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Not many people can handle the pain of being ripped
, of having your limbs twisted
and morphed until you are convinced your mind will
shatter into a thousand tiny shards.

I can. And
tired of
hiding my true nature so that
can sleep better at night, convinced they're a
ctually in control of this tiny blue-brown planet. They n
eed to
know the truth—they need to realize that they're not at the top of the food

Far from it.

A permanent shift in power is necessary and I intend
to bring about that change one
at a time.

Starting now.

Pain sears my flesh, flaying it from the bone. I sc
ream, throwing my head back as blood sprays across
inside of the car, painting the dirty windshield c
rimson. Pressure explodes beneath my gums,
my teeth to make room for a row of fangs. My arms
and legs snap, breaking bone, tearing sinew, to re

The change feels like it is taking an eternity as I
drown in a flaming river of agony, but I know it's only been seconds. One last
cry rips from my raw throat, and then suddenly I am reborn.

Lungs heaving, I sit up and gaze around. The coppery
odor of blood assails my senses, along with
feminine and delicate. Memory evades me.
The once familiar vehicle appears alien in origin. The urge to escape
its confines is great. Struggling to open the door, I almost miss a twig
snapping. My ears perk
as I scan the darkness.

It only takes a moment to
remember where I am and
why I'm here. I
raise my nose in the air and inhale
The world comes alive around me as if blinders have been ripped from my eyes.
Distant rain wafts
on the breeze,
along with the sweet, musky aroma of a
in the throes of heat. The latter draws my at
tention and holds it.

Ah, that's right. I'd forgotten all about my guest.
Where are my manners? I must remember to thank her for accepting my invitation
... once I catch her.

I watch Lisa Solomon running up ahead, her curly
auburn hair blowing in the wind, her long legs
beneath her short uniform skirt. She's entering the forest, a
relic that once held significance in a green world that no longer exists. She
hopes to escape me.
find sanctuary among
the dead trees, but it's impossi
ble. I give chase.

Branches moan and creak in the darkness, their
voices sad and vacant. I can almost hear the
ghosts of
the leaves rustling in the
quiet. I cock my head and lis
ten, loping casually behind Lisa, not even
winded. I
feel as if I could run for miles,
but she can't. The sun-
scorched ground is hard and cool beneath my rough
pads, perfect for hiding my presence from those who wish to discover my kind.

"Get away from me! Please go away," Lisa
says, then screams.

The harmonious sound reaches my sensitive ears as the
notes soar into the night, before abruptly cutting
off as she labors for air. I yip excitedly, just so I can hear her cry
out again. She doesn't disappoint me.

Such beauty.

Such perfection.

And she's all mine.

Lisa's lithe form sways and stumbles as she trips over
a stone imbedded deep in the ground, sending her crashing to her knees. She
claws violently at the earth in order to regain her footage, leaving deep fur
rows. Clumps of red clay dirt fly up behind her,
before raining
like arid teardrops. Her ripe ass lifts enticingly and then jiggles
as she pushes off, scrambling forward
, searching frantically for escape.

I love a woman who plays hard to get.

The urge to mate grows strong.

I growl.

Whimpers of pain and fear tear from her throat.
"Why are you doing this to me? I thought you
invited m
e here because you liked me. We were friends for God's

Friends? We were meant to be more than friends. Why
would she think such a ridiculous thing? I shake my
head. If I could laugh in my present form, I would, but
too turned on. She has to know
what she's doi
ng to me. Perhaps her
teasing is a form of human fore

The skeletal remains of a bush lie in front of her.
Lisa doesn't even slow as she collides with the fragile
limbs. They crackle under her weight, scattering in all directions. By
now, her heart must be pumping madly
in her chest, painfully slamming
into her ribcage, much like the fabled rabbit when confronted by a
predator. Appropriate I suppose given what I am.
If I
close my eyes, I can almost hear her heart's melodious cadence.




I imagine Lisa's pert nipples are rock hard beneath
her navy blue quadrant inspector's uniform. It's all I can do to keep from
drooling. If I thought she'd appreciate the compliment, I would. I lick my
lips and try to recall if she ever wore a bra during the times I'd seen her.
Funny how those details slip from my mind's grasp.

All I know is that she's taunted me for the last time.

My tongue lulls out of my mouth as I easily close the
distance between us. The sweet warm air brushes over my face and down the
length of my enhanced body as I catch a glimpse of her tantalizing flesh.

Lisa's legs are long-limbed
perfection, even with the
red welts and
scrapes forming macabre celestial de
on her skin. A work of sheer artistry. She glances
back, her oval-shaped face ashen in the burgeoning

Such beauty.

Such frailty.

I try to convey to her with my thoughtful expression
that it won't be long now and she needs to ready herself. Her blue eyes widen
as she frantically searches for my location in the darkness.

My what big eyes you have
... too bad they won't help you.

I almost feel sorry for her visual inferiority. It's
not as
if I'm hiding. There's no cause, since we both know we're destined to
be together.

"Dear God. No!" She glances around
frantically. "Someone please help me."

My rampant cock grows hard as the waves of her fear
lap over my lightly pelted skin like a lover's tongue. It bobs and slaps
against my body in a rhythm
ic beat as I
increase my pace. My flesh burns in expe
ctation of our joining.

Hear me coming, Lisa?

I can almost taste her essence and feel the slide of
my engorged shaft as it splits Lisa's flesh, knotting and swelling, locking
deep inside of her. Doesn't she realize
the beauty of this moment and
the unmistakable honor
about to bestow upon her?

She will.


The distance between us diminishes as quickly as the
last fragments
of her hope. I know this because Lisa's slowing. The wind howls, sending the
sweet scent of her sweat-covered body to my nostrils. I in-hale, momentarily
drowning in the aroma, before expanding my chest to answer its call.

Ahwoo! Ahwoo!

I'm close, I say.

So close.

Lisa darts frantically left and right, her hands out
in front of her as she gropes for a weapon to defend herself. It's a waste of
time. My enemies can attest to the fact that I'm not easily killed.

Bark breaks off in her grip, crumbling like ash in her
fingertips. She drops it with a frustrated cry and keeps running. I follow her
movements with ease. The muscles of my body tense in anticipation.

Should I fuck her first or

I don't have to decide this moment. I have until dawn,
which leaves me plenty of time.

I swipe at her and hear something rip. Lisa screams
and manages to dodge away from my taloned grasp. No matter. I allow the tatters
from her navy blue shirt to fall to the ground.

Relishing the chase, I permit it to continue.

Lisa stumbles once more, her body making a soft thud
as it hits the earth. It's over. This time I have her. I crouch and leap,
covering the ten feet that separates us with ease, landing on top of her as
she attempts to jump to her feet.

My weight instantly throws her to the ground. Her head
and back smack hard, causing blood to coat her beautiful auburn hair. I close
my eyes and inhale.

It smells intoxicating. The vintage perfection.

"Get off me. Get off me." Lisa struggles,
scratching and clawing and biting at my skin like a wild cat fighting for its
life. Her long nails break off as she attempts to penetrate my thick hide.

Doesn't she realize her actions only excite me?

I rip Lisa's useless skirt from her body and toss it
aside, before wrenching her bleeding hands above her head. Holding her still, I
bury my wet nose between her legs. She stiffens, then her body weeps.

For me only.

I've wondered what Lisa would smell like for months.
It's better than my wildest imaginings. The
spice envelops my senses and my body trem
bles as I fight to maintain control. I give her folds, hidd
en by
the slight wisp of silk panties, a quick swipe
with my long tongue. Ambrosia. I rip them away, ex
posing her
sex. My cock extends and swells as I de
where to part her succulent flesh, so little time, so
many orifices to
choose from.

With the flick of my jagged talons, I remove the
remains of her tattered shirt. I need to see every inch of her fervent skin.
The nipples I'd only been able to dream about until now stab skyward. Ripe
berries on hills
of creamy flesh, waiting
to be plucked and har
vested. I can't resist one quick lick.


She quivers, then Lisa's screams turn to terrified
wails as her gaze shoots from my raging cock to my elongated face. It's almost
as if she doesn't recognize me, her own mate. Impossible.

I see that play time is over.

It doesn't matter for I cannot wait any longer.

My need is too great.

I move over her, allowing her to
feel the weight of
my body as I settle
between her ample thighs, until
staring eye to eye, mate to mate. Tears spill down
her cheeks, watering the parched ground beneath
her. I
lap at them, but they continue
to flow like salty treats
upon my tongue.

Don't cry,
want to tell her, but I can't. The words come out garbled, guttural, like
razors slashing over vocal cords.

"Please," she says, shaking her head back
and forth in denial, when I know she wants this as badly as I do.

Why does she continue to deny our love?

"I won't tell anyone your secret. I promise. Just
let me go and I'll leave. You'll never see me again."

Let her go. Why would I want to do that? We're
made for each other. Doesn't she understand that

I peer into her tear-blotched
face and watch as ac
fills her blue eyes. Her full lips part in prepa
ration for my embrace, while her tongue darts out to moisten them. It's
all the invitation I need.

The sex could wait. I open my
mouth and lower my head to taste her. Colors explode behind my eyelids, a
kaleidoscope of emotions
whirling in my mind. Dis
jointed nude
images of sprawled limbs cloud my vi
erasing everything but the power gushing through
my veins.

So this is love.

Lisa flinches and twists, arching her neck beneath my
expert touch. I raise my head and she gasps. One taste is not enough ..
either of us.

I delve in again.


She gurgles.

Lisa's cries stop, along with her struggles, and she
goes limp beneath me.

I sit up to get a better look. Her expression seems
odd, unnatural. Steam rises from the carotid opening in the darkness.

I nudge Lisa with my moist nose, but she doesn't move.
Sightless eyes continue to stare at the star-dappled sky, ignoring the approach
of the three-
quarter moon. Cocking my head,
I wonder why as my
mind struggles to understand.

Suddenly, comprehension dawns
and I realize she's d
ead. I have to admit
I am disappointed. I chose Lisa to
be my one, my only. I had such divine plans for us and
the future. We hadn't even gotten to the good part yet.

BOOK: Jordan Summers - [Dead World 01]
6.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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