Love Will Lead You Back

BOOK: Love Will Lead You Back
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Love Will Lead You Back





Tina Jenkins











Copyright 2016

This novel is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to actual events, real people, living or dead, organizations, establishments or locales are products of the author’s imagination. Other names, characters, places, and incidents are used fictionally.


All parts reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher and write.


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I was tired of coming out with these rowdy ass niggas who did nothing but turn up in the club and chase bitches all night. Don't get me wrong; there were some bad bitches in here every time, but that was just it; they were bitches that came to the club for free drinks and to catch the attention of the Money Making Niggas. Yea, that was us. We were those niggas that every chick wanted to be affiliated with. There was about six of us, and each one paid out the ass. I'm not talking about a million or two million dollars in the bank. I'm talking about each of us having over twenty in the bank. That's not counting whatever we store away in vaults and safes that we had spread out throughout the states.

Oh, my bad, my name is Chase Robinson, and I'm a Money Making Nigga better known as (MMN). I am tall and light-skinned with hazel eyes. I have a little build on me, but most chicks still called me skinny. I had long hair and a short goatee on my chin. Most chicks described me to resemble August Alsina. I thought about getting offended when they said it, but the way he had bitches flocking to him, we were in the same boat. I was on my way to the bathroom when I ran into my ex Shana. The last time I saw her we weren’t on good terms.

Shana was a beautiful woman who broke my heart all because she thought I was cheating. She was Spanish and black with a video vixen body. Her parents kept her head in the books but still allowed her to date. We were together for five years, and I asked her to take my last name. I was out of town strictly on business when someone sent me a video of her fighting in the club. Of course, I jumped on the phone to contact her; however, she never answered. I called and text over and over for the next two days and still didn't receive a response.

I couldn't leave where I was for another two days, so I said fuck it; I would see her when I got back. The day I returned, my boy, Monty, picked me up from the airport and drove me straight to her apartment.

"Bro, I don't know what happened with your girl, but I am going to say she on some grimy shit right now."

"What you mean on some grimy shit?"

"Look, all I'm saying is be prepared when you go inside."

We both got out at the same time and walked up to the door. Whatever was going on, Monty wasn’t allowing me to walk inside alone. I knocked on the door, and Shana stood there looking sexy as hell.

"What?" She yelled out, closing her robe when she noticed Monty standing behind me. He shook his head and sat in one of the chairs on the porch.

"What do you mean what? I've been calling you for the last few days."

"Yea, and?" She responded sucking her teeth.

"Yea, and what? Why haven't you been answering? Better yet, why you got me standing out here in the cold like it's not snow on the ground?" Her door opened wider, and some nigga I never seen before came to the door in basketball shorts and a wife beater. She had the nerve to have a grin on her face like the shit was cute.

"What up, man? Shana what's going on?" Dude asked her looking just as confused as me.

"Yea, Shana, tell dude what's going on." Monty said in the background.

"Well Gary, this is my so-called man that I thought loved me but he was cheating on me with that nasty bitch Latasha from Neptune."

Don't get me wrong, I did cheat quite a few times, but it would be with women from out of state or even the country for that matter.

"Your man. Yo, you ain't say shit about having no man. I'm out. It's too many bitches out here to be getting caught up with some chick who trying to be on some get back shit with her man."

"You don't have to leave." He was putting the rest of his clothes on and sneakers.

"I'm good, Shana. I got a full ride to USC for basketball, and you think I'm about to let these dudes fuck me up over some pussy that was thrown at me? Nah, I'm good on that. My bad, bro. I didn't know." He chucked up the deuces and stepped passed us slowly.

I respected the way he handled that, because it was too many dudes trying to get out of here but get caught up. After he left, I shook my head and Monty started walking behind me.

              "So you're just going to leave and not explain yourself?"

"What? You want me to say? It's clear you wanted to end the relationship."

"End it. You ended it when you slept with that bitch Latasha." I walked back up on the porch and got in her face.

"If you would've asked me, I could've told you that's the chick I hired as the wedding planner." The look on her face was priceless. The tears came down her face rapidly, but it didn't faze me anymore.

"Keep the ring as a souvenir of how you fucked up a good thing." I told her getting in the car. She came running to the car, and Monty zoomed off. I was happy, because I didn't feel like hearing shit she had to say nor did I feel like dealing with her trying to give me make-up sex.

Here we are in the club and she’s trying her hardest to get me to speak. I tried to scoot around her, but she moved in front of me. I leaned back on the wall, because I knew she wasn't going to allow me to pass without saying something.

"That's how we're doing each other, Chase?" I looked her up and down. I wasn't about to argue up in here.

"Nah, what's up Shana?"

"Hey Chase." Some chick walked by speaking. She leaned in for a hug, and I gave her one and put a kiss on her cheek.

"You're just going to disrespect me like that?"

"Shana, what do you want? There's no disrespect since we're not together."

"Are you ever going to forgive me?"

"I already did."

"Then, why can't we be together then?"

"You know why?"

"I was mad and hurt. I thought you were cheating."

"It's ok. Just make sure you trust the next nigga." I kissed her cheek and moved past her quickly before she could move in front of me again. I turned around and she was at standing there wiping her eyes. I knew it was all an act, because last I heard, she was fucking some dude she worked with. Bitches were just as scandalous and niggas.

I made my way back to VIP with my boys. I sat back on one of the couches and waited for my niggas to be ready to go. We had plans to stop at the Four Seasons afterwards and I was more than ready to bounce.









Burgundy and I were sitting at the four seasons going over paperwork to close a deal with a major record label based in New York. She and I were entertainment lawyers that graduated three years ago. and at the tender age of 25, we became millionaires.

We had to go through a lot of bullshit to get where we are today. The men were very competitive, but little did they know that so were we. The cases that we first got were nothing but college kids trying to get endorsements for sneakers or something small. Our big break was when a Russian dude was moving to the states, and he was a professional boxer that had so many endorsers behind him that the money flowed in like water. He shopped around for many lawyers and somehow ended up at Johnson & Lewis, LLC. Burgundy and I had just started a year prior and were climbing up the ladder slowly.

The day he came to the office, Burgundy and I were the only ones there, because it was Christmas Eve, and everyone else decided to leave early. She and I were locking up, because when one stayed late, so did the other. We came in as a team and left as one. There is no need to go into details, but the Russian dude signed us as his lawyers. No, there was no sex involved; he said he appreciated how we worked on a holiday and saw some hustle in us. Needless to say, ever since that day, our names rung bells in the entertainment world.

We made Johnson & Lewis so much money from the amount of celebrities that opening our own law firm was the next best thing. It took us a little over four months to get up and running on our own. The hard work really paid off, because we now had over 60 employees, including four other lawyers in our firm. It was called Jefferson, Jefferson & Associates. The four other lawyers graduated with us, and we had plans on making them partners eventually because their resume was impeccable just as ours was.

"Spring, I'm tired; let's go home." Burgundy hated when we stayed up all night. She was already pissed at me for not going out with her. I just wanted to get this client done, and then, we could party. If that meant skipping a day of going out, then so be it.

"Ok, B." That's what I called her. "I'm almost done." She called the waiter over to order a breakfast plate for us to split since it was almost four in the morning.

"I ordered you an omelet. I'm tired of you eating off my plate. Shit, I'm hungry and tired." She closed up her laptop and collected the papers. We always came here late night because no one was here, and we could get the long table for all our stuff. She always wanted to work at home, but we would always stay up late. and since neither one of us wanted to cook, we had someone to do it here.

"Here you are, ladies." The waitress said, placing the food in front of us. My stomach started growling as soon as I saw it.

"See bitch, your ass is hungry. Put that shit away so we can eat and take our ass home." I flipped her the bird and took a bite of my omelet; then started putting my stuff away.

"Let's hurry up. It looks like shit is about to be popping in here." I turned around to see out the window, and it had to be at least twenty cars and trucks pulling in with nothing but niggas and chicks getting out.

"Girl, bye. Hopefully, they will sit them on the other side. I'm trying to finish my food in peace." We started having a conversation when these rowdy ass people came inside. B and I watched the waitress sninning and grinning in some dudes face, and then, led them in our direction.

"Are you fucking serious? All that damn space on the other side. Yea, let's go."

"Excuse me." I called to the waitress. She turned like she had an attitude.

"Can we have two, to go boxes, and the check please?"

"What the hell is her problem? A minute ago she was fine." B said, putting her food in the box she just handed us. I slipped my black red bottoms back on under the table, stood up, and grabbed my Saint Laurent Fringed leather coat that I got on sale for $3,250, and got ready to go. I felt a pair of eyes on me, and when I looked over, every man that came in with the group was staring at us.

"Damn, y'all some sexy ass twins." I rolled my eyes, because even though I loved me a thug nigga, I hated the ignorant ones.

BOOK: Love Will Lead You Back
2.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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