Sasha's Story: How to Find a Mate the Hard Way (Alien Erotica)

BOOK: Sasha's Story: How to Find a Mate the Hard Way (Alien Erotica)
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Sasha’s Story:

How to Find a Mate

The Hard Way

Alien Erotica)


~Andromeda Bliss~







© Copyright 2013 Andromeda Bliss


No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author.
This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.


: This is adult erotica and contains graphic sexual content. It is intended for readers 18 and older only.


Sasha’s Story
is the prequel to
Adin’s Adventure: How to Ruin a Rescue,
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Sasha’s Story:

How to Find a Mate the Hard Way



Note to self: never again tell the bartender, “Surprise me.”

Sasha groaned, grabbing her pounding hea
d between both desperate hands. This was the hangover from hell and she hadn’t even opened her eyes yet. Her alien fascination had seriously backfired this time.

She’d thought the bartender was cute in that exotic way she found irresistible, humanoid enough not to repulse
while capturing her imagination with his large feline eyes, the fleshy ridge on the top of his head flaring when she flirted with him. She’d taken the smirk on his thin mouth for a challenge when he’d handed her a drink he called
The Eraser.
Now she knew he’d just been laughing at her.

That was her last memory. The Eraser had lived up to its name
, obliterating the rest of the night.

She groaned again and gingerly opened her eyes. Then she blinked, staring up at a ceiling suffused with soft white light. That wasn’t her ceiling. She dropped her hands to her sides, feeling the odd, firm surface under her—not her bed. Turning her head, she scanned the small room and stopped breathing.

her sleeping room.

Sasha rolled to a sitting po
sition in a swift move that spiked agony between her temples. Nausea rolled all the way up from her toes in a horrible wave. Clapping a hand over her mouth, she looked frantically for something to puke into. As the empty little space registered on her mind, the nausea and pain subsided enough for her to take her hand away.

Taking slow, measured breaths, Sasha examined her surroundings with a growing kernel of panic.
I know this looks like a cell but it’s not, it can’t be,
she told herself, gripping the sides of the bed hard. She glanced over her shoulder hopefully, but the bartender was not lying in the bed behind her. And she still had on clothes, the dock worker’s jumpsuit she hadn’t bothered to change on her way to the bar.

“Where am I?” she mumbled, hearing the kernel of panic flowering in her voice.

The thing that scared her the most—no visible exits. No doors, no windows, not even a ventilation shaft. Just that softly glowing ceiling, white walls, the bed she sat on, and a small ledge sticking out of the wall opposite her. On it sat a drinking glass.

She stared at the glass as if it would leap out and bite her, but it didn’t move.
Standing carefully, she squeaked a little when the bed folded into the wall behind her, leaving her alone in a white box with a weird shelf. Gulping, she moved closer. The glass was half full of a bluish liquid and had a label on it.
She stared at it some more, but nothing happened.

Then a dark flash caught her eye. She jerked up her head and saw the word
appear in bold black letters on the white wall. She skittered back a step but the word didn’t move and neither did the glass.

However, she was done taking unknown drinks from strangers.
“No, thanks,” she said softly, wrapping her arms around herself with a shudder. “Where am I?” she called in a louder voice, staring up into the corners and edges of the room for some visible sign of surveillance.

Her only answer was the word
blinking out of existence and reappearing in rapid succession three times before it hung steadily over the glass again.

“Who do you think I am
, Alice?” she muttered, glaring at the offending command. Was she in some sort of prison? Had she done something while blacked out that had gotten her thrown into this white cell?

She was about to start yelling for answers
when the wall to her right turned suddenly transparent. With a yelp, she skipped back. Then she stared blankly. She was looking into another cell identical to her own, except its occupant wasn’t human. The being crouched casually in the center of the room was humanoid, one head, two arms and legs, two eyes and a mouth, though it didn’t look as though it had a nose. From its rippling musculature and the hint of something dangling between its legs, she guessed it was male, though she couldn’t say for certain.

Sasha could say was he looked every bit a prisoner as she. “Oh, god,” she whimpered. Just what the fuck had
last night?

He turned his head as if he’d heard her question, looking her over curiously.

“Where are we?” she yelled to him, wincing when her head pounded in angry protest.

Are you well?

Sasha jumped and looked around for the person who’d spoken before focusing on the other prisoner suspiciously.

He tipped his head at a questioning angle and tapped a clawed fingertip to his temple.
Are you well? The drug they gave you can make some beings feel ill.

“Are…are you…is this some sort of telepathy?” she asked with a shiver of nerves. She hoped like hell he was capable of telepathic communication. If she was imagining that deep, smooth voice in her head, she might as well drink the blue stuff and jump down the rabbit hole to join

He nodded and she gasped a lit
tle in relief. But it was short-lived when she replayed his words.
drug? Where the hell am I? What happened?”

Maybe she was imagining it, but his alien features seemed to express deep sorrow and great pity.
You were abducted. They wish to experiment on you.

She gaped at him, her mind going blank white with panic. “They…who?” she wheezed but he only shrugged a shoulder and shook his head.
Sasha felt her legs give way and sagged to the floor, eyes unfocusing as the world took a lazy spin around her.

You are not well.
That mental voice held an edge of concern.
Drink the restorative. It will ease your illness.

Her mind seemed to go spinning in the opposite direction of the
room, casting her into madness. “Can’t…be real…not…happening…” she whimpered.

Breathe, little one,
he seemed to murmur in her ear.
Be easy. I don’t believe they mean us harm.

That little gem of ridiculousness sparked her anger enough to settle the room. Panting as if she’d run a marathon, she lifted her head, preparing to level a whole shit-load of sarcasm at his head—being given a whopping hangover
, kidnapped, and shoved in a little white box seemed a hell of a lot like harm to her.

But he was now standing at the transparent barrier, hands splayed on its surface, features
concerned. The sight of him drained all thought from her head as if someone had pulled a plug on the bottom of her brain.

He appeared
to be of reptilian descent, hairless with fine scales instead of skin, intricate patterns drawn over his body in endless shades of blue, gray, and black. He had slits for nostrils and strange ridges running over his skull, but instead of cold snake eyes he had the most glorious swirl of glowing color. He was long and lean, muscles ropy and sinuous, black claws tipping his fingers and toes. And since he was naked, she could see he was extremely male. More than one impressive phallus hung between his legs.

While Sasha
stared in stunned fascination, those members twitched and began to swell.

Suddenly remembering her predicament, she also twitched and looked away.
“You…they abducted you, too?” she asked in a thin voice.

Yes. I have been here a while.
I have not been injured. They feed us, keep us healthy, clean.

“Like lab rats,” she choked, shuddering. How the hell had this happened? Hadn’t anyone noticed her being swiped out of a
public, jam-packed bar? “What kind of experiments?”

He didn’t respond. Sasha looked up at him with a clench of her jaw, ready to demand answers. But he was looking over his shoulder. She leaned a little to see past him and stared in surprise at the figure hunched in the corner of his cell. He’d been alone, she’d swear to it. Where had this person come from?

It was a naked female dusted with golden fur, multiple breasts, multiple arms, stocky legs. She grimaced at the reptilian male, baring sharp looking teeth in her heavy-set simian face. He turned toward her and stood still.

Sasha couldn’t tell if they were speaking. Maybe they were having a lively telepathic conversation, but she could only read b
ody language. His was calm and unthreatening. She seemed nervous, flinging her hands out in gestures of rejection. But when he didn’t move toward her, she edged out from the corner, sniffing the air like a wary animal. He held out a black-clawed hand, slow and easy.

Sasha couldn’t understand what was going on. Was this one of the experiments? What were their mysterious captors hoping to see?
This furry female wasn’t supposed to be his…
was she? Nervously, she pulled her legs up and wrapped arms around her knees, eyes riveted on the next cell.

The golden female seemed to be getting over her wariness, approaching the male
with her upper lip curled in a snarl, dark eyes taking on a predator’s gleam. Sidling up to within arm’s length, the female paused, looking down his body and licking her lips before she reached out with all four of her hands and touched him.

He stayed still, letting her hands slide over him. Then she dropped to a crouch in front of him and Sasha watched every muscle in
his lean body bunch with tension.

Sasha gasped, fearing the female had chomped into him with those sharp teeth. She saw only his back, could see only par
ts of the female past his tense legs. Then Sasha saw the female fondle her own breasts, tugging on brown nipples with two hands while another slipped between her legs. The male’s buttocks quivered and his hips began to move in a rhythm Sasha suddenly recognized.

Her jaw dropped
as the realization hit. Sex not violence.
Oh my god.

Then the golden female reared back, spinning with lithe speed to kneel, elbows braced, legs spread wide, presenting her ass and pussy to the male she had just been sucking off so enthusiastically.

The male whose smooth voice had sounded so gentle and concerned in Sasha’s mind sank to his knees, grabbed the simian’s ass, and snapped his hips forward in a powerful thrust. Sasha could hear nothing, but the female’s mouth hung open, eyes wild and face red as she looked back over her shoulder, her entire body shuddering under his pounding rhythm.

Belatedly Sasha realized she was
staring like a voyeur and twisted around, heat flooding her face and rolling down her body in a flush of embarrassment and reluctant lust. She was breathing hard, heart thundering in her chest, skin tingling all over. A light film of sweat dampened her skin as she sat in a daze, trying to come to terms with what she’d seen. A memory of his lean hips driving forward ambushed her and she gasped, nipples tightening to needy buds, pussy clenching emptily and her clit a throbbing knot.

What the hell are you doing?
She thought to herself. She’d just found out she was the victim of kidnap and instead of finding a way to escape she was drooling over alien sex in the next cell. Listening to her own harsh breathing, she looked around again desperately. But escaping this featureless little box was going to take a lot more than wishful thinking. It looked completely solid, not a seam or crack,
. Not even the shelf with the glass, the wall now a blank white expanse.

When had that happened?
Now she had nothing to look at or do except think about what deep shit she was in…and maybe watch the thrills next door. Biting her lip and calling herself a pervert, she shifted restlessly then got to her feet, pacing with her face turned away from the next cell. But she couldn’t help it—she peeked.

The golden-
furred female was now straddling him, her stocky legs spread wide and straining, back bowed as she clutched him with all four hands. He was sitting with hands braced behind him, hips off the floor, driving into the female fast and hard. She thrashed and shook, breasts bouncing, jaw working as if she was howling with pleasure.

Shaken, Sasha looked away again and braced a hand on the cold wall.
The little room felt twenty degrees hotter. Wiping the sweat off her forehead, she yanked down the zipper of her jumpsuit and blessed the plain undershirt she wore beneath, the breathable fabric letting cool air touch her skin. Shrugging the jumpsuit off her shoulders, she tied the sleeves around her waist and began pacing again, this time grimly steeling herself not to look in the next room. If she did she was afraid she’d stuff a hand down her jumpsuit and join in the festivities.

What felt like an eternity later, she heard his voice murmur
they wanted you to see.

She jumped with a yelp of
surprise, unable to keep from glancing into the next cell. At first, she didn’t see him. Then she caught movement in the corner and saw his blurred shape in a sanitizing tube, cleaning up after his romp.

She didn’t answ
er. She didn’t know what to say, wasn’t sure how she felt. She was horrified by her captivity but he didn’t seem to be fighting it too terribly hard.

BOOK: Sasha's Story: How to Find a Mate the Hard Way (Alien Erotica)
3.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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