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Probed: The Encounter

BOOK: Probed: The Encounter
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Probed: The Encounter
by Alexis Adaire

Copyright © 2013 by Alexis Adaire

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

“I’m going home with him. You gonna be okay?”

Amy Collins wasn’t surprised. She’d been watching her friend Jill and whatever-his-name-is for the last hour, slow dancing at the bar. And she knew Jill was at Oscar’s Tavern to get lucky — they both were, but Amy was pickier. Or, as she preferred to think, more selective, with higher standards. To be honest, though, Jill had done pretty well this time. This guy —
Trevor! That’s his name!
— was pretty hot. Dumb as a box of hammers, but he had a tight, ripped body that had gotten both of their attention the moment he walked over and introduced himself. Trevor had a decent smile and obviously was quite taken by Jill. As they left the dance floor and came back to join her at the bar, Amy could clearly see his sizeable hard-on through those tight jeans. Jill was indeed in for a fun time.

“Sure, I’ll be fine. I may stick around for a while and see what turns up.”

Jill looked briefly concerned. “Sweetie, are you sure? I feel so bad leaving you here by yourself.”

“Well, this isn’t the first time you’ve—”

“Awesome! I’ll call you tomorrow!” Jill spun and raced out the door, hand in hand with the walking erection.

As they left her sitting there, Amy contemplated her options: Have another drink, hoping someone would take an interest in her, preferably not one of the men she’d already shot down, or leave now, alone. She knew her decision before even making it and signaled the bartender. While waiting for the bill, she smiled, remembering that when all else fails, she can trust her Rabbit vibrator to give her some of what she needs. It might be hot to masturbate while thinking about Jill and her perfect tits, lowering herself down onto Trevor’s big, hard cock. As she imagined it, she could feel herself getting a little wet.

It was at that moment that Amy first saw him. Lost in her thoughts of someone else’s hot sex, she didn’t realize she was looking right at him, and him at her, until he smiled. And oh my God, what a delicious smile. But not quite a smile, it was more like a smirk, as if he knew exactly what she was thinking. A sweet smirk, not a crude one. And those eyes, those gorgeous silvery eyes, practically penetrating her. Seconds passed as their eyes remained locked. Amy wondered—

“72 bucks even.”

The bartender startled Amy back to reality, shocking her with the tab — until she realized Jill and Hard-On had left without paying. As Amy reached into her purse for her wallet, she looked back and the stranger was gone. In fact, he was nowhere in the bar. He’d just disappeared, vanished into thin air. She quickly paid up and headed toward the door, perplexed.

Once outside, the cool night air helped to clear Amy’s thoughts. She canvassed Oscar’s parking lot, looking for any sign of the mystery man, but there was none. What the hell? Had she imagined the whole thing? Was she drunker — and hornier — than she’d thought? She only had two rum and Cokes, over an hour ago. She had a nice buzz, but that was it. Still, what on earth had just happened?

Crossing the parking lot to her car, her mind swirling, she never saw the pothole and suddenly tumbled toward the ground, landing hard on her hands and knees, with only her reflexes saving her from a faceful of gravel.


As Amy raised herself to her knees and dusted off her hands, she felt someone touch her upper arm.

“Let me help you.”

Without looking, she knew it was him. The voice was too perfect, strong and commanding, yet also gentle. It had to be him.

Amy turned and fell into the gaze of those unmistakable eyes. It was him!

“Are you okay? You took quite a spill.”

“Um… I… I think I’m all right.”

The stranger smiled and offered his hand, which Amy took, letting him pull her up. She used her other hand to grab his forearm, which was rock hard. It was nearly impossible to resist continuing forward, right into his arms, but she somehow managed.

“I feel like such a dork.”

“Perhaps, but your lack of balance gave me the opportunity to come to your rescue.”

Amy realized he was still holding her hand only when he brought it to his lips and placed a gentle kiss on its back. She hoped he didn’t notice her blush.

“And what is your name, my damsel in distress?”

His smile was so warm and welcoming, so… so overwhelming.

“Amy,” she whispered.

“Amy,” he paused, as if savoring the word. “Hello, Amy. You can call me Z.”

He finally released her hand, and it hovered there, not wanting to return to her side.

“What does ‘Z’ stand for?” Amy asked.

As he opened his mouth to answer, she had to force herself away from those eyes. They stirred something in her and made her feel apprehensive, almost but not quite violated.

“My name is too difficult to pronounce. It’s not an English name.”

He had an accent, though not one she’d ever heard. Some words were too perfect, too exquisitely articulated. She let her gaze drop. In a flash, she could see how flawlessly scuplted this man’s body was. His broad chest, his flat abs, his small waist… Amy felt a twinge of excitement in the pit of her stomach, until she remembered that moments ago, she was on all fours in the gravel.

“Don’t be embarrassed about falling. I was planning on getting you on your hands and knees tonight anyway.”

The twinge of excitement immediately dropped between her legs, and the wetness she’d felt earlier returned. The combination of Z’s smirk, his bluntness and Amy’s own excitement blindsided her. Confused, she took a step back — right into the pothole.

This time, however, Z grabbed her upper arms and quickly pulled her towards him. She put her hand against his chest to stop him, and gasped. It was like touching a boulder. Amy knew she should be scared of this total stranger, yet she wasn’t. In fact, she trusted him. And her arousal was growing.

Z said, calmly and confidently, “Amy, we have two ways to proceed: You can walk back in the bar and have a drink with me, during which you’ll decide you absolutely want to take me to your bed tonight…”

He paused. Amy tried unsuccessfully to break free from his firm grip. She stammered, “Or… or what?”

Z never broke his gaze. “Or we can skip the drink.” And that was the moment Amy knew she was not only helpless against him, but thrilled to be so.

Chapter 2

Amy’s hand trembled as she tried to unlock the front door. What was it, nerves? Anxiety? Anticipation? All of the above? Her hand shook so badly she couldn’t even get the key in the doorknob.

“Allow me.”

Z smiled and took the key from her hand, using it to effortlessly open the door. Or did he even use the key? Amy could have sworn he just turned the knob and pushed. Had she left it unlocked?

“How did…?”

Her question trailed off when she saw how messy her apartment was. Sure, she’d entertained the possibility of bringing someone home from the bar, but she’d toyed with that idea many times before and rarely followed through. Only twice, in fact, and those were guys she’d already known.

The small kitchen had dirty dishes on the counter. There were stacks of mail on the coffee table. Everything could use a good vacuuming and dusting. Before she could give it much thought, she heard a familiar sound.

“Darwin!” Amy cooed, happy to see her brown tabby cat as he came trotting into the room, meowing approval at her return. Just a few steps into the living room though, Darwin stopped cold. His back arched and he hissed ferociously in their direction, then quickly bolted back into the bedroom. Confused, Amy looked at Z, who looked a little befuddled himself.

“That’s odd,” she said, “I don’t know what on earth got into him.”

Amy forgot all about the cat a second later when Z pulled her body against his own, wrapping his arms around her waist and looking at her with obvious desire.

“You’re a beautiful female, Amy,” he said, and goddamn if it didn’t sound like he actually meant it. But “female”? This dude was not from around here, that was certain. She wrapped her arms around him as well.

He was tall — 6’3” or 6’4”, she’d guess, and his body felt like a slab of marble. She could feel the warmth between her legs returning, and he evidently was equally excited. Amy could feel his cock growing hard against her belly.

Not yet
, Amy thought as she wriggled free. This was all happening so fast. She needed a minute. She walked to her kitchen.

“Can I get you a drink?” she asked, opening her liquor cabinet and seeing only a bottle of Peach Schnapps. Crap. Turning back toward Z, her eyes were drawn to the prominent bulge in his pants. He was indeed hard — very hard, and he didn’t seem to be embarrassed about it in the least.

“No thank you,” Z said as Amy’s face flushed crimson. She turned away, her throat suddenly dry. She grabbed a glass from the cabinet and filled it with tap water, taking a drink.

Z’s hand on her shoulder surprised her. She shuddered involuntarily as it slid down to the small of her back. It was so warm, so gentle. How could a man chiseled from granite have that soft a touch?

Z brushed aside Amy’s soft blonde hair and she felt his breath on her neck. Then his lips, kissing her tenderly. She stared straight ahead, looking at their reflection in the window over her kitchen sink. She felt goosebumps rise as Z left a trail of soft kisses across to her shoulder, then back toward her neck.

His hands on her shoulders, his lips grazing her left ear, he whispered, “Take me to your bed.”

Turning to face him, Amy saw the handsomest man she’d ever seen, much less been this close to. He was movie-star gorgeous. His rich brown hair framed a perfectly proportioned face. It was as if someone had sketched the man of her dreams. Those silvery eyes, a beautiful nose and strong jaw, and those full lips. Why hadn’t he kissed her yet?

Right on cue, Z’s hands caressed her face as he leaned in to kiss her. And what a kiss! As his tongue gently nuzzled her own, Amy was overwhelmed by an indescribable taste. Cool, yet spicy. Somehow even… electric. It made no sense; nobody tastes like this. Amy felt herself becoming dizzy with lust, but quickly realized that no, she was actually dizzy. As Z stopped kissing her, the room spun. Amy’s knees began to buckle and she felt as if she would pass out. Her hand reached for the counter, but Z caught her in time, lifting her in his arms like she weighed nothing, one arm behind her back and one under her knees.

“Where’s your bed, Amy?”

She sighed, catching her breath. “Put me down and I’ll take you.”

He whispered, “We both know you don’t really want me to put you down.”

Amy knew he was right. She could stay in these arms forever. “That way,” she offered, pointing.

Chapter 3

Z gently set Amy on the side of the bed and exited the room. The bedroom was pretty clean, thank God. The bed was made, with Amy’s quaint floral print comforter with embroidered eyelet trim neatly in place and a half dozen pillows of varying sizes cascading down from the headboard. Even the usually messy dresser was relatively clean, except for the dying first-date flowers from last month’s date, an accountant she’d never heard from again. Darwin was nowhere to be seen, though — very odd behavior for him.

Z returned and handed Amy her glass of water. She thanked him and took a sip. She wasn’t as dizzy anymore. His carrying her had somehow reassured her that she had nothing to fear. He was too gentle and too considerate to be a creep, despite the looks he gave her that felt like they went straight to her crotch.

“Better now?” Z asked. Amy smiled and nodded. He turned to place the glass of water on the dresser.
Of course his butt is perfect
, Amy thought as she watched him. She took a deep breath. She was ready for him, ready to let this amazing man have anything he wanted for one night, ready to completely give up her body to all his desires.

Z turned around and smiled at her. Standing in front of the dresser, he began to unbutton his shirt. It was gray brushed cotton, long-sleeved. She watched as he pulled the tail out from his black slacks. The bottom of his white T-shirt crept up, and Amy quivered as she caught a glimpse of his flat belly, with a wisp of hair trailing down into his pants. The breath left her body as Z let the shirt fall to the floor and methodically pulled off the T-shirt. He didn’t pause a moment, removing his shoes… then his socks.

As he reached for his belt buckle, Amy saw his erection was still visible and said, “No!”

Z looked at her, his hands frozen in place.

“Let me do it,” Amy said.

He walked to the side of the bed where Amy sat, her legs hanging over the edge. She placed her hands on his chest. They looked small against him as she ran them over his taut pecs. Her fingers shook imperceptibly as they circled his small nipples. Amy knew she was breathing too heavily for this stage of things, but she didn’t care how eager she seemed. On the contrary, her standard rules didn’t apply with this man; she
him to know how badly she desired him.

She trailed down to his stomach, pausing to run her fingers along the ridges of his flawless abdominal muscles. Then it was time. Amy grasped his belt buckle and looked up into those brilliant eyes. They stared at each other, both getting hotter by the second.

BOOK: Probed: The Encounter
8.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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