RIDING WITH THE COP (The Pleasure Of His Punishment)

BOOK: RIDING WITH THE COP (The Pleasure Of His Punishment)
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RIDING WITH THE COP (The Pleasure Of His Punishment)
By J. S. Scott
Copyright© 2012 by J.S. Scott

All Rights Reserved


Table of Contents

Title Page

Lilly Thompson was glad the evening was almost over.

As she dug into the pocket of her well-worn pair of jeans to pay the gas station attendant for her coffee, she rolled her shoulders to release some of the tension from her neck and shoulders.

She tossed the change from her purchase into the cup beside the cash register; her purse was at the police station and she hated carrying change in her pocket.

A quick glance at her watch confirmed she was nearing the end of her shift on her last police ride-along, something she wasn’t doing for excitement or fun. Three full shifts were required for her Forensics Lab Technician bachelor’s program and she was at the tail end of the very last one. It was time spent that would count towards her apprenticeship hours. After many hours in the crime lab, she had thought it might be good to see how things happened out in the field.

It had been a long four years and Lilly was grateful that she would be graduating in a few months. Hopefully she could nab an entry level job at the lab where she was doing her internship, so that she could get an apartment in a decent area of town and maybe eat something other than hotdogs or whatever else was on sale at the market. Living the life of a poor student was somewhat brutal, but it would pay off in the end.

Lilly had learned a lot in her three shifts with the Sheriff’s Department. She had spent all three evenings with Sergeant Jake Simmons, which could be seen as a blessing or a curse. He was knowledgeable, but he made her a little edgy.
Okay…maybe more than a little
, she acknowledged to herself as she slowly made her way to the door, stopping to glance at the newspaper headlines before exiting. She was stalling, and she knew it, but it meant less time spent confined in a vehicle with Jake.

Jake Simmons was a large, bulky, muscular man who seemed to take up a lot of space, even though they were riding in a Ford Expedition. He loomed over her five-foot-five height by at least seven inches and he was built like a bulldozer. There wasn’t an inch of fat on his body and his sculpted muscles seemed to strain the material of his police issue uniform.

His features were ruggedly handsome. Dark blond hair and brown eyes set into a face with a steel jaw that was usually lightly sprinkled with a dark blonde shadow, and lips that rarely smiled.

It wasn’t that he was mean or discourteous to her. He answered her questions with patience and seemed interested in helping her reach her career goals. Lilly couldn’t really put a finger on the reason for her discomfort with him. She had absolutely no reason to be tense, but he somehow exuded…danger. Occasionally, she would catch him staring at her so intently that she wanted to squirm, almost like she was a specimen under a microscope.

Lilly tried to shake her feelings off as she exited the convenience store. It was ridiculous to feel uneasy with Jake. He was a veteran at the Sheriff’s Department, a sergeant who took his responsibilities seriously.

She grabbed the door handle of the Expedition, opened the door and swung herself up into the seat of the large, marked SUV. As she secured her seat belt Jake quickly put the unit in gear.

“We need to investigate a possible breaking and entering on this side of town. Suspicious activity outside a house with no lights on and nobody home,” he informed her casually, in his familiar baritone voice. “It’s right around the corner so I opted to go. Are you willing to do a little overtime?”

“Yes. Of course,” Lilly answered as she dropped her coffee into a cup holder. She knew it was time for both of their shifts to be over, but Jake always did what was best for the community, and they
close to the incident.

He turned the corner into a small subdivision and pulled up silently in front of one of the ranch style homes. He had cut the lights before he slid to the curve and cut the engine immediately.

Jake opened the door quietly. He motioned toward a house to the left of them, letting her know where he was going and ordered her softly but sternly, “You stay here and lock the doors. Don’t come out until I tell you it’s clear.”

He slipped into the night like a phantom, his dark police uniform blending in with the shadows. She could see him approaching the house slowly and then he rounded a corner toward the back of the house.

He was gone, completely out of her sight.

Lilly locked the doors, her heart thundering. The minutes crept by as she watched the house anxiously. She wondered if he had called for back-up. She didn’t see any other units arriving.

“Oh…for God’s sake!” she whispered, chastising herself. “He knows what he’s doing.”

As she watched the house nervously she reminded herself that this is why she preferred being in the lab. She liked things orderly. Doing field work would make her a nervous wreck.

Lilly checked her watch every ten seconds. Five minutes had passed and there was still no sign of Jake or any activity.
Was he okay?
What if someone had taken him by surprise and fled? He could be injured and needing help.

Six minutes.

Seven minutes.

She opened her window a crack to listen for noises. She could hear nothing stirring, no voices or calls for help. No lights. Wouldn’t Jake be using his flashlight?

Eight minutes

Finally, Lilly couldn’t take it anymore. She unfastened her seat belt, unlocked the door and exited the vehicle quietly, clicking the car door closed behind her.

“Now what?” she mumbled to herself as she stood watching the house.

Nine minutes.

Damn it. She had to see if she could help.

She approached the house quietly and slowly, watching for any sign of movement. Her heart was pounding, but she was determined to help Jake if he needed it. As she reached the side of the house, she noticed that the front door was cracked open. Jake had to be in there. Had the intruders fled? Her legs were shaking as she approached the door.

“Jake,” she called softly.

There was no answer. Not a sound. She slowly pushed the door open with her sneaker-clad foot, scanning the living room which was visible only by moonlight.

Lilly hadn’t taken more than two hesitant steps into the living room before she was seized roughly around the waist, held fast by a steely, powerful arm. “What are you doing in here?” a voice barked out, cracking the silence like thunder.

“Jake!” she cried in relief. Her knees would have given out from sheer relief if he hadn’t had a firm grip on her waist. “Thank God!”

He closed the door and flipped on the living room light. “What in hell were you thinking? I hadn’t cleared you to enter. Do you want to get yourself killed?”

“I was worried. Everything was so quiet. I was afraid you needed help.”

“I don’t usually announce my presence by flipping on lights and making lots of noise. It tends to make the perps flee the scene in a hurry. I actually like to catch them,” he informed her dryly.

“I’m sorry. I was concerned,” she told him remorsefully.

He let go of her waist and turned her to face him. “I have to write this up, Lilly. You could have been hurt. You’re untrained and unarmed. You could have walked right into a dangerous situation.”

Oh shit. No!
If he wrote it up she could fail her apprenticeship. She needed a good report from him to successfully complete this portion of her training. This could mean big trouble for her and she couldn’t afford it so close to graduation. She had always been an excellent student. This was a stupid, stupid, stupid mistake on her part. She should have just let Jake do his job and kept her ass planted in the car.

“I’m so sorry, Jake. I didn’t mean to cause a problem. Is everything okay here?” She looked around the nicely appointed, empty living room. Nothing looked disturbed.

He sighed. “Yeah, nothing disturbed and nobody here. The door was unlocked. Probably some high school kids messing around. If it was a pro there was plenty to steal.”

“That’s good.” She was sincerely glad nobody had gotten hurt and that the homeowners hadn’t lost any of their property.

“Now the question is...what am I going to do with you? Lilly…you can’t disobey orders. I told you to stay put for your safety.” He looked at her with a disappointed frown.

Oh, shit!
It hurt to see that look on his face. Somehow, what Jake thought had come to matter a great deal to her. She knew he had been concerned for her safety and she should have stayed put no matter how long it took for him to clear the scene…but she had actually been worried about him.

“If you give me a bad report, I’ll probably fail my internship. I’ve worked so hard, Jake. I know it was a stupid mistake, but I’m not planning on being a field worker.”

He shrugged. “A mistake is a mistake and it could have gotten you killed.”

He still had a firm grip on her shoulders and she looked up into his eyes. Lilly gulped as she encountered a look that she had never seen on his face before. He didn’t look disappointed anymore, his eyes scanning her body with a raw intensity that nearly melted her into a puddle at his feet.

She shivered as she answered, “Please Jake. I’ll do whatever it takes to make this up to you. I’ll do additional ride-along time and do anything you say.”

He quirked an eyebrow, “You want to ride some more with me?”

“Yes. Yes. I’ll ride with you as much as you want to make you see I can do things right,” Lilly replied nervously.

“What if I want to do a special ride?” he questioned in a low, menacing voice.

“Anything!” she agreed immediately, the innuendo going right over her head in her anxiety.

“I don’t quite think you quite understand, Lilly,” he whispered roughly.

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll do it! I don’t want to ruin four years of school over a stupid mistake.” Her eyes filled with tears as she continued to plead, the look on her face begging him silently not to screw up four years of hard work for one stupid mistake.

She quivered as Jake’s look became hot and intense.

His hands slipped from her shoulders and came down to start caressing her breasts. He stroked the shape of them, traced his thumbs along the nipples through the material of her t-shirt and bra.

“Do as I say and I’ll give you a good report,” he told her quietly, the desire in his voice evident.

“What?” she strangled out. “Are you really saying you want-”

“Your choice,” Jake continued to manipulate her nipples, pinching them first and then soothing them with his thumb.

Oh, God. Was this really happening? Lilly’s brain wanted to deny Jake’s intentions, convince herself that she was misunderstanding. She wasn’t the type of woman that men would blackmail for sex. She was boring and average, her long, dark brown hair and hazel eyes were nothing spectacular and the breasts he was groping were perky but far from huge. Didn’t this only happen to women with the bodies of a Goddess and irresistible looks? She had neither…but Jake’s eyes and hands were caressing her like she was the most gorgeous woman on the planet.

Her choice? Did she have a choice? Four years of school down the drain or submit to his desires?

“No. Jake. This isn’t right. Certainly you can’t expect
!” she cried, her voice perplexed and confused. This was a side of Jake that she had never seen, never imagined even existed.

“Oh...I expect it. All of it! This is your only mistake. If we can clear the board, I can give you a good report.” As he was explaining, one hand moved down between her legs, his fingers sliding over her denim-covered mound with firm strokes.

“What are you going to do to me?” Lilly questioned, feeling nervous but incredibly aroused by Jake’s marauding fingers and powerful body pressing against hers.

“Anything I want to.” His voice was hot and sultry.

“I can’t do this, Jake. Please. Something else, Anything else,” she pleaded, her brain balking, but her body aching with primal desire, wanting to submit to anything he wanted.

“I don’t think so.” He pulled her t-shirt from her jeans and started lifting it over her head.

BOOK: RIDING WITH THE COP (The Pleasure Of His Punishment)
10.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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