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He shrugged. “I’m just glad we’ve got Brody. I think I have a plan.”


raig Campbell downed the last of his bourbon then leaned his head back and closed his eyes. While parts of their plan had been shot to hell, all was not lost. Having been at this for years, he still had a few things to teach Frank Hamilton. The President’s friend wasn’t nearly as smart as he thought.

As Gabric’s attorney, his job was simple. Keep his client out of jail and get him back to the Republic of Croatia as soon as possible. Only then would the true extent of their plan be realized.

Hamilton wouldn’t know what hit him.

A knock sounded at the door of his penthouse suite, where he’d be housed until after the trial. After which time, he would cut all American ties and return with Gabric.

“Come in,” he called, knowing who stood on the other side. “The door’s open.”

Much to his delight a tall blonde sauntered into his apartment with a sultry smile that stirred his loins and kicked up his heart rate. She was beautiful, and he planned to ride her all night.

Nothing relieved his stress like dirty sex with a woman who liked it rough. A long, raw nerved screw would clear his mind. “You’re late.”

She tossed her purse aside and slipped off her stilettos. “I was tied up.” She lowered her eyes and slid him a flirtatious grin. “Literally. If you know what I mean.”

He chuckled. “I do.” He poured another glass of liquor. “What are you doing with so many clothes on?”

She wore practically nothing. No underwear, for sure. Just a fur wrap over a tight, clinging dress that barely covered her luscious curves.

Sydney had been his lover for months. Hot and willing to do anything to make him come, she often teased him unmercifully. He allowed it, of course. It was all part of the game they played.

In the end, he always came out the winner.

She tossed her mink jacket aside and slipped the dress off her shoulders, while licking her lips like a hungry cat approaching a saucer of milk.

Her breasts fell free, and the silicone implants made her tits the most beautiful piece of art on earth. She wiggled slightly then shoved the dress to her ankles where she kicked it aside.

With her stripped naked before his eyes, his dick came to attention, and his mouth watered. She turned around and slowly bent over, offering him her ass. He wanted to ram his dick so far in that tight hole she’d feel him against her tonsils.

But, they had the whole night. He wanted it to last.

He stroked her thighs and pressed his palm between her legs. He kissed her rounded cheek, then stood and removed the belt from his slacks. He stroked it across her ass, gently giving her a feel of the power it wielded.

She gyrated her ass closer, moaning for more. He put the belt between her legs. Standing at her side, he rubbed the belt back and forth between her thighs, making her purr like an expensive sports car.

She turned and captured his mouth, her tongue on a search for more. He moved the belt and wrapped it around her neck. Her smile of approval had his dick glistening and pulsating like a fucking vibrator.

He wanted her in every way imaginable. He tightened the belt and pulled her down to her knees, closer to his dick. “Are you hot?” he asked.

A long, slow lick was her only reply. That and the glint of danger in her eyes. Oh yeah, she wanted to fuck all right. And he was more than ready for her.

After kicking off his slacks and getting rid of his shirt, he pulled her by the belt to the small table next to the bed. There he opened a small vial of cocaine. Holding his dick out, he spread a thin line of the drug down his length.

She smiled and licked her lips. “Oh, you’re in for a fun night.”

“I hope so, otherwise you die.”

She laughed up at him, her eyes hungrily taking in the powdered. “May I?”

“Of course, enjoy yourself. I plan to.”

She snorted the drug, then stood and shook her head. “That’s some good shit.”

“The best money can buy.” He gripped her by the hair. “Now, get busy, bitch. I want to fuck you all night.”


fter landing in DC, Zoe, A.J., and Brody went shopping for a few clothes, then checked into a hotel to clean up. An hour later, they met up in the hotel restaurant for dinner.

The place they stayed sat only a few blocks from the Capital Hill Historical District, near Lower Senate Park. Elegant, but not too lavish. The lobby was modern, and the restaurant cozy, but accommodating.

Their rooms were on the same floor, her and A.J. in one room, Brody across the hall.

Zoe was starving, but still anxious to understand what A.J. had in mind. She wanted Frank safe no matter what. And she was prepared to do anything to see that happened.

Sipping his coffee, A.J. said, “I think Gabric’s lawyer, Craig Campbell, has a little secret up his sleeve.”

With his arm hooked over the back of his chair, Brody leaned back and tossed the white linen napkin on the table. “We’re in the city of lies. So, what’s new with that?”

Taking Zoe’s hand, A.J. rubbed her palm. “I didn’t get everything that was said, but I gather Campbell has a back-up plan.”

Zoe’s brow wrinkled. While the men who kidnapped them spoke another language, she had no idea A.J. understood their conversation. “Like what?”

“I’m not sure.  We need to get close to him. Learn his secrets and use them against him.”

Brody let out a breath. “I thought you knew what plan B was.”

“I only heard bits and pieces. I know there’s something in the works. I just don’t know what.”

Zoe sipped her wine. “How can we get close to him? He’s probably hiding out until after the trial. He’s not the most popular man in the world right now.”

“I don’t know. We have to come up with something.”

Brody pointed to Zoe. “She can do it.”

A.J. stared at Brody. “Do what?”

“Get close to Campbell. He has a weakness for beautiful women.”

A.J. shoved his plate away, his features grim and tight. “I don’t want her involved. What if he hurts her? Do you want to explain that to Frank?”

Brody rubbed his chin. “I’m not saying she has to get that close. But look at her. A beautiful woman is hard for a man to resist.” He smiled and raised a brow. “Present company included.”

Heat rushed to her cheeks, and she lowered her head before stealing a glance at A.J.. The thunderous expression on his face was absolutely frightening. She half expected him to punch Brody for the remark.

“I’m flattered, Brody. But, what do we know about the guy?” She took another sip of wine, avoiding A.J.’s startled gaze. “And while we have unlimited contacts, it
Saturday night. We aren’t likely to learn anything over the weekend.”

A.J. cleared his voice. “She’s right. Most government agencies are closed.”

Brody drummed his fingers on the table thoughtfully. “We may be looking for information not found in the halls of justice.”

Zoe grinned. “You want to turn his personal life inside out.”

“Yes, and so far we don’t have a lot to go on. But, I do have a buddy I can call at NSA. He’ll cough up something.”

Zoe knew A.J. wasn’t keen on taking a chance that something horrible could happen to her, and she agreed wholeheartedly. But they had to protect Frank. If Campbell had anything up his sleeve, they needed to get that information. “You make the call, Brody. Then come to our room, and we’ll go from there.” She stood. “It’s Saturday night. A lot happens in this town on the weekends.”


.J. would be damned before he’d let that sleaze ball near Zoe, no matter what Brody came up with. And Frank would agree with him. His boss’s worst nightmare was that something might happen to Zoe.

Frank loved her too much to risk her life.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, A.J. looked at Zoe. She’d bought a nice pair of jeans, a black shirt, and a light jacket. Fall in DC could be brisk and chilly. “You and I both know you can’t be used as bait.”

She turned to him. “I know the very thought of me being alone or even around someone like Craig Campbell drives you crazy. But I’ll do what’s needed to keep Frank safe. I haven’t forgotten how to handle myself. I’ve encountered a few dangerous men before.”

“For all we know, that guy’s a killer.”

“For all we know, he’s going to have Frank assassinated.” She stood and walked toward him. “If I can keep that from happening, I’m going to do it.”

A knock sounded at the door and A.J. opened it, allowing Brody to enter. “Okay, Campbell is on the NSA’s radar.”

A.J. paced the room. “What do you know?”

Brody had a beer in his hand and took a swig. “He’s forty-three, never been married, no kids, and dedicated to his work. His private practice is very successful, and he’s worth millions.”

Zoe stepped closer to Brody. “Why is he defending Gabric?”

Brody put his beer on the table and slumped into a chair. “No one knows. It could simply be the money, or he has some connection to Gabric the NSA doesn’t know about.”

“We’re still in the dark,” A.J. said.

“I did get a tip that he likes to hang out at a place near Capital Hall called The Skylight.” Brody took a sip of beer. “He’s there every Sunday night.”

Zoe looked out at the darkening sky. “That’s really pushing it.”

A.J. paced. “Where’s he now?”

Shrugging, Brody said, “I sent a guy to check out where he’s staying. Let’s see what he comes up with.”

Zoe clenched her hands in frustration. “The waiting is killing me.”

A.J. went over and put his arm around her shoulders. “I know the feeling, but we can’t make a mistake. Too much is on the line.”

Brody’s phone rang. After a few minutes, he slid it back into his pocket. “Looks like Campbell’s in for the night. He’s with his current squeeze.”

Brody walked to the door. “Let’s get some sleep tonight, learn what we can tomorrow, and see what shakes at the nightclub Sunday night.”


.J. didn’t like not knowing everything. What was Campbell’s angle? And what the hell was plan B? He’d already warned Frank, so their boss would be alert to even the slightest change. Also, Frank now knew Zoe was safe with him and Brody.

But how did he stop Campbell?

Kidnapping him wasn’t out of the question, but if they were caught, all hell would break loose. And Frank took a dim view of breaking the law.

“I can see your brain working,” Zoe said, sitting next to him. “Come up with anything yet?”

“Not a damn thing.”

She put her arm around his waist. “I think we’ve both been through too much today. We need to relax and enjoy the evening.”

He looked into her sparkling champagne eyes, and she offered him a guarded smile. Totally captivated by her beauty, A.J. took her hand and led her to the bed. “That sounds like a good idea.”

He gently laid her down then followed. Facing each other, A.J. unbuttoned her shirt while she unzipped his pants. She propped her head on her hand, and the fire in her eyes sent a blowtorch surging through his veins.

He pushed up on an elbow until their mouths met. Her warm breath against his lips made him dizzy.

Then she was naked beneath him, and he lowered himself to that cute little patch of blonde hair at the triangle in her legs.

Sucking in a calming breath, he licked her thighs and allowed his tongue to roam freely over her body. He widened her legs and stroked her tight curls before tasting her with his tongue.

She called out his name and pulled at his hair. That signaled she wanted more. Much more. And he would gladly accommodate. In the midst of danger, all he’d thought about was keeping her safe. Now he wanted to make her happy.

With her hand at the back of his head, A.J. licked and sucked at her sensitive nub, his heart racing.

Head buried between her legs, he slid his thumb along her wet, hot cleft, lingering to spread her damp juice along the opening.

Her soft cries brought him to his knees, where he entered her in a rush that sucked the air from his lungs.

So tight.

Tight, wet, and seeking fulfillment. His dick jerked inside her, and she squeezed her muscles to keep him enclosed. She moaned and A.J. nearly lost to the call of pleasure.

While he pumped, her powerful muscles drained him.

Then they climaxed.


oe woke with her head pillowed on A.J.’s chest, her body entwined with his. She lay there quietly wondering what today would bring. Could they find a way to stop Campbell from getting a ruthless murderer off free?

In her heart, saving Frank was her first priority. She owed him that much. Hadn’t he once saved her and made her life worth living? He’d been there every step of her rehab, and then he’d offered her his home and asked her to work for him. She’d have been dead if left in that dark place before he found her.

A.J. stirred beside her. With a smile on his face, he kissed her passionately and thoughts of last night raced through her mind. They’d made love until they both were exhausted. Sleep hadn’t come until early in the morning.

“I’m hungry,” he said with a cocky smile. “And you look pretty tasty.”

She laughed and tossed aside the covers. “We’ve work to do today. We need to check your shoulder, too. Then we stop Campbell. When this is all over and Frank has testified, we’re taking a vacation.”

“Okay, call Brody and tell him to meet us downstairs for breakfast. Over coffee, we’ll map out our plans.”

She didn’t have to make that call because Brody knocked just as A.J. slid on his pants. She giggled then darted into the bathroom, carrying her clothes with her.

She heard Brody and A.J. talking. When she joined them, they went to the restaurant and ate breakfast. Brody seemed tense and uncomfortable.

Zoe cupped his hand. “What’s on your mind?”

“How we’re going to have to use you to get next to Campbell.”

A.J. almost jumped from his seat. “Are you crazy? Frank will have our heads.” He glared at Brody, his face dark and stormy. “I don’t want her in danger, either.”

Zoe held up her hand. “You both need to realize I’m not a Falcon agent. I’m doing this because I want to help Frank.”

BOOK: Out Of The Past
4.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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