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What do you think you’re
doing?” he asked.

Repaying the favor?” She
smiled up at him hopefully.

He didn’t have the heart to tell her
he didn’t enjoy being penetrated. Not even by her sexy little
fingers. “Get in the tub.”

She wriggled out of her
panties and bent over to check the water. Luscious ass in the air,
her legs were spread just enough to give him an eyeful of her
hidden delights. A mixture of her cum and his dripped from her
pussy. Jesus. Had her view of him a moment ago been that revealing?
No wonder she’d tried to press a finger into his ass. She didn’t
protest a bit when he followed her example. He’d just spent himself
inside her, but the sight of his finger penetrating her rear had
his cock rising with excitement again. And the sexy little
she vocalized before
rocking backward to take him deeper formed an undeniable knot of
need low in his belly.

Yeah, should have gone with the cold

He freed his finger and playfully
swatted the gentle curve of her butt. “Into the tub, Miss
Fairbanks,” he said. “You’ve been a dirty girl.”

If I disobey, will you
punish me, Mr. Taylor?” Her hips writhed suggestively. “I loved it
when you spanked me until I made you come last time.”

He remembered the way her pussy had
clenched around his cock with each swat—how fan-fucking-tastic it
felt to come with her squeezing him inside her so tight—but he was
determined to be gentle with her this time. To show her that sex
didn’t have to be rough to be fun and exciting.

No, I won’t spank you for
disobeying, Miss Fairbanks. I’ll just get in first, knowing you
won’t be able to resist joining me.” He climbed into the tub and
sank into the water with a contented sigh. His weary body melted
into the warmth. He switched on the jets and a mechanical rumble
accompanied the water pounding against his lower back. He sank a
bit lower and closed his eyes.

Within seconds, Madison joined him,
splashing his chest as she settled on the opposite side of the tub.
When the level of the water reached his shoulders, she turned off
the taps and sat before him with her back facing his chest, leaving
at least a foot of distance between them. He knew what she was
after. She liked that he couldn’t keep his hands off her. Since he
wouldn’t want to disappoint her, he tugged her back against his
front and waited for her to relax before he released his hold. They
were both used to fucking like rabbits whenever they were naked and
in each other’s sights, so it took her a moment to go limp against
him and just enjoy the soothing heat and Jacuzzi jets. The weight
of her body felt wonderful against his chest and belly. She felt so
right and real tucked against him, as if she belonged in that exact

Adam didn’t mean to get sexually
excited again, but he couldn’t stop his cock from finding the rump
pressed against it extremely arousing. And damned if his hands
didn’t have minds of their own as they moved to gently massage the
soft globes of her breasts. His disobedient fingers couldn’t help
but toy with her nipples when those delightful buds hardened into
tight tips against his palms. It was totally not his fault that he
couldn’t be around her for any length of time without wanting to
sample every delight her body so willingly offered him.


Hmm?” he murmured, not
sure how it was possible to be relaxed and excited at the same

Will you show me more
naughty things?”

He grinned and rubbed his nose against
her neck just behind her ear. “What kinds of naughty

Everything. I want to
experience everything with you.”

I don’t know

You know more than I do.
And I could look some things up and we can try them out,” she

He couldn’t see her face, but he knew
she’d be blushing.

I mean, if you want

If I was a betting man,
and I am, I’d put my money on you being far kinkier than I

She giggled. “I’ll make that a

Dear lord, he’d created a monster—a
very sweet and sexy monster, one he was more than willing to
experiment with sexually, but a monster just the same. Her
fingertips lightly stroked his outer thighs beneath the warm water.
Every inch of him was aware of every inch of her.

What goes on at those sex
clubs you go to?” she asked.

to go to,” he corrected. “Why do you keep asking about

She shrugged. “You said you liked to
perform, but never explained what that means, so I figured I’d go
find out for myself.”

Absolutely not. He knew what those
places were like, and he didn’t want her anywhere near one by
herself. “I’d be happy to show you.”

No arguments from me.
Every time you show me something new, I’m rewarded with
mind-blowing orgasms.”

Are you sure? It requires
an audience.”

She went still. “An

He could already picture her tangled
in the bed sheets on the stage, her thighs spread wide, his mouth
working fervently to make her scream so all those watching knew how
hard he made her come.

I know of this really
great place in New Orleans,” he said. “It’s fairly exclusive; they
don’t let just any average Joe off the street join. I have a few
days off tour next week. If you want to go, I’m sure I could get us

What would I have to

Nothing. Let me please
you. Let me perform.”

Would I have to be

He chuckled. “Mostly.”

And people would see me
naked? People I don’t know?”

We’ll both wear masks. No
one will know it’s you, except me.”

know it’s me.”

He kissed the crown of her head. “It’s
okay. It’s not for everyone.”

She didn’t say anything for a long
moment, so he figured she’d let the idea drop. He should have known

I want to be open to try
Adam. You’re always willing to give me what I like. Do you really
like to perform in front of an audience?”

He chuckled. “Let’s just say before I
met you, it was my favorite sex act.”

And now?”

You’re my favorite sex

So if you performed on
me . . . ”

His entire body stiffened, splashing
water out of the tub as he reached for solid porcelain to steady
himself. “I’d probably come so hard my balls would launch into
outer space.”

She laughed. “We don’t want your balls
to end up in orbit.”

You’re right. That doesn’t
sound pleasant.”

But I do want to see how
hard I can make you come,” she said. “I could give performing a
try. Next week in New Orleans?”

No pressure,” he

If I change my mind, I can
back out, right?”

Of course,” he said, but
he had some ideas on how to get her excited about the idea so she
wouldn’t change her mind.

Madison sat there for several minutes
and he gave her the time to think it through. He didn’t want her to
feel like she couldn’t tell him no. When he said no pressure, he
meant it.

Okay, New Orleans next
week. I’m in.” She sounded like she’d just agreed to a bank heist.
She took a deep breath. “Tell me what to expect.”

He withheld his victory dance and
played it cool. “Not saying. I want you to be surprised.” He
pressed his hands between her thighs and forced her legs apart.
“But I know you’ll like it,” he whispered in her ear. “You’ll like
strangers watching you beg for penetration. You’ll like when they
watch you come.” He stroked her clit, and she thrashed in the
water. “Their attention will make you so hot.”

I’ll be embarrassed,” she

Just remember, I’m the
only one who will know it’s you.”

wears masks?” she asked.

Except for the director.”
He smirked. “He wears a hood.”

What?” Her entire body
trembled against him. “What do you mean? Who’s the

You’ll find out next week.
I’m not saying any more.”

Adam! Don’t tease me. Tell
me what will happen.”

But he had plans to tease
her all week with hints and messages so that by the time they
arrived at
La Petite
, she’d be so excited by the idea of
performing, she wouldn’t even question it.

Every man in the room will
be jealous of me eating out this pussy,” he whispered into her ear.
He cupped her mound and squeezed, his fingertips sliding between
her swollen folds. “I’m going to hold you wide open so they can see
my tongue licking your sweet cum. They’ll see how much I relish it,
and will be salivating for a taste, but only I can have it. It’s

She groaned. “How many will be

We won’t know until the
time comes. It might be a few or as many as thirty. And they’ll all
have their cocks in their hands by the time I’m finished with

She rocked her hips, rubbing her mound
against his hand. “Oh God, just the thought is making me

He stroked her swollen clit
rhythmically beneath the water. He wasn’t quite ready to make love
to her yet—he was really enjoying the water jets against his
back—but he loved that she was getting all hot and bothered by
making future plans. Mostly because it meant they had a

He caressed her clit
—until her hips bucked and she rocked her mound against his
hand as she came. The back of her head crashed against his shoulder
as she cried out in ecstasy.

You’re going to give all
of our spectators raging hard-ons when you come all sexy like
that.” It certainly made his cock stiff. “Make lots of noise for
me, Madison. Don’t hold it in. You have to let our audience know
how much I please you.”

I’ll be loud,” she said
breathlessly. “I’ll scream if you want me to.”

Her body went limp, and he held her
against his chest, nose buried in her fragrant hair. She relaxed
and let him hold her. This was what he’d been craving all
evening—calm, quiet closeness. He had no doubt that she’d soon have
him worked into a frenzy again, but for now this was nice.
Sometimes nice was exactly what he needed.

They sat for a long while in silence.
His eyelids were drooping lethargically when she asked, “Are there
other kinds of sex clubs?”

He chuckled. Yep, his sexually curious
little monster would definitely have him pawing her like an animal
in record time. “There are the ones that Kellen

She tilted her head to look at him
over her shoulder. “What is Kellen into anyway?”

His nickname didn’t give
it away?”

Cuff? Don’t you call him
that because he wears those leather cuffs on his

That’s exactly why we call
him Cuff.”

She looked completely perplexed—her
forehead furrowed and lips pursed. As adventurous and sexy as the
woman was, he loved these glimpses of her innocence. She was losing
a bit of the quality as her eyes opened to experiences beyond the
ordinary, but he doubted she’d ever completely lose her basic
purity, and he didn’t want her to.

He loves to restrain a
woman so she can’t resist all the dirty, kinky things he does to
her body,” he whispered in her ear.

Madison shuddered against him. “Oh!
Does he spank them?”

If they ask

I want you to do that to
me,” she said.

Adam visualized her with her arms
restrained behind her back and her legs secured spread so that her
scrumptious ass and sweet pussy were exposed to his delight. He
could lick and suck on her for hours, and she wouldn’t be able to
get away or tempt him into taking her quickly. He doubted he’d
spank her at all. Even if she asked nicely. He nibbled gently on
her ear, as if blood wasn’t surging into his cock at the thought of
her bound and at his mercy. “If that’s what you want.”

She nodded eagerly.

But not tonight. Tonight I
get to be gentle with you.”

I’m not sure if I’ll be
able to stand it, Adam.”

Why not?”

She took a deep breath.
“Because . . . Because when you’re tender with me, I
get so overwhelmed with emotion that I’m likely to burst into

His heart twisted unpleasantly. He
wasn’t sure how he’d react if she cried during sex. “Happy

BOOK: One Night with Sole Regret 02 Tempt Me
2.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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