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ivianne had an eventful day. The birthday girl was worn out. Trying to keep up with her older, rambunctious boy cousins had exhausted her. She didn’t make a fuss as she usually did when her mother lowered her inside her crib. Milan stared at her sleeping daughter, shaking her head as if in disbelief. No one could have ever told her that she had so much love stored inside her, love that she so easily shared with the two people she lived and breathed for.

Though she doted on her daughter, she was careful to instill important values. She didn’t want Vivianne to grow up like she had, feeling so misguided and unloved that she tried to outmaneuver and outshine everyone she encountered in order to feel a smidgen of self-worth.

She heard the beeping sound as Hilton pushed in the alarm code.

“Daddy’s home,” he greeted, his voice pitched loud enough to travel up the stairs. “Where are my girls?” he shouted.

Not wanting to awaken Vivianne, Milan didn’t answer. She gave her daughter one more loving look and then her feet moved swiftly out of the nursery and down the corridor.

The Eagles had lost and though she didn’t detect sadness in
Hilton’s voice, she knew he didn’t handle defeat well. Losing to the Cowboys was particularly painful, and she intended to soothe his soul with a warm bath and sensual body rub. And then she’d let Lil’ Na-Na take over and put him to sleep.

Draped in a cream-colored, body-hugging negligee, Milan stood at the top of the stairs, smiling warmly at her husband.

Gripping the handles of an oversized duffle bag, Hilton took the stairs two at a time. His dark eyes emanated such passion, a fire instantly erupted inside her, burning a path down to her core, giving her tiny tremors before he’d even touched her. When he reached the landing, he dropped the bag and took Milan in his arms. She nestled inside his embrace, murmuring endearments to this man whose love had healed all her old wounds.

Clutching her chin, he raised her head until their eyes met. “I missed you, baby,” he said, his voice hoarse with yearning,

The feeling of being cherished still felt as wondrous and new as the first time he’d said, “I love you.” Back when he’d first confessed his love, his admission had taken her off guard, thrown her off kilter, and had rendered her speechless.

“Is Vivianne awake?” His voice brought her back to the moment. The devotion that shone in his eyes was a reminder that she’d made the right decision in taking a chance on love.

“No, she’s asleep.”

His handsome features crumpled; disappointment flickered in his eyes.

Milan didn’t like seeing her husband’s bright eyes go dim; it saddened her. “She played hard today, running around and trying to keep up with her cousins. You should have seen her trying to run and our little angel was actually trying to catch a football,” she added, trying to cheer him up.

He cracked a big smile. “You’re kidding.”

“No, I’m not. She kept saying, ‘Gimme Daddy football.’”

Hilton’s grin widened and he pivoted toward the nursery. “Gotta give my little angel a good-night kiss.”

With his arm around Milan’s waist, he stared at his sleeping daughter and then at his wife. “She looks more and more like her beautiful mother every day.”

“Do you think so? I don’t see me at all; I just see you.”

He stared at Vivianne. “Yeah, she’s got my ears, my chin, but she gets her beauty from you.”

Milan couldn’t help blushing. “By the way, Vivianne totally enjoyed your special birthday signal.”

“Oh, yeah? What did she do?”

“She kissed the TV screen and cried when I tried to pry her away from it.”

A smile lit his face. “Does that mean that both my girls missed me?” he asked with a devilish grin.

Milan brought his hand up and brushed his knuckles with her lips. “Yes, we both missed you.” Then she added in a breathy whisper, “Desperately.”

The sportscasters had called Hilton cocky, but there was nothing cocky about the smile that spread across his face at Milan’s heartfelt admission.

He kissed his sleeping daughter and then gave Milan a smooch on her cheek. “Baby,” he said softly.


“I don’t know how I lucked up on you, but I do know, it doesn’t get any better than this.”

Milan angled her head to the side and wore a slight suggestion of skepticism on her face. “Wanna bet?” She licked her lips suggestively. “Come with me to our boudoir and I’ll show you how much better it can get.”


Inside their bedroom, Milan threw her arms around Hilton’s neck. Hungrily, her mouth sought his. He kissed her back, gently at first, and then more deeply as his tongue mingled with hers, making the lump inside his pants press urgently, seeking release.

“I’m sorry about the game, sweetheart.” She searched his face and caught the flicker of a wince. It pained her to know her man was hurting inside. “Why don’t you undress so I can give you a hot bath and a rubdown—”

“Forget all that. I had a long, rough day. You know what I need,” he said in a voice hoarse with yearning.

She nodded as her hand automatically traveled downward and caressed his bulge. “Yes, my darling, faithful husband, I know exactly what you need.”

He uttered a low groan. Any other time, he would have enjoyed getting the VIP treatment from Milan. But not tonight. His stiffening dick was causing him immense discomfort, insisting that he pass up the hot bath and sensual massage. Though not totally erect, it was straining to be set free and catered to.

While Milan rummaged through drawers, he undressed hurriedly. Lying on the bed on his back with his arms and legs outspread, he closed his eyes and waited.

He didn’t have to wait long. Moments later, he felt the love cuffs, soft and fluffy, being latched around his wrist. His facial muscles tensed, a low groan rumbled in his throat as she fastened his cuffed wrist to the bed post. Impatiently, he stretched out his other arm. Milan hurriedly climbed over his chest and secured his other wrist.

“Baby…” It was a deep, guttural cry of need. But Milan had more work to do.

She pressed her lips against his quickly. “I love you so much,” she said, before she wriggled downward to shackle his feet.

Spread eagle and bound by love, Hilton lay waiting for the sweet pleasure of their sex game. Ripped from his shoulders down to his calves, Hilton’s body was a work of exquisite art. She missed him so much. Needed him right now. But she had to restrain herself and take care of him from head to toe.

From the corner of her eye, she could see his dick bobbing demandingly, but she couldn’t bear the sight of it. It was too tempting, and made her weak. She forced her eyes away from the dick she adored. Otherwise, she’d have to deprive Hilton of his well-deserved playtime and jump on him and ride his dick unmercifully, rocking on his body, her na-na trying to swallow up both dick and balls.

She’d get to that part soon enough. Right now, she had to give her man the kind of erotic sensations that drove him out of his mind.

With the tip of her tongue, she flicked at his knotted right nipple. Then she licked in circles, nipped at the tightened flesh with her teeth, and then pulled the tiny nugget between her lips and sucked while her fingers raked through the roughened hair on his broad chest and traveled to his ripened left nipple, which she twisted and pinched, making Hilton moan.

His handsome face was drawn into a grimace as desire shot from his chest and traveled straight to his thrusting groin. Her mouth closed around his other nipple. As she suckled, she reached up and ran her fingers through his wavy hair, massaging his scalp as her lips puckered and pulled on his stony bud.

“Milan!” he gasped.

“Baby,” she moaned in response. Passion swiftly blazed through her, like a fast-moving brush fire. Unable to hold herself up, she briefly collapsed on his chest. Collecting herself, Milan lifted her head, kissed him, her mouth wide as she gave him tongue, sucking his as if trying to devour him.

She kissed his taut stomach, ran her hand appreciatively over his bulging muscles. Taking her head down lower, she inhaled the fragrantly masculine scent that emanated from the thick thatch of darkly coiled pubic hairs. Never had she wanted to suck a dick as badly as she wanted to suck his right now, but she restrained herself and softly bit his inner thighs.

Now standing at the bottom of the bed, she kneeled and kissed the sole of his foot, lathing it with her tongue before her lips puckered around his toes. Working on his other foot, Milan’s tongue flitted in and out between his toes. His toes curled, trapping her darting tongue. Hilton groaned and shuddered violently, rocking the bed as if he were planted deeply inside Milan, giving her the dick she’d been waiting for.

It was time. They both knew it.

“You ready, baby?” Her voice came out raspy and pleading. She desperately needed to feel her man thrusting inside her. Her desire for Hilton consumed her.

“Yeah, baby. I’m ready,” he said, the words a whispered, strangled choke.

Milan straightened and walked over to the nightstand. She drew in a deep breath and then picked up the key.

“Baby, baby, baby…” Hilton writhed, ready to be set free.

With nervous and trembling hands, she inserted the key inside the lock and turned it, liberating his straining penis from the chastity cage that confined it and had kept him faith
ful while out of town. Milan watched in awe as his endowed appendage bloomed into the full erection it had been denied.

Yes, Hilton Dorsey was a chastened man. He willingly allowed his wife to keep his dick on lockdown. He loved Milan with all his heart, but he didn’t trust his dick. How could he rely on an appendage that could easily betray him and ruin his marriage by stiffening and throbbing and pulling him in the direction of the beckoning finger and moistened lips of the multitudes of scantily clad, money-chasing females he encountered while traveling on the road with his team? He loved Milan’s sex so much, he even denied himself the pleasure of release from his own hand.

Milan straddled her virtuous husband and spread her pussy petals, welcoming him.

“Do you know how much I love you, Milan?”

Overwrought by the intensity of their shared love, she was unable to speak and could only murmur a husky assent.

His penis, hot and hard, pumped with juicy passion, poking and stabbing, in search of her sweet passageway.

Moaning as if in anguish, she pushed down on his swollen length.

Thrusting his shaft as if trying to impale her, Hilton felt his rigid member began to twitch in urgency. It writhed, throbbed, eager to spill its stored-up seed inside the warmth of the woman he vowed to love, cherish, and obey.

She’d get hers later. He needed to release his love. She pressed her mouth close to his ear and whispered, “Cum for me.”

He grimaced, growled. His body bucked so fiercely, she had to hold on tightly to his massive shoulders. Widening her thighs, she prepared herself for the flood of his hot lust.


Hours later, both spent and sweaty, their bodies entwined, Milan kissed her slumbering husband and cracked a smile. Her sister, Sweetie, and her mother loved to talk about her marriage, the way Hilton traveled and had much too much free time. They predicted a dire outcome for her marriage. But Milan knew better. Her man would never stray or disrespect their marriage. He couldn’t—not with his dick on lockdown.

Contentedly, she snuggled closer. He wrapped a protective arm around her. Never in her life had she felt so safe. Hilton was right…it didn’t get any better than this.


Allison Hobbs is the national bestselling author of ten novels and novellas:
Disciplined, One Taste, Big Juicy Lips, The Climax, A Bona Fide Gold Digger, The Enchantress, Double Dippin’, Dangerously in Love, Insatiable
Pandora’s Box
. She is one of the contributing writers of Cinemax’s
Zane’s Sex Chronicles

Her novel
The Climax
was nominated for the 2008 African American Literary Awards Show.

Allison received a bachelor of science degree from Temple University. She resides in Philadelphia, PA where she’s working on her next novel.

Visit the author at:

BOOK: Pure Paradise
3.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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