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Copyright 2015 Maya Love, all rights

part of this work may be reproduced without written consent of the author. This
book is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is
entirely coincidental.

This book is for a mature audience
only due to strong language and strong sexual conduct.


Chapter 1



It all started
with that fucking Facebook picture.

It was by pure
chance. She had written under a picture of a girl I had hooked up with the
weekend before, and even in the tiny thumbnail of a picture I could see how
fucking sexy she looked.

She was posing in
front of some statue, smiling widely at the camera. Long tan legs and a thick
ass that poked out in her tight white shorts. Perky tits that were begging to
be released from her little black top.

I immediately had
the image of me pulling on her long dark hair while I fucked her from the back
of that hot little body. Making her moan and call my name while I dug myself
deeper and deeper inside of her.

I click on the
picture, letting it take me to her full Facebook account. I turn my phone to
the side, trying to get an even better view of the picture. I click on her
photo album and start scrolling through all the pictures that are public to
people she’s not friends with. Each one just as hot as the last.

I feel my cock
start to twitch in my pants, excited just looking at how hot her little body
and fat butt were. I lick my lips in satisfaction. I had to have this girl. It
had been a long time since a girl had made me want to jerk off while I thought
about her based on a single picture alone.

And then I see it.
One of her pictures.

She’s in a place
that’s all too familiar to me. The kitchen I grew up in back in New York, her
arms wrapped around the necks of my father and stepmother. I look down at the
name on her page for the first time since I clicked on her sexy picture.

Lacey Jackson.

I nearly drop my phone when I realize
I’ve been thinking about having some fun with my stepsister. Damn she
definitely hadn’t looked that good the last time I had seen her. It had only
been a few years. Could someone change that much in such a short amount a time?

I bite my lip,
still consumed by how good she looked in those pictures. I remembered her as
this lanky little girl who would follow
me and my twin
brother around
. She had hated me, always annoying the shit out of me
while she drooled all over Ethan. It was so obvious she had been obsessed with
him all through out high school. I had no idea how she thought he didn’t know,
me and Ethan
joked about it all the time.

Maybe if she had
looked like this back then he would have been a little more interested in her.

I had jerked off
to her pictures that night and the night after.

And a few nights
after that.

I couldn’t get
that body out of my head.

I wanted the real
thing, I wanted to touch her, to fuck her, to make her scream out in pure
pleasure and need. But she hated me, there was no real way to make someone who
hated you want you.

Especially not in
a week.

And that’s exactly
how long the Thanksgiving break was next week when Lacey would be back home with
my family. My dad had been begging me to come home for years and I had avoided
it this year just like the last 3 but now I was starting to rethink my

If Lacey was home
I might just need to make sure I was home too.

But I wanted
I wanted all of her and fast.

And there was only
one real way to make that

I would just have
to pretend to be Ethan.

I know it sounds
fucked up but we had done it all the time in high school, switching places with
one another to hook up with girls who wanted something to do with one of us and
not the other.

Lacey was just
another girl.

I would just tell
Ethan about it and we would have a good laugh. He would have to let her down
gently after but I would still get her, still have her.

It was just
supposed to be about one night.

A game that I had
played dozens of times before with different girls.

A game that
satisfied me and thrilled me once I had won.

I wasn’t supposed
to end up caring about her.

I wasn’t supposed
to end up regretting it.

But that’s the
thing about games you play with yourself, you never know when you’re about to
push yourself to far.


Chapter 2



I scroll over my
stepbrother’s Facebook page, taking in all his hotness. Those deep blue eyes,
that muscular chest and tan skin. His dark black hair that hangs over his
forehead just a little. The same perfect smile spread across his face that I
remember from when we were kids.

My hand lingers
over the add friend button for minutes and minutes. Before I can make the
mistake of adding him I slam my laptop shut. I couldn’t add him, not yet. It
had been a year since I had deleted my old Facebook page and made my new one. A
year since I had decided to remake myself.

I had been in the
gym four times a week for the last year, watching what I ate and finally losing
the baby weight that had seemed to follow me through out all of high school. I
was definitely still curvy but I was more toned now. I had started getting
attention from guys a lot in the last few months, but I only wanted the
attention of one.

Ethan. My

I had wanted my
stepbrother since forever and now it was finally my chance to get him. He
hadn’t seen me in over a
I looked a lot
different now, a lot more grown up. This was finally my chance to show him I
wasn’t the same little girl he remembered
this was finally my chance to show him that there was something between us. I
had always felt it and I knew deep down somewhere he must feel it too.

And next week was
the perfect chance to do that. Thanksgiving break. A full week of being home
with Ethan. Nothing to get in the way of the two of us finally confessing how
we felt about one another.

My cell phone
starts vibrating on the counter next to my bed and I grab it as soon as I see
my mom’s cell phone number flashing across the screen. “Hi, mom.”

“Hey, honey!” My
mom’s loud voice comes in strong from the other side of the phone. “How’s the
packing going?”

I glance over to
the huge pile of clothes that’s sitting on the floor in my apartment. Hair
products, jewelry, shoes, and make up are spread out all around it without any
type of order. “Great, almost done.”

“That’s great! I
can’t believe you’re going to be here in just a few days! It’s so exciting!”

“I’m coming
tomorrow,” I say, correcting my mom.

There’s a long
pause from the other end of the phone.


“I’m here,” she
says, sounding unsure. “I could have sworn you said you were coming in Monday.”

I smile in spite
this was typical of my mom. She was always
mixing up times and dates, if she didn’t write anything down she was almost
hopeless in remembering it. “No, mom, Saturday. I forwarded you my flight
information. Remember?”

“Oh, of course, of
course. Well, James had a overnight conference in New Jersey this weekend,” she
tells me, referring to my stepdad. “I was supposed to go with him but I can
just tell him there’s a change of plans.”

“Oh, no, don’t do
that, you should go.” I walk over to the mess on my floor and start picking up
random things to shove inside my suitcase. “I’ll be fine at the house for a
night. It will be nice actually, having some time to myself.”

Yeah, nice to have
time to prepare myself for Ethan.

“Are you sure?” My
mom sounds unsure, like she thinks her not being there for one night is going
to have some long-term effect on my life.

I pick up a pink
shirt I haven’t worn in years and shove it inside my suitcase, who knows maybe
I’ll be in the mood to wear it. “Yes. We will have all next week together.”

“Okay.” She sounds
relieved now, like I’ve done her a huge favor or something. “Well, I do have
some news about next week.”

I drop the pile of
jewelry I’m holding in my hand, a feeling of dread coming over me. Was Ethan
not coming home? He hadn’t made it home a few years earlier because he couldn’t
get the time off from Law School. Now that he was in his first year at the
practice maybe work was too hectic for him to make it home again. “What’s
wrong?” I ask. “Is
I mean… is Ethan still making
it home this year?” I
sound like I could care less
either way.

“Oh,” my mom says,
sounding surprised. “No, Ethan’s still coming home.”

I pick the jewelry
up in relief and start to put it in my bag again. Ethan not coming home would
have been a complete disaster.

“And so is

I drop the jewelry
all over the floor again.

Austin, my other
stepbrother, Ethan’s twin.

“Why is he coming
home?” I demand, not even trying to hide my disgust.

I hated Austin. He
was a complete asshole and had been ever since we were kids. Always giving me a
hard time and embarrassing me in front of anyone and everyone who was around.
Not to mention I was pretty sure he knew I had a thing for Ethan since he was
always snickering at me and making rude comments whenever I even looked at his
twin. It would be a lot harder to get to Ethan this week if Austin was around.

“He just called
James and said he could get the time off work after all! Isn’t it great? This
will be the first time we’ve all been together in years!”

I roll my eyes to
myself. Austin getting time off work was a joke. He didn’t work. He had jerked
around through out most of college then invented some piece for a electronic
company with his frat buddy that they sold for millions. He was set for life
based off of a half of year of work, if that. He had gotten
he didn’t know what it meant to work hard. Not like Ethan who had worked his
ass off in college and law school to become the best lawyer he could be.

It had been that
way ever since high school. Ethan was the hardworking one, always getting good
grades and taking his future serious. He had been class president and captain
of the football team. He wasn’t the typical jock though, more of a golden boy.
Treating everyone around him with respect and tenderness. He had the same
girlfriend for most of high school, never falling into the player category.

Austin had been
the exact opposite. They were twins, so clearly he was just as good looking as
Ethan. But he was a cocky asshole. He didn’t do girlfriends, too full of
himself to settle down with just one woman. He was popular for fighting and
telling people off. Popular for playing games with girl’s hearts and leading
all the other douche bags in our high school. Ugh.

Not much had
changed since then.

Austin had found
any excuse to not come home in the past five years, only making it a handful of
times. Why the hell did he want to come home now?


I pull myself out
of my own thoughts and grit my teeth. “That’s great!”

I can practically
hear my mom smiling through the other end of the phone. “I know! So exciting!
Well, I’ll let you go. I’m sure you want to get your rest for tomorrow.”

“Yeah, love you.”

“Love you too,

The line goes dead
and I sigh to myself. It was so annoying that Austin was going to be coming
home, too. I really didn’t want him there. But I was different now, I wasn’t
the same little girl he used to push around and make fun of. I was grown up.
And if Austin thought he was going to treat me the way he did back then he had
another thing coming.

Sure, it would
me and Ethan finally getting together a little harder
with him around,
but I would push through. I would just have to work a
little harder but that didn’t bother me.

After all, Ethan
was worth it.

Chapter 3



I pull on the
bimbo’s hair harder as I dig myself deeper and deeper into her pussy. She moans
louder and louder. I smile in satisfaction. This girl was such a little slut. I
knew the second I saw her last night at the bar she would be. She had an IQ of
about 5 but a huge rack and a sexy little face.

It had been easy
to get her to come home with me.

Almost too easy.

I had spent most
of the night having as much fun with her as I wanted. And now it had continued
into the morning. I smack her huge boobs a few times really
they’re bouncing all over the place from how hard I’m pounding the fuck out of

Her moaning stops
and she moves one of her hands to her boob. “Careful, that hurt.”

“Shut up.” I smack
her huge tit again, even harder than before, laughing.

She moans, letting
me have as much control over her as I want. God I loved girls like this, ones
that let you do whatever you wanted to them in the bedroom because they thought
it would help them get you emotionally attached to them. So typically stupid of

“Yeah, Jackie,
look at those huge melons bouncing all over while I fuck you.”

“My name is Jasmine.”

I pound myself
harder inside of her, pulling her pretty face closer to me. “What’s your name?”

“Jackie,” she
moans, happy to please me.

“Good girl,” I
tell her, yanking on one of her hard nipples.

“Oh, I love that

I laugh. “You
really are a little slut, aren’t you?”

She nods her head
yes, moaning so loud she’s practically screaming now.

“Tell me how
you’re my little slut, Jackie.”

“I’m your little

I can’t take it
anymore and I pull out of her pussy and bust all over her huge boobs while she
bounces them up and down waiting like the little slut she is. Her huge knockers
are covered in my cum soon and I grin, grabbing my phone to take a picture of
them to add to my collection for later.

I loved taking
pictures of broads after I banged them.

I had a nice
little collection by
it was so hot to look back

I snap a couple
shots and grin as I look back through them. “That’s
be a good one,” I say grinning down at my phone.

She giggles.
“You’re so perfect, Ethan. I really can’t wait to meet your family.”

It takes all my
self-control to not laugh out loud. I had been telling her last night how my
father would love her, promising to bring her home with me as soon as I could
get some time off from my busy schedule at the law firm. Obviously this was
never happening, but she didn’t know that.

“They’re going to
love you,” I tell her now and she giggles widely like a little schoolgirl.

My phone vibrates
in my hand for about the hundredth time that morning. Damn couldn’t I get a
moment to myself? I glance at the screen. Jessica. “Give me a minute, it’s my

I step out into
the hall of my condo and shut the door behind me.

“Hey babe,” I say
after I hit the answer button.

“Where have you
been?” Jessica demands. “I’ve been calling and calling. You never pick up.”

Yeah, I know.

“Aw, baby. I’m so
I’ve been at the office all night working on this new
case. It’s really taking a lot out of me.”

She doesn’t say
anything, probably trying to decide if she should believe me or not. Jessica was
my girlfriend. Well, as much as a girlfriend as I was capable of having. Having
a pretty, smart, little girlfriend to show off at office events and sports
functions was always a good look. Something I had learned in high school.
Everyone liked a guy who was committed more, even when it came to hooking up.

“You were working
all night?”

“Yeah, all night.
And you know how Tom is about cell phones when we’re working,” I say,
referencing my boss who could actually care less when and if any of us are on
our cell phones.

“Oh, okay. I was
just worried.”

“That’s so cute,
baby.” I glance back down the hall to where my huge boob bimbo is waiting for
her daddy. “I’m still here so I’ll call you when I get home, okay?”

“Okay,” she says,
sounding like she believes me now. “I love you.”

“Love you too,

The call barely
ends before my phone starts vibrating in my hand again. Austin. Couldn’t I get
a second to myself? I hit the reject button. I loved my twin but I would have
to call him back later.

I walk back into
my bedroom and grin at Jasmine, her huge boobs are back in her bra now and I
lick my lips, wanting to see them again. My cock starts to move around in my
shorts again at just the thought.

“How’s the office,
baby?” she says in her ditzy voice.

I walk over and
yank her big boobs out of her bra one at a time. “Bad, that place would fall
apart without me. They have to ask me about everything.”

“You work so
hard,” she tells me as she looks up at me with admiration.

“I know and I need
to relieve my stress.” I yank my shorts down and my hard cock pops out,
standing at full attention. “Come over here and get on your knees.”

She does and I
grin in satisfaction.

“Open wide, baby.
I’m going to give you a nice big present.”

She opens her
mouth and sticks her long tongue out and I shove my cock in her mouth.

It even amazed me
how I always managed to get what I wanted.

BOOK: Lust - A Stepbrother Romance
3.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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