Lost Until You (The Sorrentino Brothers Series Book 1)

BOOK: Lost Until You (The Sorrentino Brothers Series Book 1)
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Until You

J.R. Grant

Book One “The Sorrentino Brothers Series”


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This book is dedicated to my best friend, Katie.

I still can't believe it’s been 20 years since you earned your angel wings. Time has flown by too fast.

Although you were taken far too soon, I'm glad you're no longer suffering. I miss you so much Katie and I hope you're rejoicing in Heaven.  Please give my brother a kiss and hug from me and tell him that I love him.

Until we meet again, XOXO

Rest in Peace

Katherine Elizabeth Sablehaus 1978-1994




Table Of Contents





































Prologue to Shattered Promises


About the Author



About the series

The Sorrentino Brothers Series will be a five book collection. Each brother will have his own story, including Stone. You will be able to read each book as a standalone, but it would be best if read in order.

Thanks for reading!



Chapter One






I was going to be late. I’d always been late. Today wouldn’t be any different. When I die, I would be late to my own funeral. At least that was what they all told me. But I had a perfectly good explanation for my tardiness. That adorable one-year-old sitting in the highchair kept me busy and on my toes, so I wasn’t complaining.

“Are you going to be home in time for dinner?” I asked Brax as I rushed around the kitchen.

I sucked back the last bit of my drink then rinsed out my glass before placing it in the dishwasher.

“I should be, why?” he asked, leaning against the stove, his eyes following every step I took. “Did I miss a memo or something?”

I grabbed Savanah’s sippy cup, shutting the refrigerator door behind me. I placed it in the bag then turned around and pinched Brax’s arm.

“Ouch!” He flinched, rubbing his hand over where I pinched him.

“See, I knew you would forget. You always do,” I chuckled jokingly.

Brax was a man, of course he forgot everything. Didn’t they all?

 “I’ve been good lately. Admit it.” He reached out his hand, trying to slap my ass.

I jumped to the side where he couldn’t get me and made my way over to the baby. I cleaned off Savanah’s face and then bent down and picked her up, pushing her curly brown hair out from her eyes.

“Give Daddy a kiss, baby. We’ve got to go.”

Brax pulled Savanah out of my arms. “I’ll see you soon, Angel. Be good for Nana,” he cooed in a silly voice then kissed her forehead.

I grabbed the diaper bag off the counter and then made my way over to the door.

“Brix is bringing his girlfriend for dinner. Don’t forget. We should be expecting them no later than six thirty.”

“Ah…ha!” Brax rolled his eyes.  “It’s Tanya this week, yeah?”

The smirk on his face made me want to punch him. Let it be known, I was married to a complete smart ass.

“Am I right?” Brax pleaded to hear me admit it.

Damn him. He knew how to push my buttons just to prove a point. Well played, babe. Well played….

 “Yeah, it’s Tanya,” I chuckled. “But don’t talk like that in front of her. She might beat you up,” I warned him as I took Savanah back out of his arms.

“Be here on time. Please.”

Brax leaned in with a gritty smirk and kissed my lips. “Anything for you, beautiful.”

I reached inside my purse and pulled out my keys as Brax opened the door and followed Savanah and me outside. I carried the baby to the car and buckled her in the seat before getting myself situated. Once we were all set and ready to go, I rolled down the window and caught a good glimpse of my husband. 

I didn’t know what I had done to deserve this man, but I was beyond grateful that he was mine. No matter how many years Brax and I had been together, he looked hotter as the days went on.

He positioned himself against the door, leaning his head inside the window. He kissed my cheek and then my lips, mumbling between each pucker.

“You.” (
. “And me.” (
. “Tonight.” (

He slid his hand down my chest, grazing over my sensitive nipple.

“Oh God,” I moaned unable to control the sensations running through my body.

Brax’s hand continued traveling down my chest, resting between my thighs, rubbing over my throbbing pussy. I closed my eyes, yearning to be in our bed instead of leaving for work. But I parted my lips anyway, kissing him deeper, making me want him even more.

They said you knew a man was good in bed if he made your knees weak just by a simple kiss. Well, truth be told, I had myself a good one. Because my man didn’t just make my knees weak. Every time Brax Sorrentino kissed me, I was ready to explode in his arms.

I moaned again, rocking my hips against his hand, needing more, wanting him to take me right here, right now.

My God, he made me feel good.

Brax pulled back, wiping off his lips, and then looked down at me. There he went again, giving me that shit-eating grin. Gah…I swear if he didn’t stop, I was going to need a new pair of panties before I even left the driveway. I had to get a hold of myself.

“Think about me all day, baby, and what’s to come when you get home,” he said then took a step back.

I shook my head, sexually frustrated, and reached for my seatbelt.

“Love you, Jazzy,” Brax laughed as he walked back inside the house.

Great…It was going to be a long day




Brax and I met the night of my high school graduation. He was two years older than I was, and at the time, attending Delaware State University. Brax was at the ceremony supporting his younger brother, Brayden, who was in my graduating class.

Once the ceremony was over, I walked through the parking lot towards my car and spotted Brayden standing off to the side with his family. They were taking pictures of him with his diploma, smiling and carrying on amongst one another. When Brayden saw me, he rushed over to my car, insisting I went over to meet his family.

Amelia, Brayden’s mom, and Anthony, his dad, were the first to introduce themselves. They seemed like they were great parents. Amelia shared how proud she and Anthony were of Brayden, and a pang of jealousy shot straight through me. I didn’t have anyone there that night to celebrate my success. I was by myself, just like any other time. But that wasn’t anything new. I wasn’t fortunate to receive the love the Sorrentino’s shared. I didn’t have a close-knit family. I was envious of them.

Brax, Brody, and Brix walked over next. Each of them introduced themselves as Brayden’s older brothers except for Brix. He was the only cousin in the group.

Brix had just gotten back from serving his first tour in Iraq as a Marine. His arm was in a sling and bruises covered one side of his face. It looked like he had gotten into a bad fight or something.

Without a doubt, Brayden and his brothers were absolutely gorgeous. The four of them were well over six feet tall, with dark brown hair and flawless tanned skin. Brax and Brix had light hazel-colored eyes, while Brody and Brayden had crystal blues. To say I was attracted to every single one of them would have been an understatement. I almost made a fool of myself drooling over them. But there was something about Brax that made me want to know more. Something that made my body shiver every time his eyes flickered in my direction. I could have stared at him for hours, and it would have never got old. He was beautiful beyond words.

 The Sorrentino’s seemed to be a well put together family. Besides the guys being drop-dead gorgeous, it was nice to finally meet them.

As I said goodbye to everyone, Amelia stopped me, extending an invitation to their family restaurant,
Amore Bello
, in Annapolis. She insisted it would be great celebrating both mine and Brayden’s success. I didn’t want to intrude, but when Brax walked over, he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and insisted I tag along. Even though it made me a little fearful, I decided to push my nervousness to the side. My only excitement planned for the evening was to go back to Ms. Louise’s house to read a book on my Kindle anyway.

I didn’t party or do normal things that most teenagers did. I mainly stuck with whom I knew at school, hanging around a small selected group of people. Since Brayden had been cool with me throughout the years, I assumed his family would be the same. At least that was the impression they gave me.

 So I drove home, changed my clothes, and then left a note for Ms. Louise, my foster mother, letting her know where I would be. Once I was finished getting ready, I walked out the front door and found Brax, Brayden, and Brix waiting for me in the driveway. I was surprised when they offered to give me a ride to the restaurant, not wanting me to drive out there alone. Maybe they had seen the fear on my face when their mom invited me. I wasn’t sure. It wasn’t like Annapolis was far from Crofton. Depending where you went, it was only a twenty-minute drive. Regardless, I was thankful for their generosity. Not too many people had been that kind where I came from.

On our way to the restaurant, the guys talked about college and where they planned to be that summer. It was strange to be around people whose lives had been mapped out since they were younger. Because I wasn’t like any of them. I didn’t come from a well-structured home or really a home at all. I lived in and out of the foster system all of my life. Therefore, having stability wasn’t something I was used to. Albeit, I strived to do the right thing by setting goals for myself, it hadn’t always been that easy. What you wanted to do and what you were able to do were two very different things when being raised by the hands of the state.

BOOK: Lost Until You (The Sorrentino Brothers Series Book 1)
2.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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