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It was a true statement. She was having difficulty keeping from touching him. She knew the punishment would be so worth it, there really wasn’t anything stopping her, but yet she did what he’d asked. She surrendered her own will.

He unbuttoned her pants, sliding them down over her hips and thighs. She stepped out of them. Her lace panties were left in place.


With her arms still up in the air, she took small shuffling steps to turn in a full circle until she faced him again.

“Undress me,” he said.

She was grateful to be able to pull her arms down at last. With shaking fingers she removed his shirt, feeling the heat of his chest and the excitement of his heavy breathing as she kneeled and pulled down his pants, allowing him to step out of them. Normally, she’d hold onto his enormous erection, her mouth watering for the desired taste of his precum. But she resisted, stood, her right breast sneaking a quick touch against the crown of his cock, which bobbed in response.

“Take down your panties.”

She did so, not taking her eyes off his. When she stood erect and completely naked, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to his groin. He didn’t object as she squeezed herself against him, as she raised her thigh, rubbing her sex against his hip and upper leg, as she moaned into his ear. He bit her neck, kissed his way under her chin and bit the other side. She melted into him. If his arms were not holding her up she would have collapsed into the floor.

They parted, Jameson turning on the shower. He gently ushered her in, but stopped outside to dig something from his pants. It was a red satin ribbon and he didn’t try to hide it. He grabbed one of her hair clips from the vanity and brought it also to the shower. He secured her hair up with the large clip, placing a kiss at the top of her neck.

“Now, give me those wrists,” he commanded.

She turned back to face him and held her forearms together. He wrapped the red ribbon in figure eights around both wrists, ending in a bow on top, securing them both.

“That should take care of that.”

“Where did you get—”

“Did I ask you to speak, Mrs. Daniels?”

He moved her into the water stream, careful not to get too much of her hair wet. The shower gel was in his hands as he massaged her neck, down her shoulders, her arms, and then around her front to her breasts. She rolled her head back, resting on his shoulder as he rubbed.

His fingers found her sex, washing and massaging her nude lips, smoothing over her butt checks, one at a time, and then following up with fingers applying soap bubbles down the crack to her behind. He didn’t penetrate, though she would have gladly accepted him, soap and all.

He finished washing her legs, kneeling before her. She rested her encumbered arms at the back of his neck as he bent over her feet. When water rinsed over her body, his tongue found her clit. She braced herself gently on his shoulders so she could rise up on tiptoes, move one knee to the side to give him full access, which he took eagerly. Leaning over further, she pressed her breasts against his ears, which spurred him to go deeper with his tongue.

He abruptly came up, turned her around and bent her over, placing her palms and bound forearms against the wall. He knelt behind her and found her opening again, exploring and biting her lips. She could feel the let down of juices, and felt the reaction in him as they fueled his desire further.

The backs of her thighs felt his powerful muscles just before she felt his huge cock enter her from behind. She hissed as he plunged deep, rooting, pressing against her cervix. Then his slow in and out movements, the changing angles of his hips as he undulated his sexual dance with her, as she responded in kind, meeting his depth with pressure, her muscles tightening not willing to let him go as he retreated.

Her body was on fire. She widened her stance, giving him as much as she could of herself. He thrust in and pulled her up by the waist, balancing her on his cock. She squirmed against his back, twisting her butt checks, angling her neck and head tight against his. She craved the grunt and low howl emanating from his chest, the hot breath on the back of her neck.

All of a sudden her orgasm hit in an explosion of lights behind her eyes. She moaned his name over and over again. Her bones turned to rubber. She needed his help to hold her up. She needed the strength of his love, the abundance of his character that would never give up, bringing vitality and life to her world. His love, the way he made love, was what she craved more than life itself.

“Yes, baby, right here with you, baby,” he said just before he came.

And he was right there with her, next to her, in her, everywhere. He braced her, helped her hold on as her body shook, as she struggled to breathe, as she released herself to him completely.

She lay back against him as they recovered. She couldn’t bring herself to bear weight on her legs when at last she tried. Her arms hung limply down in front of her, but he still held her up. He adjusted her body, his heart beating hard, making her own chest rumble with the vibration. She moved her hips from side to side on his cock, and then leaned against the cool granite tiles, pressing her forehead against the cool wall. Sounds of the shower came back to her as her ears stopped buzzing, as her breathing returned to normal. But he was still there, deep inside her.

“Baby, are you okay?”

“I’ve never felt like this before. Jameson, I don’t think I can move.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

She regretfully slid off his shaft, her toes hitting the shower floor, then turned, bracing her back against the wall. He started to untie the ribbons.

“No.” She curled her arms to the side, protecting her binding. “I don’t want to let go of these. I am yours, Jameson. Forever. I belong to you. I will do anything for you, go anywhere, endure anything, any danger, risk anything but your life or Charlotte’s.” She held her arms out to him. “This reminds me there is only one way. Your way.”

He slipped her arms over his head, resting her wrists on his shoulders and kissed her. “Sweetheart. Thank you. I didn’t mean to—”

“You didn’t hurt me. I have never felt so loved, Jameson. Never.” She inhaled his tongue, hiking her knees over his hips. He carried her that way all the way to the bed.

Laying her down, he ran to the bathroom and got their towels. He watched as she writhed on the bed, smiling up at him. He was drying himself off with the towel, following from his back and shoulders, down his thighs. He rubbed the towel in his hair, and then lowered it to dry his cock, still stiff from their lovemaking.

Wet and slippery, still bound, her arms pushing her breasts together, she found her opening and placed two fingers inside. Telling him she was desperate for more.

Chapter 9

ameson, Lizzie and
Charlotte said their goodbyes to Nick and Devon at the Sonoma County Schulz Airport. The two ladies acted like they’d known each other their whole lives. The truth was she hadn’t met Devon until this weekend.

“Everything was perfect. And I think you have a new fan or perhaps little sister,” Lizzie said, kneeling down to be at eye level with Charlotte. Devon followed suit.

“Miss Charlotte, you must come back. Lilly will be an even better playmate then. She’ll show you all kinds of things about the winery and the gardens.”

“Okay.” Charlotte got shy and buried her face in Jameson’s leg before he picked her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and played with the collar of his shirt.

Nick gave Lizzie a big hug,” You come on back when he goes overseas. You and Charlotte are welcome anytime. He patted Charlotte’s back. “You were a trooper. Thanks for taking such good care of Lilly.”

Charlotte buried her head further until Jameson tickled her, and they all heard her giggle.

“Thanks, man,” Jameson said, extending his hand. “Judging from how well all this went, I’d say we’ll be frequent visitors.”

“No problem.”

The announcer gave the call for their flight to board. The small airport security screeners were empty, so the three of them slipped through, waving on the other side. The propjet was several yards away from the terminal. A brisk warm wind struck up as they mounted the portable stairs to the cabin.

Charlotte was supposed to be a lap child, but the plane wasn’t full, so Jameson took the seat across the aisle, and although Charlotte protested, she sat obediently next to Lizzie. He loved the fact that Charlotte had shown preference for him lately, making up for lost time. He also loved the fact that Lizzie didn’t appear to be jealous.

His daughter reached over the aisle to hold his hand. “Charlotte, honey, the attendants have to go up and down the aisle, so we can’t do that very long. But I’ll hold your hand until then, okay?”

“Okay, Daddy.”

Immediately an attendant was in front of them, frowning. “I’m so sorry, guys.” The handholding was over. Charlotte settled in against her mother. Jameson looked at his two beautiful women, as his chest filled with pride.

When they were in the air, he adjusted his seat and heard the words to his song,
She’s Got My Eyes
. The melody bounced around his brain, bringing a smile to his face as he drifted into a deep sleep he sorely needed.

Jameson checked in
with Sr. Chief Collins at Coronado as Kyle had instructed to make sure all his paperwork was in order for his first deployment. The small office was sparsely decorated, but something was new. He had a green frog statue holding a surfboard sitting above the military green letter-sized three-drawer file cabinet.

“Is this the legendary one from Gunny’s?”

“No. That one is a shrine to the old fart. I doubt Amornpan will ever let it out of that case. And now that she and Timmons are an item, well, it’s only fitting, right?”

“I believe you’re right, sir.”

“It would take an earthquake,” he knocked on the back of his wooden straight-backed chair, “to dislodge that damn thing.”

Jameson eyed the creature, then Collins’ face, and then back at the frog.

“I can see Kyle didn’t tell you. The wives felt sorry for me and
bought it. Christy and her group of lovelies. And now I live in mortal fear I’ll have the same luck Timmons did.”

Jameson stifled a guffaw.

“What’s that, son?”

“Well, knowing Christy, I’ll bet she got a hell of a deal and already bought its replacement.”

Collins looked up at the tall green frog admiringly. “I suppose you’re right. All the same, I’m getting some super glue just to make sure.”

“So, I’m good to go then? Don’t want to have any snags at the end. I’m ready to jump in.”

“You young married guys—can’t figure you out. Why go to all the shit places in the world, getting chafed, shot at, for little or no pay, when you got a nice little wife and daughter at home. You’re one in a million, Jameson. Usually this is a single man’s game.”

“Hell, sir, I just dig jumping out of airplanes at midnight.”

“I know, I know. Heard it before.
Just to see if I can do it.
Kyle tells all you guys to answer that question the same way.”

“It’s that and the Brotherhood, sir.”

“You can’t say that. You barely know them.”

“Trust me, sir, I’m a good judge of character. You forget what I used to do. I’ve been able to sort out the drunks from the troublemakers, the sinners from the saints. The ladies with claws from those with nice loving hands and smooth lips. And I didn’t have to see them nekked to determine that.”

Collins had himself a laugh that wouldn’t quit until he got one of his coughing spells.

“You okay, sir?”

“Can you give me another ten years cancer free, son?”

“Sorry about that, sir.”

“Sorry about what? I didn’t tell you nothin’.”

“Roger that.”

Collins sat back and perused Jameson one more time. “You sure? You had a nice life. Pretty good guitar player from what I hear. You tell me you never miss it?”

“Ask me that in ten years. It’s too soon, only been less than two years since I gave all that up.”

“No old girlfriends chasing you across country?”

“All the girls worth having would never chase, Sir. You know that, don’t you?”

Collins got that far away look. “Yes, I do.”

Jameson knew the talk was over. Collins would be preparing a readiness report for the head shed. Everyone knew that was the real purpose in checking in.

“Thank you, sir.” He knew Kyle’s guys never saluted unless they had to. He stretched out his palm and Collins gave it a tug, and then pushed him away. At the doorway, Jameson heard the Chief add a comment.

“You met Zak, of course?”

“Yessir,” he said as he turned around, wondering what this was about.

Collins tapped his eye. “First deployment. You be careful now. Don’t do anything stupid.”

“Roger that. Although, if it’s all the same, I have to tell you Zak is quite satisfied being the pirate and living the winery lifestyle with Amy. He traded his Trident in for a patch.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, son.” Collins adjusted his belt, pulling it up over his enlarged belly, which had already grown an inch since Jameson came on the Team. “He’s still got the Trident. He’ll still serve, if he’s called. Just ask Alex. The guy can shoot one-eyed with his non-dominant side better than most championship shooters. You remember that. He trains every day, I hear. He might be detached, but he’s still a SEAL, and if called on, he’ll do his duty. You all will. No matter the age, or the disability. Just ask the old guys around here.”

BOOK: Nashville SEAL: Jameson: Nashville SEALs
10.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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