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Not Even Death-Eternally Your Master

BOOK: Not Even Death-Eternally Your Master
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Not Even Death


Your Master

A Novella






Copyright © 2014 B.B.

All rights reserved.

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Happily Ever What?







2011-Domaine de la Butterfly (the Estate-Field of
the Butterfly)

Calico Cruz couldn’t believe her eyes. It
started out innocently enough, with a simple knock on the door.
Most knocks are simple, mundane, but then there are those that
signal an opening to something. Something profound, something life
altering…the knocks to which all other knocks are measured. The
funeral had only been a month ago, but the moment she opened the
door, and the envelope she realized— he’d been right all along! Not
even death could break the bond they shared.
Crying…smiling…laughing like a lunatic, she read her Master’s
words. He was reaching out to her from beyond the grave. Only
Markus! She knew it would be something magnificent


Go to your special, safe place and sit before
continuing to read.

She held the contents of the envelope close
to her chest and obeyed. The tears still streamed, she didn’t
bother to hinder their descent. He deserved her smiles, tears and
obedience. He would whole heartedly approve of the outrageous
laughter. You’re amazing when you laugh Kitten…It’s so
infectious…Promise you’ll never stop laughing baby.

She quickly made her way through the living
room, foyer and onto the veranda. She skipped across the steps
leading to the terracotta tile of the expansive patio. Finally, her
feet were in the deep, cool grass leading to her special place. She
took a moment to notice each of the unique stepping stones Markus
had given her throughout the years. She was officially walking down
“Memory Lane”. She could see it in the distance. The water
surrounding it was a beautiful turquoise. Obeying, she arrived at
her spot, the gazebo.

She nestled, kneeling on the pillows
surrounding the plush mattress. She didn’t close the curtains, she
wanted to hear the water and see the sky. He was there, in all
things. He was still with her.

Returning to the package she selected the
next piece of linen stock,
even in death he’s elegant.


I will trust you’ve done as I requested and are
kneeling on your pillows. You’ve become such a good, obedient girl
and I suspect that hasn’t changed so soon.

I can only imagine what you must be feeling. How
difficult it must be for one so accustomed to serving to suddenly
have no one to serve. You may be considering your life and choices.
You know Domaine de la Butterfly is now yours. I know you’ll never
accept ownership of anything, but your home will remain yours. You
will also find, in this envelope, other things I’ve reverted back
to your capable hands. Don’t be afraid, Kitten.

Calico began to rustle through the papers.
Tears filled her big, amber eyes again. In her hands was the
contract between Markus and herself. She kissed it and held it to
her heart, recalling the day they’d signed it with his lawyer as
witness. It seemed so long ago and like yesterday. Where had time
gone? She’d cherished every second but they just hadn’t been

As she continued through the stack she saw
the slave certificate; Markus was listed as her owner. Sliding her
hand up the nape of her neck she touched the barcode tattoo.

These were the things he was leaving in her
hands? Was he certain of her capability?
She felt so lost
without him.

I know you won’t go searching with any sort
of urgency, your loyalty runs so deep and the guilt would consume
you. But, I can’t possibly imagine you floating around this estate
like a ghost while you’re still alive. You’re too good, too hungry
and have too much life left to live. So, my sweet kitten, I’ve,
taken this, out of your hands. You will need to serve. It’s who you
are. The decision is mine.

I’d considered willing you to someone but the
potential for a life of unhappiness…I’d rather you a ghost.

Calico sat in the middle of the gazebo, curled up
and rocking in attempt to console her heart. She couldn’t imagine
the reality of what she read. Although she hadn’t felt him touch
her in a month, she could feel him cradling her broken heart

After careful consideration, I’ve chosen some of my
dearest friends to look after you. I chose only those I thought
would help you laugh, heal and grow in my physical absence. I may
not be there to Master you in my earthly body, but I am alive and
well in your heart and mind.

Each of them has my deepest admiration and trust. I
expect you to give them the same consideration. They will prove
they can earn it from you, I promise you that, but at my will, give
it first please.

For now, they will be acting as vessels for my will
and desire, I will be in each of them, don’t forget that kitten.
They will treat you only as outlined by me.

Ultimately, you will find a match; you’ll both know
when it happens and have my blessing. Until that time, enjoy what I
will give you through them. Enjoy the gifts they’ve given me….to
continue my journey with you. I love you my kitten

Ya’ see? I told you, not even death…


Your Master,







Calico sat amidst the pillows, clutching the
pages to her chest. Since the funeral she’d cried enough tears to
fill the Great Salt Lake. Each memory lingered in her mind, the
world seemed like a dream in slow motion. She ceased living when he

Now this?
Not even death stopped his
hands from holding her up. He’d always held her.

Curling up she allowed her mind to go back in
time. It was a lifetime ago, Markus’ lifetime and hers. How had he
seen anything in her then? She softened, thinking back to the
streets of New York City. How had he managed to see beneath the
straggly girl on the grift and barely surviving?

Sinking deeper into the memory she could
almost see his shadow, hear him clapping behind her. That very,
first time.


NYC 1999

That was some performance little girl.” The deep
laughter had startled her from counting her take. She saw his
silhouette in the distance. The only thing not hidden by the
darkness was the crisp, white shirt he wore under his dark

It was all so clear, as if he were still alive.

Hey, whoever you are, I have mace!” She’d said
from the safe shadows of the alley. What does he want? I don’t have

Hey, I don’t want to hurt you.” His voice was
steady, he relaxed his stance. “I couldn’t help noticing you…very
slick…almost perfect!”

She quickly jumped up, knocking boxes over as she
got to her feet. Her eyes looked past him, to the areas of light
surrounding him. She had to escape, she always found a way.

Mister, I don’t know what you think you saw…I’m
not into any of that…” Leaving the words in the alley she shoved by
him, stumbling onto The Avenue of the Americas. She didn’t know
what he wanted but was sure she wasn’t into it.

He grabbed her arm firmly, noticing how frail she
was under the oversized coat she wore. He wondered how long it’d
been since she’d had a proper meal

Hey, what’s your story?” He asked, looking at her
dirty, yet pretty face. “You know I saw you right?”

Like I said, I don’t know what you think you
saw…but seriously, get over it.” How had he seen? She was invisible
to all the people roaming the street. Invisibility was how she’d
survived. How had this suit seen her? He was exactly the type who
never saw it coming.

The well-heeled man extended his hand. “Take this,
if you ever need a friend, I can help.”

She looked at the card, trying not to look into the
handsome face of the man holding it.

Just take it. What do you have to lose? You can
throw it out if you don’t want it, but at least humor me and take
it.” His manner was soft but strong.

Fine…I’ll take it…but don’t expect anything.
Remember, I told…” she started as she took the card.

Yes, “He laughed, with a disarming smile. “I
know…’you don’t do that kind of stuff.’”

She shoved the card into her pocket and disappeared
into the night.


That was so long ago. She pulled the pillows
close, wishing they were Markus’ once strong body. She had never
been invisible to him, not even in that alley.

Looking out to the setting sun she spoke to
him. “You’ll never be invisible to me either Sir. I’ll do my best
to honor everything you’ve done for me…everything you’re still

What he laid out before her was no simple
task. He’d never been one for simple tasks; he’d taken her on after
all. He’d managed to turn an alley cat into a pampered pet.

“I know this is what you wish…one of your
final. It will be a service to you. Know, you will always be with
me, eternally.” She would find a way to be happy and pleasing in
her service as she always had. Anything less would be a slap in his

Pulling the blankets close she settled deeper
into her safe zone. Markus had built it, with his own hands,
wanting her to have some place of her own. The cozy, open little
cage and stepping stones were reminders. No matter how difficult
the lessons could be, how close to the edge the play would get—no
matter what—through and beyond it all—she was deeply loved. She’d
walked, crawled and even been carried to this place to process.
Now, she was here again, guided by him.

BOOK: Not Even Death-Eternally Your Master
7.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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