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Recruited Mage (15 page)

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“Donal!” I screamed one last time before lying exhausted against the rock.
I lay there sobbing, sobbing in the middle of the battlefield that killed my friend, the battlefield that slaughtered our army.

I turned to see a huge group of men, some on horseback charge out of the city towards the beach.

They killed him! They killed Donal!

I felt rage build up inside me, a
red-hot anger that consumed everything else.

They killed him!

I waited until the men had nearly reached our boulder then burst out from behind it, giving out a roar of anger.

As I ran forward fires erupted in my palms. The first horse reared up, his rider flying of his back. I ran to the rider and pinned him down with my foot.
Now to burn him, burn him with the…fire? My hands are on fire?
My hand suddenly went out and I stared at them.
I looked up, straight at a sword that was held in front of my face. I looked around, tears of sadness and anger rolling down my cheeks. As I looked around I saw that many swords points where pointed at me, some less than two centimetres from my face and head. I dropped down to my knees defeated. There was no way I could win. The rider crawled away from beside me, looking at me with a mix of horror and surprise.

A man stepped into the ring of soldiers around
me; he had a small flame burning in his hand. He was most definitely a Mage.





David Fredric is a teenage first-time author from the UK. This book
Recruited Mage
being his very first.


BOOK: Recruited Mage
7.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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