Monroe, Marla - The Bikers and the Socialite [The Dirty Dozen 6] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

BOOK: Monroe, Marla - The Bikers and the Socialite [The Dirty Dozen 6] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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The Dirty Dozen 6


The Bikers and the Socialite


Parker is looking for someone to take her to the annual charity ball. She sees Shane and Allen and thinks they just could be the bad boys she's looking for. After one incredible night, she plans to say good-bye. Can Shane and Allen convince her to stick around?


What happens when there are consequences to their little night of forbidden pleasures? Can the men talk her into a permanent relationship, or will she succumb to the requirements of her late father's will?


Shane and Allen know that Parker is the one for them. Unfortunately, she is from a different social background and has plans. Can the two of them prove that they can fit into her plans despite their differences?


Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.


Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre
38,068 words



The Dirty Dozen 6

Marla Monroe


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I am sad that this is the last book in this series. I have to once again mention Tony, who was a great inspiration for these books. A special thanks to Brittany for all her help in keeping my life straight.


The Dirty Dozen 6


Copyright © 2012

Chapter One

Parker Montgomery couldn’t take her eyes off of the two men seated at the back of the bar. They were devastatingly good looking in a rough-and-tumble sort of way. She was almost positive they were bikers since most of the guys in the bar were. They wore black leather jackets that said
The Dirty Dozen
on the back of them. Yeah, they had to be bikers. Perfect.

The first guy looked to be about six feet four inches, with black hair that reached his collar. He had dark eyes and a dimple at the corner of his mouth. There was an air of danger about him that called to her. His muscular build screamed hard work and not workout routine.

The second guy was about six foot five inches with a blond buzz cut. She itched to run her hands over his close-cropped hair. He had light-blue eyes and a serious expression when she caught him staring at her. His washboard abs were visible against the tight black T-shirt he wore. They both had broad shoulders that looked strong enough to weather any kind of situation. Yeah they were two of a kind. The kind she was looking for, at least for the night.

Did she have a death wish? Maybe. But somehow, she didn’t think they would hurt her. Something in their eyes made her want to trust them. She made her way across the room to where they sat relaxed against their chairs as if nothing in the world bothered them. She had their attention by the time she had made it to the middle of the room. Their eyes, so different in color and mood, followed her as she advanced on them.

She didn’t stop when she made it to their table. She ran a finger across their wide shoulders as she circled the table once before twirling an empty chair around backward and straddling it. Neither one batted an eye or looked suitably impressed. Yeah, they were perfect. They weren’t enamored by her. They would most definitely do.

“I need a favor.”

* * * *

Shane cocked his head and looked the voluptuous woman up and down. She screamed rich from the top of her strawberry blonde hair to the tips of her black shitkickers. Her long hair fanned out around her shoulders as she stared at them. There was no fear in her deep blue eyes. She looked to be all of twenty-five and at about five feet four inches. She should have been afraid considering the type bar she was in.

Her body could only be described as womanly. She had feminine curves in all the right places. She had plump breasts and an ass made for fucking. And there was nothing more Shane liked to do than fuck. Well, other than ride. He exchanged looks with Allen, his partner in crime. If she was looking for trouble, she’d found it with them. But it would depend on what the favor was.

“What makes you think we’re the least bit interested in helping you out with this favor?” he asked, taking a sip of his beer.

She rested her chin on her crossed arms. Her eyes sparkled as if she had a secret that she couldn’t wait to share.

“I need a date for the ball tonight.”

“What sort of ball?” Allen asked.

“It’s a charity ball for the children’s hospital here in town.”

“I take it that the occasion calls for formal attire.” Shane had to fight to keep from smiling.

“Oh, yes. Are you two interested?”

“What’s in it for us?”

“Besides plenty of booze and finger food?”


“Me, for twenty-four hours.”

Shane narrowed his eyes and really looked at the woman. She didn’t look like she was a druggie. He didn’t smell alcohol on her and there were no obvious signs of living a hard life. Other than dark circles under her eyes, she looked healthy and clean. What was going on that she would risk life and limb by propositioning a couple of bikers?

“What do we need to do?”

“Pick me up at this address at eight tonight.” She pulled a card from her pocket and dropped it on the table. “Dress in your finest, boys.”

She stood up and walked away toward the front of the bar. Shane and Allen watched her leave.

“She only came in here to find a couple of suckers to make daddy mad,” Allen mused.

“You’re probably right. Want to go to the charity ball, Allen?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world. I wonder if anyone we know will be there.”

Shane drained the rest of his beer and stood up. “Guess we better go start getting ready.”

“Yeah, I want to wash my bike, make it look nice.”

Shane chuckled and thought about all the different ways he wanted to sink his cock into their little socialite. He picked up the card.

Ms. Parker Montgomery

Yeah, he and Parker were going to get very personal tonight. He winked at Allen as they headed for the door.

Shane and Allen climbed on their bikes and headed home. They had a lot to do to get ready for tonight. First of all, they needed tuxes. They were lucky in that they had friends in low places. As soon as they pulled into their drive, Allen was on the phone with one of them about a pair. Shane unlocked the door and decoded their alarm trusting Allen to set them up with clothes. He grabbed supplies to wash the bikes.

While Allen handled the details, he detailed the bikes. They would be nice and shiny for the guys working valet services. He sure as hell hoped they knew how to handle a Harley. As soon as he had them clean and dried off, Shane went looking for Allen. He found his friend on the computer doing some research.

“What did you find out?”

“She’s rich-rich. Daddy owned Montgomery Oil and an export business. He’s deceased. Stepmother holds a quarter of the shares and has her own money. Parker, the baby, has half with a trust fund that she comes into when she gets married. There are some stipulations evidently about the marriage. No doubt she doesn’t like them.”

“Who has the other quarter?” Shane asked, reading over Allen’s shoulder.

“It’s part of that trust fund. She will get it provided she plays her cards right.”

“Hmm. Do you think she gets along with her stepmother?”

“History says no. They’ve had some very public blowups over the last few months.” Allen scrolled down and enlarged an article for Shane to read.

“Wow, she accused her stepmom of killing her father. That could be interesting.”

“Still want to get involved?” Allen asked with a knowing smile.

“Hell yes! I’ll hobnob with the rich folk if it gives me twenty-four hours with Ms. Parker Montgomery at my beck and call.”

Allen licked his lips and got back to work on the computer.

“Oh, we pick up the tuxes in two hours. I got basic black. They’ll go with our boots. No hats or canes.”

“Fuck. I wanted a cane.”

“Sorry, dude.” Allen chuckled.

* * * *

Parker endured the
spa appointment she had made. Ava, her specialist, fussed at her for waiting until the last minute to get ready.

“Just because you have classic features and skin doesn’t mean you can hurry through your regime, Parker.”

“I had things to do today.”

“Like what?” Ava smirked.

Parker grinned and winked. “You’ll enjoy the social section of the paper tomorrow, I’m sure.”

“Why do you bait her so, Parker? Why not just let her be and live your life like you want to?”

“She’s the reason my father is dead, Ava, and you know it. I can’t stand the bitch. She and her simpering daughter are like a boil on my ass.”

“Nasty visual there, Parker. Okay, you’re all done. No moving for ten minutes while everything dries. I’ll bring you a fresh Diet Coke.”

“Thanks, Ava. I owe you.”

“Always, Parker.”

She sat back in the chair and thought about the handsome men she had picked out. She hadn’t been totally stupid. She had watched them and noticed that their fingernails were clean and their hair wasn’t greasy. They had only had two beers in the hour and a half they had been there. They wore old clothes, but they were clean. They weren’t your typical bikers. Maybe weekend warriors. But they had the badass looks and attitude that she wanted.

As soon as Ava pronounced her dry and ready to go, Parker pulled out her cell phone and called her best friend, Sarah Beth.

“I’ve been trying to get you all day. Where are you? The ball starts in less than two hours!”

“I’ve just left Ava’s capable hands and am on my way home to dress. Are you and James going to be there by eight? I wouldn’t want you to miss my entrance.”

“Oh, God! Parker. What are you going to do this time? Can’t you behave even once?”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Parker pulled in to her parking space of her condo.

“We’ll be there. You just be careful. I worry about you, Parker. Ever since your father died, you’ve gotten wilder and wilder.”

“Father would be proud of me, Sarah Beth. He always told me to be me first and foremost.”

“Somewhere along the way you’ve changed, though, Parker. You’re not the same woman you were.”

“I’m home now. Got to run and dress for my dates. I’ll see you soon.”

“Wait! Dates, as in more than one?”

Parker smiled and clicked off. She unlocked the door and reset the security system to home. Then she hurried to the bathroom to freshen up. By the time she had lotioned up, it was nearly seven thirty. She quickly did her makeup then slipped into her rather unusual ball gown.

She touched up her hair then stood in front of the mirror to see if she had managed to reach the effect she wanted.

Staring back at her was a rather pretty woman with long, strawberry blonde hair wearing a strapless, navy blue, form-fitting dress that flared at the hips. The stunning part of the outfit wasn’t the black, four-inch stiletto-heeled boots. It was the fact that the dress was a butter-soft leather that fit her to a T.

Parker smiled. Perfect. Since her stepmother was on the committee for the charity ball, she wanted to make an especially good show of it tonight. Provided her biker boys showed up, everything seemed to be going perfect.

She fastened the Montgomery diamonds around her neck and at her ears, but she didn’t wear the bracelets or the rings. She preferred to wear the navy blue leather gloves that reached her elbows. She checked her chain purse and made sure she had plenty of condoms, her key, and enough money to get home from anywhere in Dallas. Oh, and her cell phone. She grabbed it and made sure it was fully charged.

She checked the time. She had five minutes to spare. Well, maybe not. The sounds of motorcycles pulling into the drive behind her Escalade sent shivers down her spine. Showtime!

The doorbell rang. She walked across the foyer and unlocked the door. When she opened it, she was surprised to find her biker boys wearing tuxedoes. She stared for a few seconds then shrugged. They were still bad boy enough to get the job done.

“I take it you’re not disappointed,” the dark-haired vision in black said.

“Not exactly. I had hoped for the black jackets, but you look very spiffy.”

“I could say the same thing about you. I’ve never seen leather look so elegant before.”

BOOK: Monroe, Marla - The Bikers and the Socialite [The Dirty Dozen 6] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
13.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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