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Lone Wolf

“The Hunt”


By: M.A.Cooney











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Table of Content


Chapter 1- Escape


Chapter 2- Lone Wolf


Chapter 3- Trust


Chapter 4- On the Hunt


Chapter 5 - The Takedown




























Chapter 1- Escape


*Dreaming… *

e were in a helicopter waiting to land. Everyone was quiet and focused on completing the mission.

“Landing in five!” Yelled the Pilot.

I looked around at the men in the chopper with me. My team
contains four elite Navy Seals other than myself. John Carter, Assault position, highly trained military combat expert. Aaron Gold, Sniper and Gunslinger, he never misses a shot, always loaded with a bullet in the chamber. Chris Doll, Medic and support, before he was in the Seals he was a doctor that lost all his family from The Voice, you can see the vengeance in his eyes. Terrell Jackson, Defense Position, bodybuilder that has a passion for breaking things, especially doors. We have been together for a long time they all became family to me. I looked down and pulled out a picture of my daughter, Sarah.

“You have a beautiful girl there captain
… She reminds me of mine,” Chris said.

“Thank you Chris, and do not worry. We will avenge your family. Today might be the day we stop The Voice.”

“I sure hope so captain… I sure hope so.” (Chris turned his head and focused his attention out the window.)

The pilot of the helicopter hovered over the ground.

“Were in standby Captain!” Yelled the Pilot.

“Open the doors.”

The cold breeze started to spread into the helicopter.

“Throw the ropes! Chris, Aaron! Go!”

They grabbed the rope and started sliding down.

“John, Terrell! Go!
Thanks for the ride.”

“Anytime captain, I’ll see you on the other side, take care!” said the Pilot.

I saluted him and grabbed the rope. I jumped and started to slide down from the chopper to the ground, my team was holding their positions.

“Here we are Gentlemen, Alaska.

“Our communication to headquarters cut out captain,” John stated.

“There has to be some technology here
interfering with our signal,” Chris responded.

Communication jammer?” Terrell asked.

“It’s more than likely a jammer
, we have to find it and disable it or we won’t have any transportation back to the U.S.,” Chris said.

“Let’s start moving, k
eep all eyes open, we don’t know what we could be dealing with here…The sun will begin to set soon, the target must be terminated before the sun goes down.

“Looks like a bliz
zard will come during the night,” John said.

“We s
hould find some shelter captain,” Aaron said.

“Right, everyone keep a look
out for some shelter. It looks like we will have a long night ahead of us.”

e traveled through the forceful weather that Alaska presented us. After some time of trying to keep warm along with kicking our feet through the thick snow, we encountered an abandon town.

“The communication jammer could be somew
here in one of these buildings… Follow.”

We rushed to the closest building.
It was a smaller building compared to the others.

“Terrell, door. Aaron, window, Status?

Aaron peeked through the window. “Clear.”

“Door ready to breach, three… Two…One…” *BOOM*

breached into the building.

“Search the building,
Aaron you’re with me. Terrell, Chris, John, clear upstairs.”

“Copy that.”
The three of them went upstairs.

“There’s nothing in here captain just furniture,” Aaron said.

John came down from upstairs. “You got to see this captain.”

We headed upstairs. “Do you see that building?”

“Yes… What about it.”

There is a satellite on top of the building. If you look at the others, none of them have a satellite. That looks like the building we need to clear out.”

Hmm…Okay listen up, put your suppressors on and night vision goggles. We’re heading to that building.”

We geared up the suppressors and goggles and headed down the stairs. We sneaked from building to building. There was no sight of any living things.
The building was on the other side separated by a big opening.


“On it.”

Chris rushed across the opening to make sure it was clear for us to go. He made it safely to the other side and held waved at use letting us know is clear. We rushed across the opening When we got to the building, we looked back to see if anything saw us run across. There still was nothing.  We have detected that The Voice was hiding within this building because of the satellite.

There are lights illuminating inside the building on the second floor,” Terrell said.

We all looked up to the
second floor window and there was a reflection of lights shining.

“Find an entrance.”

We started searching around the building.

“Over here!” John said.

We all positioned ourselves at the door ready to breach.

ilent and deadly,” Aaron stated.

“Terrell, Door.”

“Copy that, Three…Two…One…”*BOOM*


*End of Dream*


                  “Wake up! There’s no sleeping for prisoners! (The officer hits Josh on the knees with his nightstick, *BANG*) Listen up! I’m only going to say this once, if you are caught sleeping on the bus you will get beat to a bloody pulp, you’re all fucking pathetic. You live as our slaves now. You’re all going to work and rot in a shitty jail cell for the rest of your lives! Hahaha,” laughs the Chinese officers.

The officer r
eturned to the front of the prison bus and stationed himself in front of the gate that protects the other officer and driver from the prisoners. As I looked around, prisoner was giving each other an angry, fearless look or smiling for I don’t know what reason. I counted nine prisoners along with two officers and a driver. One of the prisoners is John Carter from my seal team.  I was strained with chains to the seat of the bus just like the rest of the prisoners. I looked outside the window, there is pure darkness outside, and the only visible objects are the trees that the bus high beams are shinning on as it passes. All the trees and snow filling the ground, I had a thoughtless mind but a heart full of hate toward John. We are all on are way to Killerstone Prison. What I know about this prison is that they put all the criminals and outlanders that they capture and send them to this prison that is ruled by the Chinese.

Suddenly, the bus started to shake as we were riding.
Everyone’s eyes started to wander around but everyone remained in silence. The bus kept shaking and shaking from the force of the wind.

“A blizzard is starting to kick in,” The Driver said.

*Clack, Clack, Clack* Hail started to pound the bus in numerous sizes. It was harder for the driver to see where he was driving, the roads were not visible because of the snow, and the wind was thrusting against the bus. Hail struck itself all over the bus. *Clack, Clack, Clack* I looked around at some of the prisoners. Some seemed calmed, careless and other panicked. I then looked back at John, he started back with a smile and winked at me. I turned my head back forward and gave attention to the officers, listening to their conversation. *BANG* hail hit the windshield of the glass and cracked it.

“That doesn’t look good,
” said the Driver.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s just a crack, the officer calmly said.

The cold air began to run its way into the bus through the crack in the windshield. The driver was trying to remain calm… *BANG* another hail cracked the windshield further away from the driver.

The driver looked at the officer and said, “I don’t think…” *BANG*

A giant hail penetrated through the windshield causing all the glass to shatter. The driver was still holding onto the wheel and the officers threw their hands up to their face to protect themselves. Glass flew with the wind and slit its way through the driver’s neck. He let go of the wheel, putting his hands around his neck trying to stop the blood from flowing out. The officer then looked over at the driver and saw him holding his neck with blood leaking out of his hands.

“Shit!” The officer yelled.

Hail and snow immediately shot onto the bus hitting the officers. The officer closes to the driver hurried to try and grab the wheel before it was too late, he didn’t make it in time. The steering wheel flew to the left causing the bus to turn to the side, in just seconds, the bus started rolling over on the side flipping into the air and hitting the ground. *BOOM, BOOM* all the prisoners were strained to the seats. The two officers were being watched helplessly as they were being flung by the force of the impact hitting the ceiling of the bus to the floor of the bus, cracking their skulls and breaking all kinds of bones within their bodies. I saw parts of the bus flying into prisoners killing them in one hit. A part of the bus flew and hit the side of my head. *POW* my vision became blacken. I tried to keep my eyes open but I couldn’t, I passed out. The bus continued to flip…* BOOM, BOOM, BOOM*


*Dream continues… *


*BOOM* Terrell Bust down the door.

“Go, Go, Go.
Search the building, find any Intel that can lead us closer to The Voice. John, try to disable that communication jammer,” I whispered.

“Copy That.”

The first floor was filled with darkness. We all had our night vision goggle on. All I could see was blankets hanging everywhere up from the ceiling. I grabbed one of the blankets and examined it. There was blood on the blanket, I then started to look at other blankets and they all had blood on them.*slap, slap* I held my fist in the air giving command to my team to hold their position. *slap, slap* There was a sound coming from the stairs, our guns aimed accurately at the stairs, *slap, slap* there was a shadow coming down the stairs, I pointed my finger to the stairs. The shadow started to grow as it came descended. *slap slap* It was a penguin coming down the stairs. *slap, slap* its feet kept smacking the floor. I held my two fingers up in the air and rotated my fingers clockwise, telling my team to follow. I led my men up the stairs. There was computers everywhere. (We took off our night vision goggles.)

“This must be a headquarters,” John said.

“Everyone scatter around and look for evidence.”

s a microphone over here,” Said Terrell.

“This computer over here contains a signal that can hack radios to be able to speak anywhere and anytime in the world,” Aaron stated.

“This must be how The Voice spreads his word worldwide.”

“I couldn’t find a way to disable the communication jammer captain.”

“Chris did you find anything?”

“All I found was….”

“What did you find Chris?”

“Shhhhh listen… Do you hear that?”

I walked over to the window with my team following behind me
. As I looked out the window, I saw an all-black military jeep. There was three soldiers getting out the jeep. The soldiers started approaching the building.

“Everyone get in position!
Terrell, Watch the door. Aaron, keep watch from the window.  Stay Stealthy, have your suppressors ready. Chris, John, go outside from the back window, here’s a rope. Kill on sight. Go, go, go! Aaron cut the light!”

Chis and John exited
out of the back window. Aaron had cut the lights off. I made my way to a corner that was camoflaughed by pure darkness.

“Everyone stay quiet, they are about to breach.” Whispered Terrell.

*BOOM* the door slammed opened from downstairs. Aaron was peaking outside the window watching.

aron held up two fingers, letting us know that there are two targets entering the building. *BANG* A loud gunshot came from outside. Aaron looked out the window and saw both of the soldiers immediately evacuated the building to see what was going outside.

“They left the building.”

“Aaron is John and Chris in sight?”

“Negative Captain.

    The rope from the window started to move, we all aimed our guns at the window.


John came climbing up the rope
into the building breathing hard.

“Stand down
… Where is Chris?”

“Chris is dead…”

Terrell angrily said.

“They are on their way back into the building, Get in cover!” Whispered Aaron.

Everyone went back into hiding in the darkness while John went to the window with Aaron. This time Aaron held up three fingers. They proceeded and started searching for the intruders. The soldiers didn’t find anything down stairs. We can hear them coming up the stairs. Within seconds, John turn the lights on and put Aaron in a headlock and put the gun to his head.

BOOK: Lone Wolf: The Hunt
2.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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