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Part One

Part Two

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is assigned to Precinct 13 as an investigative reporter for her local
television. Her life would forever change when she was given a tip about a
possible shooting at a location. She tells the story of how her relationship
with Robert the Detective changed from contempt to desire when caught in a life
threatening situation.”


Part One


“You broke it you son of a bitch!”
She screamed in fury, “Hey don’t walk away from me!” The man pretended not to hear
her and kept walking. “Hey, you’re gonna pay for this!”

Natalia’s blood pumped hotly in her
veins as she tried to assemble her camera. It was only two weeks old and she’d
saved up for three months to get it. Now it was broken. The warranty did not
cover these kinds of ‘accidents’ so this was a huge loss for her.

“That bastard,” she cursed under her
breath. “You’ll hear from me with a bill.”

“Miss, you’ve got to move from here.
This is a crime scene,” a policeman said as he approached.

“I’m a reporter,” she started.

“Ma’am, you’ve got to move!”

The memory of those first months when
she worked with him came back to her in a rush. It was so infuriating that she
could not do her job. Natalia was assigned to the investigative department of
WTLH television. Her job was to keep abreast of what was happening in the
police department. Cops don’t like reporters and it was clear in the treatment
they gave her. She knew it wasn’t because she was black because her fellow
African American officers were the same to her.

She touched her tummy and sighed at those
memories. Her mind drifted off again. This time there was no denying that
something dramatic was about to take place. Her life forever changed that day

She was in the precinct when the call
came in about a stabbing. The detective on duty should have informed her but he
was the worst of the lot. He treated her like a pariah. Without a word to her,
Detective Robert Cullum signaled to his partner and rushed out the door. She
had jumped in her car a followed them to the location which was on the
outskirts of town.

Athens was a mid-sized city in Georgia.
It was small compared to Atlanta but held its own history. The crime rate is
just like any other major city and the news had to be told. This part of town
was mostly populated by working class African Americans. It was peaceful for
the most part but the occasional dispute would surface.

Natalia had blindly followed her
instincts and followed the detectives in a bid to get her job done. She had
stepped into a domestic dispute gone awry because there was blood on the front
porch of the house. Her camera was all ready to take pictures and she was about
to do that when the dark brown haired detective ordered her to stop.


“Step back Miss,” he repeated.

“Just a few pictures. I promise I
won’t touch anything.”

“Are you deaf? What’s the matter with
you?” Robert’s face distorted in an angry line. His blue eyes became icy as he
glared at her. “I’m warning you…,” he started.

“Why are you being like this? You
know this is my job and I was assigned to your precinct. You even left without
telling me anything, I had to follow you here,” Natalia stated.

Robert was annoyed. He hated
reporters. He believed that they sensationalize the facts in order to sell the
news. Why can’t they just tell it as it is? There is always some plot or
something to uncover. The police were also scrutinized by the media and Robert
had had enough. The cops always came out looking like the bad guys and he
wasn’t going to give in no matter how pretty the new reporter was.

He walked across the yard to where
the woman of the house was standing and glanced in Natalia’s direction. Her
golden brown skin glimmered in the light of the fluorescent bulb on the front lawn.
He had to admit that she was something to look at. Her lips were soft and
especially pretty when she pouted. It was very hard for him to concentrate when
he was around her. At least that’s what he told her afterwards.

He could clearly see that she was
upset because he wouldn’t let her near the victim who was being tended to by
the paramedics. Robert had just decided that maybe he would let her talk to the
wife after they were done and maybe get a few pictures after they collected
whatever evidence there was; when he saw her pushed beyond the yellow tape and
started taking photos.

Angrily he stormed over to the
reporter and without thinking he pushed her camera. The device fell on the
concrete driveway and he could hear the crack as it hit the ground. Without as
much as an apology he turned and walked towards the porch of the house. Soon
after another officer came and asked her to move.

Natalia was pissed and for good
reason. Ever since she was assigned to the department the detective gave her a
warm time. She had no idea why he hated her so much. Now her brand new camera
was broken and he was showing no signs of remorse. She wasn’t going to let it
slide and she was determined not to leave the scene without photos so she took
out her phone and started snapping.

Robert was busy and had taken his
mind off the pesky reporter. He thought she would be busy piecing back her
camera together. He had no idea it was broken for he thought her outburst was
typical. They all yell that their cameras were broken in order to get

Natalia didn’t get to talk to the
wife nor the husband who was suffering from multiple cuts on his arm and a
shallow stab wound. However she got an earful from the nosy neighbor who told
her that the husband was cheating and was caught with his pants down. It was a
very funny story and she could not help giggling under her breath as the
neighbor told her about it.

“I tell you, he deserved it. Glad it
wasn’t worse but that poor woman has…,” the neighbor was saying as her phone
went off.

“Excuse me,” she said and walked
towards her car, “hello?” It was this phone call which forever changed her

“I got something for you,” it was one
of her sources.

“Tell me,” she replied.

“437 South Avenue, eleven tomorrow
,” before she could respond he hung up.

This was not strange behavior for the
guy was constantly looking over his shoulder. He was a member of the Blood Fire
Posse. She believed he was and undercover cop but could not prove it. He always
gave her very valuable information but she also knew he liked her. Natalia
could not figure out his angle and that often made her anxious.

Eleven was pretty late for her to be
alone but she could take care of herself. Usually she would check out the
location in daylight to get an idea of where she would hide herself then she
would park her car a block away and get there earlier in order to see what was
happening. She found that worked best for her for she didn’t like surprises.

At ten thirty the following evening
Natalia found herself crouched behind the hedges of an abandoned lot. Across
the road was 437 and in front of the red brick apartment building was an
unmarked car with two men drinking coffee. Directly in front of the car was an
abandoned vehicle without tires. The car was on her side of the street in the
shadows but it was obvious to her who the men were. She shook her head. Natalia
had no idea where the target was but there was the detective and his partner on
a stake out.

“This isn’t good,” she whispered to
herself. “They’ve been busted! Jeez, what have I got myself into?”

As she pondered her options a shadow
stepped from behind the huge dumpster at the far end of the building. The area
was a bit dark and the car with the detectives was facing the opposite
direction.  Another shadow appeared from the building next to the apartment,
still behind the car. As the two shadows approached the parked vehicle a bit
stealthily the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. She could sense that
something was amiss.

Peering through the darkness she
could make out the silhouette of a gun in the hand of the man who came from
behind the dumpster. The other man was still in the deep shadows so she wasn’t
sure if he was packing but her instincts told her that they were up to no good.

It was when he crouched and started
moving slowly towards the car that Natalia realized it was a hit. Without
thinking she got her phone out and dialed the detective’s number. He wasn’t
going to like it and he may not even answer but she had to give it a shot.

“Yes,” his deep smooth voice came
over the phone. It surprised her for she hadn’t expected him to answer after
just one call.

“You’ve been set up,” she whispered.

“Who is this?” the man asked.

“Your stake-out as been compromised!”

“How’d you…who the hell is this?”

“You idiot, I’m trying to save your
miserable life. Get away now, there are two men approaching your vehicle with

It was at that moment she heard the





“Tony? Tony!” he shook his partner
but no response.

There was a huge gash in his shoulder
where the bullet had hit him. His left arm had started to get numb at this
point. Robert wasn’t sure what was happening but that call saved his life for
he had crouched down just before the gunfire started but Anthony refused to
belief that anything was amiss and was getting out of the car to go piss.

“It’s just a prank; you remember the
Santana case last year? You woos, it’s the guys trying to scare us. Who else
knows about this?” and he had laughed as he opened the door on the driver side.

The first shot hit Tony in the chest
and he fell back unto the seat. After that there were multiple shots fired that
Natalia lost count. Crouching behind the hedge of the abandoned lot she covered
her ears to block out the explosions. It happened so fast that within two
minutes it was all over. She gingerly peered over the hedge to get a glimpse of
the vehicle and to see if Robert was hit. A gasp escaped her lips as she saw
his unmoving body slumped against the dashboard.

For even though she hated him, she
had never seen a more gorgeous cop in her life. There was no love lost between
the two but Natalia had to admit that he was sexy. She’d gotten a glimpse of
him without shirt in the locker room once and his arms and chest were very
chiseled. He had blue eyes which could pierce a hole into you if he stared you
down which he often did. What was surprising about him were his lips. They were
well defined but soft looking and kissable. She closed her eyes and willed
herself to get those thoughts out of her head.

The two men were cursing under their
breaths about running out of ammunition. They stared at the bodies of the cops
for a long time before signaling to each other. They then disappeared behind
the huge dumpster which concealed the entrance to a tunnel leading to their

Natalia waited a few moments before
warily stepping from behind the hedge where she had hidden. Slowly she moved
towards the police car. With trembling hands she took her cell phone out of her
pocket but as she tried to dial the thing fell onto the pavement smashing into

“Ugh! I can’t believe this. How am I
going to call for help?” She bent to gather the pieces of her cell phone and
retrieve her SIM card.

“Hmmmm,” sounded faintly from the car
and he raised her head to see Robert trying to open the door.

Her heart pounded loudly as she saw
that the obnoxious detective was still alive. Quickly she peered through the
darkness for any shadows then ran towards the car. He was in pain and his
partner was apparently dead. Upon opening the door Robert fell to the ground in.
He hadn’t realized that he was also shot in the leg.

“Help me,” he pleaded weakly.

Natalia had a feeling that the men
would be back so she quickly placed her arm around his shoulder to support him
as he tried to walk. They had to hurry because if the men came back and found
Robert missing they would start searching for him. In a bid to get help she
picked up Roberts phone only to see that a bullet had smashed into it. There
was no time to search for Anthony’s phone so she helped him crawl over the
hedge of the abandoned lot.

“Here,” Robert held out a cigarette
lighter to her as they landed on the grass. He was sweating profusely and
grimaced in pain

“What’s that for?” she asked.

“Set the car afire, it will give us
time,” Robert’s voice cracked a little.


“Gas tank,” he breathed before
passing out.

“Robert, Robert…,” she patted his
cheeks to urge him to stay awake. It would be harder to carry him unconscious.
He groaned and opened his eyes but she could see he was losing consciousness
again. She opted to set the car afire first then she would figure out what to
do. If the men thought that both cops were dead they would not search for him.

She propped him up against the inside
fence and climbed over the hedge one last time. Peering carefully in the dark
she made sure no one was there before crouching and moving stealthily towards
the car. Robert’s partner’s body was on the other side of the vehicle and she
would be exposed if she went around to driver’s side. She contemplated ripping
her own shirt but thought it was a waste. Gingerly she climbed unto the
passenger seat which Robert had vacated.

She knew the men would return; she
could feel it. It was only five minutes or so since they had left. Everything
afterwards had happened so fast it seemed like ages. Natalia found an old rag
on the floor of the car and thanked God that she didn’t have to rip her own

The dead man was still propped up in
the seat where he fell back when he was hit. As she was climbing out of the
vehicle she heard a familiar beep like a text message. Looking towards the
sound she found the dead cops cell phone on the ground. This was good which
means she could call for help.

Time was of the essence so the
reporter quickly climbed out of the vehicle and opened the gas tank where she pushed
the tail of the rag in. She had to get as much of the cloth in the tank as
possible in order for it to reach the gas. It took four tries to set the rag
aflame because it was damp. She went back to the hedge where she crouched and
waited to make sure the thing didn’t go out.

Nervously she checked her wrist watch
for the time. Two minutes had gone since she returned to the hedge. Natalia was
contemplating returning to the car to make sure the rag was lodged securely
when she heard footsteps. Three men appeared out of the darkness behind the
dumpster and confidently approached the vehicle. But before they could reach it
there was a huge explosion and the car went up in flames.

One of the men was caught in the
burning furnace and his body writhed as the fire consumed him before he fell
the ground. Fearing that the light from the flames would reveal her presence
Natalia quickly climbed over the low hedge to find that the cop was completely

Now in a sticky situation she was
hard-pressed to contact a friend whom she could trust. It was risky because
Devon was in hiding from both the law and some very bad people. They had gone
to school together but he ended up working for the wrong people. He was framed
for murder and she was yet to prove it. There were clues but no hard evidence
so he was in hiding until his name could be cleared. She knew how dangerous it
would be for him to come out in public but she had no one else to turn to.

Instead of calling, which she knew he
would not answer since it was not her phone, she sent him a text along with a
special message. Almost instantly the phone rang.

“Devon,” she whispered.

“Natalia, are you alright?”

“I need your help.” She told him what
happened and he agreed to take them somewhere. It was a huge risk because if
Robert should wake up to see Devon, it would be all over for the fugitive.

“I’ll help you but I’m nervous,” he
told her.

Beyond the abandoned lot was a warehouse
and behind it was an old train track which was never in use. It was a place
where prostitutes went with their hook-ups because it was one of the few places
which no one frequented.

Within half an hour Devon came on
foot since Natalia’s car was parked a block away. It was agreed that she would
bring the car around to the train line and Devon would try carrying Robert there.
 They drove along the tracks then turned left which led to an old back road. 
They were leaving the city and Devon took them to an old abandoned farm about
thirty miles out. Until they figured out what was going on Robert had to be
thought of as dead.

What happened was obviously a hit and
she didn’t know why. She had no idea what they were working on or who would
want them dead but she knew that both their lives were now in danger; if
nothing else. She left Devon with the unconscious police man to go get a first
aid kit and food. Devon said he would help her get the bullet out from his leg
before he leaves.

By the time she came back with the
supplies it was past two in the morning. She brought antiseptic, bandages, antibiotic
cream and food. Devon took the car and left by four after performing the very
clever task of removing the bullet from the thigh. The bullet hole in the
shoulder was shot right through so no surgery needed there.

“Can you get it out?” she had asked
Devon. He shook his head in consent.

“You have to keep him cool. Wash him
if necessary.”

“Yes,” she replied as she looked down
at the broad shoulders of the man who made her work more difficult than it
should be.
What am I doing here
? She asked herself.

“Natalia,” Devon called.

“Huh,” she had been thinking of all
the times she’d cross paths with the cop and how he made her mad. But seeing
him lying there unconscious made her heart soften just a little. His dark hair
was wet with perspiration and a lock had curled on his forehead which she
brushed away. The touch tingled her fingertips.

“Bring me the boiled water please,”
Devon asked, looking at her strangely.

She returned with the water and watch
Devon do his magic. She examined the face of her nemeses and wondered why on
earth she risked her life to save him. As Devon doctored him, he grimaced a few

Robert had lost a lot of blood but
the bleeding finally stopped. They cleaned the wounds with warm water before
applying the antiseptic and bandages. He felt warm as if he was getting a fever
and he was sweating profusely but he had not regained consciousness. Natalia
was worried that he would die but she kept him cool by sponging him with a

The farmhouse had candles which she
lit. Devon seemed to know the area well and reassured her that she would be
safe there as no one lived close by and that the nearest residence was about
five miles beyond the fields. Natalia suspected that the farm belonged to his
family but declined to ask him about it. After bandaging the wounds Devon was
ready to leave lest daylight should catch him while on the road.

“You won’t be disturbed here,” Devon
told her as she walked him to the car.

“Thanks, I really appreciate this,”
she replied.

“No problem, I owe you a lot. Call

“Be careful Dev,” she told him as he
got behind the wheel of her car. She waved and watched the car until the lights
disappeared through the trees. He would park the car in her garage before heading
back to his hideout.

She had bought enough supplies to
last a week along with a new cell phone. It was now very important for her to
keep in touch with Devon. She would also need to call in sick for work as well.
They had made a bed in the living room on the bear rug in front of the
fireplace which was filled with black ashes. There was no need for a fire since
it was the summer so they had left it as was.

Robert was sweating again but his
pulse had steadied somewhat.  She got another pan of cool water and removed the
sheets which were now wet with his perspiration. Devon had removed his shirt
and partially removed his pants so it was now up to her to remove the rest of
his garments in order to wash him properly. As she unbuckled his leather belt
her cool finger brushed against his hot skin and she heard him groan.

“Robert, are you awake?”

“Mmmmm,” he groaned. It seemed he
wanted to answer but was still semi-conscious.

“I’m going to wash you now,” she told

She was careful not to hurt his leg
as she removed the pants and boxers which were soaked in blood. There was no
way she could turn him on his belly so she would only wash his front; the back
would have to stay until he regained consciousness.

Starting from his face she wet the
cloth and wiped the sweat and blood off his body. Occasionally her fingers
would brush against his skin and she noticed how he would grimace. As she
reached his belly she heard him mumble something and twist his head. Her heart
was beating wildly at the prospects of washing his shaft so she carefully wiped
around it but as she moved the cloth over his thigh the tip of her fingers
brushed his balls and the thing sprang to life.

Natalia was no virgin. She’d seen a
cock before but this one seemed humongous to her and to think that an
unconscious man would respond in this way was quite surprising. Was he
dreaming? She was contemplating not touching him again when a hand suddenly
gripped her arm. She had been kneeling at his side where the good shoulder was
and was slightly bent over him as she cleansed him of blood and sweat.

The hand on her arm was strong and it
gripped her tightly. Before she could pull away he pulled her down towards him
and she fell atop the wounded cop. Her hair brushed his face as it became loose
from the pins which held it up.

“Nice, you smell nice,” she heard him
mumble almost incoherently.  He sounded quite drunk. Natalia thought that the
fever was making him delusional.

“I see you’re awake,” she said trying
to pull away but his good arm was quite strong as it encircled her shoulders
and pinned her to his chest.

BOOK: Overcome By The Police Officer (BWWM)
3.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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