One Simple Step (Journey Series)

BOOK: One Simple Step (Journey Series)
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One Simple Step


The Journey Series


Book #3


C.A. Williams



One Simple Step

A Journey Series Novel, Book Three

Copyright 2013 by C.A. Williams


Published by C.A. Williams


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Chapter 1




You know that feeling? The one where everything in life is going
perfect and you’re just waiting for something to come along and screw it all up? Well, I was normally the kind of girl that would take whatever shit life dealt out and turn it into a pretty rainbow, that’s just who I was, but something was definitely off in the world of Ally and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Maybe it was due to the fact that I had just left my best friend, Leah, behind again. Being on the road with my husband and his band for basically the past four years meant we didn’t get a lot of time together. I always felt like I was in a little bit of a depression after having to leave her and Caleb. They were like family, and now there was another addition: sweet, precious Ava.

The minute Leah called to say she was in labor and headed to the hospital, Teddy and I hopped a plane from Virginia. Luckily, the Major Hoosiers were in between gigs on their summer tour, so we didn’t have to worry about rescheduling. When it was time to go I just couldn’t make myself leave, and Teddy flew back without me so I could help the new mommy out for a bit.

But I was really kidding myself there. I think I forgot that Leah had already handled the whole baby situation before with Caleb. She was practically a pro, and although she thanked me over and over, I felt like I was in the way more than anything. Leah and Chase had a perfect little family, and they were so in love with each other. It made me feel a little left out.

As soon as I stepped off the plane and was officially in North Carolina my phone rang, and I smiled when I saw it was Leah. When I told her that morning that I was heading back a few days early, she was a little bummed but understood that I just really missed Teddy. Her and Chase could barely go a day without seeing each other, there was no way she would be able to live out on the road like I did.

Just because we were stuck on a bus most of the time didn’t mean that I was with Teddy constantly. Usually, he was either working on something new with the band or getting ready for a gig, and we probably saw each other less than if he were to have a regular, everyday job. Sometimes I wondered how I did it.

“Hey, Mama, miss me already?” I answered as I followed the arrows to baggage claim. I had become an expert in airports over the years, flying back and forth to visit with my family. Luckily, this was one of the easier ones to navigate so hopefully I would make it on time.

“Of course, Al, you know I always do. Since you’re answering, I’m guessing you made it alright?”

“Yup, just landed and I’m getting my bags. How’s everything going there?”

“Oh, you know, the usual,” she replied as a loud crash came through the phone and Ava’s sweet baby cry started up. I heard muffled yelling, and I’m fairly certain it was directed at my sweet nephew Caleb, who was just growing up way too fast. Time was a bitch.

“‘Kay, well it sounds like you’re busy.…” I trailed off as she started talking to Chase, mentioning something about pickles and ice cream. “Jesus Christ, Leah, that hot ass husband of yours hasn’t knocked you up again already, has he?”

“She wishes!” I heard Chase’s low voice pipe in before Leah snorted loudly.

wish,” she replied to Chase before answering me. “Of course not, Al. Chase is running to the store for me to grab a few things. Is Teddy picking you up from the airport?”

“No, I’m surprising him since I wasn’t supposed to be back for a couple of days. They are supposed to be finishing up their show right about now, so I should be able to catch the bus before it takes off.”

? Ally, don’t you think you
give someone a heads up? What are you going to do if you get stranded there? Do you ever plan anything ahead of time?” She blew out a loud breath just as I stepped out of the air-conditioned building with my bags and into the mugginess of the North Carolina air to catch a taxi.

“Chill, L. I have plenty of time. You really shouldn’t worry so much. Just breathe.”

“Oh, please don’t start with all of that breathing bullshit on me again. Call as soon as you get there so I know you made it. You seriously stress me out.”

“Of course,
. Love you.” I heard another loud huff as I ended the call and giggled before giving the cab driver the address of the arena where the guys were playing. Since the first time I met Leah in high school, she had always been so mature for her age. I guess that’s what happened when your horrible mom ditched you, along with your newborn brother. I was still amazed by her every day.

Luck had been on my side with the parents I was given. Yeah, I guess I could say they spoiled me a bit, especially since I never really worked a day in my life. I think it was because of the fact that I was their only girl, so they felt like I needed to be taken care of. My brothers, Ben and Owen, were essentially the same way, always overprotective of their baby sister. I think that contributed to how I turned out. I wouldn’t say I was rebellious, but I definitely liked to do things my own way. Luckily, my parents never judged. Whatever I decided to do in life, they always supported me one hundred percent.

I paid the taxi driver after he pulled to a stop right in front of the shiny silver tour bus that had become my home for the past two years. Yeah, the thing might only have one
bedroom, the rest of the sleeping space being made up of tiny cubbyholes, but to me, it was like a mansion on wheels.

Before Teddy and the guys really made it, we were roughing it between grungy motels and sleeping in cars. Thanks to my mad marketing skills, the band had managed to go from an opening act to a headlining one. The spotlight that came along with that had been a little overwhelming at first, but I think we all handled it pretty well, for the most part. It never seemed to put a strain on Teddy’s and my relationship, which was a little surprising.

The stream of girls between Mark and Tyler picked up along with their fame, but whatever—more like whoever—they wanted to do was up to them. Except for when I had to hear it, but I guess I would have to get used to that since Teddy and I took over the one and only bedroom on the bus. After a while, I had invested in a good pair of earplugs.

I really didn’t know how long we would be living this life. For in between breaks, Teddy had purchased a house for us back in Indiana, but we didn’t really spend much time there. He had started hinting towards wanting kids lately, but I really didn’t know if we were ready for that. I couldn’t imagine trying to cram a crib onto the bus, and I really didn’t want to raise a kid alone while Teddy traveled all over the country. Plus, I think I wanted to do something with myself before I brought a little baby into this world.

I grabbed the last of my luggage just as I heard the bus come to life. My heels clicked across the pavement as I hurried towards the glass door, smacking my hand on it just as the tires began to turn. The squeal of the brakes told me I’d made it in time, and I blew out a breath when the doors opened. Bobby, our bus driver who had been with us for the past two years, squinted at me through the darkness, those gray bushy eyebrows that I had come to love, knitted together.

“Miss Ally?” he called out, his southern twang laced with confusion.

“Yup, the one and only, Bobby.” He jumped out of his seat, leaning down to help me with my bags. I had clearly over-packed. It was something I always tended to do, but I needed a different outfit and shoes for every occasion.

“Well, I...uh, wasn’t expecting you, Miss Ally. Mr. Sampson said that you’d be arriving once we stopped in Florida.”

“I decided to come back early. Don’t try to act like you’re disappointed. I know you missed me, Bobby.” I squeezed him tightly, and he patted my back as I breathed in the spicy cologne he wore that reminded me of my dad. Bobby was my little piece of home away from home.

When the guys put me in charge of hiring a driver, I felt like fate had intervened when Bobby walked through the doors for the interview. His wife had recently passed away, so he decided to come out of retirement to pass the time.

We connected over the past two years, and I think he secretly always made sure I was his number one priority, when really the band should always come first. He wasn’t afraid to tell the guys to cut the bullshit when he needed to and remind them that there was a lady on board. Teddy snorted every time he said it but never argued with Bobby.

Hey, I could definitely be a girly girl, but Teddy knew just about every side of me, too, and knew I could handle just about as much bullshit as they could throw at me. If I could deal with him, I could handle any one of the other guys.

“I believe Mr. Sampson’s working on music in the back. You probably won’t want to disturb him right now,” Bobby informed me as he re-buckled his seat belt with a sigh and shifted the bus into drive. He was all about staying on schedule, which was a good thing. He certainly helped me out a ton by doing so. If you had to give me a title, I guess you could call me the guys’ personal assistant. I made sure they were on time, showed up sober and dressed as appropriately as they would. I took care of all communications from the manager and their label, and helped with planning their tour schedules.

I shrugged my shoulders at Bobby before turning to walk through the darkened bus. “Well, he’ll just have to deal this time. Besides, I’m sure he’ll be excited to see me.”

Bobby muttered something that I couldn’t make out, but I continued on my way. Ever since Chase left the band, Teddy had actually started to write a lot of the music that the guys performed. His one major rule, though, was once he got an idea in mind, he couldn’t be bothered. Apparently, it disturbed the song in his head or something. Whatever.

I heard a loud moan as I walked towards the back and groaned, cursing myself for not having my earplugs in my pocket. The sooner I got to our room, the better, plus I’m sure Teddy and I could drown out some of the noise ourselves.

“Surprise!” I pushed open the door, and my mouth dropped open when I recognized my husband’s bare, tattooed back, his body centered in the middle of our bed as he crouched on his knees. Normally, I appreciated the sight but the one in front of me was definitely not for

BOOK: One Simple Step (Journey Series)
9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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