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Even Ronan felt it if his moans were any indication, which was saying a lot considering that he was still unconscious. His body had already repaired the wounds he’d received from the bear. It was working on something else, now.

“One more thing. Don’t mention this to anyone. We’re not sure what the hell is up and the last thing we need to do is incite a panic. Two bear attacks in less than a week is something that we need to investigate.”

No shit, alpha. The entire countryside is going to want to investigate that.

“Get moving, Gibb. You have work to do.”

Noah turned and left the office. He wanted to know what they planned to do, but his mates needed him more than the sheriff did. He planned to stay by their sides at least until Ronan decided to regain consciousness, at least.

Stacia stood when he entered the room. “So, what did they say?”

“They’re wondering if there’s some strange form of bear distemper or something. It’s unusual for bears to attack humans at all, not to mention attacking near a structure. Bears are like any other wild animal. They tend to give humans a wide berth.”

“Then why did they attack my group and then attack me?”

Stacia’s eyes widened and her expression filled with horror. “Do you think they’re after me? Maybe I got too close to a cub or something while I was out gathering wood.”

“I doubt that’s the case. If you had gotten too close to a bear cub, the mother would have attacked you then and there. They don’t follow their prey back to camp and kill the entire clan. They don’t hunt like that. It has to be something else.”

“It’s too bad they weren’t after me.” Stacia sighed as she stood next to Ronan’s bed and stared down into his face.

“Why do you say that?” He wondered what could possibly be going on inside her head. Why would she say such a thing?

“Because, if they’re after me, I could just go out and end this. At least if I die saving others, my death would mean more than just being some animal’s dinner.”

Noah stared at her for a moment, his mouth open. He or Ronan couldn’t have wished for a better woman to be their mate.

Not only was she brave—braver than
even realized, she was selfless. How many men were lucky enough to find such a woman?

He stared at her and hoped that he and Ronan would prove worthy of her. Perhaps Ronan already had. After all, he had taken on a grizzly with no other weapons than the claws on the tips of his paws.

“Come on, Stacia. Let’s leave him to rest for a bit while we go get something to eat. I have a story to tell you.”

Noah only hoped she would receive his story with the same grace she exhibited while contemplating giving her life for the safety of others.


Chapter Nine



Stacia followed Noah from the room. Turning, she looked over her shoulder, giving Ronan one last glance before she left the room. She couldn’t believe he’d stepped between her and a bear. He barely knew her. What kind of man put his life on the line for people he didn’t even know?

She thought of all of the heroes in the world. Real people who put their lives on the line every day, so people they didn’t know didn’t have to. Policemen, firemen and every man and woman in every military around the globe.

Not once did she ever take her freedom seriously. Her parents had brought her up to recognize that heroes were the people that did things for you when they didn’t have to.

No one twisted their arms to join any service, whether it was the military or civil service. No one put a gun to their heads and forced them to put their lives on the line for others. They all volunteered for it.

They ran in front of speeding cars to grab a child chasing a ball into the street. They stood in front of an innocent bystander when someone drove by shooting from a car and they stood between a woman and a bear, facing certain death.

She will never forget the sight of the bloodied bandages wrapped around Ronan’s waist as the men from Paradise’s rescue unit carried him down the mountain instead of her.

He’d saved her life, possibly at the expense of his own and Stacia made up her mind, then and there, that his sacrifice would not be in vain. When she left here, Stacia planned to live her life to the fullest.

Never again would she be afraid to jump out of a plane at twelve-thousand feet or bungee jump from a bridge. Finally, she understood that life was too short to live it in fear of what
happen. She owed that realization to Ronan. She only hoped he lived long enough for her to tell him that.

She followed Noah down the steps of the doctor’s house that also served as the hospital in Paradise. With only a few hundred people in town, it made no sense to have a traditional hospital here. Besides, the experienced doctor was well versed in many new treatments available and the down-home atmosphere helped a patient heal faster. She knew that from experience.

“Where are we going?” Stacia hurried up behind Noah as he strode toward the road and the vehicles parked there.

He reached into his pocket and Stacia heard the unmistakable sound of a car unlocking. The lights on a mid-sized sedan blinked. Noah opened the passenger door for her, closing it after she’d settled herself on the seat.

Curious, but no longer frightened of what he might do, Stacia slid into the front seat. She knew he would never harm her. Both he and Ronan had many opportunities to harm her on the mountain and they’d saved her, instead.

“I’m taking you to the Paradise lodge.” He glanced at her with a smile. “Gemma is a great cook and you never did get your ham and potatoes. I don’t know about you, but I’m starved.” He patted his stomach. “I think my belly button is rubbing a blister on my backbone.”

He smiled when she chuckled. “I
hungry.” Her stomach growled just then as though to punctuate her comment.

“We’ll get you a room while we’re there.”

“That sounds nice, but I don’t have a way to pay for it. I lost my fanny pack somewhere it had my ID and one credit card inside it.”

“I think you had it when we found you.” Noah frowned. “I think we left it at the cabin.” He glanced at her with a smile. “Don’t worry. I’ll pay for it.”

“I can’t let you do that. I owe you and Ronan so much already.”

Noah stopped the car in front of a large, three-storey inn. He looked at her and winked. “We’ll think of something.”

Stacia swallowed thickly. Did that wink mean what she thought it meant? Should she be excited or pissed that he assumed she would sleep with him if he paid for the room? Or should she just be happy that he’d decided to give her a pity fuck?

God the man was gorgeous. Did she even have room to complain if that was what he meant?

“I don’t know…” she started to say as he got out of the car and headed up the front steps to the large, wooden double doors.

He opened the door on a huge foyer with an old-fashioned front desk with cubbyholes where the keys would go when not in use. A huge dining and common area stood to the left, its floor-to- ceiling windows showing the beauty of the forest beyond the lawn that had just begun to turn green.

The scent of something wonderful permeated the room. Whatever this Gemma had planned for dinner, it smelled lovely.


After a delicious pot roast, Noah led her upstairs to her room. At the door, he smiled down at her, showing a dimple on his right cheek.

“I’ll be back in the morning around ten. Gemma serves breakfast between six and nine. I’ll take you out to breakfast if you oversleep.”

“You’re leaving?” Stacia bit her lip. God, that sounded pathetic. “I mean. Would you care to stay a while?” Sighing, she closed her eyes and shook her head. “I’m sorry. Of course you don’t want to stay. You have a life.”

Heck, for all she knew, the poor man could have a wife and six kids at home and here she was lusting after him like some cat in heat.

“Not as much of a life as you might assume.” He smiled at her. “I have a job and a home with Ronan, but with him being at the doc’s, I don’t have anything to do but go home and watch TV.”

That figures doesn’t it? They’re both gay.
Stacia pasted a bright smile on her face. Leave it to her to have the hots for two guys who lived together.

“It’s not what you so obviously think, Stacia.” He chuckled. “We’re friends—best friends and nothing more.”

“Oh. I see.”
In that case, step into my parlor, young man.
If they weren’t an item, and he had no girlfriend, then he was fair game, right? Stacia opened the door wider. How about coming in and watching TV?”

In another day or two, when someone brought her fanny pack down from the cabin, she’d be leaving for home. Why not have a wild fling with Noah? When would she ever have the opportunity again?

Catching up on the work she’d set aside to take this trip would keep her busy for quite some time. She wouldn’t have time for wild flings. She certainly wouldn’t have the opportunity to have one with a man as well put together as Noah or Ronan.

It was time she embraced her new love of life and threw her caution to the winds. Tonight was
night. Well…and Noah’s if he was willing.


Chapter Ten



Noah stared at her for a moment before stepping through the door. Was she implying what he hoped? His cock jumped behind the button fly of his jeans.

Following her into the room, he shut the door behind him, his gaze unerringly finding the bed near the window.

His mouth went dry as she pulled her borrowed shirt over her head and headed for the bathroom. “I’m going to take a bath.” She glanced over her shoulder, her hands hovering over the button of her jeans. “You’re welcome to join me, or…” She glanced at the TV. “You can watch a movie, if that’s what you’re really here for.”

Noah swallowed and followed her into the bathroom and shut that door behind him, as well. Bending, he loosened his laces and toed off his boots. His jeans joined his boots in quick order, his shirt landing on top of them.

Stacia’s eyes widened when she turned around, her lips curving in a slow smile. “My…that was fast.”

Of course he moved fast. Noah didn’t intend to give her the chance to change her mind now. His cock stood out in front of him, like a flagpole waving some invisible flag.

“Don’t want me to change my mind, huh?” She laughed. “I don’t think there’s much chance of that happening. I want you more than I have ever wanted another man.” Her cheeks turned a bright red. “Well, not counting Ronan.” Turning, she bent, flipped the plug down on the large tub and turned on the water.

As Noah watched her ass swaying before him, all he could think was that he wished she’d taken off her jeans, first. Her heart-shaped ass swayed back and forth in front of him, perfectly encased in those jeans she’d borrowed from the alpha’s wife, Nina.

Closing his eyes, he inhaled deeply, taking in her scent. His balls ached and his erection grew larger, which was something he wouldn’t have thought possible before then.

Again, Stacia glanced at him over her shoulder. “Are you just going to stand there, or what?”

Grasping his cock in his hand, he stroked himself a few times as he stared at her ass. “I’m or-what-ing at the moment.”

Stacia straightened and slid her jeans down her hips. Noah stood and stared, his mouth watering as she wriggled out of the tight jeans that hugged her curves so perfectly.

Closing his eyes, he took another deep breath. He wanted nothing more than to lie her down on the cool tile, thrust his head between her creamy thighs and lap up the thick cream that he scented sliding from her empty vagina.

He stared at her, his cock still in hand, unable to believe that she had been the one to initiate this between them. The thought made him proud. Their mate was no shrinking violet. She was a strong, independent woman that knew what she wanted and
she wanted.

“Does it bother you that I’m also attracted to Ronan?”

She bit her lip again and all Noah could only wonder was what those full, pink lips would feel like wrapped around his cock while he watched Ronan take her hard and fast from behind.

His erection bucked in his hand. He let go before he lost control. He didn’t want that. If he lost control of himself, he wanted to do so while buried deep inside her silky heat.

Moving forward, Noah reached up and cupped her breasts, watching her nipples harden as he brushed his thumbs over the pink tips. Leaning forward, Noah covered her mouth with his, the kiss explosive.

Stacia pressed close, wrapping her arms around his neck. Her kiss filled him with so much hunger and need that he barely stopped himself from throwing her on the floor and fucking her with no more foreplay. She met his kiss with an excitement that matched his own. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, mapping every dip and hollow, every tooth as he pulled her tighter against him, his cock pressing against her lower stomach.

Pulling back, Stacia met his gaze, her amber eyes growing to a darker, whiskey shade as she stared up at him, her lids half closed.

Noah stared down into those unusual eyes, his heart pounding, his cock throbbing. His hands wandered lower, grasping the rounded globes of her rear. Lifting her, he nuzzled her chest, kissing her between the breasts and, losing his last thread of control, he lifted her, settling her slick opening over his hard cock.

“Are you a virgin,” he asked as sweat beaded upon his brow. He didn’t know what he would do if she said yes. Somehow, he would have to find the strength to control the powerful need coursing through him long enough to prepare her properly.

“No.” She shook her head and laughed. “I haven’t been a virgin for years.”

Noah closed his eyes and thanked the gods that he didn’t have to wait another minute. “I’ll make this good for you. I promise, but for now, I can’t…I can’t wait.”

el calor
burned through him. His beast demanded he take his mate.
! Starting this quickly was the only way he could keep his animal under control.

Leaning forward, he pressed his forehead against hers. “I’m sorry, baby. I want this to be good for you. I want to know you’re ready. Please tell me…”

BOOK: Lost in Paradise
12.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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