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"Damn, those guys are all over that woman. She looks like she's about to lose her mind." DaNikka tilted her head in the direction of a woman who was being pleasured by two men. The woman was reclining comfortably on the sofa. One man was between her thighs, circling his tongue around her clit as well as using his fingers to play with her honey pot. The other man was sucking on her breasts. It was clear by the sounds of the woman's moans that she was experiencing exquisite pleasure.

"Does watching them turn you on?" Will asked.

"I'm just surprised that they aren't nervous about doing it out in the open where everyone can see." At that moment, the woman began trembling uncontrollably and screamed out as she rode the wave of an intense orgasm. She tried to push her lovers away from her but they wouldn't move. The fun wasn't over yet.

"Being self-conscious is the last thing on their minds. This place is all about fantasy and pleasure. And tonight it's about you fulfilling one of my many fantasies." Will captured the attention of a waitress and ordered drinks.

"Look at what I have for us." Will unzipped the bag he'd taken from the limousine driver. He removed a vibrator with a rotating head, cock rings, edible panties and handcuffs.

"You're going to have to show me how to use some of that stuff," DaNikka said nervously.

"Don't worry," Will said. "I plan to." At that moment their topless waitress returned with their drinks.

"Is it okay if he spanks my ass?" the waitress asked DaNikka. "I like having my ass spanked."

"It's okay with me. It's his birthday and I want to make it perfect for him," DaNikka said as Will spanked the woman's ass several times. She then handed them their drinks.

"As soon as you're done with your drink, I want you to get undressed," Will informed DaNikka as he caught the attention of a male employee.

"Good evening, sir. How may I serve you?" asked the man.

"We're going to be getting undressed in a moment or two. Take care of our clothes for us, will you?"

"My pleasure, sir," said the employee.

"Oh, and turn around and let her spank your ass," Will ordered the man. DaNikka laughed as the man offered his derriere to her. She spanked him lightly and sped him on his way.

"Okay, I may need two or three drinks before I can comfortably get undressed in this place," DaNikka said, smiling at Will.

When DaNikka was ready, they both got completely undressed and left their clothing in the care of the male employee.

"Come on. Follow me," Will said seductively, as he grabbed DaNikka and the bag of toys.

"Where are we going?" DaNikka asked, apprehension clear in her voice.

"The oral sex room," Will said plainly.

"What do they do in there? I mean, I know they have oral sex, but is there something more?"

"You'll just have to wait and see now, won't you?" Will chuckled.

"Come on, tell me! How freaky do they get?" DaNikka asked.

Will laughed a little louder this time. "Extremely freaky," he said.

"Well, you know me. I'll try anything once," DaNikka said with shaky confidence.

"That's my girl," he said with a wink. "You turn me on when you talk like that."

They walked into the room, which was filled with participants. On one side of the room, several men reclined on a sofa with women between their legs. On the other side of the room, several women were positioned on their backs with men kneeling, their faces buried between the women's thighs licking their wet pussies as though it was their last meal. Will had his back pressed to a wall in a dark corner of the room. DaNikka quietly worked her bare-naked ass against his manhood as they both watched men and women have one pleasurable orgasm after the next.

"Watching this and being here with you has me turned on," Will said in DaNikka's ear. He nibbled on her earlobe and caressed her naked body. DaNikka raised her arms up high and caressed the back of his head as she pressed her ass against him harder. Will's fingers toyed with her pussy and stirred her passions.

"I want to fuck you so bad," DaNikka said. "Every time your fingers touch my pussy, I get weak."

"Are you going to fuck me in front of an audience like I want you to?" Will made his desires known.

"Yes, I will. I want to make you happy any way that I can," she answered as Will slipped two fingers inside her. DaNikka's knees buckled and she moaned.

"You're driving me crazy, Will," DaNikka cooed.

"Are you ready for me?" Will was eager to get the action started.

"Stop teasing me, baby, and give it to me, please," DaNikka begged. Her words were music to Will's ears. Will took her by the hand and led her to another room where there were several beds lined up against a wall. Topless employees were placing fresh linens on the empty ones.

"How often do they change the sheets?" DaNikka asked.

"Every time a couple uses a bed, the linen is changed right away so clients are always on fresh bedsheets. They'll even rip open a new package of fresh linen upon request," Will said.

DaNikka noticed three couples were on one bed making love while several people watched.

"Come on." Will was eager to feel DaNikka's warm folds. They stood by one of the free beds. Will signaled for an employee to come over.

"I want fresh sheets directly out of the package," Will said to the employee who immediately complied with his request.

Will positioned himself on his back and DaNikka mounted him.

"Oooh," she cooed as she began to ride him rhythmically. "Damn, this feels so good," she whispered.

"Come on. Stop holding out on me. Do the move that I like. Ride the tip of me. Ride the head."

"Okay," DaNikka said, lifting herself up and allowing only the head of his penis to remain inside her. She circled her hips, which caused his manhood to pulse with excitement. Will placed his hands on her ass and guided her movements to his liking.

"Yes, that's it, baby," Will encouraged. "That's it, just like that," he instructed her.

"Damn girl, are you sure you can handle all of that?" asked a female who was positioned doggy-style on the bed next to them.

DaNikka answered the woman by taking all of Will inside of her and flexing her ass and pussy muscles with authority.

"Oh, damn," Will cried out as DaNikka began to ride him hard.

"Damn, man, your lady has some nice moves," said an overweight man who was also watching.

"Her pussy is like dynamite. It blows me the hell away," Will said.

"Oh, it's like dynamite, huh?" DaNikka began screwing him harder and with more passion. She leaned forward and placed her hands on his chest.

"Come on, don't just lie there," DaNikka challenged Will, and he began thrusting his hips. "Come on. Give it to me. Stop playing around. Hit my spot, baby." Will worked his hips harder, but he couldn't keep pace with DaNikka. Tonight she was too much for him to handle. Her energy, her youth and her enthusiasm caused Will to come before he was ready to.

"Oooh, you were saving it up for me, weren't you?" DaNikka asked as she rested her sweating body against his.

Will was breathing hard. Once he caught his breath, he spoke. "Yes. I was saving it for you. I have more, just give me a minute to recover." After a few minutes, Will said, "Come on. Let's go get in the whirlpool and play with the toys I got."

Later that evening, during the drive home, Will thought about his wife, Angela. He didn't feel one ounce of guilt because he'd told her about his fantasies and desires, but she wasn't willing to satisfy his needs. So his solution was to find someone who would. And in his mind, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it as long as he kept his mistresses a secret.



ngela rolled over to the right side of her bed and picked up her cellular phone from the nightstand. She checked it to see if she'd missed a call from Will during the night. When she saw that he hadn't attempted to contact her, she set the phone back down and tossed the comforter aside before sitting upright. She stretched, yawned and slipped her feet into her house shoes, which were at the side of the bed. She then walked toward her balcony. She drew back the drapes before opening the French doors to take in the fabulous mountainous California skyline and the view of the Bay. She took a moment to enjoy the warmth of the morning sun kissing her skin and sat down in a chair that was situated on her balcony to relax and think.

She thought about her life and how blessed she felt to have such a successful career and marriage. She loved the life that she and Will had built together. She loved living in their two-million-dollar, three-story, Mediterranean-style custom home. She adored the fact that her home was part of a gated enclave, which allowed for even more privacy. Since she and Will had such different tastes--Will had a more modern flare while Angela was more traditional--they had hired a designer to furnish the home and balance out their styles.

Angela shifted her thinking to the reality-show proposal she'd forwarded to Bobbi Franklin, one of her sorority sisters and the owner of a local cable network. Bobbi was in the process of revamping the network's programming and was looking for original show ideas. Angela was hoping her show idea called
Love, Lies and Scandal
would interest Bobbi, though a few weeks had gone by and she hadn't heard.

Angela's moment of solitude and her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her neighbor's dog howling.

"I swear, I'm going to shoot my neighbor and that mutt of his one of these days," Angela said aloud. On more than one occasion, she had complained to her neighbor about how disruptive it was to hear his brown-and-white St. Bernard dog howling loudly first thing in the morning. She made a mental note to speak to Will once again about contacting the local authorities to have them enforce the noise ordinance. To the relief of Angela's ears, the howling didn't last for very long.

Angela got up from her seat to mosey back inside and head downstairs to the kitchen. She flipped on the light, turned on the countertop radio and went into the bathroom on the other side of the kitchen. Once she'd freshened up, she went about the business of brewing her morning coffee, then poured herself a cup. Angela was about to sit down at her kitchen table to enjoy it while she watched TV, but was interrupted by the ringing of the house phone.

"What's the deal, pickle? Is everything kosher?" It was Regina, Angela's lively girlfriend from Chicago. "How is life out in California with all of the beautiful people of the world?" Regina and Angela both laughed.

"Where have you been? You don't answer your cell phone or your house phone and you don't return voice or text messages until you feel like it. Why have been treating me like a bill collector?"

"Pimpin' isn't easy, girl," Regina boasted, as if that career was the most glamorous one in the world.

"Pimpin'? What the hell are you talking about?" Angela asked, perplexed.

"I'm big pimpin' nowadays. I have a couple of men on the street right now. Matter of fact, I'm about to roll up on one of my men who is standing on the corner. He'd better have money when I stop." Angela laughed loudly.

"Stop lying, Regina. You're not cut out for pimpin'."

"You don't know what I'm cut out for." Regina continued her charade. "All I need is a few good-looking brothers who just got out of jail and can go all night long. I know plenty of women who could use a good stiff one and would probably pay well to get it."

"Regina?" Angela tried to pull her back to reality.

"What?" Regina laughed some more. "I'm just saying. If I were a pimp, I'd be one wealthy sister."

"And you'd be in jail. Let's not leave that part out."

"You know a fine-ass mickey fickey like myself would not make it behind bars." Regina had a habit of saying
mickey fickey
instead of
She only used the actual words when she was extremely upset.

Angela loved her girlfriend for her uniqueness as well as her quirks. Regina could always make her laugh even when she was in the worst of moods. Regina's spirit was infectious and contagious and she always tried to see the positive side of the most awful situations.

"No, you wouldn't. Besides, I don't want the police to come and lock you up," Angela said, taking a sip of her coffee as she sat back down at her table.

"Speaking of the police, honey, let me tell you about what happened at my cousin Jesse's barbecue last weekend. You're not going to believe the mess that jumped off."

"Mess? Was there some kind of trouble?" Angela asked.

"Girl, a fight broke out." Regina said it as if she couldn't hold on to the juicy information any longer.

"Stop lying. No one started fighting." Angela laughed.

"I am not lying," Regina said firmly.

"Who was fighting?" Angela was now curious and wanted to know all of the details.

"You know his wife and her entire family are some retarded mickey fickeys, right?"

"Yeah, you've told me a thousand times that Jesse's wife, JoAnn, isn't the brightest woman to ever walk the earth."

"Well, neither is her fifty-two-year-old alcoholic sister, Jackie. In fact, I might as well tell it like it is. All of the women in JoAnn's family are alcoholics, even their grandmother. They're all ugly, as well. All of them look like they've done hard time down in Statesville. I'm still puzzled by why Jesse even dated JoAnn. She must be taking it all kinds of ways because Lord knows, she can't pull a man based on her looks."

"Regina, stop talking about the woman like that," Angela scolded her friend.

"I'm serious, Angela. JoAnn is wearing these dreadlocks that make her look like that creature from the movie

Angela started laughing. "Regina, stop," she pleaded with her friend as she tried to control her laughter.

"Hey, it is what it is, honey. Like I said, JoAnn must be casting spells on Jesse or she's flipping her shit upside down."

"Come on, get to the good part and tell me what happened." Angela pushed Regina to give her the details.

"See, what had happened was..." Regina toyed with the popular slang saying.

"Stop stalling, Regina!"

"Okay. Jesse was having a barbecue, just a few friends and family members, nothing really big. JoAnn's sister Jackie was there. Jackie's thirty-year-old, baby-breeding daughter, Felicia, was there, as well. JoAnn's mother, uncle and grandmother were also there. And let me tell you, all of them mickey fickeys can swallow down alcohol like water running down a drain pipe. Anyway, Jesse also invited a few of his running buddies and me over. Jesse and I were sitting out back on the deck shooting the breeze about his sporting goods stores and how he was planning to run the Las Vegas Marathon in a few weeks. JoAnn, Jackie, Felicia and the mother, uncle and grandmother were sitting around the kitchen table drinking and playing cards. Everything was cool until JoAnn got a little too drunk and started accusing Felicia of wanting to sleep with Jesse."

"What?" Angela almost spilled her coffee.

"You heard it right. JoAnn started accusing her niece of wanting to sleep with Jesse."

"Oh Lord. Well, was it true?" Angela asked.

"Girl, I wouldn't put it past Felicia to at least tempt Jesse. She conducts herself like some dog in perpetual heat. Anyway, JoAnn started talking about Felicia's tight clothes, bad weave and promiscuous ways. 'Don't think that I haven't peeped you trying to catch Jesse in a weak moment. I saw how you sat down in front of him and flopped your legs open. He doesn't want that funky stuff between your legs that every Tom, Dick and Harry has been jumping up and down in,' is what JoAnn said to Felicia."

"Oooh, damn."

"Wait, it gets better. Felicia looks at her mother and says, 'Did you hear what she just said to me?' And her mother, Jackie, says, 'Yeah, now go handle your business.'"

"'Go handle your business'?" asked Angela. "What was that supposed to mean?"

"I was wondering the same thing until Felicia leaped up out of her seat and swung on JoAnn like she was Laila Ali."

"What?" Angela's voice was loud with excitement.

"Felicia coldcocked JoAnn. Hit her in the face so hard that JoAnn fell over backward in her chair and hit the floor."

"Oh, hell no. That's just unacceptable. You don't go over to someone's house and literally get into a fight." Angela had a difficult time wrapping her mind around the concept of brawling at a family gathering.

"Well, honey, these jezebels went at it. It was almost comical. Thirty-year-old Felicia knocked forty-six-year-old JoAnn flat on her back. Felicia took a few swings at JoAnn while she was down but JoAnn quickly got to her feet, grabbed a fistful of Felicia's hair and started tossing her around with her weight. They knocked over chairs, slammed into the refrigerator and eventually crashed into a wall. They both began throwing wild punches at each other while continually calling each other a bitch."

"That sounds like some deep-rooted animosity," Angela commented as she took another sip of her coffee.

"Wait a minute, it gets wilder. JoAnn's mother got in on the action. She got up, snatched the kitchen broom and started hitting Felicia on her back with it. She kept saying, 'Turn her loose, Felicia,' but Felicia wouldn't. That woman was caught up in the moment and she was getting JoAnn for old and new."

"Was JoAnn able to defend herself at all?"

"JoAnn was able to get in a few hits of her own. But by the time she did, Felicia had done some damage."

"So what did Jesse do?"

"I think he was in shock. Once he realized that JoAnn and Felicia were really throwing down, he went over and broke them up. Needless to say by that point the damage had been done. Jesse's guests began leaving and one guest called the police out of fear that the situation was going to turn into an all-out riot. Within five minutes, three squad cars pulled up in front of Jesse's house."

"Oh, that had to be a real embarrassment. I'm sure the neighbors got an eyeful," Angela said sarcastically. "So what did you do?"

"I did what any person in that situation would do. It was time for me to grab my purse and leave. Especially after the police arrived. You know, a pimp like me has all kinds of warrants." Regina laughed at her own joke.

"Girl, you'd better stop saying things like that before you really do catch a case."

"Oh, believe me, if the fight had come my way at any time, I was going to represent," Regina boasted.

"Regina, you know you can't fight." Angela shrugged off Regina's comment.

"I can fight better than you. Do you remember that night you were trying to get an interview with that crazy dentist?" Regina paused. "What was her name?"

"Hayward. Dr. Charlene Hayward. That chick was crazy enough to be placed in a padded room."

"That's her. You had me come with you to sit in the car to watch your back in case Charlene snapped and became violent," Regina reminded Angela.

"I remember. Dr. Hayward had been dating some married guy and when he refused to leave his wife she somehow got him to come to her dental office to 'talk' about it."

"Yeah, then she used nitrous oxide to knock his ass unconscious and pulled out all of his teeth, right?" Regina was trying to recall all of the shocking details.

"Yeah, that's what she did. Any sister who got mad enough to yank a man's teeth out of his head was clearly, at least in my mind, at the end of her rope. I didn't know what she was capable of. I was just an ambitious reporter trying to secure an exclusive interview."

"Well, ambitious or not, you knew who you needed to have in your corner if girlfriend decided to turn into Mike Tyson."

"Okay, I'll give you that one. So have you heard from Jesse since all of the drama unfolded?"

"Not a word. He'll call me when he's ready. I'm sure he has his hands full dealing with his rough-ass in-laws." Regina laughed again. "So where's Will? Did he have a good time on his birthday?"

"He's out of town on business. So what's on your agenda today?"

"I'm treating myself to a massage today, then I'm going to go run a few errands. What about you?"

"I'm going to work on one of my stories a little more this morning and--" Angela paused because her cell phone beeped. She quickly looked at the caller ID and saw Will's name. "Regina, I've got Will on the other line. I'll call you back."

"Okay, love you," Regina said.

"Love you, too. Bye." Angela disconnected from Regina and took the call from Will.

BOOK: Love, Lies and Scandal
3.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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