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Raven's Revenge (The Pleasure Pros #2)

BOOK: Raven's Revenge (The Pleasure Pros #2)
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M.T. Stone


Raven’s Revenge
Book 2 in The Pleasure Pros Series


This book is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places and
incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used
fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons,
living or dead is purely coincidental.


Copyright © 2014 by M.T. Stone.
  All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce,
distribute or transmit in any form or by any means.  For information
regarding subsidiary rights, please contact the publisher.

Steamy Nights Publishing

First Edition – December 11
, 2014


This book is dedicated to everyone who loved
Raven’s Seduction
Thank you for all the great reviews, I really appreciate your support.
The Author recognizes all trademarks of
any companies, products and services mentioned in this work of fiction.


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Chapter 1



Once again, I
pushed Gunner’s shirt down between my legs as the officer’s eyes drifted down
the length of my thighs.


“You’ve gained
some modesty in the past hour,” he remarked sarcastically while punching my license
plate number into his laptop.


“If you actually
knew me, you would know that I’m normally quite modest.”


“After twenty
years in law enforcement, I’ve learned never to make assumptions about anyone.”
He smirked condescendingly.


“My girlfriend and
I were so bored with our lives,” I began to explain.


“Hey, I’m not here
to judge you or your life choices,” he said, pulling his eyes from his
“I’m more concerned with
how much you have had to drink tonight.”


“I just had a
glass of wine after we finished the show,” I claimed, thinking back to how I
had guzzled everything that Gunner poured into my glass.
“I should’ve let him call Toby.”


“Who’s Toby?”


“Carter’s limo
Gunner wanted to call him
to give me a ride home, but I knew that I would need my car to run errands in
the morning.”


“Yeah, you
probably should’ve postponed the errands.”


He knows my real name and was apparently
watching my show tonight.
This is
really creepy.
“They don’t mind you watching porn on
the clock?” I asked, hoping to rattle him a bit.


“I just came on my
shift,” he replied smugly.
“I live
about half a mile back, so I was just leaving my house when you went speeding


Are you married?” I asked, thinking that
maybe his wife would disapprove.


“Divorced, which
is why I occasionally resort to alternative sources of entertainment.”
He gave me a dead serious look.


“I see.”
I was really hoping to gain some sort of leverage.


He punched my
driver’s license info into his laptop.
“Well, it looks like your driving record is clear.”


“Yeah, I’m
normally a very responsible person.” I sat there silently, planning my next
“What’s your name?”
It was too dark to read what it said on
his badge.


“You can call me J.O.,”
he replied casually.
“Okay, I need
you to blow into the tube,” he instructed as he held a Breathalyzer in front of


“Okay,” I said
Should I blow or demand a blood test?


“Do you really
want to go down to the station dressed like that?” he asked after seeing my


God, I have no leverage whatsoever!
I blew into the tube, hoping for the best.


“Point zero
eight,” he said after glancing at the display.
“That means we can go either way.”


“Either way?”


“You are right at
the legal limit, so I have the right to charge you with a DUI.
But since you aren’t above it, I also
have the option of just making sure you get home safely,” he replied, giving me
an uncomfortable look.


“So what will it
take to get a ride home?” I asked, knowing full well it would have something to
do with sex.
After all, I was
sitting alone in a car with a divorced middle-aged man who had just finished
watching my sex show.


“It’s been a long
dry spell since my marriage hit the rocks,” he started out.
“We hadn’t had sex for over a year
before she left and that’s almost three years ago.”


“So you haven’t
had sex in four years?” I asked, instantly feeling his pain.
wonder he’s a little on edge and turning to porn.
Now I know for sure it’s going to
involve sex.


“Isn’t that
Four damn years.”
He stared out the windshield, shaking
his head.


“Especially in
this part of the country, where sex is everywhere.”


“Not if you are in
law enforcement.
We have a pretty
strict code of ethics.”


“So can I assume
that blackmailing me would be against that code of ethics?” I smiled.


“Most definitely.”
He chuckled.
blackmailing you for sex.
would definitely make the front page if it ever came to light.”


“So what do you


“Well,” he
“I guess I would really
like to meet Sapphire in person.”


Sure, that would be easy enough.”


“Is it true that
everything is recorded up there?” His eyes widened.


“Yes, that’s
exactly how I got sucked into the mess I’m in,” I told him.


“So you aren’t
doing it by choice?”
He shifted in
his seat.


“I went there
willingly at first, but the woman who invited me turned out to be Carter’s
If I don’t make it
through all ten levels, he has threatened to expose my identity,” I told him
with an instantaneous crack in my voice.


“I have to admit,
I never would’ve recognized you after looking at your license.
You have a pretty amazing disguise.”


“It’s a friend of
Gunner’s who works for the movie studios.
She can make you look like a completely different person.
She could do it for you, too,” I offered


He sat back
silently for nearly a minute before responding.
“Alright, I want you to hook me up with
Sapphire, but don’t tell her I’m in law enforcement.
I’ll go in undercover and while I’m
there, I’ll see if I can dig anything up on Carter.”


“Yeah, there is
nothing wrong with a little undercover work,” I blurted out, thrilled by the
thought of going home instead of to jail.
If I hadn’t been so elated by the shifting tide, I probably would’ve
realized that he was using me as a pawn to get closer to Carter.


“I’ll even pay for
your first session.” I offered as a gesture of extreme gratitude.


“How much is it?”


“$500 per time.”


“How the hell is
that legal?”


“You have to sign
a modeling contract before you start.
They classify it as a screen test.”


He laughed out
“As if anyone would want to
see an old guy like me in the buff.”


“Hey, don’t count
yourself out.
There are people out
there with all kinds of weird fetishes.
That’s one thing I’ve learned in these past few weeks.”


“Alright, let’s
get you home.
I can’t let you
drive, but I’ll have a buddy drop your car off for you,” he offered.


“That would be
Just let me grab my purse
and I’ll give you $500 cash for Sapphire.”


“We’ll consider it
payment for getting you and your car home safely.” He smiled.


“It’s a deal.
Just send a text to 415-555-SEXX and ask
for Sapphire,” I told him, in addition to turning over the cash.


“I think I better
pick up a burner phone before I send her that text.” He shut off the flashing
lights and pulled his squad car back onto the highway.


“God, I hope you
can find something to nail Carter on.”
My mind began to stir as we headed down the highway back into the city.


My phone buzzed
about the time that J.O. dropped me off at home.
I knew it had to be Gunner checking up
on me, so I left it in my purse until I got out of the squad car.


Get home ok?


I have a good story to tell you though.


What happened?


I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.


I knew Toby should’ve driven you home!


all good
Talk tomorrow.




Having snuck up the
back stairs, I made it all the way to my door undetected.
I slipped my phone back into my purse
and pulled out my keys.


“Who are you?” a
familiar voice asked, just as I slipped my key into the deadbolt.
it’s Tom!


“Raven St.
Claire,” I answered in a suddenly acquired English accent.
“And who might you be?”


“I’m Tom Weber, I
live at the end of the hall,” he replied suspiciously.
“Are you friends with Jillian?”


“Yes, I just moved
from London and I’m crashing with her until my flat is ready,” I said, trying
to keep up the ruse.


“What happened to
your clothes?”


“A bit of a bang
gone badly, you might say.” I turned the key to unlock the door. “I best
getting inside, before anyone else comes along.”


“Yeah, that’s
probably a good idea,” Tom said, leaning into the doorway.
“Is Jillian around?”


“No, she’s out for
a bit.” I stepped inside and closed the door most of the way.
“Would you like me to leave her a note?”


“No, that’s
I’ll talk to her later.” He
“Nice to meet you… Raven
St. Claire.”


“Nice to meet you,
too, Tom.”
I smiled and closed the
Oh good lord, what else could go wrong tonight?


Ok, I really wish I could erase the
last couple of hours.
Leave it to me
to get pulled over and then run into Tom with nothing but a shirt on.
Fuck it.
I slipped into bed still wearing Gunner’s
I just love the way he smells.
My mind suddenly sparked at the thought of what had gone on earlier
in the evening.
After being
shocked, vibrated, pulled over, and caught by the neighbor in nothing but a
dress shirt, the only thing that stuck in my mind was the way Gunner had kissed
My thoughts continued to bounce all
over the place during the night, mirroring my body positions.
really hope that cop can nail Carter on something.
I would love to see him behind
I can’t believe I actually
saw fireworks when Dalton kissed me.






That will never happen again.
There is no reason for her to be driving
herself home after drinking.
why we have Toby around
All of the various scenarios that could
have possibly occurred began to play out in my mind.
I thought back to how I had convinced
myself a few weeks earlier that I would keep my feelings suppressed until this
whole ordeal was over.
That didn’t work so well

BOOK: Raven's Revenge (The Pleasure Pros #2)
9.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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