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Authors: H. F. Daniels

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Manhunter Revelations

BOOK: Manhunter Revelations
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Manhunter, Revelations

By H.F. Daniels

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The year was 2024. The world was finally
settling down to a prosperous economy for all. World peace was
closer to a reality than it has been in the past 4000 years. In
addition, economic prosperity, scientific and technological
advances was proceeding at an all time high. It was in fact one of
those scientific advancements that was responsible for the
discovery of all time. Developed by a consortium of mining and
research companies and a few governmental agencies, a new ground
analytical scanning radar was developed which allowed the users to
get a clear, almost photographic color image with a complete
spectrum analysis of what lies below ground down to a depth of two
to three miles depending on the composition of the ground. This new
device was named the Deep Ground Analytical Scanner, or DGAS as it
was nicknamed by those who used it. A group of world scientist who
was using this new device to scan the ground in a very remote area
of Antarctica, were hoping to get a more complete picture of the
composition of the Antarctic ice shelf and hopefully some scans of
the Antarctic ground itself. This project had been going on for a
few weeks when a startling discovery was made under the ice. A
structure, clearly not naturally made was found located just over a
mile deep under the ice. The Structure as outlined by the scans was
approximately six hundred and fifty feet by five hundred and thirty
feet, by seventy feet high. Its spectrum analysis stated the
structure was composed of a material not yet known to man. This was
truly an immense structure and its discovery gripped the scientific
community. Where did it come from? Who built it? Why was it built
here in Antarctica? These were among the hundreds of questions
asked by the scientific community, as well as the multitude of the
world's governments, who desperately wanted these questions
answered. Due to the implications of this discovery, the world
governments decided, as usual to keep this discovery secret for the
time being. The purpose of which was for them to decide what to do
about the discovery, how to deal with the many multitudes of
speculations, religions and ideologies that was sure to spring up
once the discovery was made known worldwide. Most importantly
though was the need to know if this structure was manmade, and if
so by whom and when, or as some scientists believed, was the
structure extra-terrestrial in nature, and if so when were they
here on earth. To date the idea of extra-terrestrials had pretty
much died as no evidence as yet has ever been discovered to prove,
or as some also stated, disproved their existence. Yet as with all
great discoveries, the secrecy of this discovery could only be keep
secret so long. The general public as a whole, due to advances in
computing technologies and the new Maxinet, the successor to the
twentieth and early twenty first century internet, was able to
obtain info which eventually lead to the revelation to the world at
large of the Antarctic discovery. It was also believed that some of
the research scientists working on the project leaked clues to the
discovery, believing the world had a right to know. Yet by the time
the public became aware of the Antarctic discovery a time span of
fourteen months had passed. During this time the governments of the
world had decided that this was a mystery that had to be

So approximately three months after the
discovery, the most massive excavation project in history was
started. The goal was to excavate down to the structure and then to
clear a half mile perimeter around it for supplies and support of
the research team. As expected once knowledge of the structure was
found out by the world at large, general condemnation of the
world's governments on their silence was widely voiced. New
religions sprung up over night. Cults, scientific conventions, new
community ideologies, etc, all cropped up. The biggest theory
though among the world's populace was that the structure was of
extra-terrestrial origins, and that they were coming back. An
international military quarantine had to be imposed around
Antarctica to keep out the sight seeking, and somewhat fanatical
public who flocked to Antarctica by the hundreds of thousands.
Around ten months after the excavation was started, scientists
finally managed to reach and clear the area around the structure.
They then started an extensive study of the exterior to determine
what the structure was and the best way to gain entry into it. The
composition of The Structure, which by the way was the name now
given to it, was composed of a material somewhat like diamond,
colored a dark brown and gray, but was much harder. One huge door,
twenty feet high by twenty-two feet wide was the only entrance
found that led into The Structure. The door edges were so tight
together to the wall that you had to look very closely to even see
them. It became readily apparent that the door had been sealed in
some manner, which defeated all attempts to open it. There were no
visible handles or any other method that could be found that could
be used to open the huge door. In fact there were no protrusion of
any kind anywhere on the outside of The Structure. It sat there
like a giant sealed box.

Different scanning techniques was used to try
and see inside the Structure, but its composition resisted all
attempts to do so. So after a fruitless month of trying to figure
out how to open the massive door, it was finally decided to
forcibly open it. The massive door was determined to be the most
logical place to cut into The Structure. The latest industry grade
lasers, which was capable of cutting through the hardest, densest
materials known to man like a hot knife through butter, barely cut
into the material of The Structure. Explosives, industrial strength
acids, and the latest in drilling equipment was tried, all to no
avail. In the end it was determined that the outputs of the
industrial grade lasers used had to be increased around forty
percent to provide enough power to cut into the material, although
the lasers would rapidly burn themselves out due to the increased
output. Yet even with the highly enhanced lasers, it still took the
engineers over two months and a lot of burned out equipment to
finally cut a ten by ten foot entrance through the door. It was
also the intent to cut through the door instead of the wall to
prevent the possibility of damaging any equipment that may be
inside. Since the nature of The Structure had yet to be determined,
extreme biohazard procedures were put into place to contain any
germs or other hazards that could be released from or into it once
it was opened. A newly designed airlock system which had been
developed for deep sea exploration was paired with the latest in
biohazrd technologies to create the biohazard airlock that was
built and installed over the door to The Structure. When the door
was finally breached, robotic med equipment was sent inside first
to determine if any biohazards were inside. These robots were the
latest in bioengineering technology and would test for and report
the presence of any and all biological and chemical signatures
found inside. Amazingly, The Structure was found to be virtually
germ free. There was however no air present inside. None. It was as
if all the air had been removed from The Structure before it was
sealed. Other varied advanced diagnostic robotic equipment was sent
in to see what was inside, and if pure germ free air was pumped
into The Structure would the contents inside be damaged in any way.
From the scans and videos taken by the robots, nothing was found
inside. So the decision was made to pump in germ free air prior to
entry, and to keep the inside isolated from the outside air until
it could be determined if it was safe to not do so. No one knew
what exposure to the outside air would do to the inside of The
Structure or if any equipment was found, what the air would do to
them. Once The Structure was filled with air, scientist encased in
biohazards suits entered The Structure. Inside the scientists found
that the structure had been built basically to human dimensions,
although somewhat larger, but had clearly been designed for human
use, or the biological equivalent. There was however some major
disappointments. No advance technology or machines of advanced
design was found, although there was evidence that such
technologies and machines did once exist inside The Structure.
There were no written text, although ancient unknown writings was
discovered on the walls of the structure. So although the expected
scientific riches that all expected to find was not present, the
wall texts and the building composition was deemed to be
invaluable. New very accurate dating techniques was used to
determine the age of the structure and it was found to be around
fifty nine thousand years old. Yet there appeared to be no
deterioration of The Structure at all. This truly astounded the
scientists. There are no records of any ancient civilization having
this level of technology fifty nine thousand years ago, much less
the fact that the composition of The Structure was beyond any level
of technology that existed today. This revelation led most of the
scientists to surmise that The Structure was of extra-terrestrial
origins, but which at this time no one could prove. At first it was
determined that the ice had preserved The Structure in its pristine
condition, but later tests found this to be untrue. The unique
composition of the structure showed it was capable of withstanding
the passages of time, unprotected, for millennia. New industries
was started just to decipher the building's composition and how to
duplicate it. The governments of the world assigned this task to a
group consortium of the world's most brilliant chemical engineers,
metallurgists and geologists. The benefits of a building compound
that could withstand the rigors of time would be invaluable in
almost all of the world's economy. Back at The Structure however
the scientist encountered a problem. Judging from the height of the
ground level that they had cut into, it was estimated that The
Structure had to have at least two to three levels within it.

The massive door gave entrance to what was
determined to be the ground level, which was twenty-six feet high.
There were three large areas to the ground area, two rooms adjacent
to each other, the same size, two hundred and fifty feet deep by
two hundred feet wide, open to the front part of the ground level
which was three hundred and ninety deep by five hundred feet wide.
Stairs gave access to an upper level, which was fully open at six
hundred feet deep by four hundred and ninety feet wide, by eighteen
feet high. There were apparent indications that parts of the walls
had conduits inside probably for cabling. Based on the height of
the upper level, the engineers figured the roof had to be at least
two feet thick. The floor between the upper and ground level was
measured and found to be one foot thick. There were no supporting
columns between the ground and upper level, strongly reinforcing
the apparent strength of The Structure's material composition.
There was however no stairway or any other entrance to a lower
level. That left around twenty-three feet of space unaccounted for.
There had to be someplace for power generating equipment to power
all of the missing machines, and the logical location for such was
below ground level. There appeared vacant spaces that huge
elevators had once occupied, probably to lift equipment between the
upper levels and lower. However, there was no entrance to the lower
level that the scientists could find. It was as if the builders of
The Structure had sealed off the lower level to a degree where it
couldn't be determined if a lower level even existed. The
composition of The Structure also prevented internal scans to
determine if there was a lower level. No internal picture or scan
of the interior could be made. The Structure's size and the
interior space discovered so far inside, convinced the scientists
and engineers alike that there had to be a lower level. It made no
sense otherwise to have a solid base to the Structure as thick as a
whole level. So if there was a lower level, the only way to gain
entry was first, to find it, and second to find a way to forcibly
gain entrance to the that level. The massive door to the ground
level had took the scientists two months to breech, but after
months of studying the composition of The Structure by the
scientific task force, the scientists and engineers had found a new
way of burning through the material. Using a combination of a newly
enhanced lasers and chemical destabilization, they hoped to weaken
the composition of The Structure enough to allow the lasers to burn
through in half the time. It was decided to burn a six-foot
exploratory hole through from the center of the ground level to see
if there was a lower level below. A smaller version of the
biohazard containment airlock was put into place first before any
cutting could be started. If there was a lower level, a robotic med
bot would be lowered inside to test for hazards, and a diagnostic
bot would be lowered to see what was inside. There was a great deal
of concern that if the people who built The Structure had took such
measures to seal off the lower level, they may have had a very good
reason to do so. Yet the governments of the world, reassured by the
scientists on the containment procedures did not let this thought
deter them.

BOOK: Manhunter Revelations
13.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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