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Fang Chronicles:

Mandy’s Story

Book IV


D’Elen McClain








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Fang Chronicles: Mandy’s

Fang Chronicles: Book IV


Printing History

eBook Edition: July 2013


All rights reserved including the right
to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form.


This is a work of fiction. ALL
characters are derived from the author’s imagination.


No person, brand, or
corporation mentioned in this Book should be taken to have endorsed
this Book nor should the events surrounding them be considered in
any way factual.



Chapter One



With a groan, Honey managed to open his
eyes and squint into the partial light. Mandy sat on the other side
of the bars staring his way, calmly clicking her fingernails and
appearing bored. He shook his head, attempting to clear the fog
from his brain. Pain—deadly daggers streaked through his skull,
making his eyes narrow even more. And… for some reason, his left
leg throbbed to the beat of his headache. He didn’t dare take his
eyes off the she-wolf. “What the fuck have you done?” he growled
low and deep throughout the question.

Her lips compressed on her
much-too-cute pixie face. “I don’t think that’s any way to speak to
your mate, and I don’t like your language,” she admonished gently,
continuing to look like she didn’t have a care in the

Her words didn’t quite sink into his
pounding brain. He looked around his prison. Bars... the steel bars
of a feral cage. With another shake of his head he realized it was
the one that had been delivered to Brandt and Emily’s home—Brandt
and Emily, alphas of the Northeast pack, and relatives to the smug
she-wolf sitting outside the iron walls of his prison.

The cage, about five foot
high and six by four foot in diameter, rested inside a large
Were Brandt and Emily part of
He didn’t feel good, his stomach
tumbled with nausea, and it slowly dawned on him that he’d been
drugged. More grumbling came up from his chest. Over the pain… the
queasiness… his anger, he looked at Mandy and snarled, “I’m giving
you to the count of three before I shift and tear this cage

She stopped clicking her fingernails,
her green eyes flashing while she checked out the bars and then
gazed back at him. “Hmm. It might hurt, but go ahead and give it a
try.” She flipped her long brown hair over her shoulder.

His low growl swelled as it traveled up
from his chest. “One…”

Her pouty lips curved slightly. “I’m
not a child, and the number counting thing is ridiculous.”
Eyelashes swept down over her green eyes and then went back up
almost in a practiced move.

Nine hundred pounds of Kodiak bear
exploded within the steel bars. Large tuffs of brown fur stuck out
between the solid three-inch slats of metal, leaving no room for
movement. He pushed his weight against the steel, and when nothing
gave so much as an inch, he went completely wild, which did
exactly... nothing.

When his struggling and loud growls
slowed, she gave him her bored look again. “Are you finished
throwing your temper tantrum?”

While continuing to roar, he shifted to
human, his black eyes drilling her with fury. “I. Will. Kill. You.”
He shouted this with white foam running from the corners of his
mouth, the crazed feelings of being caged filling his human

She offered a slow blink before she
spoke again. “I didn’t think it possible to kill your mate, but
that’s wolf rules. The only bears I’ve been around are you and
Korep.” She frowned and her voice dropped, “I’m sorry about his

Her gentleness didn’t move him and his
rage increased. “You are insane. Do not speak of my brother. Where
is Brandt? I insist upon talking to him.”

She shrugged her shoulders and looked
down at her fingernails… click, click, click… and then she looked
up. “That might prove difficult. It wasn’t easy to sneak you away,
and I’m sure they’re combing the mountain for us.”

Fuck.” The word blasted
out on a roar.

She did it again, the sweeping of her
eyelids… down, then up, sparkling green with a touch of ire, and
then she actually berated him, “You wouldn’t look at me, or much
less speak to me, so I took matters into my own hands.” Her gaze
hardened with more anger. “You are my mate and I’m tired of waiting
for you to realize it.”

Her words and their meaning finally
penetrated his sluggish thoughts and another roar spilled from his
mouth. “You shall wait until hell freezes over.” He then clenched
his jaws so hard it threatened to break his teeth.

His rage seemed to have no effect on
Mandy. “That’s wonderful because I don’t believe in hell. It would
be easier if we could just get the deed done.”

He pronounced his next words slowly
because he realized he was speaking to an imbecile. “Get. What.
Deed. Done?”

She looked at him with complete
sincerity. “Our mating. I believe you will be much happier with a
regular dose of sexual activity.”

He threw his head backward into the
bars. It hurt, but when he opened his eyes, she still sat before
him—unfortunately separated by the steel he was unable to escape.
His clothes lay in tatters. He didn’t usually care about nakedness,
but her eyes, looking possessively over his body, caused the wrong
effect and it was the last thing he needed. He took a long steady
breath to slow his heart rate and tried to contain his temper and
his hard-on. “You do realize when I’m out of here, I’m putting you
over my knee and reddening your ass, don’t you?”

Her gaze zeroed in on the one part of
him he didn’t want her looking at. “Well, I’m not really into that
kind of kinky play, but I’m willing to try anything

He stared at her silently for thirty
seconds and then his bear exploded... again.

His roar echoed off the inside walls of
the truck, and when he calmed enough to see straight, he noticed
her delicate hands covering her ears. He shifted to human, trying
to control his thought process and demeanor. Somehow, he had to
gain control. After several semi-calming breaths, he managed to go
from shouting to a medium gruff bellow. “You’re entirely too young
for mating, wolf.”

Her same calm stare met his words and
she chided. “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Emily was
younger than I when she mated Brandt.”

He managed to hold onto his sanity and
keep his tone level. “The rules guide us for a reason.” Clenching
his fists was the only way to keep from snarling, so he tightened
them around the bars.

She stubbornly shook her head. “And
it’s a stupid reason.”

Fuck, she had to be the most
block-headed female he’d ever met. His brain reprocessed events in
double-time and he again switched tactics. “Brandt and Emily will
kill me if I touch you.”

Her eyebrows drew together slightly as
she appeared to think about his statement. “Hmm, yep, that worries
me, too. They never seem to see reason when it comes to me and the
male species.”

It worries you?” His
voice rose and the pounding in his skull increased.

Her eyebrows didn’t unfurrow. “We’ll
need to come up with a plan to head them off. Me, being with child,
might do the trick.” Her face suffused with red before she
continued. “Since Nicolas’ sperm created a child in Zenya, everyone
is wondering which species can crossbreed.” The red faded to pink
and she looked more content by the end of her sentence.

He blinked then ran his hands through
his hair while letting go of his patience. “You are a complete
dimwit.” One growl after another left his throat.

Her fingernails clicked, which he was
learning might possibly be a nervous habit, but her voice remained
calm. “Calling me names won’t help.”

He let out a deep breath and lowered
his eyes, trying to stave off combustion. “And just what will

Accepting me as your mate
and claiming me with sex.” Her lips smirked and she slowly blinked
again. “I’m hoping we can try the spanking thing a little later on
in our bedroom activity.”

He closed his eyes, opened them, and
quickly closed them. If he wanted to maintain any control at all,
he couldn’t look at her. “You can’t possibly think to keep me in
this cage that long.”

Well, that wounds me. I
know I’m not a raving beauty, but I have nice breasts and my butt
seems to get male attention, though I think it’s a tad too

He still didn’t open his eyes, but the
picture she presented caused his body to tighten. “I repeat. You
can’t keep me that long.”

I think I

Breathing steadily and arguing didn’t
help, so he tried common sense. “What happens when I need to take a
piss or something along those lines?”

I’ve taken that into
consideration. While you were unconscious I bought a urine bottle
and bags to dispose of your other waste.”

His eyes popped open and his voice
roared with his next words, “I. Will. Kill. You.”

Her lips curved up in a full smile,
completely un-intimidated. “You’ve used that threat already and it
has no effect. I know you probably need some aspirin for your
headache and I might have caused damage to your leg. It wasn’t easy
getting you inside the cage. Sorry about that.”

He clenched his teeth again, causing
blinding pain to streak from ear to ear. He held onto his human
form by a thread and it hurt to talk, but he had to ask, “How did
you manage to get me into the cage?”

It was harder than you
think, but I’m stronger than I look.” He heard her nails again,
click, click, click

He gave her his death stare, the one
that made many a man and beast shake. “It’s your mind that’s weak.”
The words came out in a gravely low timbre.

Her eyes narrowed in challenge, but her
voice was very matter of fact, “Well if that’s true… why are you in
there and I’m out here?”

She covered her ears when fur exploded
inside the cage.

Chapter Two



She walked out, closing the door behind
her. A few minutes later, the engine rumbled and he felt the truck
move. He wasn’t sure how long he was unconscious while she dragged
him into the cage and escaped from the mountain. He also wasn’t
sure what she used to drug him. He gave her credit for ingenuity,
but little else. He knew about her sister Emily’s past, and it was
reasonable to assume that insanity ran in her family.

Taking stock of his surroundings, he
noticed plastic bags, obviously from her store run, sitting out of
reach in the corner of the truck. He examined the steel bars of his
prison. Metal bolts held the cage to the truck. He’d never seen one
secured upon delivery, and her devious mind stunned him. The bolts
were flat and screwed tight against metal brackets. He couldn’t get
anything but his fingernail between the bars or the brackets, but
he tried for an hour to pull them up anyway.

His thoughts jumped from one problem to

Where was she taking him? She had to
have that planned.

Was anyone helping her? He didn’t think
so. There were no other beastkind crazy enough to mess with a

He heard cars occasionally pass the
truck, so he didn’t think police would stop her for speeding.
Patience wasn’t a bear’s finest quality, but he pulled in all the
calming energy he could muster and continued thinking.

Sending a telepathic message to Dmitri,
his liege vampire, was out of the question. He would never live it
down, and he wouldn’t allow one young she-wolf to get the best of
him. His stomach eventually growled. He needed to take a piss, even
if it was in a plastic bottle, and the damn bars beneath him made
it too uncomfortable to rest.

BOOK: Mandy's Story
2.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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