Movie Merger (Bad Boys Billionaire Bachelors Club #2)

BOOK: Movie Merger (Bad Boys Billionaire Bachelors Club #2)
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Movie Merger

Bad Boys Billionaire Bachelors Club

Rachel Angel

An 18+ Adult Contemporary Romance

Movie Merger

Published by Rachel Angel

Copyright © 2013 Rachel Angel

All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or by any information storage or retrieval system, without the permission in writing from the publisher except in case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.


For my mom, who told me to go for it!

For kat.

Chapter 1

I couldn’t have been more frazzled as I pulled into the studio parking lot. Running late for such an important meeting was not a good thing and the thought of what would happen if I lost that business for the law firm made my stomach crawl. I played out my introduction in my head.
Mr. Kent, I am Rebecca Rowland, but you can call me Becca.
I wasn’t sure why I had gotten myself so nervous about an introduction, but men like Marshall Kent were legendary in the greater LA area and it was only through my awesome friend, Sophia Leon, whom I met through a Jane Austen and Women’s Literature book club meeting, that I had this opportunity. It was great for me and my dad’s law firm, which I recently joined straight out of law school. I couldn’t turn down the offer for the meeting, despite how nervous I was. A-list actors like Marshall Kent, was out of my league. They were always surrounded by a beauty of such perfection that these women were considered the “model” or the epitome of women’s beauty. I, on the other hand, did not have time for all of that…having been putting in all-nighters for the last four years in to graduate a year early from college to go straight into law school, and graduate at the top of my class. But, I didn’t want to represent Sophia poorly either.

I was getting tired of waiting patiently by the closed gate to LA’s latest movie and production studio, Foothill Studios West Coast Division. It was owned and run by Mr. Kent, the fairly popular actor turned movie maker mogul. Who knew a pretty face like him would want to take a stab at running a major operation like a studio, and get behind the camera. He’d been wildly successful thus far, even winning an award for his documentary,
Amber Distortion
, at the Venice Film Festival the year before. Aside from an interesting Hollywood tale, one that took him from rags to riches after it was discovered that he was the son of eccentric billionaire, Hugh Henley; Marshall was best noted for being a very alluring and sexy hunk of a playboy. He made the Most Beautiful People list by that popular entertainment magazine at least twice, and he was the face for Sophia Leon’s family’s fashion line for men called Sergio, aptly named after Sophia’s recently married hot former billionaire playboy brother.

Just thinking of playboys made me frustrated, reminding me of Brandon—my ex. I’d loved him so much and had even started planning the wedding I thought was in my future when we finished law school. Within one month of graduation he dumped me and professed that he just wanted to be friends. Friends! Who had he been kidding? Just his name still ticked me off. Maybe it was a good thing that he had just popped into my mind at that moment. It might be fate telling me to be sure that I didn’t fall victim to the infamous charms of Marshall Kent if he should make a move. That type of distraction would be too much. Besides, focusing on my new career as an attorney needed to be my priority. I needed new clients way more than I needed the distraction of a man.

Today’s opportunity to help grow my father’s law firm, Rowland Law Practice, with a lucrative and wealthy client was exciting. Running late due to another moron tempting to flee the cops with a high speed chase down the Los Angeles interstate was not a good start.
What is taking that guard so long?
I’ve got to get him moving. I rolled down my window to poke my head out, hoping the security guard would get the not so subtle hint that I was in a hurry.

He walked up to me, not looking the least bit enthusiastic. “Name?”

“Rebecca Rowland here to meet with Marshall Kent.”

“ID please.” I grabbed my Gucci purse and took out my wallet, handing my driver’s license and a business card to the security guard.

“I’ll be back to confirm, ma’am,” the guard said. He started walking back to the building where he monitored the gate from.

I looked down at my long red fingernails to make sure they weren’t chipped at all and tapped them patiently on my little Audi A4S convertible steering wheel. After a quick appraisal in the mirror I was glad to see that my chestnut hair didn’t look crazy on the outside because I was feeling a bit crazy on the inside, trying to regain my composure. My eyes had an intense look to them, one that was familiar when I was nervous. They always got darker green when I was excited about something. It made it pretty hard to keep secrets when I wanted to as a child.

As I waited I kept reminding myself to take extra caution today. I wouldn’t have necessarily thought anything about it before, but after my call with Sophia on the way over here I couldn’t help but make sure I did. She’d hinted that perhaps Marshall and I could be more than business acquaintances. I’d smiled when she said that, knowing that my friend was the eternal romantic and matchmaker. She couldn’t help herself. I’d put the axe to that suggestion right away on the telephone, not wanting to go there.

Although I have never personally met Marshall Kent in person I did briefly recall Sophia being attracted to him in the past, calling him rocking sexy. Now that she was in a relationship with a guy named Andre she was off the market and passing on rights to pursuing Mr. Kent to someone else. I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard for her to find a taker either. I’ll admit that she must be decent at matchmaking though because our mutual friend, Mandi, had just married Sophia’s brother Sergio—who was, as I stated before, another well noted playboy.

Come on, where are you,
I thought, looking for the slow paced guard. I had to get myself focused on business. I needed to land this deal and anything short of obtaining Marshall Kent for a client would be a failure.

The security guard finally came back, handing me my ID and business card with a polite smile. “You are good to go, Ms. Rowland. You’ll go straight ahead until you see a street marked Amber Way and then turn right. There’s a two story building at the very end of it with a fountain in front of it. Just park there and go in. Mr. Kent will be expecting you.”

“Thank you,” I said, barely giving him time to move away before I sped off. I looked at the clock on my dash and saw that I was now twenty minutes late. Thankfully Mr. Kent had agreed to see me still. I wished I could have zipped through the studio grounds, but there were people, carts, and props all over the place. People were buzzing and moving about. It was definitely a busy and action packed studio—very impressive.

I found the road I needed to turn right on and immediately saw the home at the end of it. It was a large California style cottage that looked nicer than many people’s homes…a Frank Lloyd Wright design. All the main offices for the studio must be in there. It didn’t look like a set prop or anything like that.

After one quick last glance and a freshening up of lipstick I got out of the car and made my way into the front door of the home. When I opened it up I didn’t see anyone around. No workers, no receptionist, no Mr. Kent.

There were some voices coming from the back end of the house and I called out. “Hello.” There was no answer, but I still heard the voices. Deciding to investigate, I walked closer to them and noticed the echo of my tall red heels as they clicked on the tile floor. “Hello,” I called out again.

I still didn’t get an answer and walked to the back of the house, assuming that Mr. Kent’s office must be there and he just hadn’t heard me or was in a meeting. Maybe that’s where is assistant was. After my third called out hello I paused, wondering if it would be rude to just walk into his office unannounced. I decided it wouldn’t be rude at all because I had announced my presence several times already.

Chapter 2

I quickly discovered that there was no one in the main house and the sounds I was hearing were coming from a small bungalow that was on the backside of the house I’d just walked to the back of. Wow, the place was so big and I couldn’t help but admire some of the art deco inspired work on the walls. I wondered if they had been purchased at the gallery that Mandi owned and operated in New York City. I’d have to ask for some small talk if the opportunity arose.

As I neared the bungalow where I heard the voices coming from I called out again, understanding why they hadn’t heard me initially. The voices still sounded out, a man and a woman’s, but there was no response. I slowly turned the door knob and opened up the door that must be the office—the one where the noises were coming from.

Feeling like a spy during an investigation, I poked my head around the corner and stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and I could feel the crimson start flooding my face as I stared at them—the naked man and woman all sweaty and enjoying the most intimate of pleasures with each other. Did I just walk in on an adult film in the making? I looked around, wondering if that was the case. There were no cameras though or any other crew member to indicate that was what it was. I was standing there watching two people have sex—pretty wild sex from the looks of it.

I never would have thought it possible, but it was happening. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the two people in front of me either. They were physically perfect and the man was absolutely gorgeous, hotter than any guy I’d ever seen before. He was grabbing the voluptuous breasts of the woman and biting them somewhat aggressively in his mouth, then sucking on them. She moaned with excitement, arching her back to allow him to roam over her skin even more.

Watching this intimate scene was absolutely provocative to me and I could feel myself getting wet in my panties just from viewing the two people giving each other such responsive pleasure. I’d never been in an intimate situation like that before and a part of me immediately knew I’d love to find out what it was all about and give it a try. Brandon had been okay in bed, but the fireworks were not always that intense or interesting. I always felt it was more for him to enjoy than for me. But this, even just watching this, made me hotter than I’ve ever been. I wanted this man’s hand and mouth all over me like this.

Who is this guy,
I thought. I tried to figure it out, staring at him the entire time. I suddenly realized that a pair of piercing beautiful blue eyes was staring at me while the owner’s lips continued to suck and nibble on the woman’s breasts. At that moment it dawned on me. I was standing in Marshall Kent’s office watching him in a most intimate situation. Unbelievable!

There must have been a peculiar expression on my face because I saw Marshall wink at me as he slid the woman onto his hard-on with her legs wrapped around his waist. She started gyrating on him, moving her hips in ways that would allow him to enter her deeper and thrust harder. The two rocked back and forth in perfect sync and the woman couldn’t stop groaning. Her long brown hair was hanging loosely down her back and her hard nipples were sticking straight out with excitement. Seconds later the intense groan that comes with an equally intense climax escaped her lips. And again…and again.

If anyone were to ask me I would have no clue why I couldn’t turn away from what I was watching. I was frozen in place, intrigued, and fascinated at the sight of watching them both get off on me watching them. It was insane. At that moment Marshall finally took his eyes off her and thrust forward, moaning as he finally had his climax.

Now the woman was also looking at me and I immediately recognized her. She was an actress that had recently been in a film that had catapulted her career to a new level. Marshall must have signed her on for his studio. I must say, I didn’t blame her one bit if she chose to sleep her way to the top if she got to experience
was amazing looking!

The woman got up and smiled at me, acting like nothing unusual had just happened. She leaned down and picked up her slinky cotton dress which had been casually flung to the side and slid it on and walked past me to the door and left.

The flush on my face deepened now and I became very embarrassed about my act of voyeurism. Marshall Kent didn’t seem to care though. He walked over to me, naked as naked could be, and erection still hard.

Those blue eyes made me so instantly horny when they looked at me, his face still hungry and sex-charged. When I looked at the abundant size of his cock it made my imagination go wild with possibilities. What would it feel like to have that slide in me? The rippling muscles and tanned skin with no tan lines didn’t hurt either. The guy was absolutely incredible—an Adonis among mortals.
Focus Becca…you cannot get distracted by this package right now…no matter how delicious it looks.

BOOK: Movie Merger (Bad Boys Billionaire Bachelors Club #2)
8.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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