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The Biker




Cassie Alexandra





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All rights reserved.

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It was just after nine o’clock p.m. when Jessica
Winters walked out of
Twenty-Four Hour Fitness
, dropped her gym bag into
the trunk of her car, and drove to her two-bedroom apartment in Iowa City. She
pulled into the underground garage, grabbed her things, and headed toward the
elevator, relieved that her roommate, Kellie, was out of town. She’d have the
place to herself for a couple of days, which meant that she wouldn’t have to
listen to the sound of Kellie and her boyfriend, Jack, going at it in the other
room, all hours of the night. She had to admit, listening to Kellie when she
was having those ‘mind-blowing orgasms’, she so fondly called them, was hell.
Especially for someone who’d decided not to have sex until she met the ‘one’.
who seemed to be taking his damn sweet time in finding her. 

“You should get yourself a vibrator,” said
Kellie after Jessica had confronted her about keeping the noise down, the
previous weekend. “Maybe you wouldn’t be so weird about it.”

“If not wanting to listen to other people
having sex is being weird then I certainly don’t want to be, whatever it is
that you consider, normal.”

 “God, you take everything so fucking seriously.
I’m just giving you shit. Although,” she’d smirked, “you have to admit, you’re
way too uptight about sex. You’re twenty-years-old, for God’s sake. You need to
get your freak on, Jessica, like the rest of us.”

“I’m not uptight and I don’t need to ‘get my
freak on’. I’m just tired from not getting any sleep,” she’d shot back angrily.
“I mean, come on -
in the morning? You’d be pissed, too, if you had
classes at seven and were up all night, trying to block out the howling in the
next room. If you could at least keep it down. That’s all I ask.”

“Honey, you can’t keep good sex down. If you
had it, you’d know what I mean.”

“Whatever. At least turn up the damn music.”


The truth was that they fought about more than just
the obnoxious grunting and moaning coming from Kellie’s room. They argued about
groceries, cable and electric bills, or where things belonged in the apartment.
It certainly wasn’t fun going home at night, and Jessica pretty much knew what
she had to do –find herself a new roommate or… move back in with her mother,
Frannie. At least she’d get more sleep and not have to put up with Kellie’s
bullshit. Unfortunately, that meant she’d also have to move in with Slammer,
her mom’s biker fiancé. Not only was he intimidating, but he was the president
of the Gold Vipers, a motorcycle club in Jensen, which Jessica wanted absolutely
no part of. Admittedly, she actually liked Slammer and he was not at all what
she’d expected, with his easy-going manner and funny stories. Sure, every other
word was ‘fuck’ and he smoked like a chimney, but he treated Frannie, his ‘Old
Lady”, as he liked to call her, like a queen
he was even considerate
to Jessica. But, as far as she was concerned, he was still in a gang and his way
of living wasn’t the kind she wanted for her mother. She’ even tried talking Frannie
out of seeing Slammer, several times, but, apparently the two of them had
already fallen “hopelessly in love”, so it was like talking to a wall. Even
when Jessica mentioned the fact that bikers, in clubs like his, were always
breaking the law and ending up in prison, she’d come back with – “Slammer says
that the Gold Vipers aren’t like other MC clubs. They’re more like a band of
brothers who look out for each other and their families. Everything that they
are involved with is totally legit.”

Yeah, right.

Frannie was so gullible, it was frustrating. Jessica
could only cross her fingers and hope that Slammer would keep her out of
anything illegal. If he did try to involve her mother, in any way, and she got
word of it, Slammer would find his ass in jail faster than he could light his
next Camel. Her mother meant everything to her and there was no way she’d sit
back quietly or turn the other cheek. Frannie was close to retirement and she
didn’t want her mother spending any part of it in prison.  

Looking forward to a quiet night, Jessica pushed
the thoughts of her future step-dad away, and took the elevator to the third
floor. Humming to herself, she walked down the hallway to her apartment,
unlocked the door, and slipped inside.  As she was about to turn the kitchen light
on, someone grabbed her from behind, his arm locking around her like a steel
vice. She tried to scream but it was immediately cut off by a gloved hand
clamping over her mouth. The smell of leather and gasoline made her gag.

“Hello, Darlin’,” the man growled into her ear.
He began groping her breasts. “Oh, these are nice.”

Sobbing, she tried struggling, but it only made
him laugh. Desperate to get away, she tried biting his hand through the glove.

“Bitch,” he snarled, squeezing her mouth so
hard, her jaw ached. “Fight me and you die. Understand?”

Whimpering, Jessica ignored his threat and
slammed her elbow into his stomach, remembering the self-defense class she’d
taken before college. The instructor had said to fight for your life, at any
cost. Scream, kick, or do whatever it took to get away, or the chances of surviving
were slim to none.

 The man grunted, but instead of releasing her,
he grabbed her by the throat and began to squeeze. “You think you have a chance
against me, Bitch? You keep fighting, and I’ll snap your neck. Don’t you dare fucking
test me!”

“Please… can’t… breathe…” she begged hoarsely.

He loosened his hold slightly. “You gonna

Her mind was whirling as she tried to think of
another way of escape. The kitchen knives were too far out of reach and he was
so strong. She’d never make it.

“Answer me, Bitch!” he hissed, pulling her hair
back cruelly in his fist.

“Yes!” she cried.

“Okay, then,” he whispered, pushing her toward
the bedroom. “Now, let’s go have us some fun.”






An hour later, Jessica heard him leave the
apartment. Bloody and bruised, she staggered back to the kitchen, locking the
door. Then, she grabbed her cell phone and called nine-one-one.

“I’ve been attacked. Raped,” she sobbed into
the phone, her entire body shaking. She slid down to the floor, glancing at the
doorway in terror, worried he’d bust it down and kill her. “Please… help me.
I’m afraid he’ll come back.”

“We’re sending someone, right away,” the woman
promised, trying to calm her down. “You are sure that the assailant has left?”

“Yes,” she replied, staring down at the bruises
on her thighs, where he’d dug his fingers into her flesh. Between that and the
burning pain between her legs, she wanted to die. She wanted
to die.

  “Okay. The policed should be there soon,”
reminded the operator. “I’ll stay on the phone with you until they arrive. Did
you get a good look at the assailant?”

“He... he wore a mask. A black one.”

“Did you recognize his voice?”

“No. Nobody that I know would do this!”

“Okay. Try to calm down, Ms. Winters. Someone
is coming.”

As Jessica waited for help to arrive, she
closed her eyes, and began crying all over again. The woman on the phone tried
soothing her, but all she could think about was the rapist’s evil brown eyes. She’d
never forget them or his wormy dry, cracked lips. He’d made her stare up at him
while he did the unspeakable. It seemed to get him off.

“You see me?” he’d growled, several times.

Jessica had seen him clearly. He was the devil.
He even wore a patch on his vest that proved it.

Chapter One






“You ready for this?” asked Krystal, turning
off the engine of her ’76 Monte Carlo. We’d just pulled into the parking lot of
Griffin’s, a strip club on the edge of town. It was her twenty-first birthday
and her boyfriend, the owner’s son, had asked us to meet him before we hooked
up with the rest of our friends, downtown.

I looked at the seedy dive, with its flashing
lights and line of shiny motorcycles parked on the side.  I’d never been
inside, but everyone knew that the place was bad news. I couldn’t even imagine
the look on my mother’s face if she knew I was even considering going inside.
She’d probably think I’d starting smoking crack.

I shivered. “Seriously? Can’t we just meet him
out here, in the parking lot?”

“What’s wrong?” she asked, pulling down the
visor. She fluffed out her blond hair and then reached down to adjust her
push-up bra, emphasizing the curve of her boobs in the sparkly, black tank
she’d managed to cram them into. “You nervous about walking into a biker bar?”

“It’s more than that and you know it.” The
place had a bad reputation – gangs, brawls, drug deals, and prostitution. 

“Chill out, girl. Nothing is going to happen
inside. You’re with me and everyone knows that
with the owner’s

I sighed. “Okay.”

“You’re good?”

“Yes. I’m good.”

Krystal smirked. “Liar. Here, take a shot of
this,” she said, pulling out a bottle of peach-flavored Schnapps, from under
the seat. “It’ll take the edge off.”


She uncapped the bottle and took a long pull. “Mm…
yeah. Here.” She held it out.

“Maybe we should wait until we leave the club.”

“No, Babe. We need to get this party rolling.”

“Fine,” I replied, taking the bottle from her.
I took a swig and my stomach immediately felt warm and tingly. “Hmm… Not bad. A
little sweet but I like it.”

“I’m surprised you’ve never tried it.”

“Actually, I think I did. I had one of those drinks,
Sex On The Beach, when we went out for my twenty-first birthday. I think this
was in it.”

She took another swig. “I love those and Fuzzy
Navels. You’ve got to try one. Those are fucking excellent.”

I wasn’t sure what a Fuzzy Navel was, but if it
involved the peach-flavored schnapps, I was definitely in.

“Okay,” she said, capping the bottle. “Let’s go
see what the hell Tank wants.”

Tank, her new boyfriend, was six-and-a-half feet
tall, with muscles the size of watermelons, and belonged to some biker club
called, the Gold Vipers. I’d only met him twice and I had to admit, he scared
the hell out of me. Not that he’d been anything but cordial. It was just that I
could tell he was dangerous.

As in
, dangerous.

 Krystal didn’t seem to see it or else just
didn’t care. Considering her dad took off many years ago and Bonnie, her mom,
had never been very influential when it came to
, I guessed it
was the latter.

“I wonder if he has something for me?” said Krystal,
her blue eyes lighting up. “A present.”

“What, like a ring?” I teased. They’d only gone
out a few times, and most of their dates were quick hook-ups.

“Or better yet, a new tongue ring,” she
replied. “You have any idea how good a pierced tongue feels between your legs?”

I held up my hand. “Stop, right there. I
haven’t had enough to drink to hear about Tank and his tongue.”

She giggled. “Well, it’s certainly not going to
be a ring for my finger. Tank told me last weekend that he was never going to
get married. That most of the guys in the club have Old Ladies, and kids, but
they don’t usually go the route of marriage.”

I frowned. “What do you mean by an ‘Old Lady’?”

“I’m talking about the woman they go home to at
night. The ones that they live with. Take care of them. Have their kids.”

“That’s typically called a ‘wife’,” I said

“Not in the MC world,” she replied. “They have
Old Ladies and,” she then laid the whopper on me, “they have their club whores.”
Only she made it sound like “hures”.

My jaw dropped. “Are you fucking serious?”

“As shit,” she said, smiling grimly.

“A club
 What are you saying?
That she hangs out with them and they pay her for sex?”

“I don’t think any of them get paid for it.
They hang out and are available to fuck, any time of the day.”

I stared at her wide-eyed. “Wow. So, in other
words, she’s like a groupie?”

She laughed. “Guess so. Only these guys ride
bikes instead of buses.”

“Does Tank have an Old Lady?”

“No. I mean I don’t think so.” Her jaw set
firmly. “At least, I hope to fuck not.”

“Well, what are
considered?” I
asked. “Did he say?”

“He calls me ‘his girl’. Tell you one thing,
though, I’m definitely not a club whore. The fuck if I’m going to spread my
legs for anyone but the man I’m dating. Although,” she smiled wickedly, “Tank
has this friend named Raptor who is amazingly hot. I wouldn’t mind doing him.”

“Raptor? What kind of a name is that?” I knew
that Krystal had mentioned that most bikers went by their nicknames or road
names. All I could think about was the movie, Jurassic Park, when I heard

She grinned. “Raptor? It’s some kind of bird of
prey. I guess you don’t want to piss him off. Tank said that Raptor’s temper is

“Huh. He sounds like someone to avoid. I’d stay
away from him, then, Krystal. No matter how cute his is.”

“You have to see this fucking guy. He’s
gorgeous. Blonde hair, blue eyes, built like a Greek god. He’s unbelievably
sexy. I almost wish I would have met Raptor, first.  I’ve actually caught
myself drooling over him. Tank would probably pull out his gun and shoot me in
the head if I so much as looked at Raptor the wrong way, though.”

The expression on her face was serious and I
shook my head, still in disbelief. The more that she told me about Tank, the
more he disgusted me. “Jesus. You’re really okay with all of this alpha-male
club shit?”

 She waved her hand. “Eh, we’re just having fun
right now. I mean, I like him a lot, don’t get me wrong. The guy knows how to
go down on a girl and I’m not ready to give that up just yet.”

I grunted. “I should have known.”

“It’s true. He’s patient, too. Will stay down
there as long as it takes. Anyway, I know it’s not going to last.  He might
have great fucking skills, but Tank’s too bossy, even for me.”

“God, I hate bossy men. Seriously, Krystal, you
shouldn’t put up with guys telling you how to live. No matter what he can do
with his tongue.”

“Yeah, but he’s also got this huge dick,” she
said, laughing. “You have no idea.” She held up her hands, to show me just how
large and I had to wince. “Swear to God, he’s hung like a fucking horse.”

“Okay, enough,” I replied, laughing now. “I’m
seriously tired of hearing about your sex life.”

“You just need to get laid, Adriana. How long
has it been?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know, over a year?”

Maybe two.

Maybe even three?

The truth was, I’d only had sex a few times,
and that was mostly in high school, when I’d gone steady with Jimmy Tyler. Now
that I was in college, I barely had time for sleep, let alone sex.

“We need to remedy that,” she said, opening up
the door. “Let’s see what Tank wants, meet the others at the club, and find you
a man. One you can take back to the car and fuck the shit out of, before the
night is over.”

I looked around the parking lot, praying that
none of the guys entering this particular place would know she was trying to
get me laid. “Krystal,” I whispered loudly. “Don’t announce it here, for God’s

She giggled. “Fine, but we’re finding you a guy

Her eyes were sparkling from the Schnapps and I
could tell she was already quite buzzed. “I don’t need a man and this party is
. In fact, I’m not drinking much. Maybe a couple of beers. I want
you to have fun. It’s your birthday. My birthday has come and gone.”

“And so did your chance with that bouncer.”

I thought about the guy she was talking about.
One of the security guards at a nightclub we’d partied at had come on to me,
but I’d ignored him. He’d obviously been a player and had probably brought a
new girl home every night.

“Tell you what- we’ll work on it
your party. This is your night and the only person that needs to have fun and
get laid, is you. Now, give me your keys and let the games begin.”

She handed them over. “I guess I really can’t
argue with that.”




When we walked into the strip club, I
immediately felt like all eyes were on us. It was exactly how I’d pictured it
to be, too – dark, musty, and in need of new carpeting, and not just the
flooring. Most of the waitresses looked like they could collect social security,
although they were dressed like high school girls. The ones from

Krystal giggled. “These ladies know that the
eighties have come and gone? Kind of like their looks.”

I smirked. “God, you’re a bitch.”

“Well, I do like it doggy-style,” she joked. “I
cannot lie.”

I snorted.

 The stage was lit up and the place was packed,
although most of the customers looked distracted and uncomfortable, which
surprised me. In fact, there was so much tension in the air that I felt like
we’d walked into something that was about to turn hostile. Then I noticed that
there were two groups of men eyeing each other from opposite sides of the room.
As I looked closer, I also noticed they had different patches on their vests,
or cuts, as Krystal liked to call them. Some said Gold Vipers on the back,
while the others said Devil’s Rangers.  

 “Where’s Tank?” Krystal asked the bouncer,
standing just inside of the door. He was as tall as he was wide, bald, and had
a long, bushy red beard.

His eyes dropped to her breasts and he licked
his lips. “He’s in the back room. I’ll let him know you’re here. You must be Krystal?”

She nodded. “That’s right.”

“Who’s your friend?” he asked, now leering at
me. I was glad that I’d worn jeans and a loose sweater, although from the way
he was looking at my chest, I could have just as well have been naked.

I forced a smile. “I’m Adriana.”

“Adriana, huh? You’d best be watching Adriana’s
back,” he said with a smirk, his eyes shifting towards the crowd of men also now
gawking at us. “Everyone’s gonna know you’re Tank’s, Krystal, but she’s without

My eyebrow arched. “Protection?”

“A man. If I were you, I wouldn’t go anywhere
in this place without Krystal, here. You won’t like it. Or,” he laughed darkly.
“Maybe you will.”

“I’ll stick with Krystal,” I mumbled, already
feeling dirty.

He pulled out a cell phone and began texting. “Since
the Devil’s Rangers are here, I advise that you both go and sit down by the
bar. Don’t talk to anyone, except Misty, the bartender. I’d escort you myself,
but there’s a meeting in back and I’m not supposed to leave the front door.”

“Okay,” she answered.

I followed Krystal towards the bar right as Bob
Seger began singing about Main Street, which confirmed that we were definitely
in a biker bar. Growing up, I’d always associated Fat Bob with Harleys, beer,
and Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear. Apparently, I’d be adding strippers
with dentures to that list.

“Stay close,” said Krystal, looking back at me
over her shoulder. “Don’t make eye-contact with anyone.”


The music picked up and everyone’s eyes shifted
away from us to a woman with long red hair and enormous boobs, who’d just
stepped onto the stage. From the look on her face, I could tell she wasn’t a bubbly,
happy stripper. When she tried to smile, it was more of a pucker. As if she’d
just licked a lime.

Krystal chuckled. “She should have used the
money she spent on her tits on some Botox. At least she’d look a little more

 “Uh, seriously, I don’t think anyone will
notice anything above her collarbone.”

“I need a nurse!” hollered one of the customers,
standing up and waving cash. “You’re giving me a heart-attack, Betty.”

Krystal snorted. “Nurse Betty looks like she’s
going to have one herself lugging those monsters around.”

Betty wore a nurse’s uniform and three-inch
stilettos that made her legs look like they went all the way up to the clouds.
From the way she moved around the stage, it was obvious that she’d been doing
it for a long time, but had lost interest in it a couple decades ago.

BOOK: rtbpdf
13.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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