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Ruin Me

BOOK: Ruin Me
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Ruin Me: A Stepbrother Romance

Part 1: Rail Me

Chapter 1 - Piper

Chapter 2 - Kai

Chapter 3 - Piper

Chapter 4 - Kai

Chapter 5 - Piper

Chapter 6 - Kai

Chapter 7 - Piper

Chapter 8 - Kai

Chapter 9 - Piper

Chapter 10 - Kai

Chapter 11 - Piper

Chapter 12 - Kai

Chapter 13 - Piper

Chapter 14 - Kai

Chapter 15 - Piper

Chapter 16 - Kai

Chapter 17 - Piper

Part 2: Ride Me

Chapter 18 - Piper

Chapter 19 - Kai

Chapter 20 - Piper

Chapter 21 - Kai

Chapter 22 - Piper

Chapter 23 - Kai

Chapter 24 - Piper

Chapter 25 - Kai

Chapter 26 - Piper

Chapter 27 - Kai

Chapter 28 - Piper

Chapter 29 - Kai

Chapter 30 - Piper

Chapter 31 - Kai

Chapter 32 - Piper

Part 3: Ruin Me

Chapter 33 - Piper

Chapter 34 - Kai

Chapter 35 - Piper

Chapter 36 - Kai

Chapter 37 - Piper

Chapter 38 - Kai

Chapter 39 - Piper

Chapter 40 - Kai

Chapter 41 - Piper

Chapter 42 - Kai

Chapter 43 - Piper

Chapter 44 - Kai

Chapter 45 - Piper

Chapter 46 - Kai

Chapter 47 - Piper


Title Page


Untouched: A Bad Boy MMA Romance

Chapter 1: Who Are You?

Chapter 2: I'm A Prisoner

Chapter 3: Factory Equipment

Chapter 4: Follow The Noise

Chapter 5: Now Hit Me

Chapter 6: It's Tradition

Chapter 7: Promise Me Again

Chapter 8: Get The Blood Off

Chapter 9: You're Not A Monster

Chapter 10: Start Over

Chapter 11: Code Of Conduct

Chapter 12: Girls And Bad Boys

Chapter 13: I'll Take Care Of You

Chapter 14: A Better Man

Chapter 15: The Untouchable


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Second Edition.

Copyright © 2016 by Tabatha Kiss

All Rights Reserved.


No part of this book may be reproduced in any form

without written permission from the author.


This is a work of fiction intended for mature audiences only.

Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

All characters detailed within are eighteen years of age or older.

No characters engaging in sexual acts are blood-related.


This novel contains explicit descriptions of

erotic and sexual acts that some may find offensive,

including perverse adult language.

Reader discretion advised.


This novel was previously published as

Rail Me, Ride Me, Ruin Me: A Stepbrother Romance







She’s an uptight bitch…

but that just turns me on.






It’s all I think about.


It has been ever since that bet my friend, Shawn, and I made a few years back. If I can sleep with every female in our graduating class at Belle Academy before we go off to college, victory will be mine. It’s a tiny, elite, private school. That’s 23 ladies and every last one of them thinks I’m a god.


Except her.


When my mother got married during my junior year, things got a little…
. It made Piper Lynch my stepsister. The Ice Princess herself. It was already a challenge getting under her thick skin, but now? She may as well have installed a chastity belt.


One week. I have one week to seal the deal with her or Shawn wins. She thinks she’s gotten rid of me by leaving the country but I have other plans.


This trip to Europe is exactly what I need to get my edge back … and the perfect chance to get real close to Piper.







It’s all I think about.


Man, woman. Sweet, rough. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. There’s not a lot I’m not down for, and not a lot of people I’d say no to.


Except him.


I’ve noticed Kai Casablancas’ pathetic attempts at flirting with me. I’m not stupid. He’s been laying it on real strong lately and I’ve reached the end of my patience with him. You’d think my father marrying his mother would be enough to get him to back off but he’s pursued me like a sick puppy for years.


My friend, Mandy, and I are going to Europe for a week. One last hurrah before college begins. A chance to experience the world beyond the prude and restrictive halls of Belle Academy.


This trip to Europe is exactly what I need to finally let loose… and get far away from Kai.





Part 1



Rail Me



Chapter 1




I keep my voice down to avoid any unwanted attention to Ms. Clark’s geometry room. My nails dig hard into the oak wood desk as Jake’s thick cock pounds me against it. Or was it Jack? John? It doesn’t matter. Either way, he’s starting to bore me.

I whisper it with a little more bite this time, whipping my head back to make eye contact with him. He’s got that look in his eye, like I’m the belle of his balls. The love of his whatever. I turn back around and roll my eyes as I round my hips to make his thrusts get the job done.

“You’re so hot—” he grunts.

“Stop talking.” I hate it when they talk. I finally get him at just the right angle and that good tickle starts to spread inside. My toes curl in my stiletto heels and I ride the wave over and over again until I get what I came here for. The climax is short and sweet, giving my nerves the quick recharge they needed before I walk out onto that stage.

I stand up and push myself off the desk. His thickness slides out of me as I step away from him.

“Hey— where you going?” he whines.

I force my skirt back down and give it a quick look over for stains. If this guy got jizz all over this thing, I swear to god…

“Hello?” He plants his hands on the desk and stares at me.

I grab the maroon cap and gown off the table by the door. “Thanks for the hit,” I mutter back at him.

“Well, can I get your number or something?”

“No.” I open the door and close it behind me.

My heels click loudly, echoing through the deserted halls of Belle Academy as I make way for the nearest ladies’ room. I stare at myself in the mirror above the sink and smile at the pink color showing through on my pale cheeks. It’s the perfect shade, one I can never quite get right with make-up alone.

BOOK: Ruin Me
2.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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