Let Go (BWWM Interracial Romance)

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Let Go: Part 1


Stephanie knew that she was going to have to face the cons
equences of sleeping with a married man- eventually. She just didn’t expect for it to happen so suddenly- and publicly. What makes her situation worse is that her secret lover is a politician- and he’s running for re-election.


She’s propelled into the spotlight, fifteen minutes of fame she doesn’t want. Her life is falling apart, and the world gets a front row seat to watch.


Just as everything is going wrong, a surprising acquaintance forces himself into her chaos and gives her hope for the future. He has the potential to help her take back control of her life- if only she can let go of her old lover.


This novelette is part one of three.


WARNING: This interracial romance contains adult themes, some language, and a couple of RED HOT sex scenes that are described in graphic detail. For mature audiences only.






Let Go: Part 1

Jasmine Garner

I couldn’t believe I found a man like Greg on match.com. He was six feet, five inches with honey eyes and perfect dark choc
olate skin. When he parted those thick lips, he showed a dazzling white smile. And on top of that, he was a perfect gentleman- too bad I wasn’t going home with him.

“Thank you,” I smiled as he held open the door for me to step inside the fancy Italian restaurant.

It was our first time meeting in person, and he had no qualms about a group date instead of one on one. No matter how hypnotic his smile was, he was still a man I’d met on the internet and I needed to be safe. So our first date had to be a casual get together with my friends- at least, that was my excuse for the group date.

“Wow, you didn’t tell me you had friends like these,” he whi
spered in my ear as we approached the table.

He grabbed the small of my back as we walked towards the private booth tucked away in the back of the dimly lit restaurant. The small group at the table greeted us as we approached, and I made introductions.

“Greg, this is Sharon Harding, the CEO of HT Enterprises. This is Mike Willis, founder of The Greenleaf Project. And I’m sure you know Governor Allsworth.”

“Yes, of course.” Greg offered Sharon his hand and she accep
ted his handshake. “Pleasure to dine with you this evening; I was just reading an article about you in Forbes a few days ago.”

She smiled, which was a lot more than I ever got out of her. Sharon wasn’t too fond of me, and I thought she was quite the bitch. I was glad she showed my date some courtesy, though.

Greg shook the two men’s hands next. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Willis.”

“Call me Mike, please. We’re all friends here.”

I snorted to myself. I didn’t know what his definition of ‘friends’ was, but he obviously didn’t see my interactions with Sharon.

“And call me Luke,” Governor Allsworth said as he took Greg’s hand.

Greg looked over at me excitedly as we finally sat at the table; I bet he didn’t expect his online date to be filled with V.I.P.s. Our waitress came and took our drink orders and sat a fresh tray of bread in the center of the table.

“So, I heard you met Stephanie online?” Luke asked once our drinks came, his blazing ice blue eyes a stark contradiction to his cool

Greg nodded. “Match.com. I made an account a few weeks ago not expecting much, but as soon as I saw Stephanie’s profile, I just had to reach out to her. And she blew me away. I’m so happy she agreed to go out on a date with me.”

I smiled, taking a sip of my wine as Luke spoke. “She is one of the most unique women I’ve ever met.”

“And how did you two meet?” Greg asked.

“On the campaign trail. She was present at one of my rallies and caught my attention with her interesting insight. We’ve formed a nice friendship as a result, and I like to meet up with her to pick that brain of hers every once in a while.”

“Wow,” Greg said, looking over at me in awe. I was impres
sing him without even saying anything.

I feigned a shocked expression. “Well Luke, I didn’t know you thought so highly of me; I thought I was just here as eye candy,” I joked.

The men laughed as I took another drink of my wine, and Sharon rolled her eyes as she guzzled down her strawberry margarita. The night was on track to be a good one; why did she have to come to ruin it? It was a perfect night for her to be out of town- or at least stuck at the office late.

Greg held his own with the big boys all night; they seemed to genuinely enjoy his company. We didn’t have a lot of time to focus on each other, but that was fine with me. The less I knew about him, the easier it would be to cut ties. Although I wasn’t interested in him, I was smart enough to know that he was quite a catch.

Midway through dinner, I felt a foot rubbing against me. I shook my head and laughed to myself. Was he really playing footsie? Greg excused himself to go to the restroom, and the foot slowly crept farther up my leg.

I wiped my mouth with my napkin and quickly glanced in Luke’s direction. He had a wicked smile on his lips, his eyes spa
rkling with mischief as he casually chatted with Mike. My skin began warming as his toe caressed the inside of my thigh, and I took a long drink of my wine to hide the look of lust on my face.

Greg returned to the table and I frowned when the governor dropped his foot away.

“How’s dinner?” a chipper voice chimed.

I jumped when the waitress popped up behind me.

I cleared my throat. “May I have another glass of wine please?”

“Just bring the bottle, dear,” Luke told her.

She nodded and returned with the bottle and a fresh glass for me. After we finished dinner, we remained at the table to finish the wine, continuing to enjoy each other’s company. Sharon barely spoke, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. When the bill came, Greg pulled out his wallet.

Luke held up his hand to stop him. “I’ll take care of it, Greg. It’s the least I can do to thank you for such an enjoyable evening.”

“Wow, thank you.” Greg looked over at me with a wide smile on his face. He had the time of his life; I was glad. He may not have been taking me home, but at least he had fun. “Doesn’t seem like much of a date since I’m not paying. I’ll have to make it up to you.”

I smiled and patted his leg. “Sounds good.”

We all walked out of the restaurant together, lightly chatting until the valets brought Mike and Sharon’s vehicles. We waved them goodbye and Luke’s limo pulled in front of the building. He pulled away, leaving me with Greg.

“Are you sure I can't take you home? I want to make sure you get there safely.”

I shook my head. “I’m heading to my sister’s house. I’ll be fine.”

“Alright. I’ll wait with you until your cab arrives. I had a really great time tonight,” he said.

“Yeah, me too. Thank you for meeting me. It was nice to finally see you in person.”

“Can we… do this again some time?”

“Absolutely. I’ll call you,” I said as I stepped into the cab and waved him goodbye.

The cab drove to the end of the block. “Uh, right here is good.”

The driver turned around to look at me, confused. “What?”

I handed him a ten dollar bill and jumped out of the car, quic
kly slipping into back seat of the limo that was parked on the curb nearby. I looked up at Luke and smiled.


“Your date was nice,” he said.

I shrugged. “He served his purpose.”

Whenever I met up with Luke, I always came with a date to avoid suspicion. I would casually talk to the men between meets with Luke, just to quell my loneliness, but I’d dump them after the big get-together to prevent becoming attached. I found some of the men to be interesting, but unfortunately for them, there was only one man on my mind. I almost always had a new man with me when I met with Luke; it was probably why Sharon wasn’t too fond of me. I kind of looked like a serial dater.

Luke swiped a chunk of hair out of my face. “You may have been joking when you said it earlier, but I do find you to be a nice piece of eye candy.”

I looked down at my little black dress and exposed cinnamon colored legs, stretching one of them out to show him my five inch stiletto heel. The dress hugged my ample curves, and low neckline accentuated my large chest. The outfit was a little tacky for meeting such high profile people, but I wanted to look good for my man.

“I’m glad you like it. But I think I have something you’ll like to look at even more.”

His eyes widened and he shifted his body towards me, placing a hand on my thigh. “Oh, yeah? What’s that?”

I bit down on my lower lip, eyeing him carefully as I dropped the straps on my dress down my shoulders. Luke reached out b
ehind me to unzip the dress. I slid out of it completely and dropped it on the floor of the limo, leaving me in just my bra, panties, and heels. He licked his lips as he looked at the expensive lace that covered my curves.

He moaned in appreciation.

“You like?”

He nodded. The underwear cost me more than anything in my closet, but seeing his face made it worth it.

“Come here. I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

I jumped on his lap and pressed my lips into his. It had been almost three weeks since we’d seen each other, but it felt much longer. His team was preparing to start his campaign for re-election, and he had less time to sneak away.

“I’ve missed you,” I told him as our lips parted for air.

He gripped my backside as I gyrated in his lap, his quickly growing erection was the only confirmation that I needed to know he felt the same way. I ran my hands through his thick hair and nibbled on his earlobe.

“I’ve been waiting for this since the last time I saw you,” he said before our mouths connected again.

He unhooked my bra and tossed my fancy lace to the side, my big breasts bouncing free in his face. He cupped each tit with his hands and tweaked my nipples. I moaned into his mouth as they hardened under his touch. My skin heated quickly once he began massaging my mounds, and I could feel my wetness soaking through my thin panties.

I ran my hands down his toned chest, wishing we had more space so I could get a full view of his athletic body. As we continued to kiss deeply, my hand made its way to his pants. I slipped out of his lap and onto the floor between his legs, unbuckling his trousers. I sighed appreciatively once his hard shaft sprang free, smiling as I watched it twitch in anticipation of what I was going to do.

I firmly gripped the base, pumping my hand up and down the hot, velvety smooth skin. A bead of precum swelled at his tip, and my mouth watered. I leaned over his lap and swiped my tongue over his hot nectar, my pussy clenching with impatience as it awaited its turn to feel his cock.

I savored his taste before covering his engorged head with my mouth, gently suckling the silky skin. He squirmed as I teased him, trying to get me to take more of him in my mouth. I swirled my hand around his length as my lips puckered around his tip until he placed a hand on the back of my head and pressed me deeper into his lap. 

He moaned as my wet mouth took him in inch by inch. I slid my hand down to his balls and lightly toyed with them as I slurped up and down his shaft. His body stiffened and I bobbed even faster, enjoying the feeling of his thickness filling my mouth. He grunted and quickly pulled my head away.

“Don’t make me cum yet, girl,” he gasped. “I need to feel that wet pussy of yours.”

My sex flushed with heat, and I yanked off my panties and mounted his lap again. I tried to steady my breathing as his tip pressed against my tight opening. I slowly lowered myself down on his cock, electricity shooting throughout my body as he filled my aching cunt with his thickness.

I picked up the pace, holding onto his shoulders for stability as I rolled my hips in his lap. My juices coated his steel rod as my arousal built with each pump. As I bounced on him wildly, my tits swung between us, occasionally smacking him in the face.

My loud moans echoed in the small space as I fucked my lover without abandon. After three weeks of waiting to feel him again, I could not hide my desperation.

“You feel so good,” Luke whispered into my ear before kissing me briefly.

Every nerve in my body scorched as I hammered away on his cock, my breathless gasps ringing in the air.

He used one of his hands to pop a tit in his mouth, and the other he reached between us to finger my clit. I was immediately sent into overdrive, beads of sweat forming on my skin as the scent of our lust filled the thick air.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum!” I squealed.

He gripped my ass with both hands and dug my body harder against his lap. “Me too.”

My gasps turned to full blown grunts and I flung my body back, gripping the door handle for support. I flung my head to the ceiling and snapped my eyes shut, enjoying our final moments of pleasure.

“Oh, just like that! Keep fucking me just like that, baby!” I cried as he roughly circled my hips.

My muscles tightened. All of a sudden, I felt a gush of heat as I came, followed by a blast of cool air. My body jerked erratically on his lap and he came as well, filling me with his hot seed. I kept my eyes closed as I came down from my high, until I heard cha
ttering in my ear.

I screamed when I looked next to me and realized where the blast of cool air came from- I’d accidentally rolled down the wi
ndow when I was holding onto the door. A small group of people were gathered on the other side, snapping pictures of us on their camera phones.


“Oh my God, that
Governor Allsworth,” one of the onlookers whispered loudly.

I froze in place as I thought about my naked body being e
xposed. Luke rolled the window back up, but not before I saw a few more cameras flash.

“Shit. Shit. Shit!” I said as I jumped off of his lap and threw my clothes back on.

“Thomas, drive!” Luke shouted to his driver once he rolled down the partition.

BOOK: Let Go (BWWM Interracial Romance)
3.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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