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Authors: Danica Avet,Sandra Bunio,Vanessa Devereaux,Carolyn Rosewood,Melissa Hosack,Raven McAllan,Kassanna,Annalynne Russo,Ashlynn Monroe,Casey Moss,Xandra James,Jorja Lovett,Eve Meridian

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Keyboards and Kink

BOOK: Keyboards and Kink
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This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, and
places are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events, locales,
organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely





Edited by Marie Medina



13 Author Anthology





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The Stranger You Know by Melissa Hosack


Session Interrupted by Raven McAllan


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The Queen of Happy Endings by Annalynne Russo


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Her Demon Charms by Xandra James


Up All Night by Jorja Lovett


Lara’s Liaison by Eve Meridian






Sandra Bunino


Copyright © 2012




Chapter One



Asher Cane had an itch that needed to be scratched.
Thoughts of throwing in the plain vanilla towel and paying a visit
to his longtime favorite BDSM club, Paddles, filled his head until
something or rather someone caught his eye. A woman swung open the
door and walked into his office. The look on her face told him she
was shocked to see him behind the desk.

“Oh! Sorry, I must be lost. I thought this was Mr.
Lockwood’s office. I need to drop these contracts off.”

Asher surveyed the woman. He was sure she was new to
Rosebud Resorts because he would have definitely noticed her
before. Looks like hers were not soon forgotten. He smiled and
stood from his chair. “James Lockwood’s office is one door down
from mine. I don’t believe we’ve met, I’m Asher Cane,” he said
slowly as he extended his hand to her.

“I’m Mia. Mia Lavender,” she said so softly it came
out like a whisper. He barely caught her name. She kept her head
lowered as she looked up at him like a child. However, there was
nothing childlike about Mia. A thick line of eyelashes framed her
crystal blue eyes. Her dark hair, which was pulled into a tight bun
at the nape of her neck, emphasized her high cheekbones. His
stomach clenched as he held her delicate, warm hand in his own.
Silently, he willed his cock to behave. The last thing he needed
was for it to become an obvious barometer of just how turned on
he’d become.

Mia looked down at their hands and pulled hers away.
“S-sorry to have bothered you.” She turned and left his office so
quickly, the only thing he saw was the back of her stiletto heels
and a piece of paper that floated to the floor from the bundle of
files she carried.

Asher waited until she passed his door, then like a
hound dog on a hot trail, he followed her as she headed toward the
company’s communications department and took a seat in one of the
cubicles. Asher walked with purpose to the low gray wall of the
partition, never taking his eyes from her. She glanced up and gave
him that deer in headlights look as if she were a caged animal
looking for escape. He maintained his unwavering stare.

“C-can I help you with something?”

“You dropped this.” Asher smiled and handed her the
sheet of paper. “It was nice to meet you, Mia.”

She smiled and looked down at her desk. Asher waited
a moment and silently urged her to look up and meet his glance once
more. Their eyes locked. When Mia broke their stare he tapped the
top of her cube and returned to his office.

Asher made a habit of walking past her desk and
greeting her early every morning. Even though she appeared more at
ease with him over days of the same routine, she rarely said more
than a few words. However, he noticed she looked over her shoulder
for him each morning, seemingly waiting for his appearance. He
doubted she would be an easy conquest but she was one worth waiting

Every morning Asher counted on two things: Mia’s sexy
pair of stilettos and the allure of her neatly tied bun at the nape
of her delicate neck. The way her long sexy skirts and silky
blouses hugged her curves sent him to the gym after work to run off
his pent up frustration. There was just something about her that
kept him up at night. When he did sleep, he woke in a cold sweat
dreaming about unpinning her long dark hair from its perfect bun
and letting it flow down her back before wrapping it around his
hand and pulling straight down so her chin lifted upward. Asher sat
straight up in his bed and wondered how a plain vanilla woman had
control over his dreams without having said a dozen words.



Chapter Two


Surprised to find her desk empty when he walked by at
his usual time, Asher glanced at her computer monitor as he passed.
She had recently been at her desk because not only was her computer
on, but also an iPad screen sitting next to her keyboard glowed. He
instantly recognized a Twitter bio page. Asher peeked over the
cubicle wall and made note of the Twitter handle—@stilettolove99.
. He smiled.
This is going to be fun.

Back in his office, Asher logged into his Twitter
account and searched for her handle. He hadn’t noticed her name and
avatar while at her desk, but when he saw them, they intrigued him
more. The name above her handle was “Missive Mia” and her avatar
picture contained a shiny black stiletto heeled shoe wrapped in a
long black whip. It took a lot to shock Asher but thoughts of that
coiled whip and her Twitter name made his jaw drop and his cock
stand up and take notice. His mind flooded with visions of
possibilities. The pieces of the puzzle started to come together.
Her stilettos, her neat little bun, the fact that she wouldn’t
maintain eye contact with him for more than a few seconds, not to
mention how she had him completely unraveled—these were all
indications that she was either a submissive or wanted to be one.
Either way, she was going to be his.

He had to tread lightly and needed a plan, but first
she had to follow him on Twitter. His handle, @MandAGuy, and black
mask avatar were nondescript. There were no identifiers to connect
to him. He clicked the Follow button and leaned back in his chair,
willing his breathing back to normal.


Mia returned to her desk and realized her iPad was
open to Twitter.
I have to be more careful
. She didn’t know
the company’s position on social media during working hours, but
she was sure if someone noticed her Twitter handle or associated
tweets she might be out of a job. She’d recently moved to New York
alone and couldn’t afford to risk her employment. Mia began to
close the cover of her iPad when she noticed a new follower. She
smiled and thought about all of the sudden new attention she’d
received since changing her avatar. Quickly assessing her new
follower, @MandAGuy, she decided she liked the black mask.
why not?
She tapped the Follow button before tucking the iPad
into her purse.


Asher checked his Twitter feed throughout the
evening, like a hungry tiger waiting to pounce. Finally Missive Mia
made her appearance with a tweet to another follower. Asher typed
and clicked the Tweet button and watched his contribution flow into
his Twitter stream.


M&A Guy @MandAGuy

@stilettolove99 Hello Mia. Thank you for the


After a couple of minutes he received her reply.


Missive Mia @stilettolove99

@MandAGuy Thank you too, M&A!


He grinned at the easy connection. The door opened
and he had to decide how to proceed. He could play in either of two
speeds, slow or fast. If he proceeded cautiously, it could take
weeks or possibly months to get anywhere. He didn’t have that kind
of time to waste. However, if he came on too strong he ran the risk
of losing the Twitter connection. He weighed the risk and decided
he didn’t have anything to lose because she didn’t know who he was.
He clicked the DM button.


I’m curious, what does Missive

Mia mean?

What do you think it means, M&A?


Ah, answering a question with a

question. I think it means you’re

a submissive or are sub-curious.






The latter.


An even bigger grin played across his lips.
is getting interesting
. Asher typed his response.


Have you ever played in that

sandbox before?


That’s a pretty personal

question, isn’t it?


You don’t have to answer it.




No, you are not answering it or

no you have not played?


The latter, again.


What about you, M&A?


What about me?


Well, which do you prefer?

Mergers or acquisitions?


Acquisitions are more interesting

than mergers.


I figured.


Figured what?


You’re a Dom.


So here we are. I’m D and you’re



He started to add:
I can help your curiosity
but deleted the last line before replying. It was too much, too

G’Night M&A


Good night, Mia.


After that conversation, Missive Mia and M&A Guy
chatted daily via DM. Some nights their DM exchanges just contained
a quick hello but other times their tweeting sessions lasted late
into the evening. Each night he reeled her further into his


You say you are curious. What

is it you would like to know?


IDK, I guess I would like to know

if I would like it.


Trust me, you’ll like it. What’s stopping

you from trying it? Experimenting.


Finding the right person.


You’ve found him.


Don’t be silly. I don’t know

anything about you.


We’ve already determined we both live

in NYC. So why don’t you interview me?



How old are you?




Stats? Ht, wt, build, skin, hair

and eye color?


6’1”, 180 (fit/work out daily)

dark hair & eyes. Caucasian.


U sound too good to be true.

Are you lying?




Then why bother with me?


If you are what you describe,

women are prob throwing

themselves at you.

RU married?


No and the women you mention

BOOK: Keyboards and Kink
13.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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