Renaissance: A Contemporary Erotic Romance (Iris Series Book 5)

BOOK: Renaissance: A Contemporary Erotic Romance (Iris Series Book 5)
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What Readers are saying about the



Book 1

“Loved it! I couldn’t put the book down.” 
Samantha, 5 stars


“Holy Hotness!  This book consumed me from the beginning. I stayed up reading until 3am and the next day I was useless. I could not put this book down.”
Jenny’s Kindle
, 5 stars


“Beautifully written!  One of my favorite reads this year!”
Amazon Customer, 5 stars


“Love it...So good, I read it twice!”
Danita, 5 stars


“Loved it! Cannot wait for book 2. Rebecca Lynn is an author I would recommend to my friends...”
Andrea, 5 stars


“Awesome book!  I can’t say enough about this book...not a cliffhanger...Love the blends of erotic/romance. You have to read this and add to your favorites.” 
Amazon Customer, 5 stars


“Wonderful story.
One of the better books that I have read...I love a story that is told in ONE book...I highly recommend this and look forward to the next in the series.” 
Amazon Customer, 5 stars



Book 2

“Perfect.  This book is absolutely perfect...It deserves a 10 star rating for sure. Just perfect. Highly recommended.” 
Bea, 5 stars


“Great read.  Second book in the Iris series. Loved the first and now the second as well. Love the way this author writes...Hurry up Spring and get here so I can buy book three.”
Dmontgomery, 5 stars


“I really like this series...This is the second book in this series and I can definitely say I’m addicted.”
*FamilyKindleCoffeLover*, 5 stars


“Amazing.  Absolute fantastic follow up to Release!! ...lots of hotness!! Definitely recommend Redemption and CAN’T wait for Michael and Emily’s story! Write faster girls!!!”
Hockey mom, 5 stars


Book 3

“Love it!  Probably my favorite out of the series so far! Although I really can’t wait for Janie and Luke! I loved Mike and Emily. They made me laugh in every chapter, I couldn’t get enough.”  Amazon reader, 5 stars


“LOL funny with SIZZLING chemistry!  My absolute favorite of the Iris Series!  Revelation is the most thorough, complex contemporary romance novel I’ve read in a long while… WARNING! Once you start this book, you’re going to get sucked in so plan accordingly!” 
DRC, 5 stars


“Always an enjoyable read!  It took me a little long to finish Rebecca Lynn’s books not because they are hard to read or boring (not the case) but because the chemistry is so intense I needed breaks! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the books in the Iris series and looking forward to more.” 
Chingona, 5 stars


“Wonderfully written…Rebecca Lynn has written a wonderful story using the same characters but letting you see the stories of each different pair. I love this because I feel like I know these characters. I am patiently (or not so much) awaiting the next book to see what happens with Luke and Janie.” 
Yavette Hernandez, 5 stars


“…loved all the 3 stories so far & never feel cheated because she gives a full in depth story!  I am so looking forward to Janie & Luke’s story!!! This author is very talented
Stacy Snider, 5 stars


“Awesome series.  I really have enjoyed all of these books! I love the idea of a group of friends finding love amongst themselves! Also the addition of new characters that are brought into each new book. The books are well written with a great plot to each one. I can’t wait for Janie and Luke’s story in the fall! …I enjoy this series a great deal, and I would definitely recommend them to other readers!!!!!!” 
Mathew A Weidner, 5 stars



Book 4

“Thank you so much for this series, I want to be a part if this circle of friends!” 
Joanne, 5 stars


“I literally stumbled upon this series a few days ago and I can’t get enough! I adore this group of friends and love how you made all of their love stories, personalities, and trials so completely different, yet they intertwine so beautifully. It’s Sunday and I blew off all my responsibilities today and simply lazed around and read this latest installment,
, and I can truly say: Best. Day. In. Ages! I’ll be counting the days until the next installment - thanks Rebecca for such rich, loving stories!”
ML Johnson, 5 stars


“Cannot recommend this one enough if you like a sexy read.” 
Carrie A., 5 stars


“This book has everything you could want in a great book...Hot men, romance, humor and a great story line.” 
Jen G., 5 stars


“So glad to see Janie and Luke finally get together. The chemistry and sexual tension between the 2 of them was off the charts.”
Amazon Customer “New York”, 5 stars


“I swear the series just gets better & better with each book! Janie & Luke were driving me crazy with their sexual tension. So glad it worked out how it did. Gotta luv an alpha male & a woman who realizes her worth. Waiting for #5!” 
eMomma, 5 stars

UK Amazon Reviews from our readers ‘across the pond’

For Release:

“I really loved this book. I already shared it with my friends even before I had finished it as it was so good. Well Done.” 
mags, 5 stars


“Absolutely stupendous.  …my oh my to have a man focus on me with the determination Jeremy did on Ryann....HOT! The book is well written love the diversity of the people in it won’t regret it give it a shot....I envy you for not having read it as I’d love to experience it for the first time again...enjoy!” 
f.c., 5 stars


“Omg.  Love this book, can’t wait for so much more in this series. Loved the characters and keeps you engaged right to the end. Another one up there with Fifty.” 
Fil, 5 stars



For Redemption:

“Redemption.  After reading book 1 I knew I was going to enjoy this book I found I couldn’t put it down. I fell asleep in the early hrs of the morning then woke up 2 hrs later to finish the book even though I had to go to work so be prepared to get engrossed in the story from start to finish. I am now going to start reading book3.” 
Lindarhc “Linda northeast”, 5 stars


“Great good feel story.  Really enjoyed the second in the series. Looking forward to seeing how the relationships progress. Yan and Jon make a great couple and I think Yan learned a lot from Jon and his family. Well done!” 
Mrs. T. A. M. Gray “Britbabe”, 5 stars



For Revelation:

“Revelation.  I cannot wait to read the next book. Hope it is out soon in the mean time I might catch up on my sleep as like the other books I had to read until I finished.” 
Lindarhc “Linda northeast”, 5 stars


“Great story and characters.  As usual Rebecca you deliver the story that’s believable that touches on sensitive topics. Loved the charming Mike and strong Emily - they make a great couple. Looking forward to the next one in the series - just hoping there will be a marriage soon. Well done.” 
Mrs. T. A. M. Gray “Britbabe”, 5 stars


“Great story.  Absolutely loved this book. After reading Redemption & Release I had high expectations for Revelation and it did not disappoint. Great characters and story, and as always very hot. Although it is third book in series you can read as stand alone. Definitely well worth the money. Looking forward to Janie & Luke’s story.” 
, 5 stars


For Remembrance:

“Oh my goodness how good was this.. Every single book in this series has been fantastic and
is no exception.” 
MLM 66, 5 stars


“I absolutely loved this book. I have read the previous three books in the Iris series and had high expectations for this. It didn’t disappoint. Great characters and as always very hot. You are drawn in from the start.” 
Sam, 5 stars

BOOK: Renaissance: A Contemporary Erotic Romance (Iris Series Book 5)
3.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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