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Mate Not Wanted

BOOK: Mate Not Wanted
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Mate Not Wanted

Bachelor Auction Book One

Selena Illyria


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Mate Not Wanted


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Edited by Julian Smith

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First Etopia Press electronic publication: December 2013


Chapter One



Pierce McKinney stood on the pitch and breathed in the sweet, earthy perfume of grass. A soft, cool breeze picked up, bringing with it the perfume of rain and electricity. He shivered as excitement raced down his spine. Despite the oncoming weather that day they were going to launch the inaugural game for the first ever Elemental Football League. He rubbed his hands together and took in the Plexiglas dome overhead. Dark clouds rolled by. His inner white tiger wanted to run, chase the wind, and try to race the storm to safety.

“Ready?” Leicester Glover called out as he strolled toward Pierce with the grace of the coyote shifter he was.

Pierce wiped away the sweat coating his face and ran a hand over his bald head before he looked up at his friend, the coach of the London Thunder Prowlers. Lei shoved his hands in his pockets and ducked his head. His military brush cut already sparkled with raindrops. The scars that ran from his temple to his lip were shiny from sweat.

“We’re never really ready.” Pierce smiled. “Just as long as you don’t throw up on me, we’ll be fine.” The boom of thunder and answering crack of lightening almost drowned out his gravel-roughened voice.

Pierce glanced up. The storm had arrived. Rather than worry him, it only amped up his excitement. The boys would have a field day in these conditions, getting dirty and fighting for the ball.

“The lads will love it out there. Only wish I could play.” Lei rubbed the side of his thigh and grimaced.

Pierce turned toward his friend. For a moment, worry took the place of anticipation. “Leg acting up again?”

Lei nodded. “Just a bit. Only acts up when I strain. Getting these muttonheads up to scruff has been tough, but not being able to play has been tougher.”

Pierce shook his head. “You could play if you’d just get your head outta yer arse. That attack was over a year ago. No one faults you for what happened.”

A dark cloud passed over Lei’s features as they hardened. His black eyes became unreadable.

“Easy for you to say.” Lei’s voice turned as rough as the winds blowing around the stadium and as bitter as black coffee. “Still not telling the press about your little peculiarity, eh? I know it’s been a year but that fuckin’ coyote living inside me is the reason I got kicked off the squad. Him and a hot little blond who was more interested in my personal life than my dick.”

The tension between them made Pierce uneasy. The tiger within him tensed, ready to defend Pierce if Lei decided to go off. He had no idea what had crawled into Lei’s body and died, but he refused to allow his friend to take it out on him.

“First, I’m relieved and proud that you accepted the job of coaching and invested in this venture,” he said, his voice conciliatory. “Second, like I told you at the time, I care more about you than what you are. And that woman was a gold-digging bitch.”

Pierce fell silent, allowing Lei to absorb those words before he continued. “What happened is not your fault, and the way that the sports world reacted to the news was beyond the pale. Now’s not the time to worry about you shifting once a month. We have to worry about whether anyone will show up to this game.”

Pierce gazed up at the empty stands. It was a stadium unblemished by hooligan riots and championships.

Lei followed his look and sighed. “Sorry, been feeling the pressure. I feel so left out of it all. I’m just a coach, not out on the field, and the only way I’ll get to hear that roar is if we’re a success and get to the championships.” Lei grinned, a determined spark in his eye now. “And we
be holding up that gold cup at the end of the season.”

Relief surged through Pierce, and he nodded. “This way people will get used to us weirdo shifters and then maybe I’ll come out of the closet. How about we make a wager, for—say—a tenner? You get the team to the championships and I’ll shift right here on the field.”

“And have the ladies rush the pitch to get a piece of a naked Pierce when he changes back? Hell no!” Lei guffawed. “I’d rather win the tenner by getting to the championships.”

Another crack of thunder sounded over them. “Better get back to the office before Matt sends out the hellhounds on me.”

“Ready. Go talk to the lads. I’m sure they’re climbing the walls.”

Lei started off toward the tunnel. Pierce followed, trying to ignore the feeling of his thousand-dollar loafers sinking into the wet grass with each step. He made his way through the labyrinth in the depths of the stadium and headed for his office. His assistant, Matt, waited for him in the plush area, a diary in one hand and an iPad in the other. Worry lines creased his forehead.

“Sir, there’s a situation you need to deal with…well, it’s not immediate, but it’s an RSVP and I need to know your answer.”

Pierce steeled himself for bad news. His stomach tightened as his gastric juices began to roil. Rather than ask, he made his way further into the space, relishing the newly laid, plush, steel-gray carpet under his feet. The simple white walls showed off black-and-white photos of Pierce holding up various trophies with his old teams. His glass and black steel desktop was clear save for a keyboard, flat-screen monitor, and a calendar. It wasn’t until he was settled into the deep hug of the onyx-leather executive chair that he ventured to ask—praying it wasn’t about the box seats or ticket sales or players quitting due to nervousness—“What is it?”

Matt cleared his throat and shifted from one foot to the other, his peaches-and-cream complexion flushed crimson from the top of his head to his neck.

Pierce rolled his eyes. “Spit it out, man!” he growled, allowing the tiger a little peek.

“Charity bachelor auction.” Matt gnawed at his bottom lip.

Pierce didn’t like where this was going. “OK.”

The young man took a few paces back, cleared his throat again, and stared at his iPad.

Fucking hell, how bad could this thing be if Matt thought he needed distance between them? He eyed Matt with hesitation. They’d been after him for weeks about this so-called auction. More like a meat market if you asked him.

“What do they want?” Pierce tried to sound genial but his tone was gruff and edged in annoyance, even to his own ears. He tried again. “What’s the charity?”

Matt didn’t look up. “Again, it’s for charity, sir.” He swallowed. “And, sir, it’s for the Children’s Hospital, the one on North Street. They’re having issues with money right now. I know this cause is close to your heart and you gave to them last month…”

Matt let the words trail off but didn’t move any closer to Pierce. In fact it seemed as if the rabbit shifter was ready to take a runner. His gaze darted from the doorway back to his tablet.

BOOK: Mate Not Wanted
12.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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