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More than Temptation

BOOK: More than Temptation
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More Than Temptation


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Taige Crenshaw




Book three in the Singleton series

When temptation rises, giving in is more than sweet.

Bella Locke works hard at her supper club and doesn’t have time for anything else…or so she thinks. A special event at her club brings Bella to her favourite candy shop where she meets a man who is pure temptation.

Morgan James has a major sweet tooth. Visiting the candy shop for some treats, Morgan runs into a woman whose sweet, smoky voice makes him think of things he would rather not. His life is good, settled—he doesn’t need any complications. He tells her so, too.

She leaves him with an invitation to come find her at a supper club. Despite his misgivings, Morgan seeks her out. Bella is pleased to see him and challenges him to take a chance.

They both are swept away into something that could be more than temptation.






To my mother, who has always been my number one fan. Because of
I love to read and write.

To my big sister and second mother who has always believed in me.



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Chapter One




“Thanks so much for all your planning with this.” Bella Locke pushed the loose curl back from where it had escaped from her ponytail.

“No problem, Bella.” Storm Ellis smiled, tapping his finger on the sketches before him. “The idea to have me design and custom make seventies theme candy for your upcoming event at your club has been fun. After, I can use some of these ideas in the store to sell too. So it’s a win–win.”

“Always thinking of business.” Bella chuckled. “Glad you accepted the idea and were able to come up with these.” She studied the sketches of candies that were a range of items from the seventies—from disco balls, shoes and clothing of that era and other items. “I especially like that you were actually able to include this.” She put her finger on the Rubik’s Cube. “It’ll be great with the cake I’m having Adrian make for the event, as well as the candles that Bryan is custom making.”

“Yeah, I know.” Storm grinned. “We’ve been coordinating about what you wanted so that we can make sure to make the event at your club spectacular.” Storm touched her shoulder and winked. “You’re going to bring us even more business.”

“As you already know, I love all your shops here on Kinsey Avenue. I spend so much money at the places around here, my wallet cries for mercy whenever I come this way.” Bella laughed. “If I didn’t think I would spend more time shopping in the shops here than at my business, I would move Bella’s here.”

“Nah, Bella’s is well established where it is on Duquesne Place.” Storm shook his head then slid his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “I’m looking forward to the event. Already have my Afro wig and waiting for my seventies duds to be made.”

“You’re having your clothing made?” Bella narrowed her eyes. “Let me guess, when you came to see me at the club a few weeks ago and passed Simply Essential as you were leaving my place, Montana saw you and lured you into her store.”

“She did.” Storm smiled sheepishly. “Damn woman had me convinced in minutes I shouldn’t wear something off the rack for your event. She introduced me to the new designer who was going to be in charge of her male line of clothing. Before I knew it, I was ordering my clothing for your event.”

Bella held back a smile then Storm rolled his eyes and she lost it. She laughed, holding onto her belly, and he slid his arms around her and laughed with her. Soon they calmed and Bella patted Storm on the shoulder then kissed his cheek.

“I warned you about her. She is a hell of a businesswoman.”

“I can’t believe I’ve never met her before.” Storm smirked. “She’s a hell of a woman in general.”

“Uh-oh. I know that look. Let me give you another warning.” Bella squeezed his shoulder gently. “Montana isn’t a woman you want to go after unless you are

“I can tell that.” Storm released her and turned away to gather his sketches. “It’s why I won’t. Serious leads to complications and I don’t want or need that.”

Regretting that she had brought up memories that were best left alone, Bella reached out to him. “Storm—”

“Leave it alone, Bella,” he snapped then sighed and ran his hand through his wavy, dark-brown, shoulder-length hair. Storm rubbed his fingers over the back of his neck. “Sorry.”

“No need to apologise, my friend.” Bella stroked her hand along his back.

Storm faced her again, and she stared at his tanned face, seeing the shadowed pain in his light blue gaze.

She didn’t say anything about it, instead saying, “Now I’m going to leave without any of you know what and you’re not going to tempt me. You’re a candy dealer.” She narrowed her gaze playfully and shook a warning finger at him. “You’re not going to draw me in with your wiles.” She picked up her outwear then backed away in deliberate steps.

Storm laughed, a rich, robust sound. Relief filled Bella and she hoped that he wouldn’t think too much of the past.

“Uh-huh. Not falling for your wiles.” She turned and hurried out of his office then down the hall before going out of the swinging doors to the main area of the store. She was surprised that there weren’t many people shopping. Instead, there was one man standing by the case closest to the door. The clerk was on the other side of the room fixing some display trays.

“Angel Dream,” Storm whispered close behind her.

Bella jumped, not having heard him approach. She laughed then turned to him. “Damn Candy Dealer.” She swiped out towards him, but Storm shifted out of the way, chuckling. Bella sighed then blew out a breath. “Get me a pound of the Angel Dream.”

“Is a pound even enough?”

“That is all you are going to convince me of, Candy Dealer.” Bella held up her hands palms out. “Get thee back, Candy Dealer. Go get my candy.”

Storm left, laughing.

“Bastard. Damn him for making such delicious candy. H—” Bella turned and swallowed as she saw the man striding towards her.

He was sensuality and grace personified. His motions reminded her of a predator stalking its prey. Although his body was lanky, she could tell there were muscles beneath the dark blue T-shirt that stretched across his chest. Blue jeans fit his body perfectly, showing off his long legs as he came towards her—his slight limp was barely noticeable. She inhaled when she got a good view of his tanned face—a scar curled from the side of his mouth to his cheek and down his face. His black hair came to mid-chest, framed his captivating features, while his dual-coloured eyes—one brown eye, the other hazel-green—seemed to take in everything. His expression was contained, and Bella wanted to see him smile. She would bet it was devastating

“Here you go, Bella,” Storm said.

She moved to him and reluctantly looked away from the enticing man coming towards them. Bella noticed the bag Storm held and shook her head. “No way you got my candy that quickly. You already had it packed for me.”

“Yep. I knew you wouldn’t be able to leave without getting some of your favourite candy.” Storm winked. “A candy dealer knows his customers.”

“You’re so bad.” Bella accepted the bag with the Ellis Candy Shoppe logo. “Put it on my card.”

“I figured you would try to convince yourself one pound of candy would be enough. But I packed up two pounds because I know you’ll regret not getting that.”

“I should really stop coming here.” Bella sighed.

“This is your favourite candy shop.” Storm grinned. “Besides, you love seeing my handsome face.”

Bella glanced towards the man and saw that he had stopped at the case a little away from them. She couldn’t help but give him a once-over again, and this time she noticed that he held a wool jacket over his arm before she focused back on Storm.

“Probably.” She patted his arm. “I got to get to my other appointments.”

“See you soon.” Storm hugged her.

She walked away. Bella paused as she passed the man and their gazes met. The look in his eyes was cool, but Bella wondered how they would look filled with need. She stopped, shocked at the direction her thoughts had taken. It was so unlike her to be so attracted to anyone.

“Storm, I’m here for my fix.” The man’s gruff, raspy voice reached her.

Bella blew out a breath at the sound of his voice. The singer in her wondered if he could carry a tune. Bella unconsciously moved closer to them, listening not to what they said but to the cadence and familiarity with which the men conversed and teased each other. The man laughed, and at the deep, bassy sound, Bella put her hand against the side of her neck.
God have mercy, I’m about to sin because how he looks, his voice and laugh all are turning me on.
Bella wanted to walk away but she knew she couldn’t, at least not without meeting him.

BOOK: More than Temptation
3.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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