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BOOK: Lady Justice and the Ghostly Treasure
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    Investigative reporter, Jack Carson, has been murdered, but by whom?

    Police arrest mob boss Carmine Marchetti, but Walt is convinced that it was the work of government assassins, sent to silence the reporter before he could expose a clandestine program that for decades had been spraying deadly chemicals into the atmosphere for weather control and defense.

    Will justice prevail or will the government’s dirty little secret remain hidden?




In August of 2011, I completed the fifth novel in the
Lady Justice
mystery/comedy series,
Lady Justice and the Sting

              As I always do, I sent copies of the completed manuscript to several friends and acquaintances for their feedback and comments before sending the manuscript to the publisher.

              Since the plot involved a holistic physician, I sent a copy to Dr. Edward Pearson in Florida.

              Dr. Pearson loved the premise of the book and the style of writing, particularly as it related to alternative healthcare, natural products and Walt's transformation into a healthier lifestyle.

In subsequent conversations, Dr. Pearson shared that he had been looking for a book that he could share with his patients, colleagues and peers that would spread his message in a format that would capture their imagination and their hearts.

The Sting
was very close to what he had been looking for and he made the suggestion that maybe we could work together to produce just the right book.

              As I reflected on this idea, I realized that Walt's skirmishes with pharmaceutical companies, corrupt politicians, doctors, nurses, hospitals, bodily afflictions and a healthier lifestyle were not confined to just
The Sting
, but were scattered throughout all six of the
Lady Justice
mystery/comedy novels.

The Sting
as the basis of the new book, I went through the manuscripts of the other five
Lady Justice
novels and pulled out chapters and vignettes that fleshed out the story of Walt's medical adventures.

Wolves In Sheep's Clothing
was born.

              Dr. Pearson is currently using
in conjunction with his New Medicine Foundation to help spread the word about healthcare alternatives.

New Medicine Foundation

Dr. Edward W. Pearson, MD, ABIHM



AGES 5 – 10



Super Secrets of Rainbow Road


Super Powers of Rainbow Road


      Hawaiian Rainbows


Patriotic Rainbows


Sports Heroes of Rainbow Road


Ghosts and Goblins of Rainbow Road


Christmas Crooks of Rainbow


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BOOK: Lady Justice and the Ghostly Treasure
3.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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