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Jaywalking with the Irish

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For David Monagan, born in Connecticut to a staunch Irish-American family, a lifelong interest in Ireland was perhaps inescapable. David studied literature at Dublin’s Trinity College in 1973 and ’74, and he became captivated by the country. After enjoying many visits in the intervening years, in 2000 David and his family relocated from the U.S. to Cork, Republic of Ireland. David has written for numerous publications, including the
Irish Times
Sunday Independent
, and
Irish Examiner
, and in his wide travels has developed a keen eye for things baffling and marvelous, such as he finds everywhere around him in modern-day Ireland.

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Jaywalking with the Irish

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Published 2004, reprinted 2005
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Edited by Meaghan Amor
Designed by Nic Lehman

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Jaywalking with the Irish

ISBN 978 1 74220 479 6

1. Ireland – Description and travel. 2. Ireland – Guidebooks.
3. Ireland – Social life and customs.
I. Title. II. Title : Jay walking with the Irish


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For Jamie and three eager young wayfarers
on distant shores

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BOOK: Jaywalking with the Irish
8.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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