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Tiffany clenched her belly in protest. Piers looked ready to take one of his stands. This would throw her whole schedule off. There wasn't enough of those briefs for anyone to give a shit about the color. And the model wearing them had an honest-to-God eight-pack, all carved out of his deep chocolate skin. She went with the tried-and-true response, guaranteed to win the argument. “That's the color the client wanted.”
Tiffany held her breath as Piers glared at the yellow briefs.
Take the shot, Piers. Please, please, please, take the shot.
“I don't know why I must always work with people who have such fetid taste.” Piers stalked over to his camera. Tiffany let her breath out.
“I wouldn't wear yellow underpants if you paid me.” Blondie's heavy baritone stroked her eardrums. His voice sent goose bumps frog-marching up and down her spine.
“Well, we're paying him.” She turned to frown at him. “If you're not a model, then what are you doing here?”
“Looking for you.”
Goddamn it. Her phone slipped out of her hand. Blondie caught it in one paw.
“Do I know you?” Tiffany snatched her phone back and tried to do the same with her dignity.
“Nope.” He shook his head slowly. “We've never met. But I know
you. I'm a friend of your husband. Lola told me where to find you.”
“I'm a friend of Luke's. Your husband?”
That's what she thought he said. Her heart skipped a beat. “Ah, fuck!”
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BOOK: Nobody's Fool
4.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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