Prometheus Triumphant [Prometheus in Chains 8] (Siren Publishing Classic)

BOOK: Prometheus Triumphant [Prometheus in Chains 8] (Siren Publishing Classic)
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Prometheus in Chains 8

Prometheus Triumphant

Prometheus loves Jenny Oliver, and she him, but the course of true love doesn’t run smoothly. She has a dark secret, which she believes will split them up, and she won’t be alone with him. Fate takes a hand in the shape of Alfred, a man from Jenny’s past who follows her to the club and confronts her, forcing her to reveal the truth. Will Prometheus want her now?

Jenny must confront her abusers in court if she is to have a future with Prometheus, but then she is kidnapped before she even has the chance. Can Prometheus and the police manage to get to her before her kidnapper does her any harm? Will the jury believe her story? Will Jenny and Prometheus get their happily ever after?

BDSM, Contemporary

21,207 words



Prometheus in Chains 8






Clair de Lune










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Prometheus in Chains 8



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Chapter One


“Look at me, Jenny wren!” She looked up at Prometheus, and he was lost in the deep pools of her large eyes. How he longed to get her alone and make her scream his name as she came in his embrace! He was going to have to go slowly this, their first, time because she was skittish and terrified, and he couldn’t understand why. She’d always smiled at him in the club and seemed as interested in him as he was in her. He was part owner of Prometheus in Chains, a BDSM club in Sheffield. He’d wanted Jenny from the first moment he’d seen her, but she was proving difficult to catch. When he’d soothed her and calmed her down, he took her to one of the secluded areas behind a Japanese screen. She wouldn’t go to a private room with him, no matter what he said, so that was the only option. He didn’t
to take her in public, but he was tired of waiting. The soft brown leather of the extra-large armchair felt good as he sank into it.

“Come here, Jenny!” He pulled her onto his lap, seating her with her back to one arm of the chair, her delicious little bottom in his lap and her long, shapely legs over the other. He cuddled her close to his chest and breathed in her perfume. He knew that perfume, he recognised it, but the name eluded him at first. Suddenly it came to him. It was Obsession by Calvin Klein. It suited her, and the name aptly described what he felt about her. Her little head and her soft cheek rested against his chest. She was delightful. His left arm cuddled her closer, and with his right he took her chin and gently tipped it up.

“Look at me!” Her head came up, and his lips met hers. His tongue stroked along the seam of her lips, and then he nipped and sucked at her plump bottom lip. She squirmed on his lap, grinding her bottom onto his cock, and he sucked in a breath. If she kept that up she was going to kill him. His fingers pressed on her chin, and she opened her mouth. His tongue entered the warm, wet, sweet-tasting cavern. He thought his cock would explode out of his leathers. She moaned as her tongue tangled with his, and they both gave themselves up to the sweetness of their first kiss. His right hand descended to her breast and stroked it through her corset.

As he stroked over her breast, she responded with greater ardour, kissing him and wriggling her bottom in his lap. She was driving him demented. He undid the corset, taking hold of her naked breast, tweaking and flicking the nipple as she moaned into his mouth. He pinched her nipple and scraped his nails gently over it. She responded by writhing and panting into his mouth.

He gave his attention to her other breast, driving her wild with desire. Gently he pushed her left leg off the arm, splaying her thighs and leaving her open to him. His fingers penetrated her labia and, as he’d expected, she was very wet, hot, and swollen.

“How wet you are, Jenny wren!”

“Yes, Master Prometheus.”

“What do you want?”

“I want your fingers in my cunt, please, Master Prometheus.”

“As you ask so prettily, you shall have them.”

He pressed two fingers deep inside her, and she arched her back, pressing herself down onto his hand. He thrust his fingers inside her as far as he could and, twisting them, stroked her G-spot. He withdrew, only to push them deep inside her again. She thrashed, her toes curled up and her hot, wet cunt held onto his fingers. He continued to fuck her, at the same time he pressed the thumb of his other hand repeatedly against her clit.

“Oh yes, Master Prometheus. Harder please,” she moaned.

He rubbed her harder with the pad of his thumb. She tensed then began to shake. The muscles of her cunt clenched around his fingers as he fucked them in and out and kept up the pressure on her clit with his thumb, sending her into another orgasm, just as spectacular to watch. When he withdrew his fingers, she whined.

“Oh, Master Prometheus, please don’t leave me!” she begged.

“I’ve no intention of leaving you, Jenny wren.” He gave her the condom he’d extracted from the foil wrap. To his delight she put it on with her hot, little mouth, making his cock twitch.

“Oh god, Jenny! Your mouth is so hot and tight. Yes do it, Jenny, suck my cock.” He was long and thick, and he knew she’d never take all of him in her small mouth. To her credit she tried. She sucked him into her mouth and swirled her tongue over the fat, swollen head. He’d chosen a flavoured condom, and she looked at him as she realised it was strawberry. He winked at her, but she didn’t hold his gaze for long. She worked her little hands and her mouth in tandem.

“Oh, yes, Jenny. Suck me harder.”

She took his balls in one hand and rolled his sac, driving him wild with her caresses. With the other she pumped his shaft as she licked and sucked as much of him as she could manage.

“Yes, Jenny, what a little marvel you are. I’m going to come.” He felt the gathering in his belly and, unable to stop himself, his hips bucked, and he pumped himself in and out of her mouth until, with a shout of “Jenny!” he exploded into the condom. Jet after jet of hot semen in a seemingly never-ending stream spurted from his cock and shot into the reservoir. When, at last, he’d no more to give, he lay back in the chair. She removed the condom and cleaned him up, tucked his softening cock back into his leathers and, with great care, zipped him up. He held out his arms. She didn’t hesitate to climb back into his lap and cuddle close. As she snuggled into his chest, his chin resting on her head, he felt more relaxed, more content and at ease than he had for years. He realised he wanted her in his life permanently. He’d move heaven and earth to get her, too.

“That was amazing, Jenny wren. Thank you!”

“It was, Master Prometheus. Thank you!”

Chapter Two


It was the most amazing sex he’d ever had, and he couldn’t wait to have her again. Prometheus lay back in his bed, in the flat on the top floor of Prometheus in Chains and thought about her. His Jenny wren. She was small and delicate, brown haired, and, with her bright brown eyes, she looked like the little wren he called her. At only five two he topped her by a foot. He could easily pick her up and carry her off under his arm, but the look of abject fear she’d bent on him when he suggested they take a room for an hour had surprised him. He knew she was attracted to him. He hadn’t missed the hitch in her breathing when he touched her, or the warmth and longing in her eyes when she looked at him, when she thought he wasn’t paying attention to her. Well he had news for her. He was always paying attention to her, even if he managed to hide that fact from her.

Prometheus remembered the evening a few weeks ago when they’d danced together in the club for the entertainment of the other members. He thought that dancing with her was one of the most enjoyable things he’d ever done. The Viennese waltz had been his choice, but she’d readily agreed. She’d been as light as thistledown in his arms as he twirled her around the floor. One of his thighs had parted her naked ones, and his cock had swelled and throbbed at the contact. Her skirt was short, and she wore no knickers. He’d been sure she was wet. Her breath had come in pants and gasps, much more so than was warranted by the exertion of the dance. She seemed to be enjoying the dance and their closeness as much as he was. He’d thought back over the whole episode, relived every action and every word. He could think of nothing he’d said or done that would account for her fear of being alone with him in a private room, nothing he’d said or done to upset her so. It was a mystery to him. The strains of the waltz had died away, leaving them to take their bows to the applause of the club members.

BOOK: Prometheus Triumphant [Prometheus in Chains 8] (Siren Publishing Classic)
11.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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