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Making Up

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Making Up


Making Up

“You know that thing we talked about,” Erica

“What thing?”

Us having
someone else in bed with us…”
She was
embarrassed about it when we weren’t actually having sex, but she
had a threesome fantasy. I didn’t know where it had come from but
she’d started talking about it last year, started whispering it to
me during sex, had started sucking her vibrator sometimes which I
fucked her. I assume imagining another man.

“There’s a guy at work,” she said, “I was
talking to him.”

“A guy at work?”

She nodded.

“That doesn’t seem the best idea.”

“I know.”

“But you did anyway?”

She shrugged.

likes Erica.
Everybody. She doesn’t have
enemies. She goes to the gym and watches what she eats. She avoids
TV and tries to improve her mind, when she’s not working, which is
a lot. She earns more than me. I try to be supportive, and just
turn over when she sets the alarm for five. I make dinner most
nights and usually do the housework. When she first started talking
about threesomes a year ago, I went along with it. I thought she’d
get turned on while we had sex, and get it out her system. She got
turned on, but what I’d apparently forgotten was Erica is an
over-achiever and makes things happen.

“Okay,” I said, “There’s a guy at work and
it’s not a bad idea.”

“You don’t mind?”

I shook my head.

“You want to?”

I looked at her, unsure now I was being put
on the spot.

If you let
me do a guy,” she said.
“We can do a

I thought
about that.
She’d been promising it for
as long as she’d been talking about threesomes, and it made a
difference to me. And we didn’t have problems between us. We had
sex as often as anyone. We didn’t fight. It didn’t seem like that
bad idea.

Yeah,” I
“Okay. Let’s do it.”

So she went
off to work and I wondered if I was really going to go through with
It would be hot to watch her fuck,
without being involved, but then again, she’d be fucking someone

I wondered a
bit about how it worked.
If I should wear
a condom too, just to be polite. Whether everyone had to stop if
one person left the room, and if it was Erica, did the other guy
and I just sit around and talk about the weather? What if the other
guy wanted to fuck me too. That was a worry. I assumed he was doing
this as the only way to get Erica, but with Erica you never knew. I
wondered who undresses first, and who undresses who, and whether
you had to keep fucking what you were fucking until you finished,
or if you could swap halfway through. And how you asked the other
man if he was interested in that, or would be rather stay where he

I was a bit
worried, but I was turned on too.
a wonderful, sexy woman, and she wanted to do this thing, and he
being turned on by it turned me on too.




We met the
guy, Gareth, in a bar after work.
We had
a couple of drinks and talked, and Gareth asked if I was okay with
this. That seemed decent of him. I asked if it was going to be a
problem at work, since we were all being open, and he said no, they
worked in a different branches. Erica ignored us both, and swung
her foot, and asked, a little snappily, if we were

We all went
back to our place and sat in the lounge with drinks.
Erica went and changed. She must have been
nervous because she changed into jeans and a shirt, like she’d
normally wear when she got home from work. Not something sexy, or
something easier to take off her in a hurry. Normally she’d think
of things like that. We all sat there and had another drink and
Erica and Gareth gossiped about people at work. It seemed like
no-one knew how to start.

Gareth was
getting a bit bored, I thought.
Like he
wasn’t sure if this was going to happen.

Hey,” I said
to Erica.
“Come here.”

She did, and
I kissed her, and we made out for a while, while Gareth
“Thank you,” she said into my

I unbuttoned the front of her shirt while we
kissed, said, “Take it off.”

More dramatically than I expected.
She knelt next to Gareth, took off her shirt, then her bra, then
just sat there. Gareth started. Like he’d been working next to her
for years in sensible business clothes and had never got more than
a glimpse of cleavage before.

He kissed
her, and I felt a little jealous, just a bit.
But Erica was moaning into his mouth and pulling his shirt
open and very into this, so I made myself stop.

Hey,” she
said, and reached out towards me.
I went
over and she kissed me too. That felt a little better.

started playing with her breasts, sucking them, and Erica closed
her eyes and sighed.
Then he kissed her
and I was redundant again.

Erica got a
condom out her jeans pocket and tore it open, did that while
kissing Gareth and having her tits sucked.
She opened Gareth’s pants and rolled it onto him, then
started giving him head. It was odd to watch. You see your partner
a certain way, see her loving and tender. Watching her pull off
such a slickly slutty move reminds you off the history before you,
reminds you that once upon a time she sucked strangers cocks in the
backs of cars. She slid onto the floor and knelt between his legs,
kept her eyes open and stared up at him the whole time.

Erica isn’t a
bad person.
She understood how this might
make me feel. After a few minutes she slid over and started sucking
on me, too. While she did she kept glancing over at Gareth, like
she was putting on a show just for him, and I suppose in a way she

He got up,
and knelt behind her, and got her jeans and underwear pulled
He started stroking her gently. I
could see Erica’s face. When he touched her she closed her eyes and
bit her lip and slumped onto my leg like she couldn’t think enough
to remember what she was doing. Gareth must have got bored, or
decided she was as wet as she needed to be. He still had a condom
on, shiny with Erica’s spit, still had a hard-on, so he got close
up behind her and slid himself in. They both froze for a second,
like it was so good they just had to kneel there and feel it, and
then Gareth started fucking her. I sat there. She’d long ago given
up sucking my cock, she just knelt there, sighing. Gareth avoided
eye-contact with me over Erica’s back.

It seemed to be good and it seemed
to last a while.

“Wait,” she said, looking back over her
shoulder to Gareth, “Wait a sec, don’t come yet, I want to go

He looked
like he’d been counting backwards already, and wasn’t sure he
She noticed, and grinned, and held
me in her hand until I got hard.

She sat on me
backwards, pushed back until I was in her, then reached over and
took Gareth’s cock and started sucking on it, the latex slick from
her pussy and all.
It’s something she
only ever does when she’s really turned on. I let her fuck me and
thought about how I was inside her. I was where, barring condoms,
another guy had been a second before. I couldn’t decide if that
turned me on or was just horrible. I felt like I should care more
than I seemed to.

suddenly grabbed her, and pulled her off me, and bent her over a
chair and did her from behind, standing up.
They were across the room for the first time that evening,
but I didn’t feel any worse watching than when they were right
there. Erica came again, another long, shuddery, gaspy orgasm. I
was starting to notice she was only coming when he was inside her,
and wasn’t sure how that made me feel. I suppose it was only
natural. She finished coming, then pushed Gareth off again and
grinned at him.

She came back
over and fucked me for a while and Gareth sat in his chair and
Then she went back to him and I
watched them. Then she came back. She was walking differently,
moving differently. Usually she’d walk around topless with her
hands over her breasts, would pull her underwear back on as soon as
she’d done fucking. Now she was strutting, proud of herself. She
winced a little while we had sex, though, and when I asked she
whispered she was a bit tender but didn’t want to stop.

I came inside
her, and she ran off to the bathroom, and Gareth said quietly,
“Thanks man.”
I shrugged, wasn’t quite up
for a man-to-man talk just yet.

Erica came
back, still strutting.
She stopped and
kissed me, went over and kissed Gareth, and he grabbed her and
pulled her into his lap.

“You want more?” she asked, sounding
surprised, and flattered too.

“Sure,” he said, and she went and found her
jeans and got another condom and started giving him head.

I watched,
and yes, it was hot.
A woman giving head
is hot, and sucking a cock hard seems more intimate than just
sucking it. Something that’s meant to happen between partners, not
one-night-stand strangers. That bothered me a bit, that intimacy,
actually more than the fact of her sucking his cock.

She did him
efficiently, sucked and bobbed and he pawed her tits until he
grunted and lifted his hips off the ground.
She sat back on her heels and wiped her mouth, even though
he’d come inside the condom. Spit, I suppose.

“Shit, Erica,” he said, “Shit.”

She smiled.

“Do you want some more?” he asked.

She shook her head.

“We could both give you head,” he said, “At
the same time.”

And suddenly Erica looked very

We lay her on
the couch and took turns eating her and kissing her face and
Gareth went first on her pussy
and didn’t seem to mind that I’d come in there. I kissed her and I
suppose I didn’t mind she’d just had his cock in her mouth. She
still tasted a little of latex. We turned her around a few times,
taking turns, and in the end she came while I was giving her head.
That pleased me, right up until I realized she was looking at
Gareth, tasting Gareth’s mouth, while she did.

Gareth seemed
to be done.
He said he should go and
Erica said he could stay and he said no, he should really get
going. Just like a dinner party. Gareth shook my hand as he left,
and Erica and went to the door and stood behind it and kissed him
goodbye. A deep, open-mouthed kiss.

“You understand,” she said, “One-off,
probably never again.”

“I understand.”

“We never talk about it at work.”


And no
telling anyone.
Or I definitely never
will again.”

She shook his
hand and said goodnight, seemed to have finished changing herself
back into his co-worker.
Except for being

Erica came and sat down beside me. “That was
fun,” she said.

“You liked it?”

“Of course.”

We both had
showers and then we went to bed.
seemed very ordinary and domestic after what we’d just




I said to
Erica a few days later that she owed me, that we needed to find a
girl, and she said she knew, she was working on it.
She’d sounded some friends out, she said, and
she was almost there.

She had a
drink with someone after work, and must have asked straight
She came home and said Holly was in,
and they’d made plans for the weekend. Holly had a stud in her nose
and two earrings in her left ear, despite that she worked as an
accountant. She was cute, freckly. I could go there. I didn’t sleep
very well for the next few nights.

BOOK: Making Up
2.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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