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“Yes,” I whisper.

Killian wraps his arms around me tighter.

The man walks toward us. He grabs ahold of my arm. “Kinsley Felton, you are under arrest.”

I expect him to say, for having sex in a spare hospital bed. But that doesn’t make sense.

He finishes his sentence, “For money laundering and fraud.”

I stare at him, wide-eyed. I have no idea what he is talking about.

Killian is still holding on to my waist, refusing to let me go.

“I’m going to have to ask you to let her go.”

Killian does, and the man puts the cuffs on me. He begins walking me out of the room. I hear Killian running next to us.

“Excellent job, Agent Byrne,” the man who has me in cuffs says.

I turn to my right to face the direction where the man is talking, but I have no idea who he is talking to. All I see is Killian. Killian

His eyes grow heavy, sad, as he looks from me and then to the man who has me in cuffs. “Thank you, Agent Phillips,” he says weakly.

My mouth drops. Killian isn’t Killian. He’s not a CEO. He’s a cop or with the FBI or CIA or whatever the hell agents work with.

I force myself to keep my eyes off of Killian or whatever the hell his name is as the man leads me out of the hospital and into the back of a blacked-out Suburban.

I was wrong. I’m always wrong. Killian doesn’t love me. He doesn’t care about being a CEO. He was just doing his job.

I try to push him out of my head. I try to focus on whatever I’m facing as the car speeds off, leaving the hospital behind. I can’t help it though. I glance back at him. He’s standing on the street, staring at me with an intense stare on his face.

I hate him
, I think.

But I don’t. The lingering love is still there. I still feel his warm cum pooling between my thighs. I still feel his love even if it didn’t exist.

I turn away from him.

Any normal woman would be afraid. Being arrested is most people’s worst nightmare. It should be mine, except this isn’t the first time I’ve made a mistake. It feels just like the last time. The pain from being betrayed by a man I thought loved me is the same.

The only difference is, last time I knew what the mistake was. But, this time, I have no clue.

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About Ella

Ella Miles writes sexy romance with strong females that could kick your butt if you piss them off, which they often do to the men that fall for them. She’s currently living her own happily ever after near the Rocky Mountains with her high school sweetheart husband. Her heart is also taken by her goofy two year old black lab that is scared of everything, including her own shadow. Ella is the author of the Aligned series. Get a free book by visiting her website.




Thank you so much to my hubby who first believed in this crazy dream of writing a romance novel before I even believed it was possible. You spent countless hours reading all sorts of romance novels with me each night and never complained, even though you giggled every time you read corny things like ’throbbing cock.’ You were my first beta reader, website engineer, and all around tech support. Without you this would have never been possible.

I want to thank my wonderful editor Jovana Shirley for polishing my words so that you could enjoy them without all of the typos and grammar mistakes I’m prone to making.

Thank you to my designer Sarah Hansen for so clearly capturing the essence of the Maybe Yes series with the cover design.

Thank you so much to my street team for providing feedback and early reviews of Maybe Yes. Your words of encouragement keep me motivated to write every day.

And most of all I want to thank you, my reader. I write for you. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for reading and supporting me. I’m forever grateful.

BOOK: Maybe Yes
6.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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