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My Dark Biker

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My Dark Biker




Regina Fox


Copyright © 2015 by Regina Fox


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This dark biker will protect Abby and her son on one condition.

He’ll give her the club’s protection, his protection, his house, and all he has to offer. He’ll take care of her and keep her safe…but there’s a price tag.


...she’ll have to share his bed.


This is the story of Savannah’s cousin who lives in Fargo, North Dakota.


Abigail John has always known to stay out of the way of Fargo’s notorious biker gang president, Aiden Jackson. He’s not the type of guy you bring home to meet your parents and he’s certainly not the type to mess around with. So, what is it about this intimidating biker that draws her in? Perhaps, it’s the way he lives dangerously and the heated looks he throws her way.


Aiden knows that no pretty woman would ever change the way he lives. But after setting his eyes on sweet, innocent, Abby, Aiden is determined to possess her. He’ll make her his even if it requires some heavy persuasion. However, there’s something about Abby that intrigues him, something about her past, that despite his efforts, she’s not willing to talk about.


When a threat comes her way, Abby’s forced to go running back into his arms and use Rough Riders Bikers for protection, but using the club for protection isn’t for free.

Chapter 1

I stared down at my grocery list, contemplating whether to get another packet of diapers for Jack. I chewed on my full bottom lip, wondering how long three packets would last. He was growing up so quickly it made it hard for me to remain on the budget. Baby stuff was expensive.

Shrugging, I grabbed another bag and threw it in the shopping cart. I tickled Jack’s neck, making him giggle. My heart melted as he reached out his chubby arms wanting to be picked up from his seat, his legs dangling in the air and a smile pasted on his face. I stared down at his hand and the bar of chocolate between his fingers. Smiling, I wiped smeared chocolate from his cheek and planted a kiss on his lips. I laughed at his silliness when he tried to keep a hold of me with his plump fingers. I loved toddlers.

He reminded me of so much of my half-sister, Jane, with Jack’s bright smiles and toothy grins.

A pang of sadness settled in my heart as I stared at Jack. He was a surprise child, even for me. I first learned that Jane was pregnant nearly two years ago when the hospital called to inform me that my half-sister had passed away during childbirth. Jack’s biological father remained unknown, and my name was listed as his guardian−without my consent. Nevertheless, I didn’t regret taking in my sister’s son, even though it was hard to be a single parent.

“Is there anything you need help with?” a friendly looking woman asked with a smile on her glossed lips.

I shook myself out of my reverie and smiled back. My eyes glided down to see that she was wearing the same uniform as the rest of the people who worked at the grocery store.

“Oh, no.  I’m fine, thanks!” I waved my grocery list at her, “Just trying to see what I should buy next.”

“Right. I noticed you’ve been here a while. You sure you don’t need help?” the woman insisted.

I smiled and nodded. “Yeah, we’re doing fine, aren’t we, Jack?”

The baby made a gurgling sound in agreement.

The woman smiled and caressed Jack’s chubby cheek. A rush of protectiveness washed over me. I bit my lower lip and dug my fingers into my palms, feeling the bite of my nails. My hands tingled to snatch my baby away from the stranger’s touch, but I knew that it wouldn’t do me good if I did.

“Single parent?” the woman asked, looking up at me.

I nodded, unsure how much I should reveal to this stranger. “Yeah, I am. Though it was hard at first, it’s getting easier with time. Jack here is growing fast and needs more diapers−larger diapers, actually.”

“You seem like a wonderful mom to this little boy. He’s lucky to have you. Don’t you think, little one?” the woman cooed.

Jack replied with a giggle. She smiled at both of us once more, reassured me that she’d be thrilled to help me, should I need assistance, and walked away.

As soon as the woman left, I grabbed a can of formula, threw it inside the trolley and pushed it toward the cashier. It was only when everything was counted, and the plump woman behind the counter informed me the total, that I realized I had gone overboard with the budget. Too embarrassed to ask the lady to return things, I grabbed the remaining cash from my wallet and handed it over with regret. She handed me back the receipt, which I tossed inside my bag without a second glance at it.

The two bags of groceries wouldn’t last us for months, and though the salary I got from the diner was sufficient to pay the bills and put food on the table, it wouldn’t be enough to cover Jack’s constant feeds and the eventual daycare.

I rubbed my throbbing temples. There was no need to stress myself out, I reminded myself. If need be, I could quit the diner downtown and look for a better paying job.

         Jack and I left the grocery store and made our way through the parking lot. I fished my keys out of my jeans pocket with one hand and I unlocked the car. I transferred Jack from the cart to his car seat and quickly buckled him up before walking to the back of the car to put the groceries in the trunk. I was placing the last bag inside when a loud thumping sound echoed through the busy parking lot. With my heart beating out of my chest, I jumped inside the vehicle and started the car, maneuvering ourselves out of the lot in haste. 

Music from the radio filled the car as Jack entertained himself with his toys, laughing and making noises that made me laugh and coo back at him.

I parked the car and opened his door.

“You ready for your nap, sweetheart?” I asked.

I turned around to look at Jack, who made a jerking motion with his head and stretched his arms out, wanting to be picked up already.

“Hold on,” I said, as I got out of the car and opened the back door. I poked my head into the back seat and pressed a kiss on his cheek. “Just wait, okay? I’m going to open the trunk, then come get you.”

“Mama!” Jack screeched, kicking his feet in the air.

“Hold on, hold on,” I said as I rushed out and opened the trunk. Just as I was reaching for the groceries, the familiar rumbling of motors filled the afternoon air.

I tensed and became aware that half of my body was stuck inside the car while my ass stuck up in the air. But most importantly, that Jack was bawling his eyes out in the background.

“Need any help?” a deep, sexy male voice said.

I missed the car’s roof by inches as I straightened up. I clutched my heart in surprise as I turned and stared at a pair of intense blue eyes.

They were the most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen.

My breath got caught in my throat as I felt those azure spheres burn into my soul. It was as if he could see past the walls I built to protect myself. Luckily, Jack’s crying broke our intense gazing.

“No, thanks,” I said as I broke away from him and unbuckled Jack from his seat. “The sun’s bothering him and he needs to be down for his afternoon nap. Please excuse me.”

The toddler sniffed a few times before sucking on his thumb, his eyes droopy already. “Come on sweetie, let’s get you down for that nap now,” I assured and carried him away.

“Cute kid,” the handsome man said, seemingly surprised, as I adjusted Jack into my arms. The kids his legs wrapped around my hips and his head fell on my shoulder.

I walked around the car, grabbed some of the groceries from the trunk of my car. “Is there something you need?” I asked politely, but without glancing his way.

“You dropped your keys when you got out,” he said, handing them back to me.

“Oh, thanks.”

I heaved Jack into my arms again and stopped walking, taking a great look at Aiden Jackson. Although this was my first time face to face with him, his face was notorious around these parts. Even if people didn’t really know him, we all
knew of him

For some reason my wayward heart started pounding though I did my best to ignore it. The little voice inside my head telling me that ‘the man in front of me was dangerous’ was a bit harder to dismiss, but still my mind was too consumed with Aiden’s physical attributes to focus on much else.

He was huge, well-built and filled in the tight shirt he had on like a pro—arms bulging out of the thin material and ink spreading all over his skin. My mouth watered at the sight. My breathing grew labored as I met those blue eyes once more, but I reminded myself that I shouldn’t find myself attracted to him. He was a well-known biker around Fargo, and along with his club, was notorious for a dangerous reputation.

My cousin, Savannah, was dating a biker named Foley Durhem who rode with the Ghosts of the Prairie a few towns over. She told me bikers weren’t so bad. But I wasn’t so sure. Savannah and I had a falling out and hadn’t talked much. All she needed was some space.

“Do you need any help bringing in those groceries?” Aiden asked.

I shook my head. “No, thanks. I can handle it.”

Aiden rushed over when I dropped one of the bags.

“Please, let me help,” he said. “I don’t bite.”

He grabbed a few bags and brought them to the porch. I fished my key out of my pocket and jammed it inside the keyhole. I opened the door and walked inside. Setting down a bag of groceries, I sighed.

The intimidating biker smirked and leaned against my doorway, his large frame filling in the little hallway. His intense blue eyes were intently focused on me, and his black leather jacket flapped against his side when a gust of wind blew by him. My eyes traveled down to the tattoos on his tanned skin, his muscles flexed under my gaze as he swayed from foot to foot.

He smiled as I looked back up to meet his eyes.

Jack made a sound in my arms, stopping me from speaking. I stared down at him, my arms tightly wrapped around his little body as he kicked his feet, seemingly in a grumpy mood. No wonder, considering his lack of sleep.

I let out a long breath and smiled at my baby. “Alright, alright. I’m going to put you down already so you can sleep,” I said.

“Want me to help you get the groceries in the house?” the biker asked.

I smiled. “Nah, I got it from here. Thank you for all your help.” 


He shot me one last gleaming smile, then left.

I laid Jack in the middle of the bed and grabbed the blankets to cover him.

“Shh . . . it’s okay,” I murmured as he whimpered and finally sucked on his thumb. I gave him a light kiss on the forehead and closed the door behind me softly, not wanting to wake him up.

The lurid sound of motors starting drew my attention. Curious, I walked over to the window and stared out, watching as Aiden’s group drove away. Their club’s symbol flashed against the stream of sunlight that cascaded down their bare heads. A snake coiled around a silver circle, fangs out and the club’s name embedded in the black leather.
Rough Riders MC

Rough Riders’s Bikers MC was eminent for dealing with drug dealers and killing other gang’s members if they as much as dared to step foot in their territory. From the beginning, their origin was unknown. According to my elderly neighbor, one day the gang popped into the streets of Fargo and started ruling the city. The locals were so scared of the brothers no one even dares to glance their way in the fear of being spotted for looking.

Luckily for us, the Rough Riders Bikers keep it to themselves and whatever trouble they get themselves into always stayed in their group. Although, local bar owners were often inconvenienced with a couple of days’ worth of repairs before they were able to open up again due to their brawls. However, there was always one of the members carrying a load of cash in their pocket to silence the owner and pay for the remaining expenses for the damage.



Chapter 2


A few hours later, Jack woke up giggling and all too eager to play with the plate of food I placed plate in front of him. Sipping on my green smoothie I watched him eat, wondering whether quitting my job at the diner was a bad idea.

If I did, I would be jobless and with barely enough money to last us weeks. Not to mention that judging by how short Jack’s pants are he’ll need new clothes in a week or so. I ran the palms of my hands down my face worrying about what would happen if I did quit my job. I had no prospects and would soon be homeless if I missed out on another mortgage payment.

You can always go back to your old job—back to the club as a stripper,
a voice inside my head said.

I shook my head trying to clear off the fog that surrounded my brain cells. There was no way in hell that I would go back to that bar or the pole. I promised myself that I would never look back. That stripping for a bunch of perverts wasn’t worth it, especially if I had to come home and feed Jack with food that I bought with

Going back to that life was out of the question.

The phone rang, cutting through my reverie. I shook my head and walked over to the phone, pressing the receiver to my ear. “Hello?”

“Abigail John?” an unfamiliar female voice said.

“Uh, yes?”

“Hi, how are you?” the woman greeted.

“I’m good, thanks. How are you?”

“I’m very well, thank you. I’m just calling to let you know that you’ve missed another mortgage payment for this month. This is your second missed payment, and I’m afraid that this might be your last warning.”

Although my heart was pounding light a speeding train in my chest, I tried to keep my voice leveled as I replied, “I understand.”

The lady continued explaining to me the outcomes of not paying the mortgage, such as becoming homeless—not exactly a viable choice since Jack needed a stable home and a roof above his head. When our conversation was over, I hung up, placed the phone back on its cradle and sat down on my seat, staring at the little toddler dangling his feet in the air, so fascinated in what his toes looked like as he tried to grab them. Despite my situation, I couldn’t help but smile.

“Mama!” Jack called out.

I looked up to see his arms outstretched, wanting to be picked up. I smiled, heaved him out of his baby seat and placed him on my lap, pressing another kiss on his forehead. I looked down at him feeling wounded and sad as I imagined what he would go through in a couple of years. I knew it would be just a matter of time before he’d ask about his biological father and why our physical features weren’t the same and, even now, I knew those answers would break my little boy’s heart.

BOOK: My Dark Biker
6.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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