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Marked by Destiny

BOOK: Marked by Destiny
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Marked by Destiny

Hidden Secrets

Book III


W. J. May

Copyright 2014
by W.J. May




Book IV coming




Hidden Secrets

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Well, it looks
like I finally have bragging rights:

I’ve completed
something in my life which I’ve done all by myself.

I finished
high school!


The graduation
ceremony is tomorrow afternoon – they call it “commencement” here
in Port Q. As of tomorrow afternoon I will officially be done with
high school. Just need to walk down the school auditorium in some
silly cap and gown, pick my diploma up and it’s done.

Then the next
chapter of my life starts. Scratch that, a new book is beginning. I
can close the door of feeling like nothing and start planning my
future – with Michael.

The day
after graduation Michael and I are heading across country, back to
Niagara Falls. I just hope the trip won’t be a total loss and I
find what I’m looking for. The
problem is I don’t really have any idea what I’m searching for –
at least it won’t be too hard to avoid disappointment then.

Correct that.
There is one thing I know I plan to find out. Who is my mother? My
father? Was what Daman told me true? Is there a way I am related to
this Bentos—Ancient Journal guy? Okay, that’s more than one thing.
How about I simplify it…

I want to know
why I ended up in the “system.”


I figured the
best way to keep track of the millions of questions I have is to
start keeping a journal. Maybe I can find the answers to a few of
them, and maybe some answers to the ones I’m too afraid to ask.


And I guess
it’s is time to open the Wolf Book up again. It totally annoys
Michael, and Caleb even more, when I refer to Grollics as wolves
but they are. They’re shifters. Werewolves.

I’ve spent the
past three months avoiding the book, but the time has come to face
my future and find out what I really am. OR should I write, what I
am supposed to be?! I have a terrible feeling the Wolf Book is
going to tell me more than I really want to know… that’s why I’ve
avoided looking at it the past few months.


Past is past.
It won’t define me. I need to focus on what lies ahead, but if I
want to be part of Michael’s future, I need to find out who (or
what) I am.


Gulp. Now
comes the hard part.










I needed to
know where I'd been in order to find out where I was going.

It was hard to
believe I would be graduating from high school tomorrow. It felt as
if I had been impatiently waiting for this moment the past four
years and now I couldn’t believe it was finally here. It had been
my one goal for so long that I almost felt disappointed I didn’t
have a bigger sense of accomplishment. It has always seemed that
graduation was going to be the key to my freedom.

everything had changed.

Not overnight.
It had taken most of my senior year with a few very memorable
nights and they weren’t all pleasant.

I knew my goals
and expectations had changed since meeting Michael. Michael was the
most important thing in my life – more important than my so-called
freedom. After spending my entire life in moving from foster home
to foster home, I had been on countdown to turning eighteen and
graduating from high school. Graduation had represented freedom
from the system. I had started school a year later than most - I
wasn’t sure if that was because of one of my foster parents or if
it was just from moving around in the system. All I remember since
I was little was that my freedom would be obtained when I graduated
and became of age.

Then I met
Michael and my entire vision changed perspective. I spent my entire
life refusing to feel hope or happiness. He had changed that. It
had been one wild year. Almost a year ago I was miserable because
my foster parents were dragging me across the country, a new town
and a new high school. I didn’t want to move from Niagara Falls to
Port Coquitlam but like most of my life up to that point, it didn’t
matter what I wanted.

Fate seemed to
have other plans.

Moving turned
out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

At least, that
is what I knew now – someone else looking in on my life would
probably disagree.

It had been a
rollercoaster ride since arriving in Port Coquitlam. I met
Michael’s twin sister, who was also finishing her last year of high
school tomorrow. Michael was already in university and this is
where the rollercoaster ride starts hitting all those crazy twists
and turns.

strangest incident Bonfire Night during the beginning of
the school year; I learned something that would shock my world.
There was a war going on that we humans knew nothing about - a
century’s old war between werewolves and… and… well this is where
things grew even more complicated and I needed a journal to map
things out. Hollywood would call it a war between werewolves and
vampires, but Michael and Grace were not vampires. Sort of. They
didn’t need blood or have fangs. They weren’t exactly dead. I
think. They had died, but they had some kind of angel blood inside
of them or something that prevented them from actually dying. I
sighed and played with the necklace around my neck. They were, in a
sense, a kind of modern day vampire.

I fell back
against my bed and folded my hands behind my head. Thinking about
everything made my brain itch. My boyfriend and my best friend were
dangerous. They had strength and speed beyond natural human
ability. Anyone in their right mind would have run without looking
back. I did the opposite, I moved in with them. I moved in with an
entire family – a coven – of vampires. To make things even more
complicated, one of the leaders was Michael and Grace adopted
father, Caleb
Michael was his understudy.

In fairy-tale
terms, it was like dating the prince in line for the throne; except
I was the peasant girl from the village – the very
girl. Michael loved me and had given me his
for my
birthday in January. Everyone of their kind had a
pendant –created the day they died. The pendant was a small vile
which held a bit of their blood – the last remains of their human
blood. The
was to be given when they fell in love,
presumable with someone similar to them because
Gaelic for eternal love – once exchanged the pendants were meant to
be worn forever.

Michael had
given me his. Deep down I had hoped one day I would be able to give
him mine. Except that would never happen. Not now, not ever.
Michael didn’t know yet, but I had the mark of the enemy, and one
day he would hate me.

BOOK: Marked by Destiny
8.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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