Romance: Motorcycle Club Romance: Outlaw Biker's Baby (Contemporary Alpha Male MC Biker Romance) (Bad Boy MC Biker Pregnancy Romance) (3 page)

BOOK: Romance: Motorcycle Club Romance: Outlaw Biker's Baby (Contemporary Alpha Male MC Biker Romance) (Bad Boy MC Biker Pregnancy Romance)
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Tank didn’t even try to call that day, and that hurt Vanessa. She sat at home and cried, and called off that evening. The next morning,
or, at least,
morning for Tank, it was just
after noon
, he called.

“I don’t have anything to say to you,” Vanessa said when she answered, recognizing his number on her cell screen.

“Then why did you answer?” He asked.

“What do you want?” The young woman sighed.

“Look, Big Tim… it fucked me up, alright? I was close
him. He took me under his wing when I first joined up.”

Vanessa snorted in derision. “So you fucked some slut because your fake dad died? Grow up, asshole.” And then, before he could respond, she hung up.

She worked that night, and expected him to come in, but he didn’t. For the next
he seemed to stay away from the place, and that suited Vanessa just fine. She felt her anger over the situation fade, and she was fairly
that she didn’t need or want him in her life.

That changed on one of her off days. She was over a week late on her period. She hadn’t thought about it until the day before, but since it dawned on her it was all Vanessa could
think about
. She went to the local
and bought a pregnancy test. When
she didn’t take it right away. It sat on her kitchen counter, but she ignored it. She ate
lunch; she
TV; she
worked on a book she was trying to write.

Finally, as the sky grew dark outside her windows, she couldn’t ignore it any longer. She took the box into her bathroom. Inside was a
plastic white
stick, and she sat on the toilet and held it between her legs. After she sat it on the edge of the bathroom
and waited. Slowly, two blue lines formed. She was pregnant.

Vanessa immediately ran out to the drugstore and bought three more tests. She took them, one after the other. All three told her
was pregnant. She sat on her toilet and cried. She was off the next day too, and she didn’t leave her apartment. She considered calling off the next night, but she went in. She pulled Susan aside when she got
and told her everything. About Tank, about the baby. The older woman hugged her.

“It will be okay,” Susan said. “These things have a way of working out. Are you going to tell Tank?”

Vanessa sighed. “I don’t know,” she admitted. “I haven’t seen him, or talked to
him; I
might not have to decide just yet.”

Of course, things did have a way of working out, and Tank came walking through the door that night. He looked over to Vanessa, but he thought better of approaching her. He sat at a table while Dipstick, who he had come in with, went to grab them a bucket of beers.

Vanessa tried to keep herself busy, so she wouldn’t have to think about the baby, and the fact that she was pretty sure she hated Tank now, even if he was the father, and for most of the night she managed pretty well.

Her luck ran out however shortly after two in the morning. The bar was mostly dead, and she was crouched behind the
, counting bottles of liquor. When she straightened
she found she was face to face with Tank, who was sitting on one of the rickety bar stools.

“Talk to me,” he said. He was almost
pleading; his
eyes looked softer than she had ever seen them.

“I think I need to,” she said with a sigh, setting the pad of paper she was using to take inventory on the bartop. She took a deep breath, and it all came spilling out. “I’m pregnant.”

Tank’s eyes widened. “Is it mine?” He asked.

Anger flared within Vanessa. “Yes it’s yours, I’m not a cheating asshole, remember.”

Tank sighed. “I was just asking. I mean, I don’t know what you do all the time. So what, you want money?”

Vanessa was furious. This conversation wasn’t going anywhere near how she had hoped. She snapped at the man who had so recently been her boyfriend.

“I don’t want anything from you,” she said, and then she turned her back on him.

Once again he gave her space, not coming to The Devil Dog. Susan became someone to lean on, and as the days turned
weeks and then months, she was the one who went with her to her doctor appointments, and it was Susan who was with her when she found out she was having a boy. By then Vanessa had a bit of a stomach, and her emotions changed as often as the breeze. As Susan drove her back home she cried, silent fat tears rolling down her cheeks. The older woman hugged her and then drove off, and Vanessa went in.

A buzz at her door woke her from an afternoon nap. Someone down on the street, wanting to come up. There were only two apartments up the stairs, hers over the hardware store, and one across the hall which sat
. An old man lived there, and sometimes he forgot his key, so that’s who Vanessa assumed it was. She went to the small panel beside her door and pressed the button. Down the hall and stairs the door buzzed, and
heard someone pull it open. She was in the kitchen filling a glass with water at the sink when she heard the knock on her door. She opened
and found herself face to face with Tank.

“I can be a better man,” he said to her.

“I don’t need you to be anything,” she snapped.

“I want to be something. I want to be a father.”

“You think I’ll take you back?” Vanessa asked.

“No, I don’t need to be with you to be a father. I want to be a father. I love that baby. And I love you
too; I
realized that, but that’s not why I’m here. My dad
He left. I might have turned out differently if he had stayed. Not been arrested five times, not having spent a year of my life in jail when I was nineteen. Things could have been different. I love my club, and I love my bike, but I love this kid more. Girl or boy, I don’t know, but I want to be a dad.”

“It’s a boy,” she
said softly

Tank clapped his hands together and smiled. “Are you kidding?”


“I have to go shopping. Do you want to go?”

Vanessa smiled, but she shook her head after a moment. “I don’t think so.”

“Okay. I’ll see you
though, alright. Things are going to be different, alright?”

Vanessa nodded, smiling despite herself. His obvious joy at having a boy was almost infectious. She shut the door as he turned to leave.

Tank showed up again that night, carrying in bags of toys.

“I got him a baseball glove, and a bat,” Tank said as Vanessa watched him dump everything out onto her couch.

“He’s going to need diapers before he needs a baseball bat,” she said, not unkindly.

“I know, I know,” Tank said. “Let me have
though, alright?”

“Okay. How did you get all that stuff here on your bike?”

“I didn’t ride the
bike; I
borrowed Dip Stick’s jeep.”

Vanessa gasped, half jokingly, half serious. “You didn’t ride your bike?”

“I told you, I can change,” Tank said, and they laughed.

The next few weeks were
. Tank took an active role in the baby’s life, such as it was while it was still in her stomach.

One day he was sitting in her apartment, on the couch, while she was modeling the latest in maternity wear.

“I hate my belly,” she said, frowning. She wore a breezy blouse of sorts, with a soft pastel floral pattern. Tank leaned forward. As different as he had been, he was still Tank. It’s what she called him, and it was
what she would always call him. The young man looked her in the
and held a
. She stepped to him and let him take her hand.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. And I have to say,
pregnant; you
’re even hotter. You give me some

I’m just saying, you
look amazing.

Vanessa smiled. “Thank you for saying that,” she said. Tank nodded, and then stood up. He was inches from her, still holding her hand.

“I want to kiss you right now,” he said. Before he
never would
have asked, he would have just done it. Vanessa opened her mouth to tell him that wasn’t a good idea, but instead she said something that even surprised her.

“Do it then.”

He did. She closed her eyes and their lips met. She parted hers to his tongue, and their tongues danced together. He pulled her close, mindful not to push against her stomach. His fingers went down, finding the hem of the shirt and tugging it up. She didn’t stop him. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and when the shirt was off and on the floor he broke the kiss and found one of her nipples
his mouth, where he sucked softly upon it. It grew hard against his tongue, and Vanessa felt herself yearning for the man.

“Bedroom,” she groaned, and he took her hand once more and pulled her in. They kissed once more while his hands cupped her breasts softly. She pulled his shirt off, dragged her nails softly down his chest. She pushed him onto the bed, and then pulled his pants off. He was nude, his cock hard and jutting up from his body. She crawled over him after pulling her
pants off, and dropping her panties to the floor as well, stepping out of them as she got onto the bed.

She teased him, running her tongue in slow
circles around
the head of his cock, before finally taking him into her mouth. He groaned and fought the urge to thrust his hips
up; He
let her stay in control, and she was moving slowly, driving him wild.

When she took her mouth
his cock it shone in the dim light, most of the light stopped from streaming in through the single bedroom window by a closed blind. Vanessa moved up along Tank’s body, planting kisses as she did so. She kissed just above his unruly bush of pubic hair, up his stomach. Her breasts brushed
his hard cock. She kissed his chest, his throat, his chin.
she pressed her lips to his. She reached down, taking his throbbing member in her hand, and began to jerk him off slowly. Up. Down.

“I need you,” he groaned, and she smiled. She gave him what he wanted. She rode him, his cock sliding into her tight, wet pussy. His hands were at her breasts, pawing softly. Her hands on his chest as she leaned over. He placed his strong hands on her shoulders, pushed her back. He touched her stomach as she rode, rocking her hips slowly.

She was coming, it didn’t take her long. She hadn’t been with anyone in the months since she and Tank had broken up. She had too much on her mind. It had just been her at night, with her fingers, with her vibrator. Now he was there, the man she loved. The man who had won her back with his enthusiasm for being a father.

Her pussy tightened on his cock as the orgasm rocked her to her core. Warm juices flowed out of her, running down the side of his dick. She didn’t stop
her hips on top of him, their pelvis’ meeting with soft slaps. She quickened the pace, he reached up and pawed at one breast while his other hand found her hair. He pulled on it softly, causing her to groan and smiled.

“Fuck,” Tank said as he grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto his cock. His member jumped inside her as he came. He filled her with his hot semen.

they lay together, naked and sweaty and panting.

“I want you,” Vanessa said. “I want you to be mine. And the baby’s.”

“I want that too.”

“What should we name him?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” The young man said. “Tank Jr.”

Vanessa laughed and slapped his chest playfully. Then she lay her head in that same spot, and together they drifted off to sleep, napping in the late afternoon.



Table of Contents

MOTORCYCLE Romance – Outlaw Biker’s Baby

MAFIA Romance – Owned and Protected

MAFIA Romance – Bought By the Hitman

ROCKSTAR Romance – Bad Boy British Rockstar

BILLIONAIRE BOSS Romance – What the Boss Wants, He Gets

BWWM Boss Romance - The Russian’s Love Child – Ella’s Story

BWWM PI Romance- The Billionaire’s Love Child: Keke’s Story

BWWM MAFIA Romance - The Russian’s Love Child: Nicki’s Story

SPORTS Romance - My Stepbrother’s Game – A College Hockey Romance

SPORTS Romance - Not With the Coach

SPORTS Romance – The Perfect Game

SPORTS Romance – Game On

SPORTS Romance – The Coach’s Game

STUDENT TEACHER Romance – Professor London

PARANORMAL SHIFTER Romance – The Bear’s Bravery

PARANORMAL SHIFTER Romance – The Dragon’s Desire

PARANORMAL Shifter Romance – To Lure a Mate

WESTERN BILLIONAIRE Romance - A Heart in Trouble

WESTERN BILLIONAIRE Romance - Gold in Texas

COLLEGE Romance Collection – College Desires

MOTORCYCLE CLUB Romance – Outlaw Biker’s Bride

MOTORCYCLE CLUB Romance – Bad Boy Biker Stepbrother

MOTORCYCLE Romance – Outlaw Bad Boy Biker

MOTORCYCLE CLUB Romance - Bad Boy Biker’s Bride

BOOK: Romance: Motorcycle Club Romance: Outlaw Biker's Baby (Contemporary Alpha Male MC Biker Romance) (Bad Boy MC Biker Pregnancy Romance)
2.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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