no matter what it took. To hell with my
introversion – if I could do it on stage, I can do it in person.

“Welcome aboard the
I cheerfully half-shouted
at the woman, smiling as broadly as I could. “Is there anything I can help you
find onboard?”

The woman stopped,
turning an eyebrow up as she considered my question. There was a strange look
in her eyes that I couldn’t really place. “Well….Amanda,” she asked, noticing
my nametag, “You could show me where I could find the Toucan Isles Restaurant.
I’m starving.”

I nodded
emphatically, thanking God that she’d asked an easy one. Most people asked
about things like ship-to-shore phone rates or other crap that I was clueless
about. “Well, you’re on the right track – just continue down that long hallway
there and you’ll run right-”

“Oh, no,” she
interrupted, placing her hand on my arm to stop me. “I’m just awful listening
to instructions. I’d probably wander out into the ocean if I had to trust
myself to my sense of direction. I was…kind of hoping that you could escort me

Though an odd
request, there was no reason why I couldn’t. I turned my head over to Phil, who
was still clearly eavesdropping, and he nodded emphatically at me. The look on
his face said that he was happy I was going above and beyond, even for
something as simple as that. It wasn’t quite that dramatic, but as long as he
and the guest were happy, I was happy.

Nodding back at
her, I gestured in the direction of the restaurant and we started in that
direction. I was slightly taken aback when she looped her arm around my own,
but I tried not to show how awkward I felt. I
promised to escort
her, hadn’t I?

We made small talk
along the way – her name was Eve Simmons and she was taking a short vacation to
get out of the office for a few days. She
single and hadn’t even
been on a date with anyone in about seven months. Why she was telling me this
was beyond me, but I didn’t care. I was in the same boat, after all.

“I know how that
is,” I replied, patting her hand reassuringly as we walked. “I’ve been on this
ship for about half a year now, and my boyfriend broke up with me about three
months ago.”

“Why?” she asked,
with another raised eyebrow.

“I guess he got
tired of me being away for so long. We used to have sex twice a day, and I
guess the dry spell was too much for him.” It wasn’t until the words were out
of my mouth that I realized what I’d actually said. Horrified, I felt my face
turn sheet white. “I’m sorry, that was really inappropriate of me. I shouldn’t
have said that.”

“Why?” she asked
again, with a small twitch of her mouth. “I’m the one who asked. Besides, we’re
both adults here, aren’t we? What, are you afraid I’m going to go report you?
This isn’t fifth grade, Amanda. Don’t worry about it.”

“It’s not that, I
just…usually have more discretion than that.”

“I hope not. I like
you, Amanda; your open nature is really kind of refreshing. Where do you
normally work on this ship?”

I tilted my head to
look at her. She thought I was
Why couldn’t Phil be eavesdropping
when she said
? Her face was expressionless, save the curious
glimmer in her eyes. There was no harm in answering the question she’d asked, I
supposed. “I work with the entertainment crew – I’m a dancer. You’ll probably
end up seeing me at tonight’s show.”

She flashed a smile
at me. Her teeth were perfect – two straight rows of pearly whites. “Well, I
going to skip that – but I guess I’ll be there early.
make sure I get a good spot!”

I wasn’t sure how
to respond to that, so I just smiled at her as we walked on. We passed by the
Red Lounge, where an awful live musician was ‘serenading’ passersby with his
rendition of
. No one stopped to
watch, and I couldn’t really blame them. From the hand that I felt tightening
around my arm and the grimace on her face, I supposed that Eve felt the same.

We finally arrived
at Toucan Isles, which – in my opinion - was the loudest and most irritating
restaurant on the ship. Gaudy fake birds and palm trees lined the walls from
one end of the deck to the other, and a couple of Bahamian men were banging out
rhythms on steel drums in the corner. I think they were trying for
Red, Red
, but I honestly couldn’t make out a damned word they were saying.

“I hope that your show
is better than the rest of the entertainment I’ve seen on this ship so far,”
Eve remarked dryly, making another face towards the drummers. “Otherwise, I’m
taking back my offer of showing up at all.”

“Trust me – we’re
way better,” I said, feeling embarrassed that my fellow crew were being lumped
in with these chuckleheads. “I have no idea where we got these guys, but they
keep on playing week after week. They must be cheap, I guess.”

She smiled at me at
that. I started to feel a little awkward again – she hadn’t yet released my arm
even though we’d arrived at the restaurant. She seemed content to just stand
there and watch me, and I met her gaze without as much as a flinch. It was part
of the whole guest service guidelines thing that Phil had been pushing…I
wouldn’t be the first to break eye contact.

What I hadn’t
expected, though, was what I saw in her eyes as I stared back at her. They were
green, like shimmering emeralds – but beyond the color, there was a deepness
that seemed to envelop me. As I watched, I felt like I was getting lost in her
eyes. Eve’s lips twitched and I could feel my heart starting to race. What in
the hell was going on? Everything had seemed so normal a few seconds ago, and
now I couldn’t notice that anyone else was in the room besides her.

“Thank you for
walking with me,” she said, in a voice so low it barely registered as a
whisper. Her eyes remained unwaveringly locked on mine.

“My, uh, pleasure,”
I stammered out. My mouth felt as though it had been stuffed with cotton balls,
and I couldn’t slow down my breathing.

“No,” she replied,
her face slowly moving closer to my own, “I’m pretty sure it was all mine.”

I was frozen in
place, and wasn’t able to react when Eve’s mouth pressed against mine. Her lips
were velvety and soft, and I could feel her tongue slide gently against my own;
tentative and calm, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. She
raised her hands up to the back of my neck, carefully pulling me closer to her.

My first thought
was to shrink away, to forget guest service and just slap the hell out of her
for being so bold. Hadn’t I already told her that I’d had a boyfriend in the
past? I mean, sure, I was a little lonely, but I wasn’t ready to play for the
other team just yet! I hadn’t so much as seen another girl naked since I was
twelve years old, when my best friend in seventh grade wanted to compare bodies
with me in the bathroom mirror.

There was another
part of me, however, that brought my own hand to
her own
neck and tugged her closer in turn. My body didn’t care that I’d never been
with a woman before – it
this. My own breath was so frantic that
it was almost painful as I opened my lips wider, feeling her tongue dance
against mine. I was a fast learner…and her mouth was intoxicating. I needed
more - my fingers caressed her hair, tugging it as my fingers clenched with

As quickly as it
had started, it was over – and I was horrified to learn that I was
disappointed. Once the magic of the kiss had ended, my senses returned to me in
a rush as I realized what had just happened. I had just been kissed by a
girl…and, amazingly, I had liked it.

Eve pulled away
from me and took a step back, looking a little sheepish. Her face had
brightened to a deep, crimson red and she bit her finger as she considered the
petrified expression on my face.

“I’m sorry about
that,” she said, licking her lips. “I, uh, usually can restrain myself better
in mixed public. You’re just really, really cute – and it’s been so long…please
don’t be mad at me, Amanda.”

I must have looked
like a complete wreck right then. My normal calm had completely been wrecked,
replaced by a crazed confusion that I couldn’t explain. My heterosexuality, my
professionalism, my common sense – there was no order inside of me at that
moment. What the hell had just happened? Eve had just taken advantage of me,
and I’d completely allowed it – hell, I was a willing participant. What was
wrong with me?

“I, uh…I’d better
go eat,” Eve continued, after a moment. She looked worried. “Can I still come
see your show tonight? I’ll behave, I promise.”

Focus, Amanda
, I thought to myself.

 ”Of course,”
I replied weakly, feeling a bit faint. “And, uh, really – don’t worry about,
uh, it. It’s alright. It’s…”

BOOK: Sea Daze: First Mate (Lesbian Erotic Romance Series)
3.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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