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New York Debut

BOOK: New York Debut
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new york debut
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Carlson, Melody.
  New York debut / by Melody Carlson.
   p. cm. — (Carter House girls ; bk. 6)
  Summary: Life at the Carter house is in an uproar, with Taylor coming home from rehab treatment, Kriti developing a possible eating disorder, and Eliza creating competition between the girls for the New York debut at Spring Fashion Week.
  ISBN 978-0-310-71493-4
  [1. Models (Persons) — Fiction. 2. Eating disorders — Fiction. 3. Alcoholism — Fiction. 4. Christian life — Fiction. 5. Interpersonal relations — Fiction. 6. Conduct of life — Fiction. 7. Boardinghouses — Fiction.] I. Title.
  PZ7.C216637Ne 2009
  [Fic] — dc22


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new york debut


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asked Grandmother pleasantly. She kept her eyes focused on the road as she navigated her Mercedes through the heavy traffic exiting the air terminal.

DJ hadn’t told Grandmother the whole story yet. In fact, she hadn’t said much of anything to her this past week, except to leave a brief message explaining that she’d changed her return flight from Vegas, and that she planned to be home two days earlier than expected. Obviously, Grandmother had assumed that Taylor had changed her plans too and was returning with DJ.

“So . . . is Taylor on a later flight?” Grandmother persisted.

DJ was tempted to say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” But she knew Grandmother wouldn’t buy that.

“Desiree?” Grandmother glanced at her curiously.

“Taylor is in LA.” DJ said the words slowly, wishing she could add something more to her answer, something that would deflect any further questioning . . . or blame. But what?

“Visiting her father?”

“No . . .”

“Touring with Eva?”

“No . . .”

“What then?” Grandmother’s voice grew slightly irritated as she entered the busy expressway, cutting directly in front of a semi without even using her turn signal. The trucker leaned into his horn, but Grandmother seemed oblivious. “Where
the girl, Desiree? Why isn’t Taylor with you? Speak up, please!”

“Taylor is in rehab.” DJ sucked in a quick breath, preparing herself for her grandmother’s reaction.

Grandmother turned to stare at DJ with widened eyes. “Whatever for?”

“For alcohol treatment.” DJ pointed ahead at the crowded road now. “Watch out!” she cried as the Mercedes wandered over the line and into the center lane.

Grandmother returned her attention to driving, her lips pressed tightly together. Hopefully she was stunned into speechlessness, although DJ knew it wouldn’t last long. DJ looked out the window, staring at the stone gray skyline as she twisted the handle of her Gucci bag. Taylor had forced the purse on her right before she went into the rehab facility.

“You keep it,” Taylor had told DJ after she’d emptied some personal items into another bag. They were sitting in Taylor’s mom’s luxurious tour bus that was parked outside of the rehab center. The Gucci bag was on the small dining table, with Taylor and DJ sitting across from each other.

“I can’t keep your purse,” DJ had told Taylor. “It’s way too expensive. Besides, I know how much you love this bag.”

“It’ll make me feel better to know it’s on the outside.” Taylor was joking, but DJ could see the tears in her eyes. “For all I know someone in that place might try to steal it from me anyway.”

Then they’d just sat there in silence for a few minutes. DJ had worried that this was all a huge mistake . . . and that it was all DJ’s fault for confronting Taylor in the first place. Not that DJ didn’t want Taylor to get help with her alcohol problem. She most definitely did. But, really, what did they know about this place? And what about the people who ran it? Wouldn’t it be better for Taylor to get treatment back in Connecticut? Back where she’d have friends to support her?

“Let’s go.” Taylor had stood with a determined expression. The driver, who’d been patiently waiting outside for them, now opened the door and smiled uncertainly, asking Taylor if she was ready. She had just nodded solemnly, waiting as he gathered up her designer bags and led the way.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” DJ had asked as they followed him to the main entrance of the facility. But Taylor said nothing. Instead, she’d held her head high, in that haughty Taylor fashion, tossing DJ a narrow-eyed glance. DJ had known immediately what the look meant. It was a warning — keep your mouth shut before I let you have it. And that’s just what DJ had done.

Grandmother made a hissing sound through her lips, but continued to drive without speaking. This was a relief since DJ didn’t really want to discuss Taylor right now. She was still trying to grasp this strange turn of events herself. It felt surreal. Just a week ago, she’d been so angry at Taylor (and Eliza too). They’d both been totally exasperating in Vegas — drinking, partying, and pretending to be adults, but acting more like spoiled children. Then Eliza left — just as quickly as she’d come. That’s when DJ had confronted Taylor, and that’s when Taylor had decided to get help. After that, DJ had been mostly on her own, counting the days and hours until she could fly out of there. No matter what others said about the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, to DJ it would always be lonely and depressing. She was thankful to be back in Connecticut again. Even if it was starting to rain.

BOOK: New York Debut
13.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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