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Also by Janine A. Morris
Published by Kensington Publishing Corporation
Janine A. Morris
All copyrighted material within is Attributor Protected.
I dedicate this book to two angels ...
my uncle, Webster Dub Young,
and my friend, Renesha Bowen-Smith,
who both passed away
while I was writing this book.
Love and miss you.
Gone, but not forgotten
First and foremost, I would like to thank God for all his blessingsand mercy. I still have to pinch myself sometimes that this is me living this life. It feels like a dream to be fulfilling all the goals I set for myself as a little girl. I am completing my third year of law school and my third book will be in stores this year. I know you can do anything you set your mind to, but I still feel so blessed to be living out my dreams. God has been good to me.
I also thank God for granting me with my parents to whom I owe so much.To my amazing parents, Julius and Carolyn Morris,thank you.You guys have been a perfect example of makingit happen and never giving up. I thank God that you guys raised me to have the self-worth and self-confidence that I have, and that you taught me right from wrong and loved me enough to make sure I knew I had options. Thank you for supportingme in all my dreams and endeavors and for being there emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially. I truly don't know what I would do without you guys.
Ahmad Meggett, when I met you a decade ago I had no idea you were going to fill my life with so much joy for so long.You constantly push me to “keep it up” and you remain a friend that I can depend on as well as a man that I can love. From the breakfasts in bed and the instant piña coladas to the shoulder to lean on whenever I need one, you spoil me.You are beautifulon the inside, extremely handsome on the outside, you make my life magical. There is not one thing about you that I would change. You are too good to be true. I thank God for sending me the person that I feel extremely confident is my true soul mate. I hope that six more decades go by and we still have this amazing “something that we share.” You still are—and I hope you will always be—“my air.”
My twin brother Jason who is no longer with me in flesh but in spirit, thank you for giving me the motivation to do twice as much, enough for you and me both. To my siblings, Tashah Bigelow and Julius Morris J.R., thank you for always being there when I've needed you and for guiding your baby sister. Tashah, as you know it will always be automatic and when we don't want to deal with anyone else in this world; we always have each other. J.R., my big brother, time has flown and we have grown so much.Although life has made it where we are not joined at the hip anymore you are always there for me when I need you most, and I will always be proud to be your little “big” sister. My sister Lisa, I love you and as you said, “It's in the blood.” My brother-in-law Alex, you're still my Alexy Palexy who lives in a galaxy. My nephew Hamilton, you are growing into such a fine young man. I love you so much, if you only knew just how much joy you've brought me since the day you were born. My nieces, Tylah and Leila, keep being the strong and smart little ladies you are.You are my little princesses, and you make me proud.
To my second family, Henry, Cynthia, Rashard, Rashida, and Leslie Meggett, I don't think you understand how truly blessed I feel to have you all in my life. Ma and Dad Meggett, I am alwaystelling people about how great you two are, how much you inspire me and how much I love you both from the bottomof my heart; and I sincerely mean every word of it. You make me feel comfortable and treat me like your own child and that means a lot to me. (And Ma, thanks for supporting my writing career the way you have.) Rashard and Leslie, congrats on your new marriage and new home, all you have to do now is make the new baby ... let's get to it. Rashida, you are the little sister I never had, and you and Sekai (K5) have made such beautiful baby twin boys. To my new nephews, Alijah and Amari Guy, welcome to the world and may you enjoy all the spoiling we will bestow upon you. To Grandma Doris, Uncle Junior and Uncle Peter,Aunt Berta, Aunt Cookie, Tanika, Troi, Candice, Kevin, Brandi (congrats on the wedding bells), and Brian—thanks for treating me like family.
To my Aunts Val, Ann, Kirby, Ruthann, Zelda, Frankie, Earline, Dorothy, and Barbara; and my Uncles Joe, Ray, Dwight, June, William, and Gregory, thanks for your role in my life and for all your support. My father is one of seven, my mother is one of ten, and all seventeen of my grandparents' children had children,some up to five. So as you know there are too many cousins to name, but to my amazing loving and large Morris and Young family, you are my five fingers that make a mighty fist.You know who you are, love you all. Lauren and Gordon Dillard, we are the YOUNGest, and we have the duty to take the world by storm.
Ebony, they say friends are for a season, reason or lifetime; I think we have ruled out a season and a reason and I'm looking forward to the rest of our lifetime of friendship. The rest of the Fabulous 5, as always, I love you chicas; Derica, Sytieya, Nicole, and Rene. I have always been selective with friends, who I keep around me because I truly believe negative people can drain you.You girls have been what friendship is all about, and I love that we are all growing as women together. I am looking forwardto several more years of birthdays, vacations, girls' nights out and Secret Santa's with you ladies. Love you all. Speedy Claxton, over ten years of friendship and I love you dearly; we can talk about anything and manage to have a blast just by going out to eat. They hate on us because they don't understandus. Ira “Bo” Miller, you are one of the most enjoyable people to be around. Where's the comedy without you? Snap, thanks for always supporting everything I do.You are a great person and God will bless you for your kid's charity and warm heart. Jacinta Claxton—I love how we always agree, great minds think alike, Sammy Martin—the ball of fun fire that you are, Mona and Marc Thompson—congrats on the baby, Karen St. Hillin, Malyka Muhammad, Kim Cutler, and Larry Davis, thanks for all the support and years of great memories; I hope we continue to make more. Tenille Clyburn, I love you, lil' missy, you make one realize true friends are hard to come by.
Alicia McFarlane and Kimberly Ginyard, I'm happy that I'm gaining more from law school than just legal knowledge, a degree,fulfillment of a childhood dream, and a piece of paper that's going to remind me every day that I'm unstoppable. I'm happy that I also gained two great friends in you girls.You're both astounding women and I'm happy to have crossed paths with you. To all my other friends, old and new, thank you for all the love and support; Martha Cuellar,Vanessa Quinones, Nadia Sang, Carl Slater, Billy Barnett, Jared Hall, Leighton Shields, Serge Thelamuque, Phun, Ozfather, Trice Palendacour, Kevin Darius, Dulani,Taneha Gillard, Brandi Monique, Jennifer Wade, Tina Chadha, Kimberly Pena, Nicole and Chrissy Begelow, Andrea Bernard—BBC, Diandra Ortiz—BBC, Summer—BBC, Taja Blain, April Debartolo, Timothy Mitchell, Samantha Stechler, and Tamanisha Miller.
To my editor Rakia Clark, thank you so much for everything. You are a beautiful person inside and out, it's a pleasure to work with someone as inspiring and understanding as yourself. To my agent Sarah Camilli, thanks for believing in me. My publicist,Adeola Saul, thanks for being the one who can be both my friend and upfront about business. Jessica McClean, thanks for all the support and guidance.
To my other author friends, Candice Dow and Daaimah Poole, you guys have been like my sisters in this. Candice, I appreciate the way we can pick each other up, motivate each other, and reignite the fires inside of us to keep shooting for the stars. Donna Hill, Nikki Turner, Tova, Zane, and Karen Quinones; thanks for the kind words and words of advice. Karen Thomas and LatoyaSmith, thank you for everything. Stacey Barney, thank you for sharing your wisdom and helping to mold my versatility.
Denise Warren, thanks for keeping me and half of the tristate fit. I love you and I wish you another twenty-one years of successwith Body by Denise.
Frank Iemetti, thanks for being my mentor, my boss, and my friend.You have always been someone that stands out amongst a crowd, being honest, forthright and caring, and it's an honor to know you and work with you. Nikki Smith, we meet people every day and every now and then one of them was meant to be in your life.You are good people, and I'm glad that our days at Emmis led to a great friendship. I love you, mama. Bugsy, my gained uncle, you know I love you like I've known you all my life. There is no explanation for how great a person you are other than God is in your heart. Koren Vaugn, from day one you've been my home girl and will always be. Marc McLaughlin,thanks for always looking out and all your love. Deneen Womack, what are we waiting for? lol. DJ Envy, DJ Absolut, and DJ Clue, it must be a Queens thing that makes us so real; thanks for everything. Keisha Monk, thanks for the love; see you at BBD. To Travia Charmont, Shaila of the Kiss Morning show, Julie Gustines, Jacques Thomas, Gwynet Cowan, Hulio, Vito, Miss Jones, Ray Ramos, Toya Beasley, Talent, Lenny Green, Nema Jackson, Monse, TatWza, Randi Hatchel, Shelby Woods, DJ Camilo, Chris Nadler, Ebro (congrats), Rose Crichton, Gigi, Donyshia Benjamin, Pat Robinson, FunkmasterFlex, Mister Cee, Cipha Sounds, Angie, Ben Burnside and Ben Finley, Mark Halupa, and all the other greats at Emmis, I wish you continued success. Ife Moore, on-air in NC, thanks for all the support.
Jay Brown at Def Jam, Jeanine McLean at MBK Management, John McMann, Mike Kyser, James Brown, Cheryl Singleton, and Pia McBain at Atlantic, Karen Rait at Interscope, Sean Pecas at Def Jam, Dontay Thompson at J Records, Lisa Ellis at Sony, John Menielly, Joe Riccitelli, John Strazza, and Jeff Sledge at Jive Records. Nelson Taboada at G-Unit, Sherise Malachi, Dave House, Rodney Morandi, Patty Laurent, and Latesha Williams, thanks for everything.
Last, but most certainly not least, all my readers and supporters, I celebrate you. Carol Mackey at Black Expression, thanks for supporting me since day one. All the book clubs and the bookstoresthat support and carry my novels, and all of you who have picked it up and allowed me to share the thoughts in my brain for a moment in your life—I celebrate you. Thanks so much, and I hope to continue to entertain you with my stories.
If I have forgotten anyone, please forgive me. (The law books have my brain kind of fried.)
BOOK: Playthang
4.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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