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2014 Hazel Kelly


rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, transmitted, copied,
or stored in any form or by any means without permission of the Author. Your
support of the author’s rights is appreciated. 


characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons is
purely coincidental.





“Lead us
not into temptation”





I knew he was the one because he was such a trier.

Despite his obvious inexperience, he was the perfect candidate.
Even the way he dressed, like he might catch a cold if he unbuttoned his second
button, drew me in.

And I knew he could learn. He wouldn’t be able to help himself.
It was in his nature as an academic. And everyone knows that curiosity is the
ultimate gateway drug.

It wouldn’t be long before it became impossible for him to
resist me. As long as I could get under his skin, I could have anything I

So I preyed on him until he was addicted to my smell, my body, to
the feel of my mouth around him. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with
me then. I was only trying to figure out the limits of my own power. I didn’t
really want to hurt him.

All I wanted to do was see if I could make a good man bad, watch
him fall from grace. I wanted to see if he would abandon his morals because of
insatiable lust.

At the time, I was just a silly school girl trying to take
advantage, but as usual, I couldn’t help myself.

I’ll be the first to admit I took things too far. But I swear
all I wanted to do was play with him.

At least in the beginning.






Julianna unzipped her Juicy hoodie a little too much and let him

“You called about a computer?” he asked her low hanging zipper.

“I did.”

“What’s the problem?”

“I don’t know. I thought you could tell me,” she said, leading
him to her desk.

She watched as he got down on his hands and knees and reached
behind the oversized hard drive. She was disappointed it wasn’t the other tech
guy. Now
was someone she’d like to give a hard drive.

Julianna took a seat in her rolling desk chair and parted her
legs. Eventually, he would have to look up into her crotch and he would fumble
for his words. It would be cute.

She liked the idea that later, in the boy’s showers, he might
see her in the tiles, imagine that the water running over him was her mouth,
and blow his load thinking about her.

She had no intention of taking things further. Not with this
guy. It was more for sport. It was fun to see a geek salivating on his knees.
The guy was seriously out of his depth. He wouldn’t have a clue how to satisfy
her. On the contrary, he’d probably faint at the sight of her nipples. The best
she could hope for from a kid like him were that he might be able to fix her
computer despite his growing hard on. Now that she’d like to see.

“Have you unplugged any stuff back here?” He turned towards her
and found her legs spread wide in front of him.

Julianna watched his mouth open and close as if it were an
envelope that had lost its stick. “Can I get you a drink?” she asked.

“No. I’m fine.” He looked back under the desk. “Have you
unplugged anything?”

She leaned forward. “Not that I know of.”

He turned his neck and looked straight down her shirt. She
pretended not to notice. He would need the mental image when he was in the shower
later, and she was happy to provide it.


Suddenly the bulky latch on the door opened.

“Oh hey, am I interrupting?” Samantha asked as she took a few
tentative steps into the apartment.

“Not at all. Jimmy was just fixing my computer.”

“It’s Brian actually,” he said, not standing up.

“Hi Brian,” Sam said. “Julianna, can I talk to you in the
hallway for a second?”

“Yeah.” She leaned down and whispered under the desk. “Don’t
plug anything in without me, Brian. I’ll be right back.”

Sam was in the hallway with her arms crossed when Julianna came
out and closed the door behind her.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting my computer fixed.”

Sam cocked her head. “Really? With your top like that?”

Julianna looked down. “It’s just my zipper.” She pulled it up a
little. “It must have fallen down.”

“You’re torturing that poor tech guy like you did the last one.”

“He doesn’t seem to mind.”

“It’s not right.”

“Oh c’mon. It’s just a bit of fun.”

“The poor guy is shaking,” Sam said.

Julianna shrugged.

“Seriously. He doesn’t even look like he’d have the balls to buy
a dirty magazine.”

“Nobody’s getting hurt.”

“You don’t know that.” Sam shifted her weight. “I want you to
cut it out. I mean it. At least with the tech guys.”

Julianna stuck out her fat lower lip and pouted.

“Promise me,” Sam said. “Anything but the tech guys.”

“Why are you protecting them? Not that they need protecting.”

“I don’t know. They’re just so helpless. It’s like sexual bullying
or something. You need to pick on someone else.”

Julianna blew a bunch of air out between her lips.

“I don’t want that guy’s premature ejaculate in our apartment
while he’s fixing our computers-”

“Eww! Sam!”

“Even if it does stay in his pants.”

“Wait- is there something wrong with your comp, too?”

“No, but you might as well mess with him since he’s already here.”
She pointed a finger at Julianna. “But then no more.”

“You are the best roomie!” Julianna said, throwing her arms
around Sam.

“Yeah well, I might learn something. You taught me everything I

Julianna shrugged.

“And it finally paid off.”

Julianna raised her eyebrows. “Oh?”

“I just got a date with that guy in my econ class.”

“The one you’ve been lusting after since last semester?”

Sam smiled. “Yeah.”

“The one that always wears gray?”

“That’s the one.”

“That’s amazing!” Julianna said.

“I know. I know. I did everything just like you told me.”

“Even the headband I see. Nice touch.”

Sam looked up and tossed her raven hair over her shoulder. “He
thinks I’m a real goody two shoes.”

“Doesn’t matter. As soon as you show him you’re not, you’ll be
able to keep him for as long as you want.”

“Like a pet.”


“I think I might really like him though. He’s sweet. I don’t
want to scare him off.”

“No problem. You’re in charge, remember?”

“Right, well. I still owe you one.”

“You can buy me a drink tonight. We should go out and celebrate
you nabbing your man.”

“Tara’s a shot girl at Station tonight. I already told her we’d
go out.”


Sam reached over and pulled the zipper on Julianna’s velour
hoodie down a few inches. “What do you say we go inside and see if we can’t
give this guy his own technical problems?”

Julianna smiled. “After you.”







Kirk wiped the back of his wrist against his forehead and headed
back down the driveway towards the U-Haul.

Madeline had been stationed in the truck all morning preparing
each subsequent load for Kirk to carry.

And even though Kirk was enjoying his ground level view of
Madeline’s legs in her small jean shorts each time he went to retrieve another
box, he was anxious to get to the last one.

Madeline sat down on the edge of the truck bed for a second and
took a sip from a sweating glass of lemonade.

“There’s only one box left,” Kirk said. “This is no time to take
a break.”

“I know. I know,” Madeline said, rubbing his thick hair. “I just
wanted to enjoy the moment, you know? I mean, once we unpack that box we’ll be
totally moved into our very first house. It’s momentous!”

“It would be more momentous if we were done, and I could enjoy a
beer in my new garden.”

“All in good time, babe. We’ll never have this experience again.
I just want to savor it.”

“Well let me savor some of that lemonade for a second then.”

Madeline handed Kirk the drink, and he tipped it down his throat.
His Adam’s apple bobbed along with his large sips. Then he put the lemonade
down on the floor of the truck and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Are you done savoring the moment? Because I’m dying to carry
you through the door of our new house.”

Madeline smiled. “Well when you put it like that I don’t know
what we’re waiting for.” She gave him a peck on the lips and jumped to her
feet. “Okay. Last box,” she said, walking to the far back corner of the truck.

Kirk jumped up into the hollow truck and watched her from the

Madeline leaned over and picked up the large box. “Whoa. I
wasn’t expecting that,” she said. “This box is really light.” She carried it
over to where Kirk was standing and put it down. “What’s even in here anyway?”
She unflapped the top of the box and looked inside.

It was completely empty except for a small square box.

She looked at Kirk.

“Well what is it?”

She kept her eyes on him as she reached towards the little box.
She picked it up and opened it.

Kirk dropped to his knee.

She looked down past the diamond ring at him.

He cleared his throat. “Madeline. You are the smartest, bravest,
most beautiful woman that I have ever met, and you have been the best thing in
my life since the moment I met you.” His voice quivered. “Please make me the
happiest man on Earth by saying you’ll be my wife.”

Madeline dropped to her knees in front of him. A single tear
broke free from the pools in her eyes and rolled down her cheek.

He took the box from her and removed the ring. “Madeline Bridget
Henry, will you marry me?”

“Yes,” she said, sticking out her hand. “Of course I will.”

Kirk slipped the ring on her finger and she threw her arms
around him. He pressed his cheek to hers and hugged her tight.

“I love you, Kirk,” she said. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too, honey,” he said into her hair. “Welcome home.”







Station was like any good college bar. It specialized in loud
music, cheap drinks, dark corners, and colored lights. It was one of Julianna’s
favorite places to go because it was close to her building so it was easy to
get home when she was completely blacked out.

It was also right down the street from the house where her
favorite frat boy lived. She could always count on Todd for a decent fuck when
the rest of the world was letting her down, and he never let feelings get in
the way. He respected the arrangement she preferred which was friends with
benefits, easy on the friend part.

“Hey ladies!” Tara arrived at the end of the booth with a round
tray half covered in jager bombs.

“Heeyyy,” the girls cheered in unison.

“How much for the tray?” Julianna asked.

“Twenty,” Tara yelled, swaying to the beat.

“We’ll take it,” Julianna said.

Tara laid the tray down and the other girls started transferring
the pile of shots to the table while Julianna stuffed a twenty dollar bill in
the top of Tara’s low cut shirt.

“Thanks, bitch,” Tara said, giving Julianna a kiss on the cheek.
Then she disappeared with the empty tray at her side.

Julianna raised one of the shot glasses and waited for Sam and
Heather to do the same. “I’d like to propose a toast.”

The girls nodded.

“To Sam who finally nabbed Mr. Gray.”

The girls threw back their shots.

Julianna raised another.

“And to Mr. Gray himself, who doesn’t know what’s about to hit

The girls tossed the sweet liquid down their throats and slammed
their glasses down on the sticky table.

Sam started moving the empty glasses to one side of the table.
“His name is Kevin, by the way.”

“Noted,” Julianna said. “When are you going out with him again?”

“I don’t know yet. Sometime next week.”

“You meeting Todd tonight?” Heather asked.

Julianna shrugged.

“He asked me if you were going out tonight. I saw him at Jimmy
Johns.” Heather wrapped her glossy lips around the small straw in her Jack and

“See how I feel later,” Julianna said, “but thanks for letting
me know he’s up for it.”

“Duh,” Heather said. “No problem.”

Julianna shook her hair over her shoulder. “What about you
Heather? Any men of interest lately?”

Heather made a guilty face. “I fucked Rocko last night.”

Julianna put her face in her hands.

“Not Rocko the stoner?” Sam asked.

“Yeah,” Heather said, wrinkling her forehead. “Not to be
confused with all the other Rockos you know.”

“That’s so stupid,” Sam said.

“It was just a bit of fun,” Heather said. “He’s just a friend.”

Julianna leaned back in the booth. “You don’t mix drugs and sex.
Not like that.”

Heather rolled her eyes. “Whatever. We’ll see if you guys come
around late night when it’s time to roll a blunt.”

“Just be careful,” Sam said. “That’s all we’re saying.”

“What am I supposed to do? Stay home and read Fifty Shades every
night?” Heather asked.

Julianna dropped her smile. “Tell me you aren’t reading that

“Sure I am,” Heather said. “Isn’t everybody?”

Sam leaned back in the booth. “Oh here it comes.”

“What’s the big deal?” Heather asked.

Julianna leaned forward and put her forearms on the table. “The
big deal, Heather, is that everything about that book oppresses modern women.”

“What are you talking about?” Heather said. “I just read it
sometimes when I’m in the mood to diddle myself.”

making me really sad right now,” Julianna said.


drained another shot glass. “No offense, Jules, but you’re the last person I
would’ve expected to have a problem with it.”


me be clear,” Julianna said. “I have no problem with masturbating. It’s natural
and healthy and all that, but Fifty Shades isn’t natural or healthy.”


listening,” Heather said.


just one more book that glorifies the idea that all men get off on virgins and
that all women are just shallow, empty bitches whose greatest ambition is to
fuck a billionaire.”


Heather looked at Sam who was staring into her vodka tonic,
stirring it with her finger.


“And there are several things wrong with this,” Julianna
continued, “which I’ll explain in case it’s not immediately obvious to you.”


“Please,” Heather said. “Enlighten me.”


“First of all, let’s talk virgins,” Julianna said. “Books that
glorify virginity demean women with healthy sex drives who aren’t married to
Jesus. And, it’s a lie. I mean, do you know anyone who had amazing sex the
first time they had it? Like lip quivering, toe curling sex?”


Heather shrugged.


“That’s what I thought,” Julianna said. “You know what guys
really want? Women who know how to satisfy them. The opposite of virgins,
basically. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t want to know how you got your
experience, but they definitely prefer that you know what you’re doing.”


Sam raised her wet finger to interject. “And like you told me
earlier when we were talking about Kevin, I just have to be patient and see
what he’s comfortable with so I don’t blow his mind too quick.”


Julianna smiled. “Totally and trust me; he’d rather enjoy the
build up to you blowing his mind than the build up to you gagging on his cock.”


Heather ate an ice cube from the bottom of her glass. “Okay,
sure. I agree that virginity is totally overrated, but I still think women want
to be with billionaires.”


“In real life, sure,” Julianna said. “Of course we want security,
and oodles of money is the easiest way to get it, but I can think of stuff
that’s a lot hotter than fucking a billionaire.”


“Like what?” Heather asked.


Julianna drank another shot. “If you really want to have steamy sex,
try fucking a guy with nothing to lose.”


“Or everything to lose,” Sam said.


“Now that’s hot,” Julianna said. “Do you get what I’m saying?”


Heather shrugged.


“What are you brain dead after your night with Rocko?” Julianna
asked. “What I’m saying is there’s nothing sexier than experience and high


“I get it,” Heather said.


“Good,” Julianna leaned back and crossed her legs under the


“Speaking of high stakes, Sam told me you’re bored of trying to
get the
guys to blow their load in their pants without touching them.”


shot Sam a look. “It was self-study in tantric. She's exaggerating.”


you sure?” Heather asked. “Because if you’re looking to raise the stakes, I
think I found the perfect project for you.”


looked at Sam to determine whether she knew what Heather was talking about.




scooted across from Heather. “There better be something in it for me. I’m sick
of being a Good Samaritan and getting the tech guys off for nothing in return.”


got just the thing to boost your spirits,” Heather said.


leaned across the table. “I’m all ears.”


this new professor. He came up from SMU. He’s as conservative as it gets,”
Heather said, “and he’s religious and geeky, all that weird stuff that gets you


do you suggest?”


think you should take him on,” Heather said. “He’d be your toughest project yet


cocked her head. “What does he teach?”


don’t know,” Heather said. “Soc. Psych. Something easy.”


Julianna said, “cause math would be a deal breaker.”


dare you to see if you can get an A just because you turn him on.”


want me to throw the class?” Julianna asked. “I can’t do that. I need to keep
at least a 3.5 to get into grad school.”


stirred the ice at the bottom of her glass. “I’m not saying you have to throw
it,” she said. “Just see if you can bump a B or a C to an A by playing your
sexual games.”


put her hands around her glass. “I could use some excitement.”


if it’s high stakes you want,” Sam said, “I’d say a professor is about as exciting
as it’s going to get around here. And it’s definitely riskier than your usual


he cute?” Julianna asked. “I’m not going to seduce some butter-face just cause my
grades depend on it.”


think he’s totally your type,” Heather said. “Glasses, thick hair. He’s a
makeover away from head turning, seriously.”


bit her lip. “Is he married?”


don’t know,” Heather said. “Does it matter?”


really.” Julianna took another shot. “But it would be a bigger challenge if he


me. The guy is totally repressed. He's a big enough challenge.”


be the judge of that,” Julianna said. “How do I meet him? I want to meet him
before I decide whether or not I want to play.”


it’ll still be the add/drop period through next week,” Heather said. “So you
could just check out one of his classes and if you like him, it won’t be too
late to join.”


Julianna twirled some hair around her finger as she thought. “And what do I get
if I pull it off?”


unwavering admiration,” Heather suggested.


the right to continue your reign as queen bitch,” Sam added.


smiled. “Sounds good to me, ladies.”


toast then,” Sam said, raising a shot glass.


raised one after her. “To Professor Kirk Jenkins.”


raised hers last. “Who’s about to have the best semester of his life.”



BOOK: Licked (Devoured #1)
13.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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