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BOOK: Restrained - An Erotic Novel
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© 2012 by Suzanne Jones.


First published in Great Britain in July 2012 by Underglow Books.


The right of Suzanne Jones to be
identified as the Author of the Work has been asserted by her in accordance
with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.


All rights reserved. No part of this
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Chapter One




he carefully attaches the rubber cuffs to my wrists and clips me onto the hooks
on the wall, I know this is love. I’ve been dating Matt for six months now, and
as he wraps the gag strap around my head and pushes the ball lovingly into my
mouth I consider myself lucky to have met someone so wonderful. He fulfils my
every fantasy, whether that be spanking me, whipping me, or just simply fucking
me so hard that I squeal with excitement. Today it’s my birthday and I know
he’ll surprise me with something special.


he tightens the last restraint, rendering me immobile, I feel a twinge of
vulnerability. The lights in the room dimmed, Matt, thirty years old and a
dark-haired, chisel-jawed master of pleasure and pain paces back and forth. He
knows just how to get me wet. He doesn’t even have to touch me. He just looks
at me disapprovingly. “Look at you,” he begins. “All tied up and slutty. You
fucking whore.”


such a whore,” I try to say, but through the gag I’m not sure how much he can
hear. There’s a chill in the air, he’s purposefully left the window open. All
I’m wearing is a corset and some black crotchless panties. My breasts, full and
pert, are on show, my nipples hardening like bullets in the night air. My
areolas wrinkle and as he approaches I feel an ache in my pussy that only he
can fill. He’s got a small whip in his hand, maybe eighteen inches long. He’s
used it on my ass before; punished me for one thing or another, but with me
tied to the wall like this, he has no access to my ass and I wonder what he has
in mind.


warning he spins around and lashes out with it, it’s leather laces whipping
across my tender breasts. One of them hits my right nipple and it stings like a
motherfucker. I scream out but I know that’s what he wants. I need to stay
quiet. I need to let him be the master and me the slave. He whips me again and
again, and red lines appear on my tits where he’s inflicting this pain on me.
“Happy birthday,” I find myself thinking.


gets closer, pressing his body up against mine. He’s wearing a tight black
jumper that shows off his impressive muscles, and black jeans. As he presses in
closer I can feel his enormous manhood throbbing against my leg. I want that
cock inside me but I get the feeling that it’s not going to happen anytime
soon. He has plans first. He lunges in towards me, pulling the gag from my
mouth and kissing me forcefully. Then he slaps my face hard and for a second I
go dizzy, trying to figure out if this is all part of the game or if I should
call Time Out for him being a bit rough. I decide to let this one play out and
he backhands me, knocking my head back the other way.


never been this rough before but there’s literally nothing I can do about it. I
can’t get my head around whether I enjoy the pain, or if enough is enough.
Before I get the chance to think, he slaps my left tit really hard, sending a
searing pain through it. Then with his other hand he slaps the other one,
stinging me, and making my nipples throb with the pain. I’ve decided I want him
to stop but before I get the chance to tell him he’s forced the gag back onto


slaps me with his hand around my face again and again, and for a second I lose
consciousness, waking to find him standing there in front of me, arms crossed
like he’s just been waiting for me to wake after blacking out. He slaps me hard
again and again across my tits and the pain is becoming unbearable. Tears
stream from my eyes so he knows how much he’s hurting me, but still he doesn’t
stop. He reaches forward with both hands, and pinches my nipples hard. It hurts,
I want this to stop now. He pulls them. He twists them. He’s being too rough
and I don’t like it.


reaches into his back pocket and pulls out the whip again, its leather tassles slapping
against my tits, my belly, my arms, and my legs. My tears continue as I see the
red welts starting to raise on my tits. I sting all over. When will he stop?
This was supposed to be a happy birthday. What is he thinking?


Chapter Two

Uninvited Guests



a knock at the door upstairs and as he leaves the room I begin to wonder if
there’s any way I can undo these leather straps around my wrists and ankles so
I can escape. I’ve had enough. I hear voices upstairs, male voices, and wonder
what’s going on. I can’t move. I need to get down from here. I need to get away.
Matt is a man possessed tonight and I’m fearful of how far he may go with his
power games.


clump their way back down the stairs into the basement where I’m tied up, but
not just Matt’s footsteps. Two of his friends are with him. This is bad. Tommy
is Matt’s best friend, he’s tall and skinny and a bit of a redneck. We’ve never
gotten along, I think he’s an asshole. He’s sexist all the time, and
disrespectful, and we’ve never had a good word to say about each other. His
other friend however, Leon, is average height but looks a bit like a slightly
younger Edward Norton. I’ve fancied him for ages, and even kissed him once at a
drunken party, but now I’m a little concerned what Matt has in mind.


my gag I try to protest but I just make a mumbling sound and I know I won’t get
a say in whatever it is that’s going to happen next.


at them titties all floppin’ around an’ shit,” Tommy slurs, obviously quite


some fine ass titties though Tom,” Leon says. “Evening, Marie.”


your birthday present,” Tommy announces, and I feel dread creep into my
stomach. Without a moment’s hesitation Matt walks straight over me and pulls a
blindfold over my eyes. Whatever is going to happen, I won’t get to see any of
it. Matt slaps my tits again and I can hear the other two laughing about it.


I feel warm breath on my neck, moving down my body, and a hot mouth clamps down
on my nipple, sucking hard. I jump, surprised at this whole scenario. Whoever
this is doing it, it’s not Matt. My Matt is clean-shaven, yet I can feel the
prickle of a moustache or beard on my tit. I have no way of telling which of
the other two it is though, as they both have goatees. The mouth on my tit
continues to suck, and I feel a tongue rolling around my nipple, which is now
fully erect. Then there’s a hand on my other tit, a thumb slides past my nipple
and I shiver.


warning there’s fingers in my cunt. I feel sick. This has to stop. As they
slide inside my moist pussy I hate myself for enjoying that sensation. The
fingers inside me are skinny and bony. This is Tommy. I hate him. He’s a dick.
But fuck, do his fingers feel good. His lanky fingers slide up inside me so
easily and he reaches around for my G-spot. Fuck, he knows what he’s doing. He
takes his mouth of my tit and whispers in my ear. “I’m gonna make you cum, you
little whore.”


with that his deft fingers expertly massage my swollen G-spot, pumping it again
and again, my legs beginning to shake in anticipation of the impending orgasm.
It feels amazing, and as a trickle of my own juices dribbles down my leg I
forget where I am for a second, lost in a moment of ecstasy. My entire body
begins to shake as I build closer and closer to my orgasm, his bony fingers
hammering away at my G-spot, in and out of my pussy, his other hand now down
there too, rubbing my clit with some enthusiasm. As my orgasm nears I can sense
that this is a little different to how I’ve experienced an orgasm before. I can
feel a pressure building up inside my pussy and as I hit my climax he pulls his
fingers out quickly and I begin to squirt, the first time this has ever
happened to me. My juices fire out of me uncontrollably as waves of pleasure
race through my body. I’m at the mercy of my orgasm and as it begins to recede I
find myself wanting more.


Chapter Three

Double Trouble



legs still sticky with my own cum and my knees all wobbly from my previously
undiscovered pleasure at the hands of my nemesis Tommy, I don’t get even a
second to recover, as I feel Matt undoing my restraints. First my ankles and
then my wrists, I’m free. I don’t want to be free. I want the rest of my
birthday present. The three men, all much stronger than me, throw me onto the
huge bed we keep in our sex dungeon. I’m still blindfolded and I find myself
kneeling up in the middle of the bed, my wrists being handcuffed to the


I feel someone slide between my legs. I’m now straddling someone, and I can
feel a rock hard penis poking at my legs, getting closer to my pussy. I’m still
dripping with my own cum when before I know it, a cock glides into me, through
the handy gap in my crotchless panties. I gasp but decide to go with it. As
birthday presents go this is a little unusual but I like a surprise and I like
to keep life interesting. I don’t know whose cock is in me, but I don’t have to
wonder for too long as I hear Leon’s voice. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for ages.
I couldn’t believe it when Matt suggested this!”


cock is big, not huge, but definitely enough to satisfy my aching pussy. I
realise pretty quickly that what Leon lacks in length, he more than makes up
for in girth. His cock stretches my pussy and it feels like I’m going to tear.
I’m not one to hold back though, so I began to bounce up and down on this cock,
making sure to get as much pleasure out of this as I can. I want to cry out,
this feels so good. I feel hands on my tits again, caressing them gently,
pinching, pulling and twisting my nipples. I’m still sore from the whipping and
slapping but now this feels so good and I realise now what Matt was trying to

BOOK: Restrained - An Erotic Novel
3.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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