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Rosy Cheeks

Marianne LaCroix


Vicki wants one thing for Christmas—Mr. Robertson. Sucking
on a juicy red lollipop and dressed in a short plaid skirt, killer heels and
pigtails, Vicki struts into his office, offering lip service to the straitlaced
teacher in exchange for a passing grade in algebra. But he will not be bribed.
In fact, her proposition earns her a spot over his knee and her skirt hiked up
for one heck of a spanking. Before the night is through, Vicki learns
lessons at the capable hands of Mr. Robertson.

Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publication




Rosy Cheeks


ISBN 9781419931598


Rosy Cheeks Copyright © 2010 Marianne LaCroix


Edited by Raelene Gorlinsky

Cover art by Darrell King


Electronic book publication December 2010


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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons,
living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The
characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.

Rosy Cheeks
Marianne LaCroix



For you. You know who you are.






Special thanks to my best friend and partner in adult store
shopping, Annmarie Ortega, for lighting the fire under my butt to get back to

Thank you to my friends who never wavered in their support
and encouragement: Devyn Quinn, Anya Howard, Samara King, Amber Green, Tracy
Sprayberry, Shara Azod, Dana Frye, M.A. DuBarry, Michelle Nergard, and everyone
in the Florida Panhandle Romance Writers RWA chapter in Tallahassee, Florida.




Trademarks Acknowledgement


The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark
owners of the following wordmarks mentioned in this work of fiction:

Blow Pop: Charms Company

Velcro: Velcro Industries B.V. Limited Liability Company


Chapter One


Vicki McClay paused outside the office door. Even now her
body reacted in anticipation—her heart beat a rapid tattoo, her palms began to
sweat and her pussy wept, dampening the crotch of her panties.

She shook her head slowly, allowing her pigtails to swing
back and forth. Her cherry-red lips curled into a smile as she gazed down at
her outfit—a short red plaid skirt, a sheer white blouse she left unbuttoned
but tied under her breasts to give an ample view of her red satin push-up bra.
She wore white thigh-highs with little red bows at the top and red patent
platform heels.

The naughty schoolgirl. Vicki intended to play the part to
get what she wanted for Christmas this year—Mr. Robertson.

Lifting a cherry Blow Pop to her lips, she licked the sweet
surface. She closed her eyes and imagined his eyes watching her as she slowly
ran her tongue over the top as if it were the tip of his cock. If her little
outfit didn’t make him lose his cool, her suggestively licking the lollipop
would for sure.

Clutching an algebra textbook to her chest along with her
notebook, she lifted her hand and knocked on his door.

She heard nothing from inside his office but the soft sound
of Bing Crosby singing
Silver Bells

Taking a deep breath, she knocked again.

“Come in,” he said from the other side of the door.

Vicki smiled, turned the knob, and pushed open the door.

His office was small but cozy. His desk, a richly
dark-stained oak, dominated the space and behind his desk was a wall of shelves
lined with books. On the desk were piles of papers, a small desk lamp, a wide
LCD computer screen and keyboard. Ordered chaos. A worn black leather couch sat
opposite the desk. Piles of thick books were stacked on each side of the couch
as makeshift end tables where small lamps illuminated the room with a soft

Mr. Robertson sat at his desk typing on the keyboard, and
then glanced at her. He immediately stilled. His eyes widened and his mouth
dropped open a moment. He composed himself quickly and cleared his throat.
“Miss McClay, this is an unexpected pleasure.”

Gabriel Robertson was an older man and yet the age gap made
no difference to her. Vicki wanted him. Her breath caught at the sight of him, especially
when she spotted him jogging in the morning. As a former Marine he kept an
exercise regimen to stay fit and strong. Watching his toned legs move with
grace and power, she wanted to tackle him to the ground, but she opted for a
few moments of self-pleasure instead to ease her sexual restlessness.

He appeared very much like a straitlaced professor or an
accountant, complete with dark-rimmed glasses and salt-and-pepper hair. Quiet
by nature, he was viewed by the world as reserved and scholarly, but Vicki knew
there was much more to Mr. Robertson than his academic façade.

The quiet ones kept their kinky side hidden well. Beneath
the starched oxford shirt, nerdy glasses and sensible shoes was a kinkster, a
man who knew about bondage tape, nipple clamps and Wartenberg wheels.

“Am I disturbing you?” she asked, closing the door behind
her with a soft click.

He cleared his throat once again, obviously in an attempt to
find composure.

She lifted the lollipop to her mouth and licked the surface
with a slow swipe of her tongue.

He adjusted his tie. “Uh…no, it’s all right. What did you

She handed him her notebook. “I’m not entirely sure what to
do with these problems.”

He read over the homework with a quick glance. “You didn’t
even try to work out these problems.”

“I was hoping you could help me. You know, be my personal

A dark brow rose above his eye. “Is that why you’ve come
here dressed that way? To get tutoring with algebra?”

She cocked her head, making her pigtails swing a little.
“What’s the matter with what I’m wearing? Don’t you like it, Mr. Robertson?”

He stood and towered over her.

She licked the tip of her lollipop and then smiled. “Do you
think you can tutor me…one-on-one?”

“Only if you are willing to learn.” His voice sounded tight,

She moved closer, brushing her satin-covered breasts against
him. “I’m willing to learn whatever you want to teach me.”

He stared down at her face a moment then nodded. “Good. Glad
to hear that because you’ve a lot to learn. More than you think.”

“Oh?” She pressed even closer to his body.

He stepped back and loosened his tie. “I suggest you behave
yourself, Miss McClay. You’re tempting me to teach you much more than algebra.”

She sighed. “Quite frankly, I’m not sure tutoring will help
get my grades up.” She moved to the desk and set down her textbook. “However,
I’m willing to discuss a possible…

“Such as?”

“Well, I thought maybe if I give you something, then perhaps
I could pass the class.”

“Give me something? Sounds like a bribe.”

“Oh no, not a bribe…more like a service.” She lifted one leg
onto the desk chair, giving him a generous view of her red lace panties. She
reached down and ran her fingertips over her barely covered cleft. “Call it lip
service, Mr. Robertson,” she purred in a low, husky voice.

Removing his tie, he tried to maintain composure, but her
offer intrigued him judging by the telltale bulge in his pants.

She started moving her fingers up and down over her pussy.
“I think about sucking your cock. I think about it a lot. I want to suck on you
very much, Mr. Robertson. I thought maybe if I sucked your cock and made you
come, I could get a B.”

He paused. “And to get an A?”

She gently bit her bottom lip. “You can finish in my mouth,”
she offered in a meek voice.

He waited a moment then asked, “Spit or swallow?” His tone
was hard and unwavering.

She tilted down her face. “I can try to swallow. To be
honest I’ve never done this before. I may need a little guidance in how to give
good head and then swallow.”

“Hmm…of course.” He chuckled. “Tell me, how many of your
teachers have you made this offer to?”


He fell silent.

She waited for his reply then dared to gaze at his face
without lifting her head. He held his glasses in his hand and studied her with
his cool, calculating eyes.

Then he broke the silence and asked, “Why me? What makes me
so special?”

“Well, I…” she stammered, “I find you incredibly sexy. You
turn me on so much, I can’t help myself and sometimes I touch myself while
thinking about you. I reach down between my legs and slide my fingers over my
clit, wishing you’d touch me there.” She closed her eyes and moved aside the
lace and dipped a finger into her juices. He grabbed her hand and pulled it

“You’re a very bad girl. Do you think you can pass my class
by offering sexual favors?” He held her arm in a firm but not bruising grip. He
grasped her other forearm and with his tie, he bound her wrists together. “I
think you deserve to learn a new lesson tonight. One you will remember every
time you sit down.”

“No, please,” she begged. “Wait, I can explain.”

“No need to explain. I understand perfectly.” He led her to
his chair, sat and pulled her over his lap. “You’re a naughty girl who doesn’t
do her homework and tries to get out of it by trying to seduce her teacher.
Well, it won’t work. Not with me.”

He lifted her short skirt and ran his hand slowly over the
curve of her ass, one cheek at a time. Then he gave her behind a firm swat. She
gasped at the sting and wriggled on his lap.

“Move out of position, little girl, and I will start over

She instantly stilled, not wanting to add on more of—


“Ow!” She squeezed her eyes shut and held her bound wrists
to her forehead.


She winced but remained still.




After ten swats to her buttocks she hoped he would stop, but
then he caressed the warm flesh he’d spanked. She moaned. Her skin burning with
increased sensitivity, his hand smoothed over her reddened ass, driving her
wild. Then he eased his hand down to her wet pussy and slid a finger through
her moist folds.
Oh yes, yes, yes!

“You’re very wet.” He pushed a finger into her slit and he
moaned. “Yes, you have the potential to be my favorite student, but not yet.
You need to learn your lesson to never try to bribe me again.”

“Yes sir,” she stammered as he removed his finger.


She flinched in his lap.

“Be still, little girl. I’m warning you for the last time.”

“Yes sir.” So on edge…so ready to explode, she bit her
bottom lip.


She inhaled sharply.


At twenty he stopped and caressed her rapidly heating rump
with a gentle hand. Her skin was so sensitive, she fought to suppress her moans
at his touch. He tested her wetness once again and she nearly came right then.

“No, you can’t come yet,” he said, sensing her eagerness to
climax. “This was only a warm-up. You have yet to receive your punishment
spanking,” he said, stilling his fingers deep within her cunt.

Warm-up? There was more? She shuddered to think how much
worse this punishment spanking could get. Damn, she needed to come.

He helped her off his lap and she whimpered softly in his

For a moment, he faltered. “You all right?” he asked in a
gentle voice.

She nodded and leaned into him, needing to feel his
closeness. He held her tenderly a moment then guided her to his desk.

In a commanding tone he said, “You’ve been such a bad girl,
and now that your ass has been warmed up properly, it is time for your

He eased her forward over his desk, careless of his papers
scattered about the surface. She balanced on her elbows as she rested on the
desktop. Her breasts pressed to the desk surface, she held her breath, waiting.
Her ass presented for his spanking pleasure, she felt completely vulnerable and
unable to move away. Eager to answer his commands, she remained still, wanting
nothing more than to please this dominating man. His strength and power made
her shiver with want and her pussy cream in pure sexual anticipation.

He lifted her skirt once again, but this time he pulled away
the lacy panties covering her moist pink center. She gasped at his touch and
her cunt clenched.
Oh please… Touch me, take me. Fuck me and make me yours.

As the lace fell to her ankles, he instructed sternly, “Step
out of your panties, little girl, and move your feet apart. I want to see that

Vicki burned for his touch. If he swiped a finger over her
taut clit, she would surely shatter. When her labia gaped open, she groaned.
The air caressed her wet center and she sobbed.

He moved directly behind her and she shivered in fearful
anticipation. Tears burned her eyes when he commenced more punishment upon her
buttocks. Every few strikes he’d stop and move his palms over her heated

“Beautiful,” he stated, “Nice and warm. We’re getting there.
Not quite the shade of red I want, but beautiful just the same.” Then he dipped
his fingers into her cunt and she cried with a mixture of delight and

“Very wet. Very good, little one. I’m pleased.” He slowly
removed his fingers.

Tears ran down her face, and yet she was so turned-on, aflame
for more.

Then he spread her labia wide and licked the length of her
slit. She shrieked at the pure pleasure of his mouth upon her slick flesh. He
grazed his teeth over her clitoris and then ran his tongue back and forth over
the sensitive surface.

Oh yes! Yes!
“Lick me. Yes…oh yes.” She panted and
her hips moved in rhythm to his tongue’s seductive dance over her clit.

Too much. Much too much. The climax started without warning
within her core and the spasms erupted and radiated through her body. He licked
at her center, lapping at her honey, and she cried out in ecstasy. Her body
convulsed in a rapturous surrender as she ground her pussy against his mouth,
hungry for him to draw out her release. He grabbed her hips and pressed his
tongue into her channel, feasting and drinking. Her body hummed, riding out the
euphoric sensations he had created.

As the spasms eased, he pulled away. His smoothed his hands
over each reddened globe of her ass and she sighed in delight.


She jumped.

“I didn’t give you permission to come, little girl.”

She gasped. “But—”

“No excuses. You didn’t follow my
instructions. I see you haven’t learned your lesson yet.”

She began to cry again, her tears dampening the tie about
her wrists. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. It felt so wonderful.”

“I didn’t give you permission to speak either.
You need to learn to respect your teacher.”

Breathless, she waited. There was more. He wouldn’t let her
come without permission lightly.

He ran his hand over a buttock. “Do you need to learn
respect, little girl?” He paused then added, “You may speak.”

She hesitated then answered, “Yes.”


She flinched.

“Yes what?”

Between her sobs, she replied, “Yes

“Much better. Now, to teach this next lesson in respect, you
need a bit more than just my hand spanking your ass.”

BOOK: RosyCheeks
10.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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