One Mate Five Alphas (Werebear Shifter FMMMMM Menage Steamy Romance)

BOOK: One Mate Five Alphas (Werebear Shifter FMMMMM Menage Steamy Romance)
5.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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One Mate Five Alphas


It was only with the storm rising up around me that I realized the stupidity of what I had done. Hiking alone, this far into the woods? Off the trail? What had I been thinking?


As much as I wanted to perish the thought, I knew what had driven me to do this: Lyle. That piece of shit ex-boyfriend of mine, a welcome excision from my life that was all too recent. Catching him five inches up into my best friend was the best and the worst thing that had happened to me. Unfortunately, it came at the cost of three long years of my life, and with the loss of the one girl who had been there for me since fourth grade.


I hoped that they were happy together. Well, that was technically untrue. I hoped that they were both
completely, utterly miserable
. Because that's what had happened to me. For weeks, I had wanted him to propose. I'd even discussed it with her. But instead of proposing, he fucked my best friend. All because, what? Because I wasn't sleeping with him until the marriage?


What a sack of shit. At least I hadn't wound up tied to the guy after all.


But this didn't help my current predicament. I was alone and scared in the woods, having wandered too far away from the trail. The rain had taken me by complete surprise, and as sky hadn't given me enough time to find my way back before the darkness came, completely blotting out my hopes.


If the pneumonia didn't get me, it was going to be any number of predators out here, and I was very quickly running out of options.


My head turned. In the distance, a sound. It wasn't a roar, nor was it the rain. Something...something else. Was it? Could it be?


"Hello!" I barely heard the voice in the distance, and I couldn't place it, but that wasn't going to stop me. It was my only chance at safety.


"Are you...hello! Can you hear me!"


It called out again, and I could gather the direction now. I stumbled between the trees, feeling the rain splash hard against me as I waved my arms.


"Hello! Can you hear me?" I called out.


"Yes! Just...follow the sound...voice!"


I could hear the voice singing now, and I carefully fought my way through the underbrush. Of course, I hadn't intended to leave the trail, so I didn't think to bring a machete. I held my hands out against branches that were determined to hold me back. My greatest efforts amounted to little as I tried to cover my face from the rain as it splashed bitterly into my eyes.


Still, the voice was growing ever louder, and I could make out individual words of his song as I fought my way to him. Finally, I crashed out of the trees and into a small clearing, where he was standing.


Tall, handsome, and with a wisp of sandy hair atop his head, the man of my salvation took me into his arms as I cried. He patted my head and drew his jacket off, pulling it over my shoulders and head.


"There, there...this is not the time to get lost in the woods! Listen, I have a cabin not far from here...come with me, let's get you out of the rain and near a fire. You'll die of cold out here!"


Given the alternative, and the likely result of grave sickness or death if I went that route, I gladly took him up on his offer. He led me by the hand through the brush as we wandered back, and within a few moments we were on a side trail, with a lighted cabin around the next bend.


"How did you find me?" I managed to get out of my throat, which had otherwise seemed to seize up.


"I was on my way back when this rain started. I caught a glimpse of you wandering around, but you must not have heard me over the storm...and I lost you, for a few minutes. I thought you were going to be a goner. But then luck prevailed, and I finally found you in the distance."


"And I'm so glad you did. It was so stupid for me to be this far away from the main trail...I'm not familiar with this part of the woods," I told him.


"Yeah, what exactly
you doing way out here?"


"Forgetting an ex. Apparently, the best way to do it is to get lost and killed."


"Not the best approach, I'd say," he told me. In the shadows I could still catch the faintest glimpse of a smile, and it warmed my heart. Maybe this hadn't been such a bad idea after all.


*              *              *              *


He barred the door behind us as we fumbled into the cabin, wiping the rain from our eyes. He began to disrobe his wet clothes, reducing down to his bare chest. My good Samaritan obviously kept himself in great shape, given his lean build and strong shoulders. The earliest signs of a set of firm abs were clear under the skin of his abdomen, and I found myself flustered at the sight.


Flustered but shivering.


"You'll forgive me if I don't exactly have anything that will fit you properly," he told me. "But what I do have is a warm bathtub upstairs and fresh towels. Why don't you take a dip, and I'll prepare us something to eat?"


"That's...not such a bad idea," I told him. "What's your name, by the way?"


The Samaritan gave a quick gleam of a smile. "Douglas. You?"


"Kinsie," I told him.


"Well,'s a pleasure to meet you. Now, get on upstairs and out of that freezing clothing before you catch your death after all."


*              *              *              *


A warm surge of bliss extended across my body, even down into my fingertips and toes, as I submerged under the hot water. The bathroom was small, rugged and rudimentary, but had the essentials that I needed. That apparently happened to include a bathtub that was large enough for me to completely sink into, and I felt the soothing warmth begin to sap the troubles of the night away.


Meanwhile, I could hear movement from downstairs, and wondered what Douglas was going to prepare for us to eat. While I hadn't seen much of the cabin, the lights told me that he had a working generator at the least, and that probably meant a stovetop. Hell, even if it were a few cans of vegetables and some bread, I'd be happy with that. I'd eaten right before the hike, but the terror I had felt out in the storm had filled me with the need for comfort.


And he was so handsome, too. My strong, limber savior, out in the woods and drawing me to the comfort of his cabin. If he played his cards right, I could easily see myself straddling him halfway towards dawn. I'd seen a few of the looks he had given me, even with my large curves. Unlike the city boys I'd been chasing for years, he was a man who appreciated a thicker woman, and I had quite some involuntary sexual drought that I could fulfill against his body.


After half an hour, I decided that the bath had been enough, and rose from the water to towel off. Freeing the plug, I listened to the water drain down the pipes while I dried off with the white, fluffy towel that he had left for me. My eyes fell upon the shirt and shorts that he had pulled for me, and I started to climb into them before realizing that they were just way too small for me.


A dastardly, sexy idea came into mind.


I listened downstairs for activity, and could still hear him in what sounded like the kitchen. Thinking quickly, I darted into the master bedroom, opening the closet and flicking through his clothes. Maybe I could find a larger shirt to wear, something that could drape down to my knees.


It didn't take me long to find something appropriate (or inappropriate, rather), and I quickly threw it on over my skin. Now in just a shirt and panties, I knew that I'd be in the opportune position to strike if the moment came – and if he wanted to force it, well, I was already okay with that approach too.


Out of curiosity, I flipped through some more of his clothes in the closet. I knew that I shouldn't have, but I just had to see what else he had in here.


I didn't expect to find a torn blouse. Or a filthy women's over-shirt. A few ragged tank tops.


I stepped back quietly from the closet.
What are these doing here
? I thought to myself in anguish. It would have been one thing if the clothes had been clean, but these...they were all obviously caked in mud or stains from the forest, with signs of struggle. Maybe struggling from anxiety of being alone in the woods...but maybe struggling from something else.


I put my fears to rest, glancing at the door. Putting everything back as quickly and silently as possible, I closed the closet door and slipped out of the room – and practically into Douglas' arms.


"What were you doing in there?" His face was warm as ever, but his tone was drenched in suspicion. His eyes wandered to the ajar door, but back to me when I smiled and placed my hands on his cheeks.


"I just wanted to surprise you!" I indicated my oversized shirt. "What you picked for me didn't quite fit, so I thought I'd wear one of your bigger you like it?" I exaggerated a pout, my bottom lip sticking firmly out.


"Yes, it's...this will do nicely," he agreed. "Dinner's ready. Why don't you come downstairs?"


*              *              *              *


I followed him down to the lower floor and sat at the small, wooden table across from him. Two plates of oven-baked chicken and steamed vegetables awaited us, and I eagerly sat down for the food.


"Oh my god, it looks incredible," I told him. Gushing, I was desperate to overcome my suspicions, but perhaps this wasn't his cabin. He might just be squatting it, or at least have it on loan from a friend.


That particular detail became increasingly important, and after I was halfway through my meal, I finally asked.


"Is this your cabin?"


Douglas paused with a surprised look on his face, his fork halfway to his mouth. "You got me!" He chuckled as he placed it back down to his plate, a charming smile across his lips. "No, this isn't mine. My father owns this cabin, and has done for some time. Truth is, before today, I hadn't even been out here in years. Which was lucky for you, I guess!"


I laughed with him.
. The clothes looked fresher than that...although...


What had started as a minor feeling of discontentment deep down was growing into an unavoidable headache. I drank another swig of water, emptying the glass, and started to move to get up.


"Oh, I'll get that for you," Douglas told me kindly, taking my glass and walking over to the sink. He poured me another from the faucet, and after closing the tap, looked between the water and me. His kind eyes capturing mine, he tossed the water back down the drain.


"On second thought...maybe not. After all, the drugs are starting to take effect now, and I don't want to hamper them by flooding your system with water."




"What are you talking...?" I started to ask, as I realized that my throat was seizing up. I clutched at my neck, stumbling down from the chair and against the floor as I weakly kicked myself away from him. He advanced with a gentile smile, slowly and methodically following me as I limply kicked my way back towards the front door.


"I know you know," he told me. "The moment you stepped out of my bedroom. I could see it in your eyes. The clothes. From all the murders."


Panic overwhelmed me, but my body wouldn't cooperate. I felt the last vestiges of strength leave my limbs, and I couldn't move any further.


"Yes, the murders," he continued, smiling all the while. "Half a dozen hikers at least, over the last few years. Thing is, Kinsie, I lied to you when I told you I hadn't been here long. In fact, I've been here a while."


He paused, recollecting his thoughts.


"Well, at least, for a few days at a time. I guess you didn't check the weather, because I knew it was going to rain hard tonight. It was going to come and go over the next week. And usually, I can capture a hiker under the conditions. They always willingly come, after all. It isn't hard when they're trapped in under the thunder and the rain. And I simply...invite them in. They never say no. Must be something disarming about me," he mused to himself, turning that attractive but vile grin back towards me.

BOOK: One Mate Five Alphas (Werebear Shifter FMMMMM Menage Steamy Romance)
5.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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