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Master of Punishment

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The lights flicke
red on and off a few times before they settled on brightness. Turning the knob I adjusted the light til it was dull, but effective. The scene I had picked was anything but kind, but it would get me where I wanted to be, and earn me a name for myself. It was going to make me a Master. I had been training for this for several years now. Numerous events under the instruction of a high Master and learning the ins and outs of the BDSM world were tough. I had been picked at, poked at and even degraded time and time again.

But tonight was my night.

Tonight, I would make my dreams… a reality.

The room wasn’t big, but it was more than enough room to play with. The iron posted bed sat on the far wall, bench and cross to the left and numerous instruments were hanging from the wall on the right. Also on the right, was a table hiding vari
ous objects and toys under a sheet. I walked to the right side of the room, and ran my fingers over the instruments, each one had a story and each had a torture. I found learning the instruments easy, the hard part was learning the safe way to deliver the blows.

My favourite would have to be the red handled flogger with tight thick st
rands. Very effective to get a message across. The pain from one of these beauties is kind of a stinging, scratching pain. I would know, because this is what my weapon of choice is when roles are reversed. Yes, I had to be the test dummy from time to time. The next on the rack is a Leather Scottish Tawse. I pick it up and slap it slightly against my palm. The sound of sighing brought me back to the here and now.

It was time.

I removed the sheet off the table and folded it before tucking it away underneath. Dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, cuffs, chains, ropes, and other various objects lay spread out before me. Some very particular items I had placed there myself. I close my eyes for a second to tap into my control on the dark side. Counting to ten, I think about how things are going to play out with the power in my hands. Some Dom’s take too much, or don’t give enough. I am a happy medium. I sense every emotion, every thought, every silent plea.

When I open my eyes, I know what I have to do.

I walk to the middle of the room and stop in front of Natasha, my sub for the night. She doesn’t move or acknowledge my presence even though she knows I am here.

“On your feet.”
I command.

I watch as
she scrambles to her feet, but she keeps her head down. I walk around her a few times accessing her attire. Silk panties are the only item Natasha has on, as requested by myself. I stop behind her and grasp her hair, first wrapping it then pulling. When her head falls back, I lean forward and rub my nose along her scented skin. She smells good enough to eat…….

“You are mine, no games.” I whisper, before letting my hold on her go.

I walk over to the table and pick up several items, each of value to the other. I take them over to the bed, placing them in order of use and within reach.

“Come here.” I demand.

“Yes, Master,” Natasha speaks softly.

“Thread your hands through here.” I show her what I want her to do. “Hold on
to the bed post.”

Natasha complies, threading her hands through the bars at the end of the bed. I take the rope and secure both her wrists together tightly so she cannot pull away. When I instruct her to test the rope she tries to pull her hands back through the bars, but is unable too.


I walk behind her and take her panties off slowly, before tapping each ankle for her to raise her feet to step out of them. Her stance is perfect, restrained to the bed, legs apart, gloriously naked. I tuck the panties into
my pocket, and pull out the blindfold from my other pocket. I cover her eyes and tie it to comfort. We had played a few times before and she was becoming quite a regular in my bed. From the start I have always been the one in control and she has always surrendered to me.

“Trust me,” I whisper, before stepping back to the various instruments I have laid out on the bed.

I lift the feather up to my nose and smell, it smells like fresh air. I pick up a set of nipple clamps also. Walking back to Natasha I feel the trust in her body language. She trusts me, and I trust her. I rub the feather over her lips until she parts them, then I trace it over her face, tickling her skin. She giggles when I trace it down her neck. I continue to do this for several moments before I place it on the bed. Reaching around from behind her I take each nipple in my finger rolling it gently until they form hard peaks. When I’m satisfied I pinch and pull gaining the slightest of moans.

I grab the clamps and apply them one at a time. These little suckers have enough bite to cause pain, but used the right way, they will cause a lot of pleasure when you pull. I move her long blonde hair to the side and take her lips with mine. The kiss is short but leaves her breathless. I pick up the feather once again and start at the back of her neck, slowly running it down her spine, when I get to the dip at the base; I move it around her hip to her stomach.

“It tickles, Master
.” Natasha says, giggling softly.

I smack her ass hard with the palm of my hand. The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoes through the room.

“Quiet, control.” I remind her.

Her laughing ceases immediately. I look to see a perfect print of my hand shining in the dim light. I turn back to my task at hand; I continue the path up her stomach, and between her b
reasts. I stop to trace the feather oh so lightly around each nipple that has been clamped. I hear her sharp intake of breath when I do. Instead of continuing the journey towards her neck I start the travel down towards her core. I knew she would be dripping with desire and I liked that about her.

The door opens and several on lookers and assessors enter. I look to them briefly and offer them a smile. Today was going to be my day… and I was going to do this. Today my dreams were defi
nitely going to come true. I had this; I had everything I could ever want in this moment. I see everyone take their seats at the corner of my eye, and gently I run a hand down Natasha’s back to reassure her. She nods her head and I know she is just as ready as I am.

“You ready for this?” I whisper against her ear, hoping only she would hear.

“Absolutely.” Natasha offers me a smile and her trust.

I walk over to the table and select the canes first. If I wanted to make my dreams come true, I was going to do it in style….



















The place was packed on arrival. Bodies bumped and pushed up against me as I worked my way through the overly large crowd. The lights above change colour continuously, which makes it harder and harder for me to see where the fuck I am going.
I had lost Natasha when she wandered off to the toilet and found a submissive friend. She hated these things but I always made her come with me. I never did a scene in public but I knew there would come a day where I would want to, and I always wanted to be prepared for that.

Sailor was supposed me to meet me at the door
a half hour ago but he never showed. It didn’t fucking surprise me however. He would have spotted a hot piece of ass and followed her through the door if I know sailor. I finally make it out into the open space of the balcony and look out into the flock of people below. The brief scan I do, I can’t see him. I do see Natasha sitting down with Angel however. Angel is a ball of fun but a mistress in her own mind. She shocked the fuck out of me when she showed up to a party with a female submissive instead of a male. One thing I have learned in this lifestyle is to never be shocked by anything.

There is a scene happening on the main stage, the sound of thudding and low moans can be heard from up here. I lean on the rail and watch closely.
The blonde submissive is strung up by her hands with a chain that is connected to handcuffs. She has to stand on her toes to help balance herself. Red welts cover her back and ass. The Master swings the suede flogger quickly, three times and the submissive’s moans become rather high screams. He walks over to his girl, threads one of his hands through her hair and pulls her head back. Her head slightly turns as she makes eye contact with her Master. I can only imagine the phrase he whispers to her.

The whole act is stunningly beautiful and captivating.

The control from the Master and the submission from the girl, is most powerful.

A familiar laugh catch
es my attention and makes the hairs on my neck stand up. I turn instantly and see my worst enemy also known as my brother standing at one of the tables beside the bar with a group of women. I watch him as he steps forward and places his hand on one of the girl’s hips and whispers into her ear. She nods and smiles. He steps back, looks in my direction offers me a half assed smile then retreats to the bar. It takes everything I have not to walk over there and knock his fucking head off his shoulders.

To see him here was a fucking surprise in itself.
I had heard through the grape vine that he was travelling the scene for some reason but I just didn’t believe it. The instant thought of him over taking my dreams and making them his own made me ropable. He always did it, what I wanted, he got. What I worked hard for, he clicked his fingers and he had it. I don’t know where he got the money from half the time but whatever his source, it must have been good. I watch him as he turns around with two drinks in his hand, and walks past the table he was at and starts towards my direction.

“Fucking moron
.” I spit as I turn around and pretend he doesn’t exist, just like he does to his family.

I look out over the crowd and take on the ignorant brother approach. I look down and spot
Natasha talking with America, just another fucking problem I am going to have to deal with later.

“Are you going to ignore me or be a man and turn around?” I hear Simon say.

“There is only one man here, Simon… and it sure as fuck isn’t you.” I snarl.

Simon lets out a laugh and it makes me see fucking red. He is a condescending son of a bitch and I want nothing more than to knock this fucker out. But patience… is more than a virtue. Simon
’s shadow comes over me suddenly.

“That’s not what Lucy said last night.” he whispers.

Rolling my eyes I turn around my fists balled at my side. This mother fucker just stepped over the fucking line with her name.

“What the fuck do you want?” I spit.

“Great to see you to bro, how have you been? Life good?” Simon says, handing me a glass.

“That’s it? You say something like that, and just blow it off?” I step forward,
effectively making him step back.

“Ah, what can I say? She was beautiful until she mentioned your name. Thought I was going to get my end in and all. Just the thought of your seconds makes me sick.” Simon spits out each word. I offer him a smile in return.

He raises his out reached hand again and I look at him then to the drink. I don’t want to take it but fuck him… if he is going to stand here and talk shit to me I at least need a drink first. I grab the glass, and bring it to my mouth. Simon points his glass forward and I down mine instantly, his is to follow. I put the glass on a tray that travels by seconds later.

“How’s the family?” Simon asks, looking down into his empty cup.

“Why the fuck don’t you ask or better yet find out for yourself?” my tone is bitter, the anger rings in my ears. I just want to knock him the fuck out.

“Nah, no fun in that.” is his response.

Simon puts the glass on the next waiter’s tray that passes.

“You know, I forgot this is your scene now. Doesn’t seem to make sense to me, but whatever.” Simon says coming to stand next to me.
He rests his hip on the balcony rail and looks to the scene that is coming to an end.

“Why did you come back?” I lean in and say
to him.

“That your girl?”
Simon turns slightly, points into the crowd.

I step forward and stand tall.
This fucker isn’t going there… not now… not ever.

You keep your fucking hands off my girl. In fact, get the fuck out of here before I have you thrown out.” my hands ball into tight fists and I want to deck him.

“Oh Hunter,” Simon stands up straight and smiles at me. “You worry too much.”

When he speaks he taps my shoulder, he steps back and I step forward again ready to knock the son of a bitch out. As I bring my fist up, Sailor grabs my hands. He yells something at Simon and he walks away laughing. I’m seething with anger. My chest is rising and falling quickly. With his comment I knew he was up to something. He always was. It was like Simon had this built in radar for when my life was turning out and great things were happening for me. But this time, he wasn’t going to come in and shit on everything I had worked hard for.

BOOK: Master of Punishment
4.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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