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“I want to see all of you, Ally. Pull those bottom cheeks wider,” he said sternly.

“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.” She did as he asked, certain she’d never been so embarrassed and exposed in her life. It was more than showing him her body. By submitting to him and obeying his most humiliating commands, she was baring her soul to him. She hoped he forgave her in his heart. He’d already said she was forgiven, but she wouldn’t feel forgiven until the ordeal was over, until she was sore and weeping and uttering heartfelt apologies in his arms.


* * *


Mark approached Ally, taking in her rapid breaths and shaking hands as she kept her bottom spread wide to his liking. Tremors besieged her body, but she didn’t break her position or beg him to allow her to stand up. She was such a good girl, taking her punishment like this. As he watched her shaking, the insides of her thighs gleaming from her escaping moisture, he focused on her inner core, where her wetness pooled between her smooth shaven folds. He glided his fingers inside, swirling and spreading her arousal across her delicate flesh, eventually bringing that wetness up to her bottom hole.

Her pucker clenched and unclenched against his ministrations, his prodding becoming more forceful as he nudged at her entrance and finally slipped one finger inside. She almost lost her grip on her bottom cheeks but managed to recover just in time.

“Such a good girl. It’s too bad you were so naughty today, Ally. I can’t allow your misbehaviors to go unpunished. If you ever have any doubts about us, you need to talk to me. Never ever try to walk away from me like you did tonight. I love you and I won’t tolerate it.”

She whimpered and raised her head. “I know, and I’m sorry, sir.”

A tiny sob drifted up from her as he pumped in and out of her tight asshole, adding a second finger and placing his free hand on her lower back to hold her steady while he probed her and punished her private entrance with slow, deep thrusts. As the moisture he’d stolen from her pussy began to dry up, she squirmed and made little distressed noises.

“I know it hurts, Ally, and I want it to.” He leaned over her, not slowing his thrusts as he put his mouth to her ear. “And I know you want it to hurt too.”

She released a deep breath and moaned at the same time.

“After I spank you, I am going to fuck you here, Ally,” he said after a particularly deep thrust. “I am going to fuck your tiny little asshole as punishment.” He gave a few more pushes into her tightness, then pulled out and stepped backward, admiring her pretty form as she remained on the bed bent over with her cheeks still spread wide. She was panting, and locks of her sleek brown hair stuck to the side of her head. His cock ached and pressed against his pants. God, he wanted to unzip his jeans and slam straight into her hot, wet center. But he couldn’t. Not yet.

“You can get up on the bed now, Ally, and relax for a moment. I will be right back.”

“Thank you, sir.” She released her grip on her butt and curled up on her side, sniffling and wiping at her face.

Mark hurried downstairs to the kitchen. He washed his hands and put the dinner he’d prepared in the oven to keep warm. They’d eat later. He doubted she had much of an appetite at the moment anyway. He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and was at Ally’s side moments later, the urge to return to her hastening his steps. He opened the bottle and tossed the cap aside.

“Here,” he said, raising her up so her head rested in his lap. She peered up at him with a sad, watery smile. He lifted her head and pressed the bottle to her lips, giving her a drink. Once she finished, he placed the water on the bedside table and returned his attentions to her, cradling her in his arms. He brushed her hair from her face and kissed her forehead, needing to connect with her and knowing she needed a bit of tenderness from him before her spanking.

“I really do love you, Mark,” she said, “and I’m sorry for not trusting you. Are you going to spank me now?”

“Yes.” His throat tightened as he answered, but he wasn’t going to give her a reprieve. He couldn’t command her respect by going easy on her either. Her bottom and upper thighs would be bright red and stinging, and she’d be sobbing and likely pleading with him to stop before her punishment ended. He’d take her to that place she needed to go, that place where the pain crossed over into agony, that place where she’d surrender fully to him despite her suffering at his hands. “All right, Ally. Let’s get this part over with.”

“Yes, sir.”

He guided her to stand between his knees. “Take off your dress and bra. You will be naked for the rest of the night.”

After a deep, shaky breath, she pulled her dress over her head and tossed it to the floor. Then she reached around to unhook her bra, and her full breasts spilled out as it fell away. She was so beautiful, her smooth skin glistening under a light sheen of sweat. The inspection and bottom hole punishment had already taken a lot out of her, but he knew she could handle the rest.

He guided her across his lap and draped one leg overtop hers, securing her in place. He rested one hand on her back, to soothe her and just in case he needed to quickly pin her hands down, should she attempt to cover her butt. With his other hand, he began massaging her cheeks.

“I love you, Ally. Don’t ever forget that.” He raised his hand and brought it down with a resounding smack that made her gasp.


* * *


Fire blazed across Ally’s bottom as Mark spanked her, the pain of the sharp blows taking her breath away. He covered her cheeks, alternating from left to right, and he also swatted the backs of her poor thighs. She tried to remain still, but she soon found herself squirming and trying to dodge the smacks. The strong hold he maintained kept her in place, and she wasn’t able to escape a single smack. She gripped the covers in her distress, clutching them so tightly her fingers ached.

“Please, Mark,” she begged. “It hurts so much!” Anguish over her actions filled her, seeming to increase the physical agony of her punishment. “I’m sorry, sir. Please, no more.”

His pace didn’t slow and his spanks didn’t falter. He continued on, giving her the sound thrashing that in her heart she knew she deserved. Her bottom throbbed. Each blow rang out in the room and echoed in tune with her gasps and cries. Burning tears gathered and escaped her eyes, running down her face to fall onto the covers. She sobbed into the bed, tossing her head from side to side as she endured each stinging slap.

Finally he stopped, and she gasped for air as he rubbed her bottom.

“Shh, Ally girl. We’re almost finished. I’m going to administer your last ten strokes with my belt. Then there will be no more spankings tonight, so long as you don’t get yourself into any more trouble this evening.”

Ten more strokes.

With the belt.

Her heart thudded, and she gulped before taking a deep breath to steady herself. He helped her stand up, and she melted when he pulled her in for a quick hug. His familiar, masculine scent soothed her, and she took comfort in knowing the spanking portion of her punishment was nearly over. He held her out by her shoulders and looked her up and down.

“Are you all right, sweetheart?”

Sniffling, she nodded. “Y-yes, sir. I’m all right.” Her voice cracked over the last few words. She loved that he checked on her, loved that he made sure she wasn’t under any true distress even as he corrected her and caused her pain.

He cupped her face briefly and placed a quick, gentle kiss to her forehead, before turning to dig around in his bedside table drawer. Excitement and worry blended and her pulse accelerated. She watched intently to see what he retrieved from the drawer, and her heart almost stopped when he turned around with two items in his hands.

A pair of handcuffs and a blindfold.

Holy hell. She bit the inside of her cheek and obediently walked to the foot of the bed. Prior experience told her that he’d wind the cuffs around the railing there before attaching them to her wrists.

“Good girl,” he said in a praising tone that melted her further. God, she loved him so much. He was so good to her, so perfect for her. She was thankful he was such a forgiving and understanding man. He could’ve sent her away in anger after she yelled at him and tried to break up with him, but instead he’d chased her through the trees, tossed her over his shoulder, and carried her back into his house.

He cuffed her right wrist first, and the cool metal against her flesh made her shiver. He pushed a finger between her wrist and the cuff to ensure the restraint wasn’t too tight. Again, the care he showed her during a punishment left her melting at his feet.

The railing on the foot of his bed was high, so high that she had to stretch her arms up as he looped the other cuff through one of the top rails. He grasped her free wrist and closed the cuff over it, once again checking to ensure it wasn’t too tight before he stepped back. She stood with her feet planted wide apart and her arms above her head, feeling very much on display and at his mercy.

He brushed her hair from her face and placed the blindfold over her eyes. Only the faint glow of the lamps reached her eyes through the dark fabric, and in the absence of her vision her other senses heightened. His woodsy scent became stronger, even as she heard him moving away. The floor creaked faintly beneath his steps. Her heart pounded a quick rhythm in her ears. The clinking of his belt buckle made her tummy flip, and she shuddered at the familiar whooshing noise of it being pulled from his pants.

“I’m going to make these strokes fast, Ally, so you don’t have to worry about counting them.”

“Thank you, sir.”

The floor creaked with his approach, and her stomach fluttered as she awaited that first lash to blaze across her already tender bottom. He didn’t make her wait long. The first strike caught her sit spot, and she danced in place as a cry was wrenched from her throat. Another lash landed and scorched her flesh, this one hitting a notch above the first one. True to his word, the strokes were fast, and he sped through them, working his way up her bottom to cover her entire backside with the sharp blows from his thick leather belt. She counted to ten in her head, and when the final lash fell, she burst into tears that were wrought more from relief than pain.

Emotion swelled within her, and she wanted nothing more than to curl into Mark’s strong embrace and feel his forgiveness. He freed her from the cuffs and rubbed her wrists for a moment, though they weren’t sore at all compared to her flaming bottom. She met his eyes as he turned her and gently drew the blindfold off her head.

And then she was in his arms as he carried her to the rocking chair in the corner of his room. The first time she’d seen the rocking chair, she’d thought it strange for a man to have that kind of furniture in his bedroom, but after her first punishment spanking he’d pulled her into his lap in the rocking chair and held her until her tears dried up. She’d understood and appreciated its purpose then, just as she did now.

She sighed against his chest as he sat down and circled his arms tighter around her. He kept one hand on her bottom, caressing her tender mounds, and the other hand in her hair to pet and soothe her into a blissful state.

“You are forgiven, Ally,” he said. “Shhh, don’t cry, little girl.”

His gentle words and the warmth of his embrace as he rocked her helped her settle down in small measures. She sniffled as the last of her tears ceased falling. She’d never felt so safe, loved, and treasured in her whole life.

Though the night wasn’t over, and the next order of business left her bottom hole tingling with anticipation, she wasn’t afraid. He’d fucked her ass for punishment and for pleasure before, and even the times it was part of her correction, it really wasn’t any different in a physical sense. In her mind though, when she bent over and offered her bottom to him because she’d been a bad girl, she never felt as submissive and truly humbled as when he pumped in and out of that tight, private hole. Just the thought of being taken and dominated in such a primal way sent shivers of desire through her, and her pussy began to ache anew, moisture seeping out to coat the insides of her thighs. Mark, of course, noticed the change in her demeanor, and he slipped a hand through her wet folds.

“My my. What’s all this, Ally?”


* * *


God, no woman looked as adorable as Ally, most especially when she blushed. Her reddened cheeks contrasted with her otherwise pale skin. Mark stared down at her as he sought out her moist entrance, gliding his fingers through her arousal and exploring each fold of pink flesh, from her outer lips to the sweetness that lay within. Her keening moans were music to his ears, and his cock hardened beneath her squirming backside.

“Now, refresh my memory, Ally. What hole do naughty girls get fucked in?”

She whimpered and met his gaze with wide, pleading eyes. Her lips parted and she breathed hard, her face twisting with pleasure as he moved to stroke her clit. “Na-naughty girls get fucked in the ass, sir.”

“That’s right,” he said, spreading moisture back to her bottom hole and nudging at the snug entrance. “This is the hole I’m going to fuck you in right now, and you’re going to be a good girl and take every hard thrust I give you, until I come deep in this tight, puckering hole of yours.”

She threw her head back and gyrated her backside against his probing fingers, and he shoved two digits into her ass, startling a gasp from her. After a few deep thrusts, he pulled out and nodded at the bed. “Get yourself into position, young lady. You have three seconds.”

BOOK: Maid to Submit
9.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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