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To give a previously received gift to someone else


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During the night, I wake because I have to use the bathroom. Ash has his arms wrapped around me and in an attempt not to wake him; I carefully slide out of his loving and secure hold. The peaceful look on his face as he sleeps melts my heart. He is the most beautiful man I have ever in my life seen; handsome and strong when he’s awake, and so wondrous in peaceful sleep. As I watch him breathe, it makes me want to cry. He’s my everything and he loves
. This man loves me unconditionally.

I go into the bathroom and stop to sit at the vanity, placing my hands on the granite counter as I gaze down at my left hand, marveling at the magnificent ring Ash placed on my finger when he asked me to be his wife. He planned the perfect night for my birthday, and the fact that he chose this night to propose, is beyond comprehension. Tears form in my eyes, as I reflect back over the past six months and marvel at what has transpired over the last year. At fifty eight years old, I moved here with my husband, thinking we would be starting over. Little did I know that he would find another woman; leaving me alone, scared, and lacking confidence. And little did I know that I’d meet a group of rock musicians and come to call one of them, Todd O’Malley, my best friend. I laugh as I think how unlikely this friendship is. A bad boy, hot looking guy, covered in tattoos with a pierced penis. How weird is this?

It’s surreal, like nothing you could even dream up. I couldn’t write about this if I tried. All I know is that the bond between Todd and me is unbreakable. We’ve helped each other through some emotional and difficult times. And I know that he’s got my back, as much as I’ve got his.

I was at the depth of despair, when a knight in shining armor named Ash Harper saved me. I owe him for saving my life and showing me love, the type of love I have never known in my life before. We were thrown together by fate, I guess you could say. Ash lost his wife to cancer; I lost my husband to another woman. He’s taken away the hurt, and has made me feel like the most loved and desirable woman in the world. It’s a day to day journey for me, but as long as I have Ash, I know I can make it.

Two families were brought together through this unexpected turn of events and by the grace of God, we got through it.


Lainey’s got her arms around me, hugging me tight and at this point, I’m in no frame of mind to realize much, except the fact that I’m over the top in love and have just been proposed to by the love of my life.

“Mom, do you realize we now have a wedding to plan? This is gonna be so much fun.” She’s giddy with happiness, as she kisses my cheek. I find myself still trying to comprehend all of this.

Tonight was the culmination of all the good and bad things I’ve gone through over the past months. Without a doubt, this has been one of the best nights of my life, and I’m afraid I’ll wake up and find it’s all been a dream. I look at Ash standing by the bar and watch him. He’s laughing, while talking to the guys and my heart melts at the mere sight of him. Tommy’s got his arm around him and he’s saying something in Ash’s ear that makes him chuckle. He catches me staring at him, blows me a kiss and in no time he’s kneeling by my chair grinning from ear to ear. “Can I just tell you how happy I am right now Sunshine? You said yes. You said you’d marry me! God, I love you so much.” I look back into his dreamy sexy eyes, taking his face into my hands, I kiss him.

“You’re my hero I hope you know. I love you so much more.”

He playfully taps my nose and plants a wonderful kiss on my lips.

Everyone’s got their phones out taking pictures, as Ash whispers in my ear and laughs, “I guess these are gonna be our engagement pics huh?”

Without a doubt, they are the best engagement photos. This has been the best birthday ever.

I let out a yawn and gaze around the room trying to take it all in. I don’t want this perfect night to end. I close my eyes and hope I’ll always have in my mind the memory of Ash singing to me on stage, the beautiful birthday cake, and the loving look on his face as he dropped to his knee asking me to marry him. Looking at my left hand, I’m still stunned at this beautiful ring.

Ash suggests we head home, and it’s no time at all before I fall asleep in the car.

I wake to realize he has me in his arms and is carrying me into the house. I’m so sleepy that I just melt into his arms.

He carries me into his room, which I should probably say is now officially
room, and places me on the end of the bed while he turns back the covers and fluffs my pillow. “I’m gonna go get your gown, and then I’ll get you tucked in.” Tenderly he removes my pants and top, and the feel of his cold hands on my back as he removes my bra, gives me a chill and I shiver. “Aww poor baby I’m sorry. Gotcha with my cold hands didn’t I?” He hugs me and it’s all I can do to mutter, “Umm Hmm.”

Looking at my breasts he laughs, “Let’s get those pretty girls covered up. Lift your arms.” He slips my gown over my head and pats the bed. “In you go sleepy head...sleep tight. I
you.” He kisses me lightly, and it’s all I can do to shake my head and snuggle under the warmth of the comforter. I vaguely hear the door to our room close and can hear him talking to the kids, as I drift off into a peaceful sleep.

I wake to hear the door to our room open and look at the clock. Its 3:30 and I feel him getting into bed. He cuddles up next to me, his front to my back. There are just no words to accurately describe the peace and serenity I feel when he holds me like that.

In but a few short hours, I wake to the feel of him softly rubbing my arm. I squint my eyes open and turn over to face him, as he looks at me with that dreamy smile. “Mornin Sunshine. How’d ya sleep?”

BOOK: Out of The Box Regifted
4.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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