Midnight and the Meaning of Love

BOOK: Midnight and the Meaning of Love
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Praise for
New York Times
bestselling author Sister Souljah and her unforgettable novels


Midnight and The Meaning of Love


“Before there was a Shannon Holmes, a Vickie Stringer, or a Wahida Clark, there was a woman many consider the Queen of Urban Fiction, Sister Souljah.”



“The story weaves back and forth from the subways of NYC to overseas in a thrilling adventure with an incredible ending and a wrenching tale of love…. This one delivers on all promises…. Souljah has done it again.”



“Sister Souljah’s best storytelling yet. It is amazingly written, smart, erotic, and still street enough for her fans from Brooklyn to Compton, London to Cairo, São Paulo to Johannesburg to enjoy and devour…. There is no character in American literature like Midnight. There is no other novel like this one.”



“Sister Souljah erases any doubt: She is a writer without peer.”



“Sister Souljah weaves a story of love, redemption, revenge, and success with such force that it is nearly impossible to put the book down.”



“Souljah’s storytelling is so compelling and vivid that you can hear the vinyl beat of Eric B. & Rakim’s
Eric B. Is President
playing in your mind as you read the opening pages…. Simply put,
Midnight and The Meaning of Love
is a love story that will challenge what you think you know about cultures, people, and places.”

—InkBlot Book Review


“Souljah knows how to keep you guessing and turning the page, and her latest offering is no exception.”

—Soul Train




“A vibrant, engaging novel.”

The Washington Post


“The story is sparkly and seductive from the jump.”



“Sister Souljah is the literary hero of the hip-hop generation.”

Chicago Tribune


“Fans will enjoy this edgy tale of love and survival led by the provocative lead character.”



“Shows the true grit of the New York boroughs, the strength and determination of an immigrant family and how, even in a concrete jungle, a rose can bloom.”

Star Tribune


“Souljah’s sensitive treatment of her protagonist is honest and affecting, with some realistic moments of crisis…. [She] has obvious talent and sincere motives.”

Publishers Weekly


“Hip-hop artist and master storyteller Souljah offers biting social critique on contemporary urban culture tucked inside a love story.”

—Vanessa Bush

The Coldest Winter Ever


The Coldest Winter Ever
is a tour de force…. As finely tuned to its heroine’s voice as Alice Walker’s
The Color Purple
…. Riveting stuff, with language so frank it curls your hair.”

Kirkus Reviews


“Winter is nasty, spoiled, and almost unbelievably libidinous, and it’s ample evidence of the author’s talent that she is also deeply sympathetic.”

The New Yorker


“Intriguing…. Sister Souljah exhibits a raw and true voice in this cautionary tale…. A realistic coming-of-age story.”

Publishers Weekly


“Real and raw…. If a rap song could be a novel, it might resemble Sister Souljah’s book…. The message is solid and one that we can never stop preaching to our youth—anything that comes too easy or too fast is also too risky.”



“Souljah adds a new voice to the most marginalized of the marginalized.”

Black Issues Book Review


“Winter is … as tough as a hollow-point bullet…. Her voice is the book’s greatest strength.”



Also by Sister Souljah

No Disrespect

The Coldest Winter Ever

Midnight: A Gangster Love Story

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2011 by Souljah Story, Inc.

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever. For information address Atria Books Subsidiary Rights Department, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.

First Washington Square Press trade paperback edition October 2011

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The Library of Congress has cataloged the hardcover edition as follows:

Souljah, Sister.

Midnight and the meaning of love / by Sister Souljah.—1st Atria Books hardcover ed.

p. cm.

1. African Americans—Fiction. 2. Urban fiction. I. Title.

PS3569.O7374M55    2011

813’.54—dc22                                      2011005717

ISBN 978-1-4391-6535-5

ISBN 978-1-4391-6536-2 (pbk)

ISBN 978-1-4516-3742-7 (ebook)


Book 1: A Brooklyn story


Chapter 1: Word To Mother

Chapter 2: So In Love

Chapter 3: Pressure

Chapter 4: Rage

Chapter 5: Jewels From My Father

Chapter 6: Salim Amed Amin Ghazzali

Chapter 7: My Women

Chapter 8: Cash Money

Chapter 9: “Never Coming Back”

Chapter 10: Dojo

Chapter 11: Lock & Keys

Chapter 12: Passport

Chapter 13: Wedding Gifts

Chapter 14: Hustler’S League: The Junior Division

Chapter 15: Bangs

Chapter 16: Son, Father, Grandfather

Chapter 17: Serious-Minded

BOOK: Midnight and the Meaning of Love
5.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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